Phoenix Run: part 1

Adina clung tightly to the top of the train as it sped off, adrenalin the only thing keeping her attached. She felt free for the first time in her life, she knew this was the right thing to do, and as she looked back upon the terrible town where she was trapped since the age of six, she felt regret. The regret wasn’t over leaving everything behind, it came from only two things; she regretted not escaping sooner, and not burning the whole place down on the way out. Just as this thought reached her mind, the town really did burst into flames, in her shock she nearly slipped before reaffirming her grasp. Adina’s eyes remained transfixed on the inferno, wondering to herself what could cause an entire town’s destruction so fast. For a moment, she thought she saw something rising from the flames, but if anything had, it was quickly lost in the smoke. Adina had no idea how much longer she could hold onto the rushing train, and no idea it would move so fast, it wasn’t supposed to. She saw this very train leave the station twice a week for years and it never came anywhere near this speed.An hour later, the train began to slow down to its normal pace. Adina’s mind, which had been working overtime, had finally reached a conclusion, someone on board must have known about the explosions. It perfectly explained why the train took off early and at such speeds. Fear began to amass within her, forming a small pit in her stomach. A feather landed on her face. She looked up to see where it fell from, but saw only the smoke which blanketed the sky. She kept staring until she did see. A small golden bird fell and landed in her lap. “You must have gotten separated from your family in all this smoke. I don’t know how my wish came true, but I’m sorry if I ruined your life. I’ll take care of you, okay little bird?” She said peering into the eyes of the warm bird. The small bird was warm, and Adina could feel how it relaxed as she picked it up and held it close. Adina smiled, feeling comfort in the thought of taking care of another life. She slowly drifted off to sleep still clinging to the bird for dear life. 

The train came to a stop in a mountain town miles away from the ruins of her troubled past. Adina jumped off the train with her bird on her shoulder, imagining herself as a pirate. She was so thrilled by the thoughts of freedom and adventure she failed to notice her lack of capital. So she marched triumphantly into the new town glad to see some place different. “I still need to name you, are you a boy bird or a girl bird?” Adina asked the bird as she looked around the town, taking in how different yet similar it was to her own. It followed a similar lay out, buildings clearly corresponded with similar ones back in the ruins; although each building looked different she knew they had similar functions. Which is how she quickly found her way to the tavern.  

I’ve decided to share some of this story with you guys.  Because I’m nice like that.   However I won’t share any more of it until this post reaches ten likes.   I’m evil like that.  



I could write, it’s not beyond me to make up something.  But lately I’ve been wanting to do something meaningful with this blog.  Completely antithetical to the entire Echo blog.   I started this thing to gain an audience for when I eventually attempt to publish a book and to have a place to ramble incoherently.   But now I have a written book and at leat three or four people who I’ve only met via this blog who I’m sure will be excited to see a post. (Hello friends) so have I fulfilled my goals?   That’s dumb I should just write what’s on my mind and pretend it’s deep, someone will get the joke. 


Aniversary of ECHO blog

Oh yeah, it’s like my blogging anniversary or something…  I should probably post something.   Umm, maybe I’ll talk about life or just post some of one of the stories I’m writing… I don’t know. Well, you’ll see later today I guess.


Dead Wrong (revised)

So I started this tale months ago, but I couldn’t get anywhere with it, recently I’ve been co writing with someone so I asked her for help, the following is the results thus far.  Enjoy


