Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favourite movies though if I were to compare it to the real world I think it’s almost the opposite of what’s actually going on.  The claymation masterpiece is about a skeletal figure named Jack the pumpkin king, who takes over another holiday, to fill his personal emptiness.  You instantly see how terrible Christmas becomes when handled by the nightmarish creatures of Halloween town. But here in reality Christmas is the culprit. Ever growing stretching further and further. Stores have long since skipped thanks giving and Guy Fawkes day decoration to plaster everything with pine trees and elaborate ice crystal patterns. It’s only a matter of time before All Hallows’ eve is tainted by the light. And if you’ll allow me to go a step further with my conspiratorial thinking ( writing this at around one or two am let’s do the time ear again] after having just watched the film let me be a crazy) the propaganda to have us all renounce the sacred day of disguising ourselves and asking for treats with a explicit threat of tickery. Tales of razor blades in apples and poisoned candies have been going around for years, anyone who checks the stats for child abductoon will see the special day is quite average in that regard and there are no confirmed cases of drugged candy. We’re being fed these lies for a reason, because of the oncoming season.  Both dark and light have their place we cannot become unbalanced, do not blind yourself with the light. We need Halloween as the day needs the night. 

Wait, what am I talking about? Cheap candy and watching movies alone because it makes them scary even if they shouldn’t be. Please comment your Halloween traditions? Mine are watching the nightmare before Christmas. 


13 thoughts on “NBC

  1. I don’t really celebrate Halloween… this year I didn’t even dress up. At around 9pm or so I realized I should post some of my hubby’s artwork since he was all about the Scary. 🙂 I love Nightmare Before Christmas and I love the line in here to not blind ourselves with the light.

    Happy Nano’ing, Echo! I’m so very glad you’re on board! ❤

  2. I was very ticked when I came home and M was watching the movie and had already gotten past the Oogey Boogey song and would not rewind. Grumble, grumble.

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