Yup I know the days of the week, and no I couldn’t be bothered to title the post!


Hey guys, it’s Echo I’m just here in location undisclosed  taking care of an elderly person for money. It’s a very easy job. It’s mostly waiting and I’m good at that, with this smart phone I can use the time between cleaning and feeding this person to do so many things. But usually I don’t. Also since I now have money I’ve been considering purchasing a laptop, anyone here know anything about technology?  Please provide me with information so I don’t get ripped off, that does happen to people. Any ways I’m mostly posting this because it seemed only fair to post at lest a few more times before the onslaught that is November. I don’t want to spoil too much but it involves peppers and a dino. 

“No one knows why we wear these masks, but I think when we put them on, we become our true selves.”



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