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Adina clung tightly to the top of the train as it sped off, adrenalin the only thing keeping her attached. She felt free for the first time in her life, she knew this was the right thing to do, and as she looked back upon the terrible town where she was trapped since the age of six, she felt regret. The regret wasn’t over leaving everything behind, it came from only two things; she regretted not escaping sooner, and not burning the whole place down on the way out. Just as this thought reached her mind, the town really did burst into flames, in her shock she nearly slipped before reaffirming her grasp. Adina’s eyes remained transfixed on the inferno, wondering to herself what could cause an entire town’s destruction so fast. For a moment, she thought she saw something rising from the flames, but if anything had, it was quickly lost in the smoke. Adina had no idea how much longer she could hold onto the rushing train, and no idea it would move so fast, it wasn’t supposed to. She saw this very train leave the station twice a week for years and it never came anywhere near this speed.An hour later, the train began to slow down to its normal pace. Adina’s mind, which had been working overtime, had finally reached a conclusion, someone on board must have known about the explosions. It perfectly explained why the train took off early and at such speeds. Fear began to amass within her, forming a small pit in her stomach. A feather landed on her face. She looked up to see where it fell from, but saw only the smoke which blanketed the sky. She kept staring until she did see. A small golden bird fell and landed in her lap. “You must have gotten separated from your family in all this smoke. I don’t know how my wish came true, but I’m sorry if I ruined your life. I’ll take care of you, okay little bird?” She said peering into the eyes of the warm bird. The small bird was warm, and Adina could feel how it relaxed as she picked it up and held it close. Adina smiled, feeling comfort in the thought of taking care of another life. She slowly drifted off to sleep still clinging to the bird for dear life. 
The train came to a stop in a mountain town miles away from the ruins of her troubled past. Adina jumped off the train with her bird on her shoulder, imagining herself as a pirate. She was so thrilled by the thoughts of freedom and adventure she failed to notice her lack of capital. So she marched triumphantly into the new town glad to see some place different. “I still need to name you, are you a boy bird or a girl bird?” Adina asked the bird as she looked around the town, taking in how different yet similar it was to her own. It followed a similar lay out, buildings clearly corresponded with similar ones back in the ruins; although each building looked different she knew they had similar functions. Which is how she quickly found her way to the tavern.  
I’ve decided to share some of this story with you guys. Because I’m nice like that. However I won’t share any more of it until this post reaches ten likes. I’m evil like that.  

WolfBite: Thunder & lightning 

Time to celebrate that holiday I made up Dragon’s Day with some old writing I did back in highschool.  Please enjoy. 

Chapter 5Thunder and lightning
 The Thunder Temple was a labyrinth, it took Alex less than five minutes to get hopelessly lost and wish he had a map. Alex ran from room to room with no clue where he was going. Eventually, he ran into some resistance, in the form of strange clay like troll statues. They sprang to life one by one whenever Alex got to close and began to attack. Alex bumped into one by accident, it threw him into another, and before he knew it, there were five and they had him surrounded. Alex pulled out his bow staff and smashed all of the ceramic beasts, one at a time. Alex was glad to take out some of his pent up anger from being lost on those beasts, Alex was thinking clearly again. He told Fang they should split up to cover more ground.

 Alex ran from room to room he felt like he had caught his second wind. Alex ran into a room and saw a dragon up in the air. Before he had, a chance to think fire rushed from the beast’s mouth straight towards him. Alex jumped to his right instinctually and charged towards the flying beast. Alex jumped as high as he could and landed on the dragon. The dragon staggered for a moment then it restabilized itself in the air.

 For a moment, Alex was riding the dragon. When the winged beast realized what was happening, it started to furiously twist and turn in the hopes of making Alex fall to his demise. Alex’s whole plan was based off that reaction. Soon the dragon flew into a wall Alex jumped off at the last second.

 Alex watched the dragon hit the ground before him. Once on the ground, Alex began to laugh. ‘Taking down a dragon is a lot easier than it sounds,’ Alex thought to himself as he left the room. Soon Alex ran into Fang by then he had been in the Thunder Temple for a few hours. Fang was exhausted from running away from a pair of dragons. Fang took Alex to the room with the dragons. Facing two dragons was a lot easier than just one for Alex. He started the same way he did with the one dragon before. Before he knew it, he got the two dragons attacking each other. Fang was dazed in amazement as the two dragons destroyed each other above them.

 “Hey Fang, how many dragons did we have to slay?” Alex asked it had been several hours since the two dragons. “I think we got them all.” Fang barked as he and Alex caught the scent of fresh air off in the distance. They decided to leave and go to the castle if it was attacked they would defend it they would wait one week. It took one hour to find the exit.

 Alex and Fang reached the castle by sunrise. The same guard from the last time they visited stood watch. “Hello again,” Alex called from somewhere that the guard couldn’t see him. He snuck up behind the guard and patted him on the back. The guard turned around and a smile was visible between the visors of his helmet. “So you’re still alive,” the guard said. “I just took down three dragons and wanted to know how many there were to begin with.” Alex said with a childish grin. “Somehow I doubt that”. The guard said as he began to laugh. Alex felt a little insulted he reached into his bag of tricks for his staff, and his staff was within his grasp. Alex pulled out his staff with his left hand.

 “I am tired, of being mistreated all the time,” Alex said in a tone that sent shivers up the spine of all who heard it. “What are you doing?” The guard asked, his voice getting a little shaky. Alex was almost instantly behind the guard and holding Fang. Then, Alex just walked into the castle; the guard exhaled the breath he had been holding. The castle was cold, and poorly lit. Alex could smell from the entrance the scent of sickness and medicine. Alex wondered if dragons had actually attacked, or if they just didn’t want anyone finding out about a sick monarchy. Fang could not stand the stench and didn’t wish to continue. Alex walked up the grand staircase and turned left at the top of the stairs.

