Death is Coming

Today is going to be a serious post with very little comedic value. But comedy is just tragedy plus time, so maybe you can wait a few weeks then laugh at this post!
My great Aunt is 81 years old. She’s dying. I’ve been taking care of her for a little over a month, she’s had her issues for years and I know this. But as her end draws near I still feel as if it’s my fault. I was raised not to shy away from responsibility you see, so when I’m personally involved and things turn south. I am to blame. Logically I can see the flaws in this line of thinking yet emotionally I’m racked with guilt. I even feel guilty about helping her at all!  Mostly due to the fact that I’m being paid to help by her daughter.  Leave it to that no good Echo to profit off everyone’s suffering!  She’s not gone yet and I’m doing what I can to help her but time comes for us all. I need to accept her fate when the time comes.  I’ll just go write more of that Ivy story as a coping mechanism. Thanks for reading. 

If you read this, I hope it wasn’t a downer. 


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