Hey Guys you know how I have a YouTube Channel, well I’ve been thinking of posting a few of my stories there.  If anyone would like to Narrate there for me that would be most appreciated. just pick a story and email me you know it sounds fun.    So let’s go tell some stories together!


Pale Moon

The rays of moonlight that shown between the branches illuminated the small grove in a pale silvery light, the small pool of water in the center had a strange mystical quality to it, the whole place looked designed. The small boy walked through the tiny grove knowing only that this place felt like it belonged to the bed time stories his parents would tell him to scare him into being good or inspire him to achieve more, it seemed so surreal to him that he forgot why he was out past his bed time as he knelt down by the pool of water dropped his gaze to it slowly lowered his hands, filled them with the crystal clear waters, and took a drink. At that moment he felt relief from all his stresses, he felt freedom and as the gentle breeze rustled a few leaves, he became aware of something, just how alone he really was. He didn’t cry, he didn’t feel sorry for his losses, of which there were many, he smiled, he didn’t know why, but he knew he was supposed to be alone at that moment, but it didn’t mean he would be alone forever; it wasn’t that the gods had a plan, but he had a plan. He drank his fill of the water and looked out into the darkness of the foreboding landscape around that sacred place, “I shall leave before I overstay my welcome, thank you beings of this place, even if you’re of chaos or order, or gods of any kind, I care not, but on this night, you’ve given me a second chance and I am grateful.” The young boy left and went about his way to face many troubles. From the water emerged a golden being surrounded by shadows and it looked in the direction the boy had fled to, “if only I could find a way to return to where I came from, but alas I am like you, and thus I will help you to become a warrior, I now bestow upon you the last of my powers, may death smile kindly upon me for this and set me down near my brethren.” And with that a strange light appeared to leave the being’s chest and strike down the boy who as at this point simply running towards the city of Vera. The being faded away with a simple smile and the place now free of his dark presence began to glow a brighter hue of ivory, making it go from surreal to unbelievable.

Words Unshared

It’s not that I’m ashamed of these stories, far from it I’m rather excited to share the tales.  So why then do I resist the urge to post my stories here?  They’re relatively exciting. The test audiences seemed to like them. Yet I hold back.  

Maybe I’m just not in the mood?  Who knows. Who cares?  The stories must come out eventually. I’m merely prolonging the inevitable. Regardless of reason I’m confident this is temporary. 
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