The Great Shift: Act 3

Posting these old stories because I’m lazy and don’t want to write anything. Problem?

The darkness of the world within his mind, the memories and hopes for the future danced about with his nightmares, every idea he ever felt echoed throughout his skull, saturating every shadowy corner of his mind. He stood there in a field made of dreams, battling creatures crafted from his fears, fighting for his sanity, giving up was not an option. Many strange creatures fell to his might, Tybalt the god slayer would not be defeated so easily. He focused all of his energy into one final strike and swung his staff with all his might, and then he woke up. his head shot straight up, banging it on a part of the cement structure of a broken tower. “Ouch! What just happened?” But the pain caused dizziness and darkness began to surround him, his consciousness was leaving once more, but he resisted just long enough to see a face coming from the light in front of him. It looked like the face of the divine, come to get their revenge.
Shelly looked down at the strange man, dressed as if from another world, she didn’t care who he was or if he would hurt her, all she knew was, he needed help and she needed to do anything that could distract her from the pain. She pulled the rubble away to free him, feeling glad she heard him. It looks like he fell asleep, she thought as she picked him up, pulling him over her shoulder. “Time to get you to the river, even if you’re dead it will make a better burial sight” Shelly said despite feeling his faint breaths on the back of her neck. She half carried half dragged him through the Lori woods to the great snake river. Hopefully he can kill me when he wakes, she thought to herself.

Next part is the end of what’s already been written. I can add more if people request it. 



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