I hate November

This isn’t about all that pepper blog all the things stuff at all.  If anything that’s the best part of this November by a long shot.  To put it simply Autumn is depressing watching all the plants slowly wither and die is not fun for me. “Oh look at the pretty colours!”  Yeah the colours of death like a corps turning blue then pale then green as it rots.  I’m not a fan.  Then there’s the cold, I’m never ready for the first few chills of the year so they affect me more than blizzards. But there’s also more death.  I’ve long since suspected deaths occur more frequently during this time of year, but I’m strangely scared to look it up.  My grandmother died November five years back, now my great aunt joins her sister in law.  November seems to be the month of taking even my star feels further away than ever before everything is terrible. But writing it down helps. And your words help.  So thank you kind strangers you’re life savers everyone of you. 



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