I am broken

I do my best to not be serious on this part of the net.   But I would like to complain about a thing, if you want something fun click here.   

I have spent most of my life trying to sharpen my mind to constantly learn and improve my critical thinking skills.   I want my mind to be brilliant, I use it to solve my problems and create whole worlds!!  In life people invest their time and effort into improving certain aspects about themselves, some choose athletic skills some choose social skills, I selected my mental prowess.  This was a mistake.  My brain isn’t stable.  Sometimes it feels foggy, like there’s some kind of static buildup.  I hate it so very much.  If u had just put my efforts into something else I wouldn’t have to worry about the fact that I can’t think straight some days.   I don’t know what’s wrong with me or how to fix it but I can’t win in this condition.  You can’t take days off from life.   When I get that feeling like there’s a storm in my head I just want to slam my skull through a wall anything to silence the terrible noise.   I don’t know what to do…



One thought on “I am broken

  1. I don’t ‘like’ this post because you are clearly in distress. However, I understand it very well. I struggle with my mind pretty much on a daily basis, some days I ‘win’ and other days – not so much. All you can do, in my experience, is ride out the storm. I am here for you, my friend, as you have been for me so many times. Love and hugs to you ❤

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