It was a dark cold night the fog rolled in bringing with it the stench of the nearby swamp. Ron awoke in a cold sweat he couldn’t recall his nightmare but much worse, he couldn’t remember why he was in a bed which wasn’t his own. He looked around confusion overtaking his fear. He arose slowly, careful to make little sound; fearful of being noticed by anyone who could have moved him during his restless sleep. He heard giggling. He peered deeper into the darkness seeing a young woman dressed in all an all white sun dress and two long silvery braids hanging in front of her shoulders, with a round, childish face.  “You’re finally up sleepy head; we’ve got work to do!” She said sounding as if she wanted to laugh some more. “What’s so funny, and who are you?” Ron inquired wishing he could go home already. “Yes those are good questions too bad I’m not inclined to answer, after all, I’m the powerful one here and, you’re merely my new servant.” She said before vanishing. “I’m too confused and shocked to even be scared. What on earth was that!?! It’s just a dream.” Ron complained as he rushed to where the vision of femininity previously resided. “I guess I wasn’t going to get answers from her anyway.” He muttered to himself. “Curious indeed.” Spoke a different voice from much closer than the Lady in White. Ron turned around to see directly behind him was a shadowy figure in a long black cloak. “Just tell me now, am I dead?” Ron asked fear creeping back into his mind and voice. “I wouldn’t know, maybe she’ll tell you when next she graces you with her visage.” The cloaked one said in a mocking tone, “In the meantime I’ll be watching you, laughing if you fail cheering if you succeed; it’s all win-win for me.” Ron couldn’t see the face or even tell if the voice belonged to a man or woman but he could tell whoever it was under their, was smiling wickedly. He could feel the smile within his very soul and it burned.

“Are you the Grimm Reaper?” Ron worked up the courage to ask at last, his voice shaking. The cloaked figure said nothing, only melted into the shadows, becoming one with the darkness. Ron couldn’t tell if the thing was gone or simply hidden, but he no longer cared; a new feeling rose above the fear and overtook the confusion, annoyance. He was frustrated he no longer cared to solve the mysteries of who these people, if they were even people. All Ron wanted was to leave, so he walked deeper into the darkness finding the walls, then going along side them until he came upon the door. To his pleasure he found it to be unlocked. To his dismay he found the dark corridor beyond to be a labyrinth of deception, shadows, and more doors. Some doors lead to rooms like the one he came from, others lead to more hallways like the one he was lost in, and a few lead to stairs. The place reminded him of a large school, and a prison fused with a fancy hotel. Previously the darkness concealed the finer details but as Ron’s sight finally became accustomed with the thick shade he could see more, much more. The crown molding, the gold walls, the abstract paintings, each room had queen or king sized beds and he knew from experience they had the softest sheets he ever felt. If Ron intentionally came to a place like this he doubted he would ever wish to leave. But Ron wasn’t about to be a prisoner even if his cage was perfect he longed to be free.

“Wow, you’ve been going at this for hours. I’m honestly impressed.” Spoke the Lady in White appearing before Ron as he fell over in exhaustion. “Don’t stop now the sun is nearly up, surely you’ll find your way then.” She added sounding strangely sincere. “What do you want from me?” Ron spoke between gasps. He wasn’t sure when he broke into a panicked run, but he knew it lasted far too long. “I see, listening problems, quite common these days I’m told. I’ve already stated my intentions; you’re to be my new servant, the sooner you accept your fate the sooner we can move on from here.” She responded sounding bored, as if his problems were such a small concern to her, she found it not even suitable for entertainment. “No I’m leaving!” He screeched finding his second wind and pulling himself to his feet. “You’re going the wrong way; you keep going down when you should be going up to the roof.” The Lady in White said once again sounding so caring and sincere Ron felt truth behind her words. Ron ran up the stairs as fast as he could putting every ounce of his soul into each stride. He practically glided up each flight until he could run no more.

Ron awoke in the same bed he ran from the previous night. “How did I get back here?” He asked looking around at the fancy room which he imagined would cost quite a lot if it were a hotel. “I had to carry you; I’m not so lowly that my servants sleep on the floor. It was amusing to watch you faint half way up the stairs. It does however annoy me to see you still have fight left in you. Just give in.” The Lady in White said appearing from thin air at the foot of his bed. “I don’t want to be a servant.” He replied with anger soaking his voice. “Am I that bad? No one ever wishes to serve me…” She muttered sadly to herself. Her sorrow seemed to flow forth filling the room a melancholy tidal wave overtaking everything. “I’m sure you’ll find someone if you keep looking.” Ron consoled reflexively. She turned to him her pale blue, almost white, eyes scanning his form as if searching for something. “I’ll make a deal with you; I’ll put you back on your old home and old life for a month, after that you’ll be my servant. Unless you can find someone willing to take your place.”  She said her girly feminine voice trembling yet strong as if she was trying to convince herself not to cry with each word. “And if I refuse I’ll be trapped in here until I accept I’m assuming.” Ron replied getting up from the bed slowly. “You know me so well already you’ll make a wonderful servant.” She replied sounding happier already. “So you’ll take me back now?” He asked. “No, I think I’ll wait for you to sleep, I’d rather not move you while you’re awake and there’s no way I’m letting you find out how to get out of here on your own. I can go if you want to be alone though.” She replied smiling sweetly and starting to fade away. “No I’d much rather you stay.” Ron replied quickly, dreading being left alone in that mad house. She stopped fading but stayed transparent as if still deciding if she should exist, it made her look just like a ghost. “Fine but don’t think I’ll slip up and reveal personal information.” Her sickly white lips twisting into a wicked smirk. “So you don’t answer my questions because I’m below you and you won’t reveal anything personal? I don’t expect you’ll be a very good conversationalist then.” Ron said trying to think of something to say to her after they both sat in silence for a few moments.

