But then Competition

Forget whatever you thought was going on it’s story time.  Just noticed this competition thing over on the lyfblog.  Anyways I’ll now wrote about isolation. 

The sand fell through the hour glass and all was so silent she could hear it move.  She could hear her heart beat and every breath she took, she had been alone in that darkness for a long time the hour glass was running out of sand.  She wished she could see just how much remained but the darkness forbid it.  Just as the large metallic lock on the door forbid her from leaving and her now sore throat forbid her from continuing to call out for help.   How long was she there?  Her mind pondered this question.  The hour glass was huge she felt it many times trying to estimate how long it would run it was the size of her and as thick as the great oak.  She tried to think trying to run from her feelings, deep within her imagination she fled.   The sands stopped. 

Spooks you doesn’t it?  



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