I remember: Part 1 (Improved storytime)

So then I was thinking I can do that better.  So I did


“It was the first time I killed a man.”  Julie, a young lady dressed in the robes of the priests of Null, said while entering the tavern.   She expected the normal dull roar of the local business to more than mask her quiet admissions so she could boast to her new associate Michael Lukas, more commonly known as shadowblade, about her semi rare skill sets.   To her disbelief she found herself the center of attention having chosen the wrong time to speak up, it seemed the place quieted down just before her unglamorous entrance.  Her new associate smirked beneath his hood waiting to see how she would respond to the situation. She began cackling wildly.  “I did it with a tea spoon!” She cheered. The people of the tavern exchanged confused looks then returned to their previous actions trying their best to ignore the crazy lady. “You handle your mistakes well. But best make less if you wish to work with my friends.” Her Michael whispered before taking a seat. at a table near the window.  Julie sat across from him looking disappointed in herself.  “Don’t show your emotions so openly, in our line of work we can’t be known for who we are only seen for what we do.”  Michael explained dryly truly showing none of how he felt in his words the absolute embodiment of a heartless killer, she envied him.  “I really did use a teaspoon.” she explained quieter after making sure no one was still listening.  Michael seemed to stiffen in place when she said this as if shocked by the admission.  “how did you manage that?” He asked obviously curios despite it not showing in his tone.  “Flicked a pebble down the guy’s throat with it, complete accident I wasn’t anything like this before they sent me to the hole.” She said calmly.   Michael was taken aback, he heard stories of people surviving being taken to the hole, but until that moment he never considered them true.





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