Dead Wrong: Day Six

Is anyone even reading any of this?

Day 6

Ron awoke with a goddess laying on top of him, pretending to sleep.  “Do you have to do this?” Ron questioned.  “A goddess doesn’t have to do much of anything, I am here because I want to be.” Lilith said nuzzling into his chest sending shivers up his spine.  “It would be one thing if you were warmer… Maybe you should pick up an electric blanket if you’re going to keep doing this.” Ron offered.  Lilith eyed him suspiciously as if trying to decide if she was offended or not.  “Why are you staring at me?” Ron said rolling out of bed just as his alarm rang.  “Why do you have that alarm if you’re always up before it?” Lilith asked appearing next to the clock and pressing the alarm off.  “I don’t trust myself to wake up that way every day, I could easily mess up, my alarm is to prevent emergencies.”  Ron explained while walking to the bathroom for his morning shower.  “Well your life has been far too routine for the past few years.  Even when I came to shake things up you woke up the next day and did exactly what you do every day.”  Lilith complained, yelling over the sound of water.  “I don’t care I like my routine.” Ron shouted back in annoyance.  Lilith vanished reappearing in Ron’s kitchen with food for her servant to cook, she sat down and waited for him to come down.  Ron came down in his school clothes still combing his hair.  “You’re combing your hair? You usually leave it a mess.” Lilith observed.  “It’s creepy how you know that about me, but I just felt like looking my best for a change.” Ron explained as he put some sliced breads into a toaster for the two of them and fried up some eggs before noticing the fresh sausages Lilith acquired for him.  “Why are you living with me?” Ron asked.  “Well why not?  I disliked living alone.  What roommate would be better than a goddess?” Lilith asked.  “If you’re going to spend all your time here you might as well pay some of the rent.” Ron joked.  “You don’t have rent, that’s paid for by the school, a specialty for their brightest student.” Lilith replied smiling huge as Ron served her hashbrowns toast eggs and sausages, sitting down with a plate of his own.  “Eat up.” Ron said as he began to eat.  Lilith ate her food quickly stopping only to smile at Ron.   “You seem high spirited today.”  Ron said questioningly as if suspicious of the goddess.  “Why wouldn’t I be?  I get to spend time with you.” Lilith said before realising what she was saying.  “I mean um… I wanted a servant, and now I’m having a meal prepared for me by the perfect servant every day.”  Lilith said blushing deep red.  “You’re funny.” Ron said with a snicker.  Lilith glared at Ron the room grew colder but instead of acting upon this fury she just kept eating his delicious food to calm herself down.  “Stop freezing the room and get dressed for school.” Ron said no longer phased by her divine powers.  Lilith rolled her eyes and vanished in annoyance quickly reappearing in her school clothes.  “Why are you always in white?” Ron asked.  “Well I can’t wear other colours, they turn white the moment I put them on.” Lilith explained.  “Abellio used to give me his clothes when they got stained to bleach them, Addie put a stop to it.  She thought it was a waste of my powers or demeaning or something.” She added while hugging Ron tightly.   “You’re very clingy for someone so cold.” Ron complained while finishing up his food.  “You’d be clingy too if you found exactly what you wanted after centuries of searching.” Lilith said vanishing and reappearing at the door with her schoolbag.  “Shall we walk to school together?” She asked smiling wickedly as if plotting something.  Ron rolled his eyes while collecting his things and leaving the house with the strange girl skipping behind him happily.   

“Good Morning Liz!” Lilith shouted across the street at Liz and Alan. who turned to see her leaving Ron’s house.  She smiled happily and grabbed onto Ron’s arm hugging it tightly as if trying to drill into Liz’s mind that Ron was hers and hers alone.  “You’re too cold don’t just grab onto me.” Ron complained without really struggling as she dragged him over to the twins.  “Hey guys.” Alan said smiling at his friends, completely oblivious to his sister’s look of disappointment.   “How are you two?” Ron asked not understanding why Liz looked completely depressed. “We’re fine.” Alan answered for both of them as he usually did.  The four of them began their trek to school Lilith happily cuddling up to Ron as they did so.  She occasionally glared at Liz just to make sure the human girl felt miserable and knew Ron was no longer available.