“I spend most of my time on my own I don’t have much need for talk. Most everyone hates me. Well except Addie.” The Lady in White muttered more to herself than to Ron. “Why would anyone hate you? I mean I don’t hate you, I just don’t want to be a servant.” Ron explained feeling more and more sympathy for what he assumed was some form of demon. She looked directly into his eyes. “That’s why I chose you; you don’t hate anyone it makes you perfect! Good luck trying to find someone like you, trust me I’ve tried.” She remarked sounding sincere once more. “Maybe I asked the wrong kind of questions before, I asked who you are, what I should have asked is what you are.” Ron said hoping the being wouldn’t be offended. “I’m a goddess, and I am worthy of worship. Yet I do not receive anything but scorn. Feel blessed I decided to tell you this, it was my intention to keep you in the dark for years to come.” She remarked coldly as if reciting words from a distant memory. Ron’s mind flooded with questions the confusion suffocating him he needed some relief but he knew it wouldn’t come.  Ron took in a few deep breaths to help maintain his composure. “So god is real then?” Ron asked trying to remain calm. “Oh that’s right humans think the world came from slime and they are monkeys now, no I’m a goddess, there are many gods, think of gods as a race beyond yours from a world beyond yours.” She replied sounding like she was holding back laughter. “So you’re like an alien?” Ron asked. “My goodness you humans sure do come up with interesting theories, I forgot all about the aliens’ thing. Reality is a very complex thing and if you work for me you’ll have an actual eternity to figure it out, there’s no way I can answer all your questions right now.  However, now that I think about it I do have some stuff I should be talking to you about.” She said sounding as playful as ever. “What do you need to talk to me about?” Ron asked feeling anxious. She vanished and reappeared closer to him fully there he felt cold all of a sudden, like it was radiating from her, as if she was a kind of dead girl. “The rules of course, I can’t just pop you back in and have you telling everyone all this stuff about how beautiful I am and how great it is to serve a god. For some reason we put some rules to a vote a few years back about when we can and can’t interfere with human life anymore.” She explained as she got closer to him, practically on top of Ron yet still avoiding all physical contact.  “So what are these rules?” Ron asked feeling glad he at least understood what was going on even if most of him was unable to accept it as reality. “Much too complex for a human, suffice it to say don’t mention what I am what I look like or my name, actually I’m not even telling you my name just call me… uhh… that lady?” She responded instantly appearing across the room smiling gently yet peering deep into Ron’s eyes as if into the very depths of his soul. “That’s a bit vague of you.” Ron remarked trying to think through everyone he knew for someone who would make a good replacement servant. “Fine, The Lady in White, I think I used to go by that nom de plume back before the Renaissance. Or maybe it was after? I can’t be bothered with those details now, the point is no details!” She said floating in a sitting position right above the chair she was in a moment ago, her short lacy dress showing most of her long, pearly, white legs. “Are you showing off or unable to stay still?” Ron asked curiously. For a brief moment the room grew cold and Ron felt a darkness rise as if his very life was about to end, as her eyes flashed red, but the moment passed. “Do not upset me servant. Be grateful for your free will, soon you shall serve me willingly.” She responded dryly. Ron stared at her a mixture of fear and awe growing within him, this was what a god looked like he saw no physical flaws in her but he didn’t think she was particularly beautiful. Yet there was something so indescribably different about her from anyone he knew, she was without a doubt not human, and that was what he knew before she made him feel like his life would end without changing a single thing about her appearance or tone. It was as if she could influence his very emotions with merely her mind. The incredible weight of his new reality dawned on him, he felt heavier, exhausted.  As he began to drift off to sleep he wondered if he was really tired or if the Lady in White simply gave up waiting for him to grow tired naturally. In the end whether by his choice or her might he fell asleep and that’s all that really mattered.



