How I write stories. 

Weather happens first, it’s primal and powerful.  I use this to set the tone to make readers feel exactly what I want them to. Grey skies, loud storms, strong winds, even soft rains each elicit new feelings ( read as the feels) and I mix them like paints to colour in the backdrop of the portrait which shall be my tale. I like to talk about scents early on and unless they’re relevant to the naritive I’ll only mention it during the scene setting section. (Aliteration always awesome)  Next I introduce the protagonist ( I usually refer to them as MC short for Main Character) through action.  The reason for this is simple, yet feels formulaic to me.  I don’t create characters before hand. They’re formed as a reaction to the world, that way it feels like they belong in their setting and they’re more fluid.  The moment I define someone is the moment writing them becomes boring.  So that should help anyone out there who writes a lot but has trouble starting new things let me give you a quick example to get you started feel free to add to this and post it as your story just reference me so I can feel like a part of something.  

It was a dark cold night the fog rolled in bringing with it the stench of the nearby swamp. Ron awoke in a cold sweat he couldn’t recall his nightmare but much worse than that he couldn’t remember why he was in this bed which wasn’t his own. He looked around confusion overtaking his fear. 



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