The Great Shift: Act 1

So here’s some story I found in my old collection of writings.  Please enjoy!

It was a cold summer night; Shelly was running through the Lori woods, it was usually a short cut to get to her house, but for some reason the bridge was out so she had to find her back to the main road. She managed to get her foot caught in a raised tree root and fell, on her way down she reached for a vine which pulled down a tree that had recently been struck by lighting and was barely balanced. She was terrified and unhurt, after crawling out from under the giant deathtrap she found herself in she began moving at a slower pace taking care to look at where her feet land. Nothing that scary had ever happened to her in Lori woods. Lori woods was a man made forest it actually had very few animals, it was made just before the collapse of the great civilization. Despite over a hundred years of time for animals to enter, very few did, and most of those that did were birds, and a few stray dogs, usually of the small and harmless variety. 
Tybalt was falling, he had been falling for a long time now, he honestly didn’t know what was going on anymore everything was darkness and silence; even his own voice was warped by the stillness as he continued to fall. He looked around himself again, there was still nothing, there had always been nothing, he’d been attacked by a wild bat during the forest fire, while trying to locate the last orb. He had twelve with him still. For a long time he wondered if twelve would be enough to create a portal to another place, but realized that even if he did he would hit the ground hard. The first several hours of falling was pure disbelief as he tried to overcome his pride, the small bat defeated Tybalt the god slayer, the mere thought made him laugh. His magic had been drained into the orbs to bring them back to life, and all he knew was that the thirteenth orb was still waiting somewhere out there; the world was counting on him. With the gods gone nothing could keep magic in the world and without magic the nations would crumble the remnants of civilization wouldn’t stand a chance.

So this is some story I wrote before I hope I can find more of it. 



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