Pepper power?

Okay so I’m going to do this whole November thing again, despite my ever evolving schedule of never having a day of freedom ( don’t worry this was what I wanted) I sort of got tricked by a dino into doing the blog month stuff but as long as I don’t also write an entire book like two years ago then I should be fine. Right?  Whatever I’m out of blog practice so I’m working myself back up to speed with stuff like this and trying to get more people to participate in both my comment section and with response blogs in an attempt to generate an echo community. ( be the dream comment today)

So this is a blog post about me blog posting. November won’t stand a chance. 



2 thoughts on “Pepper power?

  1. I know I champion for this event every year, but good gravy am I wondering now how I am going to fill a month of posts. :-O

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