The great shift: Act 2

 Tybalt gave in to the urge to escape, despite how much he was sure it would kill him, he knew he couldn’t stay in that place forever, stuck there for what felt like a week, he still had not clue where that endless void really was. Even still he gave in, and left, using leftover power from one of the twelve orbs, weakening it momentarily to create a portal back into reality. It was a great flash, he fell fast and felt pain. from darkness to darkness, he was knocked out instantly, the pain so much he thought to himself the end is near, all that work to save the world was naught but wasted effort.  
Shelly ran out of the forest the soft glow of the moon blending in with the red glow of the small fires and burning embers in the remnants of her home a gentle and peaceful light, at the end of the destruction. The tears began to fall before she even knew what happened, her whole life had gone up in smoke, though there had been a loud bang when the object came crashing down from the sky she just assumed it had landed somewhere nearby the town, not on the tall ancient clock tower that the town had been centred around, the whole town burned to a crisp in moments, so fast it seemed impossible to think any one present had a chance to escape. Shelly couldn’t think straight she couldn’t think at all, she could only cry. her tears drifted slowly on the updraft caused by the heat of the still hot ash of her home. She walked to the centre of this devastation wanting for something anything to happen, to take her away.

Because stories happen?


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