They reached the school quickly and Lilith allowed Ron to take his usual seat in math class.  “You decided to show up on time for a change.” Mr. Remi sneered when he entered the room.  “Trying to be a better student sir.” Ron replied prepared for another long day of school.  Ron was wrong though, the day sped by with amazing speed each class seemed shorter than the last, he focused on his work with no distractions from the goddess of death who was never more than ten feet away from him at any point.  At least until Art history class.  “Ronald Ingis, and Lilith Nior, you two have finished your project faster than any other students.  Meaning you’re the perfect candidates for  my top secret projects, help the other students for the remainder of the class, after which you’ll be heading to the roof to receive your instructions.” Doctor Kreatin explained with a smile while reading a book written in latin.  Ron groaned in annoyance.  “Do I have to?” Ron questioned. His mind instantly going to all the things he’d rather be doing with that time.  Lilith simply smiled sweetly and nodded.  Ron tried his best to focus on helping other students understand the subject but his mind kept drifting to Lilith, she was up to something and Ron knew it.  Sooner than Ron expected the class ended and he went up to the roof where Lilith was already waiting for him dressed in the same all white sun dress she wore when they first met.  “It’s my favourite.” She said defensively the moment Ron showed any signs of recognition.  “I can see why.” He replied smiling hoping he could be friendly enough to avoid trouble.  “You’re lucky you’re so cute.” Lilith said in an oddly icy tone, sending shivers down Ron’s spine.  “Be nice.” Doctor Kreatin hissed at the both of them while appearing out of thin air.  “Where did you come from?” Ron questioned.  “Not important how many secret pathways I know.  What matters is the three of us are here to plan out the decorations and layout for the big art festival in two weeks.”  Doctor Kreatin explained with a wicked grin making her feel like a spider that just caught a fly in its elaborate yet elegant web.   “I’d rather not.” Ron protested. “Nonsense this shall look amazing on recommendation letters to further learning centres.”  Doctor Kreatin replied with a look that somehow screamed submit.   Ron was unable to rebel against the will of his teacher as if her word, her will was law.  “For now we’ll need the basics, themes and organising the different art groups arranging the portraits and sculptures in a logical order.  We need to get so much done so quickly.  The usual team for this, dropped out of school, all of them.” Doctor Kreatin explained.   “How often does an entire club just leave?” Ron asked.   “First time for everything.” The teacher replied dismissively.  Doctor Kreatin walked away leaving the two to get to work without her.

