Does Not Compute?

My new laptop arrived last night, but I can’t get it until later today.  I can’t wait to open the box mess up a room with packing peanuts pop the bubble wrap then remember I have a laptop to play with too!

In regular people terms, looks like a good day ahead. 

I’m excited and I deserve this.  I worked hard for this laptop and the mouse came earlier this week without it. 

It kind of bugs me 

In any event I’m now going to be able to type stuff with more than just my one thumb which is so tired by now. And the games and the job hunting.  Not to mention I can actually organise my life again.  Yup a good day indeed. 

If you enjoyed this unbridled optimism it’s short lived. If not, it’s going to stay forever get used to it. 


One thought on “Does Not Compute?

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