Day 1


Ron awoke in his bed and thought to himself, what an unusual dream I wonder if it means anything. He walked over to his kitchen opened the fridge and made his breakfast getting ready for the day ahead of him.  “Wow your life is so boring already; I can’t believe you prefer this to serving a beautiful, wise and powerful goddess!” The Lady in White said sitting on top of his fridge. Ron nearly dropped his cereal bowl but maintained himself. “Do gods need food? You can join me if you’d like.” Ron replied doing his best to accept reality even at its most absurd. The Lady in White smirked and floated down slowly landing next to Ron. She was considerably tall, almost as tall as six foot tall Ron himself, only a few inches off, pale skin, pale lips, pale blue, almost white eyes, long silvery braids tied at the bottom with white girly bows, she wore a cute white lacy sundress and tall white leather knee high sandals. “Maybe some other time, just stopping by to make sure you know you have exactly thirty days to find my servant it’s Friday the 13th so you know, but I’ll stop by once or twice a week to check in or give advice.” She said sounding amused with the idea of this little experiment. “Just try not to freak out too soon, as much fun as it is to watch I’d rather savour every moment of this journey.” She concluded with an icy cold pat on the head before vanishing. It was definitely not a dream, he thought to himself as he sat down and began to eat. Ron’s cereal didn’t taste the same, as if the shock from everything ruined his taste buds. “How am I going to find someone willing to serve her?” He thought out loud. An alarm rang within his bedroom so he rushed to see it. “I totally forgot I said I’d go study today.” Ron shouted when he realised the date, he must have been missing for two days, his mind wondered to thoughts of who missed him and if anyone went looking for him. Ron quickly cleaned himself and prepared for the day. Freshly brushed teeth and combed hair, shaved his face quickly but it didn’t help him feel anymore like himself but was the best he could do. Ron ran out the door nearly forgetting to lock it on his way to the school library. He knew he would be late for the study group but he didn’t care about class at that moment, all that mattered was trying to find someone to take his place serving the Lady in White. The sun shined brightly everything smelled wonderful the flowers were clearly in fullbloom; by all accounts it was a beautiful day. Ron ignored all of this flowery sunshine with a single-mindedness rivalling even the most dedicated of monks. He reached his destination in record time, running up the steps to the Greek style building past the statue of what was meant to be the goddess Athena, yet he was still ten minutes late, his friends were already seated around their table towards the back left corner of the library whispering notes back and forth and giggling about inside jokes. The merriment stopped when they noticed him. “Ron you made it, I thought you were sick or something.” Mindy said with a smile her emerald eyes scanning him as if uncertain he was really there. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost mate.” Kyle said scarcely glancing up from the text book for more than a moment. “Yeah, had a rough night.” Ron replied taking the last free seat. Alan and Elizabeth said nothing about his arrival but it was obvious the merriment was drained from the moment. All four of them felt guilty they were having so much fun while they thought their friend was sick, it hadn’t dawned on them until it was revealed he was fine. But now with it known they couldn’t seem to return to the joy they previously held.

