Phoenix Run: part 1

Adina clung tightly to the top of the train as it sped off, adrenalin the only thing keeping her attached. She felt free for the first time in her life, she knew this was the right thing to do, and as she looked back upon the terrible town where she was trapped since the age of six, she felt regret. The regret wasn’t over leaving everything behind, it came from only two things; she regretted not escaping sooner, and not burning the whole place down on the way out. Just as this thought reached her mind, the town really did burst into flames, in her shock she nearly slipped before reaffirming her grasp. Adina’s eyes remained transfixed on the inferno, wondering to herself what could cause an entire town’s destruction so fast. For a moment, she thought she saw something rising from the flames, but if anything had, it was quickly lost in the smoke. Adina had no idea how much longer she could hold onto the rushing train, and no idea it would move so fast, it wasn’t supposed to. She saw this very train leave the station twice a week for years and it never came anywhere near this speed.An hour later, the train began to slow down to its normal pace. Adina’s mind, which had been working overtime, had finally reached a conclusion, someone on board must have known about the explosions. It perfectly explained why the train took off early and at such speeds. Fear began to amass within her, forming a small pit in her stomach. A feather landed on her face. She looked up to see where it fell from, but saw only the smoke which blanketed the sky. She kept staring until she did see. A small golden bird fell and landed in her lap. “You must have gotten separated from your family in all this smoke. I don’t know how my wish came true, but I’m sorry if I ruined your life. I’ll take care of you, okay little bird?” She said peering into the eyes of the warm bird. The small bird was warm, and Adina could feel how it relaxed as she picked it up and held it close. Adina smiled, feeling comfort in the thought of taking care of another life. She slowly drifted off to sleep still clinging to the bird for dear life. 

The train came to a stop in a mountain town miles away from the ruins of her troubled past. Adina jumped off the train with her bird on her shoulder, imagining herself as a pirate. She was so thrilled by the thoughts of freedom and adventure she failed to notice her lack of capital. So she marched triumphantly into the new town glad to see some place different. “I still need to name you, are you a boy bird or a girl bird?” Adina asked the bird as she looked around the town, taking in how different yet similar it was to her own. It followed a similar lay out, buildings clearly corresponded with similar ones back in the ruins; although each building looked different she knew they had similar functions. Which is how she quickly found her way to the tavern.  

I’ve decided to share some of this story with you guys.  Because I’m nice like that.   However I won’t share any more of it until this post reaches ten likes.   I’m evil like that.  



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