“How about red and gold?  I can get a bunch of roses and apple blossoms from my friends.” Lilith said loudly.  “You’ll end up the boss of me for eternity in less than a month, so how about you let me lead for now.”  Ron replied dismissing her altogether while writing down several thematic ideas.  “What about that one?” Lilith said pointing to an option from Ron’s list.   “Technology vs nature?  Why that one?”  Ron questioned.   “Well as a force of nature I often compare myself to modern human tech.”  Lilith said while moving closer to him making him shiver a little.  “Why do you insist on being so close all the time.” Ron questioned.  “Well if you couldn’t produce your own body heat you might get a little clingy too.” Lilith said with a forced pout as if copying something a friend would do.  “I already told you to get an electric blanket.” Ron said hugging her. “Thank you Ron.  I’m sorry.” She said feeling self conscious.  “Okay so what colours should we get for the theme?” Ron asked eager to finish the assignment as soon as possible.   “Silver and green.  They’re what people most associate with technology and nature.” Lilith said smiling a little more confidently now that she wasn’t the centre of attention.  “So we organise the different types of art and art clubs into the two groups then?” Ron asked.  “Yeah it will be great we can even put rival clubs next to each other.” Lilith responded ecstatically.  “I don’t think our school has rival art clubs.”  Ron said laughing a little at her.  “Of course they do, every choir club hates the glee club,  and there are two types of band clubs I see, I bet they hate each other, there’s a theatre club and a stage improv group see?” She said sorting them all into categories.   “I never noticed we had all of that.” Ron said in shock.  “Well I know most of the students here, family members that passed.” She explained hoping the mention of her day job wouldn’t end his embrace.  It didn’t.  “Let’s head home,” Ron suggested.   “I can take you there.” Lilith said before they were suddenly in Ron’s room.  “I’m not used to that at all.” Ron said sitting on his bed obviously dizzy.  “That’s rare you know, I’ve only heard of that happening to a few people, unless you do that one trick.” Lilith said smiling wickedly.  “What trick?” Ron asked feeling like he’d regret asking.  “You just move someone by the smallest amount you can in any direction without telling them, if you do it right they can’t really tell you moved them but everything feels slightly off, sort of like when you spin in a chair with your eyes close and try to open your eyes and stop the chair at a specific place.”  The several thousand year old goddess said sounding like a prank obsessed child gleefully.  “You’re so strange.” Ron said honestly.  “In a good way?” She asked smiling sweetly and floating with her face upside down inches away from his.   “Who knows.” Ron replied not really knowing how to respond to the question.  “What time do you have to go to work?  Because if it’s soon I’ll wait until you leave to study, if not I’m studying now.” Ron said taking out some of his textbooks, placing them on his desk.  “Doesn’t matter when I leave, I should be the centre of your attention as long as I’m around.” Lilith replied smugly.   Ron gave her a funny look as if she were speaking to him in the wrong language.  “Try to answer that again.” Ron said opening his art history textbook.  The book floated off his desk landing in Lilith’s lap as she sat on the ceiling a over the desk her pigtails almost touching Ron’s ears.  “Wow, she wasn’t lying she really is in the textbooks, wish I was in a school textbook, or at least a fairytale, well I’m in some of the old creepy versions but they always replace me with a fairy or something in newer versions, and you know if they made a film about anything I was even slightly in I’d be switched with a pixie there too.” Lilith said sounding both jealous annoyed and proud of her friend as she looked over the portrait she painted a copy of earlier. “That’s okay, I’m never going to be in a nursery rhyme, either.” Ron replied dryly while waiting for his book to be returned. “Have you read the story?” Lilith asked appearing on his desk sitting with her legs crossed.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about, maybe gods can think faster than humans, so you’ll need to slow down to interact with us.”  Ron suggested his eyes studying the features of her face closely, almost as if it were the first time he saw her.  “Nope, we think the same speed, we’re just smarter because we have the power to test our ideas and the time to learn a lot,” Lilith replied handing Ron his art history textbook.   Ron opened up an English composition handbook he kept on his desk flopping to page ninety seven and reading the top line alone clearly having used the book too much.  “When you write or speak you should not simply throw out nonsequiturs, it’s important to use transition sentences so you don’t say hello nice hat how many  fires have you fought.”  Ron read aloud wondering if his words could even register with the princess or if she’d just spend the rest his eternity, feeling lost because Lilith refused to even try to understand what he meant.  She merely giggled in response taking the English text book away.  “You study this stuff so much, you’ve read all these books so many times you’d teach better than your actual instructors.” Lilith said shifting her legs out of a crossed position nearly kicking him before leaning forward to look directly into Ron’s eyes as she waited for him to explain as is he owed her an explanation when she just wanted to take him from his life.  “It is none of your concern, you’re here because you wish to take me from my studies, so excuse me if I seem to waste too much time studying.” Ron said hoping his outrage wasn’t apparent, it was.  Lilith looked down a moment as if she might cry  but then her eyes seemed to light up with excitement.  “If that’s what you want I can take you to the library.” She smiled sweetly.  “I mean she usually doesn’t let humans in but she’d make an exception for someone like you.” Lilith said excitedly.  “You’re not getting it at all…” Ron said dryly feeling more and more annoyed with her by the second.  “That’s true…  I try to give you what you want but everything I do just makes you angry…” She said sadly.   “Why don’t you ask what I want instead of just guessing, I appreciate the thought though.” Ron said calming down for a moment.  She really was trying to make him happy, he didn’t know why she was trying but it wasn’t really her fault she was doing everything so very wrong.   “Very well, what do you want?” She asked in a formal tone the room growing colder with each word despite how kind it seemed on the surface.  “I liked my life, I want things to go back to how they were before you decided to just pluck me up and force me to be your slave!!” Ron screamed with rage, he actually shut his eyes while screaming like a child throwing a temper tantrum, when he looked again the goddess was gone. Ron was alone, and he felt it. 