“Why the long faces did I miss an important quiz?” Ron asked with a smile, his eyes scanning them pondering the pros and cons of each friend, more than willing to sell them out to what in his mind was comparable to the devil. “We’re just a little shocked you’re back on your feet you look healthy, what happened?” Mindy asked taking charge as usual. “Nothing you need to worry about I just had a personal thing to deal with out of town, ya know family.” Ron replied calmly giving away no secrets as his mistress commanded. The very thought of him obeying her commands made him feel a little queasy but he showed a strong face to his friends. “Well it’s good you’re not dead.” Elizabeth said in her usual barely audible voice. “Liz that’s rude.” Alan corrected her. “Relax; I’m also glad I’m not dead.” Ron intervened, suppressing a shiver at the memory of the cold death like girl, with a soft smile causing Elizabeth to avert her gaze. Alan glared at Ron for just a moment before returning his focus to the reading at hand. “Professor Gallop and Professor Sailor are both doubling the reading. Mr. Remi noticed your absence and gave us a pop quiz, can’t be made up, and we need to read chapters three through nineteen by Monday in our art history books for Doctor Kreatin.” Mindy explained while returning her focus to the reading too. “Is that all? And here I thought we had a lot to do.” Ron remarked sarcastically though he knew by the looks on his friends faces they missed his sarcasm all together. “Kidding guys, lighten up, it’s not like we have on month left to live, just three months left to pass school then a whole summer of freedom. We knew what we were getting into with the accelerated program this was always our destiny stuck in a library every weekend for months becoming the best and brightest.” Ron reassured his friends, their new found determination self evident upon their faces as they picked up their studying pace. Ron felt a little reluctant to begin studying when he had no candidates for his replacement but it occurred to him throwing his life away by not studying would make not finding a replacement mean substantially less to him. So he studied his hardest as he always did, refusing to be left behind by his friends even when the world was against him. Even the gods couldn’t stop Ron from reaching his dreams.  He read the chapters for art history in minutes, quickly switching to his math book and copying notes from Elizabeth as she was always the most concise yet thorough note taker. “How do you always read so fast Ron?” Kyle asked still on chapter five in the art history book. “I thought I told you already, after almost failing every class freshmen year I spent the summer learning, I became a speed reader and studied up on history with this new speed, only thing I actually needed to learn in school since is a bit of math and science. Even that stuff is a lot easier once I could read the entire text book in an evening.”  Ron explained revelling in his nostalgia, he was all too happy to think about his rise to glory. “You did tell us before; Kyle is just an airhead on everything except tests.” Mindy replied dryly, reminding Ron of his mistress. “What are you guys planning for after graduation?” Ron asked hoping to get some idea which of them if any would make a good servant. “Umm, I want to get into physics maybe astro-physics.” Elizabeth said shyly, it was obvious she had been waiting for a while to tell people about her dreams, yet even her twin Alan seemed taken aback by these words. “You never mentioned that, I thought we were both going into medical school?” Alan asked in confusion. “Yeah but I never got over my fear of blood it makes me so sick how can we both be surgeons if I’m like that?” Elizabeth explained smiling softly feeling quite relieved to admit her changed plans. “You should already know my plan, I’m going to get into politics and become the mayor.” Mindy said confidently. Ron used to joke about Mindy’s plan to rule the world but sometimes it seemed like more than a joke. “Yeah I don’t really have plans, just like school so I guess I’ll just get into some fancy university or something.” Kyle explained taking a break from the art history book to read from his psychology book. Ron took notes on each of his friends’ dreams while saying to them. “I’m reconsidering my choice of university, I mean obviously I’m still heading down to my goals, but I don’t know I kind of want to stay with at least one of you guys, no reason to breakup such a strong team completely.” His words were a lie something to excuse his sudden questions.

After several hours of studying Ron decided to leave his friends; they were still studying but he finished catching up on all missed assignments. Anxious to get home and write down his thoughts without the risk of being caught, he rushed to make up an excuse. “So I’m done with my studying I’m sure it’s probably my turn to buy milkshakes but I’m not up to it I’ll just get the next two I think I’m a little dizzy.” Ron said hoping if he spoke fast enough people would just accept his words. “Whatever you say dude, just don’t miss class.” Kyle responded the others muttered mild agreement with his sentiment as Ron rose and packed away his belongings. Ron walked home slower actually taking in the day, not with the purpose of enjoying it or savouring his time, but looking for anyone he knew someone he could manipulate to be a new servant for the Lady in White.

