Is it right to write?

Should I write tonight? I promised a post every day, so let’s get one out the way! But what if tomorrow I’ll have my idea, my one true idea.  The idea do original so special so gloriously brilliant that it must be written and posted immediately!  So what? Double post that day.  I double posted the past two days one of them wasn’t even a promised day, so expectations might be raised… Who cares? Disappoint someone make someone proud burn the village to the ground. What? Got carried away, the point is we won’t be ruined by making someone want more Echo. That’s a valid point. Also if we have “the idea” people will be too impressed to care that we say a bunch of nonsense the rest of the time. Fine I’ll write tonight, just in case I can’t tomorrow, I’ll schedule this post and give it a stupid name, maybe with a question mark so people know confusion is coming. But what are we going to write about? We already did it.

I’m probably insane, but leave a common any ways, yay peppers?



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