2017 blogging

I think I like blogging, but dislike the idea of being a “blogger” by which I mean I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you all occasionally documenting an important life event in code so even you guys don’t know or sharing some random story and the joy of complaining about my life, all brilliant.  But I don’t really like the feeling of “I should blog” not to be confused with wanting to blog, feeling like it’s the moral thing.   You guys trust I’ll be fine if I don’t show up for a few months right?   I’ll show up eventually with some lame excuse and a silly joke like always.  So why do I feel like I have to do this?   Right now I didn’t feel like writing this, I felt like I had to write a first blog of the year so I am.

Weird isn’t it?   I guess I just don’t want this to feel serious for me because so much of life already is.  In any event I’ll probably blog more since I won’t be as busy.  I love you guys.