Wow such story much tale.  I guess this is a cool narrative.


Dead Wrong: Day Five

I don’t know I guess if you read the first couple of days you’ll probably want to read this one too…

Day 5

Ron awoke to find the lady in white cuddled up against him again.  “Why are you here?” He complained sheepishly while pulling himself out of bed.  “Shh, I’m pretending to sleep.” she replied her eyes closed firmly.    “You’re insane you know.” Ron pointed out while heading out the room to get ready for his day, moments after he exited the room his alarm began to ring annoying the goddess and amusing Ron as he brushed his teeth imaging the look on her face with a wicked grin.    “Listen, I need you to come with me, I know you don’t have your earlier classes today so you do have time.” Lilith stated once Ron got down to his kitchen.  “Are we living together now and you just forgot to tell me?” Ron asked sarcastically.   “This is serious, the council wants to speak with us.” Lilith said sounding almost scared.  Ron stopped cutting the tomatoes he planned to add to the omelets to look at her with concern.  “What’s the council?  I think you mentioned it before.”  Ron questioned while stepping closer as if he wished to assure her things would be fine.  “The gods in charge of the most powerful pantheons come together to make rulings for all the divine.” She explained.   “So why do they wish to meet us?” Ron asked.  “I guess because, no god has actually taken a human servant in a few hundred years…” Lilith said shyly.   “You made it sound like everyone had one.” Ron stated feeling mislead.  “Most of them did, just you know, long ago…” She said softly.  “Let’s just have our breakfast then get this over with.  I don’t want to miss school over your mistakes.” Ron grumbled as he returned to preparing their meals.   “Well, I didn’t see any reason to be honest.” Lilith said still feeling tiny and scared, she couldn’t understand why she was so worried.   “Just sit and get ready for breakfast, if you have anything to add that’s fine, other wise wait quietly, and don’t worry about your stupid council.  Everyone loves me.” He said with a childish grin that made her heart flutter.  “Anything you want.” Lilith whispered softly hoping he didn’t hear her as she took her seat making a basket of apples and bread appear.   “You should get french cheeses next time, those are the best part of french foods.” Ron reasoned as he fried up omelets hash browns and sausages for the two of them.  “You’re such a good cook.” Lilith said as the plate of food was placed in front of her.  “Thank you Lady in White.” Ron said softly as he sat down to eat his food.   They ate in silence enjoying the food, both doing their best to hide how worried they were from the other.  

Once they finished Lilith grabbed Ron’s hand and the two of them were standing outside a large building with doors so high they seemed built for a giant.   The doors opened as Lilith approached, urging Ron to follow her into the darkness beyond.  They reached the centre of the main chamber a circular room with several large thrones on the edges.  “Lady in White, do you know why you’re here?” Addelita spoke from her seat, sharing a single throne with her husband.  “Is this really necessary?” Lilith asked.  “Of course it is.” The bird headed Egyptian god Ra yelled from his throne.   Ron looked around at the council members hoping he could recognise them all and that maybe his scant knowledge of mythology could help him.  There were two large bearded men, Abellio and Addie,  and then the last two were strange, one seemed to be a white wolf while the other was a man with a bird head.   He couldn’t recognise any of these gods at all, he kind of thought one of the two old bearded men might be Zeus but he wouldn’t know which one.  “This isn’t about you and your obsession with human sacrifice.” The wolf spoke in a voice that sounded like sunshine,  Ron’s fear increased the idea of a talking animal meant in his mind anything could happen and that terrified him to no end.   “Last time a god was allowed to become close to a human, my sons died.” One of the old men said glaring at Addie and Abellio.   “I have only interacted with him for five days, there’s  nothing to worry about.”  Lilith tried to assure everyone.  “And how long did Abellio and Addelita interact before they decided to remain with each other forever?” Ra asked.  Lilith looked down and just shut up letting the gods decide her fate without further input from her.   “Order.” Abellio said calmly causing the gods on the other thrones to stop and look at him.   “We are not here to destroy or banish, we are here to understand, so just let them talk.” Abellio reminded the other gods as his wife nodded in agreement.   Lilith smiled her eyes quickly moving between Abellio and Addie finally understanding what they were up to.   “Speak human.” The wolf said in a soft almost whisper.    “My name is Ronald Ingis, I’m twenty three years old and I have been chosen to serve a goddess, I have sworn to tell no one of the gods.” Ron shouted hoping he was saying the right things.  “If this is true, why does he live among the humans?  Even Adelita was taken from her home when Abellio chose her.”  Ra questioned.   “But you just said that turned out poorly, so of course the Lady in White would try to do things differently.” Ron pointed out.  The look of rage on Ra’s face was terrifying but the other gods seemed to nod in agreement.  “And also that was a different time. I was kidnapped and was not going to stay with him the second time he took me”  Addie pointed to the god with a hint of dislike in her voice.  “This human is smart, whatever you have planned I don’t like it.” Ra said doing his best to hold his rage.    “I have a surprise witness.” Abellio said with a smug look.   “Who would be a witness?” Lilith whispered to herself in confusion.   A small crow flew into the room and Lilith seemed to freeze in horror.  “Not him…” She said in an almost inaudible murmur.   The crow took the form of a huge man with pale skin and dark hair, he was dressed in all black but looked similar to one of the two old men.   “Hades, you have been called to help us understand the motives of one of your aspects.”  Abellio stated with a smirk as if he did something he shouldn’t have, the shocked looks on the other gods faces made it seem to Ron like Abellio really was breaking a few rules.   “Always a pleasure to hear from the council.” Hades said with a voice that sounded dark, as if it belonged to someone willing to crush the life out of anyone who got on his nerves even slightly.    “Now, if anyone here has any questions for the lord of the underworld about the daily life of his aspects so we  might understand her motives.” Abellio said opening up the floor for the gods to question him.  “What are her hours.” Ron asked not realising it was for the gods to question him, they all stopped their thoughts and looked down upon the impudent human each with their own versions of shock.

