The Great Shift: act 4

Why is it in acts if it isn’t a play?  Maybe I’m just super pretentious?  I actually forgot writing this so I’m not sure…

The world was fuzzy and out of focus, nothing made any sense. “Where am I?” Tybalt said trying to raise his head as he slowly floated in the gentle flow of the snake river. “good morning sleepy head, I found you in the ruins of my hometown, and decided to see if you knew what happened to all of it.” Shelly said calmly as she walked along side the river, and along side him. “The last thing I remember was the orbs, do you know where they are?” “probably in your bag I’ve got that right here” Shelly replied holding up the large back that originally was on his back, she had suspected water could ruin whatever he kept in there, but had yet to look through his stuff. “Anyways I’m Shelly and I saved your life so now you will help me find out what happened as payment,” She said as she ate an apple she picked from one of the trees they passed. Why is the world so fuzzy still, Tybalt thought as he tried to move, his everything felt sore things were most likely broken and cuts were present all over. “I feel pain.” Tybalt said trying to remember who he was and what he had been doing, the details were scarce and scattered. His name his hometown, his age, and nothing more. “I am Tybalt, I don’t know what happened.”  
Shelly smiled, thinking to herself this man knows nothing, but he will help I’m sure of it. “I guess you’ll be my servant since I saved you.” Shelly said, unsure of whether or not this was a bad idea. “I don’t know, about that, maybe for a little while to help me re-figure out how the world works I should just do as you say, that seems reasonable for a temporary thing.” Tybalt replied. “So it’s agreed, you’ll do as I say until you can live on your own once more, can you move mystery man?” Shelly said thinking of what to do next.  

Anyways that’s all I have written if you wish for me to add to this story leave a comment requesting such. I’ll get to work, if not I’ll just do something else, I’m pretty creative.  


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