He got home and tossed his bag on his bed pulling a piece of crumpled paper from his jeans pocket and a spare pen he began looking at the notes he took down about his own friends, as he sat at his desk. “Ruthless, just ruthless, you’re not even desperate you just decided to start with your friends.” The Lady in White said hanging upside down looking him in the eye her pigtails resting on the desk. “Well I expected you pick your servants carefully, someone like you would want only the best.” Ron responded once he had regained his composure looking back to his notes. “Well it’s obviously not them, the best one in that group isn’t on your list.” She replied gleefully vanishing and reappearing elsewhere in his room. “Who is it?” Ron asked looking up to her position reflexively knowing where she’d be. She just stared at him with a smirk until he realised what she meant. “Oh yeah I guess, but what’s wrong with them?” Ron asked practically blushing. “I don’t really want to insult your friend’s right to your face; do you think I’m a cruel god?” She replied floating closer to him. “Yes I do.” Ron replied as he returned his focus to his notes. “Fine, the Double Vines are too bonded they’d fall apart if separated, I don’t want to take in two servants at a time. The Empress is not servant material at all and, besides no way am I going to miss out on watching her fate unravel. Then there’s the other one, do I even need to explain what’s wrong with him?” The Lady in White answered in a monotone. “Yes what exactly is wrong with Kyle? He’s loyal smart and capable. Plus with no aspirations of his own he’d have no objection to a life of serving you.” Ron replied defensively. “I told you before, you’re the only one who is perfect, however I suppose if you get almost anyone to agree, a willing imperfect is better than a perfect unwilling. However, if you’re going to pass off one of your damaged friends, at least try to fix them first.” The Lady in White remarked sounding slightly annoyed before half vanishing. “Oh buy the way I’m only looking for a male, thought I could help narrow the search down.” She vanished all together. “Did she call Mindy The Empress?” Ron asked himself before laughing.




Ron awoke covered in sweat, the sun still refused to illuminate the new day. The darkness wouldn’t last much longer, but for the moment the dawn was still a struggle between day and night. “So you’re just going along with her plan then?” The cloaked one said as he appeared in a dark corner of Ron’s room. “Oh look it’s the monster in my closet.” Ron said turning in his bed trying to get back to sleep. “You know I was content to just watch you fail, but it occurred to me how much more interesting things would be if I actually helped.” The cloaked one said as it dropped something on the floor before vanishing again. Ron tried to get up to see what it was but his body refused to move. “Sleep paralysis is rather simple, honestly if I weren’t so nice, I could do some real damage to you for being so disrespectful.” The cloaked one’s voice echoed in Ron’s head. “Let me go, I haven’t done anything.” Ron whispered. The dark shadowy figure of the cloaked one appeared right over him he couldn’t see a face under the hood but he did see two green glowing dots where the eyes should have been. “Yes beg for your freedom like the dog you really are, just like you did with that idiot. Never underestimate my powers I do as I please and right now I want to torment you.” A scythe appeared and the cloaked one grabbed it with gloved hands. “I understand, you’re trying to teach me to be fearless, you want me to just say no to her, it delights you to ruin her dreams of having a servant so it wasn’t enough for me to simply refuse you also want me to not give her another.” Ron said with a soft smile. The cloaked one backed away slowly. “I see why she chose you; you’re not even pledging yourself to her, yet you refuse to betray even when threatened by something stronger than you can imagine.” It said before vanishing.

Ron felt a weight lifted from him as he was able to move again he rolled back over and a chill enveloped him he went to adjust his blankets but his arm brushed cold pale skin. “Ahhhh!!!!” He fell out of bed with an ominous thud The Lady in White peered over the side of the bed. “Come back and snuggle with me!” She demanded. “You can’t just appear in my bed like that! Besides your cold I don’t want to snuggle with you!” He practically spat but then suddenly felt bad as her crystal eyes turned grey and what he assumed to be black tears fell from her eyes. “No one ever wants to snuggle with me…” She mumbled sadly before vanishing.“Okay so she’s upset…I’ll have to make it up to her somehow.” Ron thought aloud as he pulled himself off the floor with help of the bed, slowly, before tripping on a large leather bound book. “Is this what the cloaked one left?” Ron asked himself while lifting it. The book was heavier than it looked and had no title on the cover or spine, and the pages, or what he could see of them, were yellowed and tattered. Something deep down told him not to open it, as if the book was alive somehow and most certainly not his friend. He carried it over to his night stand then went to have his breakfast. “I’m ready for that meal you promised me.” The Lady in White said sitting at his kitchen table when he arrived. He let out a nervous breath. “Must you do that?” He mumbled. “Yes I really must and you must get used to it!” She said setting a basket on the counter, fresh baked bread and the most beautiful apples he had ever seen occupied the space.