“She works twenty nine days a month twenty seven on february, her schedule is continuous, she is to take breaks when there are less deaths happening and on her night of slumber.  A similar contract exists for the angel of death, and death’s shroud.”  Hades answered holding back his smile perfectly, his enjoyment of the shocked look upon his brother’s face was more than worth treating a human as equal.   “Why do you speak to a human like an equal?” Ra demanded.   “He has been chosen by my aspect, she works for me and he serves her, ergo he is under my authority.  I find those under my authority should be told all they need to handle their lot in life.” Hades explained calmly.   “Brother, why don’t you inform us of your opinion of the human.” One of the old men said finally calming down from his shock.  “Gladly, he’s unruly but competent.  I can’t see her finding a better companion for herself.  Although I doubt I’d personally become friends with him.  His upbringing taught him proper manners so he’s capable of respect, though he went years without having to show it so I doubt it comes naturally to him.”  Hades explained.   “Very thorough.” Abellio replied.  “Three gods handle every single death on the planet constantly, they operate like a machine, not a single day goes by when the dead don’t come to my kingdom they are perfect, and I wouldn’t let anything happen to disrupt the flow.  If they mess up even slightly the entire balance of life and death is destroyed,  unlike you lot with your beautiful fields of flowers your unending scorched deserts, I live in darkness and have only one goal.  To make sure everything runs smoothly, if Ron Ingis were a problem I would have dealt with my by now.”   Hades said his rage becoming evident in his tone.  “Is it fair to summarize your speech as Ron is not something we need to be worried about?” Addie asked sweetly.  Hades took a few breaths to calm himself down.  “Yes, that was the key message of my diatribe, thank you for putting it so succinctly.” Hades said regaining his calm.  The other gods murmured to themselves for a moment while Abellio and Addie smiled clearly satisfied with what they did.  Ron was too shocked by the way the gods operated to think of anything to say.   “I believe we have everything we need to make our decision.”  Abellio said with a smug look of satisfaction.  “All in favour of this interference raise your hands.” All the gods raised their hands save for the wolf who glowed white, but Ron was pretty sure this was his version of hand raising because the next words from Abellio were,  “Then it’s unanimous we shall let Lilith do as she plans.”   Lilith quickly dragged Ron out of the Hall and teleported him to the front of his school holding the bag he previously left on his kitchen counter.  “I’m going to get to work, I should be back in time for you to finish class if you’re free.” Lilith said before vanishing.

