Lately I’ve been using my blog to complain about stuff and things and the like. I’m negative here so I can be positive out there. But that isn’t very fare to you guys. The point of this blog thing is to entertain not complain so let’s do something fun. 

LET’S BRING BACK LINK DAY  this is my YouTube network they’re super nice*20bfa4584c0a875760e60f3f7dab9828a1c8&ss_parm=Adbb7fad9f285a3ef6713613a3cf11412

This is the most romantic gift I could find.

And some music!

Every Friday I’ll share a few like because the interweb is huge no way you go to all the same places as I. Let’s see if I know any spots you’ll love!  Comment your favourite of the three links because why not. 


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