 The castle was probably majestic when no one was sick, Alex thought as he slowly walked through the castle’s hallway. Alex opened a door and saw a sick queen and the king standing over the bed the queen lied in. The king looked up and saw Alex, for a few minutes he looked puzzled by the appearance of a young boy holding a silver staff. Then the king got up and walked over to Alex. “What, are you doing here, little boy?” The king whispered, into Alex’s left ear. ”I do not appreciate being called little boy, my name is Alex, and I am here to help.” Alex replied at his usual volume. The king was even more confused than before. “How may I be of assistance?” The king clearly had no idea what Alex was taking about. Alex was starting to get frustrated. “’your wife is sick and I am willing to help.” Alex said with his voice raised a little. The king looked annoyed.

 “How can a little, I mean how can you help?” The king asked with a smirk. Alex stopped for a moment he knew he shouldn’t reveal he was a werewolf, but being a normal kid would not be much help. Alex reached into his bag of tricks; he spent five minutes looking for something, anything that could help him. A few moments later Alex found ten metal orbs; Alex instantly got an idea.

 “Well for one thing, I can juggle.” Alex said. The metal orbs began to float around Alex in a perfect circle. The king was amazed by the sudden appearance of magic. The queen moaned in pain at that exact moment. “And now I ask you once more, how, may I be of assistance?” Alex asked with a smile as the orbs continued to orbit his head, appearing eerily reminiscent to a halo. The king, being a born leader decided his next course of action in a matter of mere seconds. “My wife’s life is on the line we need”, the king paused for a moment before continuing “dragon’s blood”. Alex’s heart skipped a beat.

 It took Alex half an hour, to finish his meeting with the king, in that time Alex decided he didn’t like the king, who apparently had a problem, with the creatures of the night. And so, Alex set off for the Thunder Temple; again. Half way there, Alex stopped; he suddenly realized that the guard wasn’t at the castle when he left. Alex suddenly caught the scent of the guard as the wind changed directions.

 A sword slashed towards the back of Alex’s head. Alex did a back flip and the guard’s first attempt to slay a werewolf failed. Alex didn’t waste any time thinking, he took out his staff before he turned to face his enemy. The guard wasn’t wearing his armour and Alex could see quite clearly the shimmering silver bracelet on his right wrist; the guard was a werewolf.

 The guard moved slower than Alex thought he could, Alex’s anger was growing at a steady rate the metallic clank that was made by a sword hitting a staff was music to Alex’s ears. Alex did a front flip while his bag of tricks was open and a tent fell out and hit the guard who fainted instantly. Alex’s staff felt like it was generating heat; it got so hot that Alex dropped it. Everything started turning red and Alex lost control.

 Alex was unaware of what he did for the next few hours. When he finally regained his self-control, he was in the Thunder Temple and he was staring at a door. Alex didn’t know much about his inner wolf, but he guessed that there would be some kind of huge monster on the other side of that door. Alex could have turned back but something deep inside him told him not to. Once Alex got into the next room, he wished he hadn’t. The door magically sealed itself behind him, while he stared, too shocked to move, at a dragon. This dragon was different from the others, its huge wings were longer its face more slender, and it was yellow and blue. Alex instinctively knew this one was much stronger.

 The dragon darted into the air with amazing speed. A streak of blue lightning followed the beast through the air. Alex looked around the room, just to help him think. The winged beast opened its mouth and a bolt of lightning shot out. Alex jumped forward and the bolt went over his head. Alex had no idea what to do; this was the strongest thing he battled yet unless you count that one god.

 Alex jumped onto the dragon and was instantly electrified. He fell down feeling a little limp. Alex hit the ground with a hallow thump. At that moment, a thought occurred to him. Alex raised his staff into the air and slammed it on the ground with all of his might and broke the ground beneath him, and Alex continued to fall.

 As Alex, thought the room beneath was the room where he battled two dragons. Unfortunately, when the blue and yellow dragon saw what lay bellow, it went completely berserk. Lightning bolts were flying everywhere. Alex’s plan was to leave from the door in the room below and it was now ruined as the dragon landed in between him and the only way out.

 Alex was trapped and without a plan. He ducked behind a dead dragon to protect himself while he dug through his bag of tricks for a bow and some arrows. He reached in, and his fingers grasped something soft and furry he pulled it out only to discover it was Fang. “Fang, can you get me something to help me fight a dragon from in there?” Alex begged. “Yes,” Fang barked as he jumped back into the bag. He jumped out a moment later with the supplies. The arrows were tipped with silver for fighting other werewolves. The bow was made out of mahogany and Fang brought out a book of spells as well.

 Alex flipped through the pages for the spell he needed. Alex aimed his hot in between the eyes of the beast. Alex looked down at the book and chose a spell. He took out an arrow and cut his leg with the silver tip. Alex willed his magic onto the arrow tip and aimed again, took a deep breath and fired the arrow.

 The arrow curved off course and began to sail by the dragon’s head, and then the arrow exploded. The force of the explosion not only killed the dragon and knocked it out of Alex’s way, but it also forced open the door for him. Alex happily collected as much dragon blood as his jars could hold before leaving the Thunder Temple. Alex was tired, more tiered then he had ever been before. Alex was happy as he ran to the castle with a cheesy grin. When he got there, he handed over a large surplus of dragon blood and turned to leave, before the king could thank him. However, at the door stood two guards one of which Alex recognized almost instantly.
Happy Dragon’s Day!!