By the time she arrived battleground was already alive with the sounds of singing Abellio and Addie were singing songs from the old Crescent village.  “Hello.” Lilith said appearing behind them.  Addie turned around and hugged her best friend tightly.  “I’m sorry if we scared you, we just needed to find a way to assure the others.” Addie explained.   Lilith hugged back tightly.  “I was really mad with you at first, but I figured your game pretty quickly.” Lilith replied with a smile.  “You two done fighting now?” Abellio asked.  “Were we fighting?” Addie asked with a fake smile.  “Sisters never fight.” Lilith said smiling huge.  “I’ll just go get you two snacks for your date then.” Abellio mocked as he walked away to grab some fruit for them.  “So how excited are you about this guy?  I noticed you didn’t come back last night, did you stay at your place or his?” Addie teased still unable to stop smiling.   “Well I cuddled with him for a little while, then I had to leave for a while because of a car accident.  Then I made my hospital runs and by the time I got back he was asleep, but when I tried to cuddle he didn’t wake up so I spent the night.” Lilith admitted while blushing intensely.   “So he let you cuddle?” Addie asked excitedly. Lilith nodded before looking away lost in thought.   “I was honestly really worried about your plan of letting him try to find his replacement.” Addie admitted.  “I know, I got the idea from Abellio, he said that the only reason he won your heart was because he gave you freedom so if I took someone they had to have some kind of choice.” Lilith explained.  “I know you don’t want my help, but Venus did say something.” Addie whispered hoping her friend wouldn’t anger.  “Fine what is it.” Lilith said with a heavy sigh.  “She said she’s worried about someone named Liz.” Addie said in a serious tone.  “Yes, I know about her.” Lilith said sounding annoyed.   “That’s fine, I won’t try to get in your way, I was just afraid you might not know.” Addie explained.  “Well yes, I’m just not sure what to do about her.” Lilith admitted sadly.  “Want to know what I’d do.” Addie said with a sly grin.  “I know what you’d do.” LIlith said dryly.  “No you don’t.” Addie protested.   “You would scare her away so she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him.” Addie opened her mouth to talk but then looked away.  “You don’t know that…” She said after a moment of silence.  “Yes I do.  But still I can’t do that, Ron wants her, if I let get rid of her, he’ll always wonder.” Lilith explained.  “I guess that’s true, maybe you should ask Athena for help, she knows all of them right?”  Addie asked.  “No they’re not in that class with him, only Ron and Cindy.” Lilith explained.  “Probably good to get some help anyway, I mean maybe she can assign the two of you a bunch of group projects or something.” Addie suggested.  Lilith smiled. “Maybe.” She replied staring up into the sky.  “If you need someone to follow her, find out if she has any secrets.” Addie suggested.  “That’s a good idea, every time I try myself I’m always scared I’d be too upset.” Lilith admitted as Abellio returned with the apples for the two for them.  “So did you figure out your plans yet?” Abellio asked as he set down two plates of sliced apples, the two girls sat down and began to eat.   “Well we were discussing what to do about some girl Ron seems to fancy.” Addie said between slices of apple.  “I’m assuming you offered to slit her throat or scare her into leaving forever already.” Abellio said sitting down to join them.  Addie glared at him for  a second but said nothing.   “So then you guys came up with a new plan, hmm probably spying on her to find some dark secrets to use against her.” Abellio said with a smirk.   “Are we that predictable?” Lilith asked.  “I’ve known the two of your for a long time.” He replied.  “Still who shall be the one to shadow her.” Addie thought aloud.   “Maybe one of your children could do it.” Lilith replied.   “Send Christine, she hasn’t gotten out enough.” Abellio suggested eying the building Christine claimed as her own centuries ago.    “Why her?” Addie asked.  “Well she’s the quietest, and we need to send someone who won’t draw too much attention. “ he explained while sitting down with them to help plot.  

