Example story 

I did a post about how to write stories the other day so here’s my continuation of the example story. 

It was a dark cold night the fog rolled in bringing with it the stench of the nearby swamp. Ron awoke in a cold sweat he couldn’t recall his nightmare but much worse than that he couldn’t remember why he was in this bed which wasn’t his own. He looked around confusion overtaking his fear.  He arose slowly careful to make little sound fearful of being noticed by anyone who could have moved him in his sleep.  Then he heard giggling.  He peered into the darkness seeing a young lady dressed in all white. “You’re finally up sleepy head, we’ve got work to do.” She said sounding as if she wanted to laugh some more. “What’s so funny, and who are you?”  Ron inquired wishing he could go home already. “Yes those are good questions too bad I’m not inclined to answer, after all, I’m the powerful one here, you’re my new servant.” She said before vanishing. “I’m too confused and shocked to even be scared. What on earth was that!?!” Ron complained as he rushed to where the vision of feminity previously resided. “I guess I wasn’t going to get answers from her anyway, might as well explore or something.”  He muttered to himself.  “Curious indeed.” Spoke a different voice from much closer than the lady in white.  Ron turned around to see directly behind him was shadowy figure in a black cloak.  “Just tell me now, am I dead?”  Ron asked fear creeping back into his mind and voice. “I wouldn’t know, maybe she’ll tell you when next she graces you with her visage.” The cloaked one said in a mocking tone, “In the meantime I’ll be watching you, laughing if you fail cheering if you succeed, it’s all win win for me.”  Ron couldn’t see the face or even tell if the voice belonged to a man or woman but he could tell whoever it was under their, was smiling wickedly.  He could feel the smile within his very soul and it burned. 

“Are you the reaper?” Ron worked up the courage to ask at last.  The cloaked figure said nothing, they merely melted into the shadows, becoming one with the darkness.  Ron couldn’t tell if thing was gone or simply hidden but he no longer cared a new feeling rose above the fear and overtook the confusion, annoyance. He was frustrated he no longer cared to solve the mystery of who these people, if they were even people could be.  All Ron wanted was to leave, so he walked deeper into the darkness finding the walls then going along side them until he came upon the door.  To his pleasure he found it unlocked. To his dismay he found the dark corridor to be a labyrinth of deception, shadows and doors.  Some doors lead to rooms like the one he came from, others lead to hallways like the one he was lost in, and a few lead to stairs.  The place reminded him of a large school, and a prison fused with a fancy hotel.  Previously the darkness concealed the finer details but as he finally became accustomed with the shade he could see more, much more. The crown molding the good walls the abstract paintings, each room had queen and king sized beds and he knew from experience that they had the softest sheets he’d ever felt.  If Ron had intentionally come to a place like this he doubted he would ever want to leave.  But Ron wasn’t about to be a prisoner even if his cage was perfect he longed to be free. 

“Wow, you’ve been going at this for hours. I’m honestly impressed.” Spoke the lady in white appearing before Ron as he fell over in exhaustion. “Don’t stop now the sun is nearly up, surely you’ll find your way then.” She added sounding strangely sincere.  “What do you want from me?” Ron spoke between gasps.  He wasn’t sure when he broke into a panicked run, but he knew it lasted far too long. “I see, listening problems, quite common these days I’m told.  I’ve already stated my intentions, you’re my new servant, the sooner you accept your fate the sooner we can move on from here.” She responded sounding bored, as if his problems were such a small concern to her that she found it not even suitable for entertainment.  “No I’m leaving!” He screeched finding his second wind and pulling himself to his feet.  “You’re going the wrong way, you keep going down you should be going up to the roof.” The lady in white said once again sounding so caring and sincere Ron truly felt the truth behind her words. 

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