So here’s a post I’m writing while feeling uninspired about how to become inspired, I’ll let you know if it works. 
Usually if I absolutely need to write then I’ll start off by doing the dumbest writing ever I find the act of writing itself opens my floodgates and my endless stream of words appear.  Without my usual creativity nothing good can come but if I say it’s okay to be bad for now I can write badly and my voice returns quickly begging me to fix those words with a bit of Echo magic. This works almost every time so I’m confident this November will be a huge success, doubts have nothing on “I can’t do worse than that if I tried” which is what I write to get back in shape.  It’s simple beautiful elegant and please excuse me I’m off to go write a story about something magical, maybe that old story I lost and half remember about the creature. That one was fun I can restart it.  
Try this, see if it works, comment here telling me if it did.  



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  1. I love that you can get yourself to write even if you’re not feeling it! If I’m feeling out of sorts I really just can’t write anything- not even write things badly- I just get.. stuck. 💜

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