“What’s this?” He asked reaching out only to have his hand slapped away. “You have to make me something first!” The Lady in White said pointedly. Ron looked at her for a moment. “W…well I can make us some eggs and bacon and we would also have bread and apple slices.” The Lady in White smiled and two plates came floating down from the pantry. “You know you won’t be living here as my servant right?” She smiled at him sweetly and for a moment he thought he saw a hint of amber in her beautiful eyes. “I didn’t expect I would be but I’m not your servant yet.” He added as the bacon grease began to sizzle and he started cracking eggs for them. “But may I ask where I would live?”He asked whisking the eggs and pouring them into the pan. “Why with me of course silly!” She said with a proud giggle. “We would live in battle ground with the king and his queen and their children and no one will bother us and happily ever after!” She smiled almost dreamily. “But you would have to help me with my work.” She sounded almost sad. “But you will live forever!” She gave a small smile.  “What…uhhh…wha…” He kept opening and closing his mouth but couldn’t form a sentence. “I thought I told you I won’t reveal personal things!” The Lady in White said her eyes flashing red a moment. “The only reason I told you about battleground is because you would never find it even if you found it you couldn’t get there without me.” She said with a smug little grin. “Well I was just wondering what you do.” Ron muttered. The Lady in White looked away sadly. As if she regretted saying about her job. “People scorn me for what I do their uneasy about me. Especially mortals.” She twirled a blue apple around in her slender fingers and let out a sad sigh. “I’m sorry.” He sat across from her and set the plate in front of her causing her to smile. Ron reached into the basket and pulled out a blue apple looking at it curiously. “NO!!! Put it down!!” The Lady in White screeched sounding panicked, causing him to drop the fruit it rolling under the table. “Only gods and mystical creatures, eat the blue ones.” “I…I’m sorry…” Ron said scared. “It’s ok it’s just a good thing I’m here or you would be dead.” The Lady in White smiled gleefully and turned back to her food. “My friend grows these and they are divine! Here try this.” She handed him a green one from the basket. “It’s ok silly you can eat that one its safe for people.” She smiled seeing his nervous look as he lifted the fruit to his lips.

The phone rang causing Ron to jump and look around setting the fruit down and picking up his old shattered iPhone. “Hello?” He answered and the silence for a moment. “Yeah sure. I need to get out anyway.” He said looking at Lilith eating her bread. “Just give me like an hour and a half Kyle I wanna finish something up first.” He hung up and came back over taking a fresh baked croissant out of the basket and ripping it in half before taking a bite. “Does your friend make the bread too?” “Why of course not silly that bread if from France. There is one bakery that I’ve stolen from for years thousands of years! Well I used to threaten to kill everyone but by now it’s gotten to the point I just take and no one every questions, don’t you know how ghost stories happen? Most of them are me!” She giggled like a little schoolgirl. “And how does that not violate your interference laws?” Ron questioned. “I told you, they’re much too complicated to explain to you.” The Lady in White replied still smiling. Ron picked up his green apple and bit in half expecting to die. Instead he tasted something sweet yet tart it was in his mind the most perfect apple he ever tasted. “This is pretty good.” Ron said nonchalantly, feeling the need to downplay his enjoyment as if denying her the pleasure of a Job well done. “Lying does not suit you my dear.” The Lady in White replied before looking at his cracked phone and smiling like she thought of a joke. “I see you’ve decided to get the other one to do something besides studying, is he your main target then?” She asked floating over to his phone. “No, I’ll look around for someone or just some ideas and it was his idea, for once. Maybe they feel bad about moving on like I didn’t vanish for two days.” Ron explained. “Human squabbles amuse me, maybe I’ll go with you.” The Lady in White said staring into his eyes again. “You shouldn’t. You’re a goddess, everyone who sees you will fall in worship.” Ron replied hoping that feeding her ego would get her to agree. “Don’t patronise me mortal, I’ve ended more lives than days you’ve lived.” She replied her voice echoing as her form began to slightly glow before vanishing all together, leaving Ron to get ready for his day. “How can I get anything done with her looking over my shoulders ever few minutes?” Ron thought aloud as he placed his dishes in the sink, and quickly went to shower and change.

Ron and Kyle arrived at the mall at around noon and sat at the food court Ron obviously distracted looking around for a guy who would work for his mistress. “Hey mate, look.” Kyle nodded at about then tables over where two young women were sitting whispering and glancing at him. The one girl was tall and thin and her long platinum blond hair hung in sheets down her back, she wore tall pink and white knee high socks and tall top pink Converse shoes a pink crop top that showed way more of her perfect cleavage then necessary and short cut off jean shorts. The other girl was tiny maybe just weighing 100 pounds, she had a head full of wild blood red curls that had been obviously artificially coloured, she had on a mid thigh length long sleeve red dress with tall brown riding boots with socks that just barely showed at her knee, she wore a beautiful jewel encrusted bracelet and a very elaborate vintage diamond ring on her left hand. “Let’s talk to them!” Kyle said enthusiastically, as he got up and walked to the two beautiful women, gaining an eye roll from his friend who followed. Ron sat by the beautiful red head while Kyle naturally sat by the blond. “Kyle, and this is Ron.” Kyle smirked and held his hand out to shake the blond girls who smile seductively giggling, her beyond blue eyes captivating his attention. “Venus.” She said happily in a song like voice. “And that would be Addie.” “Hi.” The red head said with a slight bob of her head as if it was a half curtsy she looked Ron over closely as if she was peering into his soul with her unnaturally pale emerald eyes, probably contacts. “So what are you ladies doing?” He said his eyes still fixated on Venus causing Addie to roll hers. “We were just out.” She smiled her lipstick stained lips twitching into an innocent smile. Venus’ giggle interrupted Ron’s thoughts. “Hey why don’t we go back to your house?” Kyle said his arm around the other girl. “Uhhh… ehhh…sure I guess.” Ron said getting up as they began to walk away towards his home.

When they arrived and he let them in and Venus sat on the couch in Kyle’s lap. “Please excuse my friend.” Addie said with a smile shaking her head as she sat at the spot where the Lady in White sat that morning. Addie took the art history text book and started flipping through. She paused on a page of a renaissance oil painting of a royal family, a king, a queen along with a young boy and baby girl. She smiled as Ron sat across from the girl. “Do you like art?” He asked. “Yes, this painting especially. ‘tis my favourite. Just look at the family, the king standing regally next to his wife, strong proud hand on his young teenaged sons shoulder. The queen sitting proudly with her jewels dripping off of her and the young princess sitting with her puppy on the pillows at their feet. ‘tis the picture of a perfect family.” Addie smiled at the picture running her fingers over it lovingly. Soon soft moans were heard from the living room and Ron got up in disgust going to break Kyle and the other girl up, not wanting their bodily fluids on his couch, but he was caught off guard and forced into the wall. “I swear if you hurt her, I will kill you.” The tiny girl who had to be a whole foot shorter than Ron growled out holding a dagger to his throat. “W..who?” He asked nervously to scared to do anything. “Addie!!” Came an all to familiar voice and the redheaded girl backed away. “Oh hey Lilith I was just checking him out.”Addie smiled at the Lady in White and wrapped her into a hug. “What are you two doing here? You promised you’d let me do this on my own.” The lady in white said with a frown despite hugging back. “Yeah but I’m nosy so I’m here.” The lady in white glared at her friend who seemed completely unaffected. “What’s Venus doing?” The lady in white asked.

Addie’s eyes widened and she rushed over to the next room dragging Venus with her as she returned. “Sorry, I guess I didn’t think it through.” Addie said sadly while walking out the door.  “Ignore anything those two said, they’re obviously insane.” The Lady in White said nervously before vanishing.


As you can see the tale actually has a point and a sense of direction now. So everyone say thanks to the feral child for helping me with this. Or just not, I can’t force you to be nice about it.