After school Ron and his friends went to the library to study, while there Doctor Kreatin approached the group.  “Excuse me Ronald, but would you mind speaking to me a moment?” She asked while walking a small distance from his friends clearly expecting him to follow.  Ron gave a heavy sigh putting down his history book and followed her to hear what was on her mind.  “Yes Doctor?” Ron asked wondering if he was in trouble for once.  “I need your help with a project I’m working on, I need only the best artist the school has, so far only you and Lilith are acceptable, so on Friday after school the two of you are to meet with me in the basement of the school, I’ve already let her know and she’s already agreed.” Doctor Kreatin said eyeing the Ron’s friends suspiciously as if convinced they could hear even at a distance. Ron simply nodded but by the time he returned to his friends his eyes were drawn elsewhere, it was only for a moment but he thought he saw Addie just beyond his friends by a large stack of books.  “You look distracted.” Liz said softly.  “What?” Ron asked staring back at her only to see all his friends were staring at him. “Oh sorry I thought I saw someone I know.” He said hoping he didn’t sound paranoid.  “You did see someone you know.” Lilith said taking a seat next to him.  “Where did you come from?” Kyle asked.  “Oh, I had umm… work, emergencies and stuff I was needed at the hospital.” She admitted honestly.  “You work at a hospital?” Cindy asked.  “I work wherever I’m needed.” Lilith replied with a smile.  She pulled the books from Ron and started skimming through them.  “Hmm, doesn’t look like anything too difficult.” She said feeling happy just being close to Ron again.  Ron however was not amused, he held his tongue but his frustration grew.    “So do you like going to school here?” Liz asked quietly.    Lilith’s smile seemed to vanish for an instant.  “Class is boring, but it is nice to make some new friends.”  Lilith said hoping she didn’t sound sarcastic.  “I’m glad you’re adjusting well.” Cindy said looking up from her book on political history, a class she didn’t even have.  The group quickly returned to silently studying which lasted hours, the sun was setting when the group parted ways, Lilith walking away to get back to work, while the others went to their homes.  

Liz and Alan walked home together, for some reason Liz kept feeling like she was being followed, she often stopped to look behind her.  “Why do you keep doing that?” Alan questioned after the fourth or fifth time this happened.  “It’s nothing, I just want to get home faster.” Liz complained grabbing her twin’s hand and running home faster.  “What are you doing?  Why can’t we just walk?” Alan demanded as they finally reached the house, the two of them struggling to catch their breath as Liz dragged him inside.  “I don’t know what’s going on, it’s probably nothing I just felt like we were being followed.” Liz explained after finally breathing normally again.  “Fine be crazy today.” Alan said walking over to the kitchen pulling out left overs to microwave for himself.   “I’m sorry, everything has been strange lately…” Liz complained.    “It’s okay let’s just eat some food and watch some TV.” Alan suggested reassuring his sister with a smile.  Liz hugged him tightly and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.  “Are you going anywhere tonight?” LIz asked sounding scared to be alone again.  “No, I enjoyed the other night but there’s no way I can do that more than once a week.” Alan explained as he put two plates  of food on the table for them to eat.  Liz smiled and sat down to eat.  They ate in silence before spending the night watching old movies.   Christine sat in a tree  branch watching Liz sit there and watch some stupid black and white film.  She’d never felt so bored before in her life.   “Why is Aunty Lily so worried about this little girl?” Christine questioned as Liz went to bed early.  

“Are you enjoying your soup?” Lilith asked Ron as she served him more.   “It’s amazing, did you steal this too?” Ron asked as he continued to eat.  “No, Abellio made it when I mentioned you like tomato soup.” Lilith explained.  “You keep showing up with gifts and food and stuff.” Ron commented between sips of soup.   “But I’m full now.” Ron added while putting the bowl into the fridge.  “I just like doing nice things, I don’t really have too many friends.” Lilith said.  “Well you have one more now.” Ron said while hugging her.  Lilith blushed deeply and hugged back.  “I’m going to do some reading before I go to bed, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ron said hoping Lilith picked up his hint about leaving.  “I’ll wait in your bed.” Lilith said smiling sweetly.  “Why?” Ron asked sounding annoyed.  “I’m spending the night with you.” Lilith said with annoyance.   “I got that part, I’m asking why.  I’m pretty sure you have two homes and neither of them are my room.” Ron replied dryly.  “As the most beautiful Goddess you’ve ever seen, I would think you’d be more than happy to be so close to such perfection.” Lilith said glowing a little.  Ron rolled his eyes and went to go get ready for bed.  “I’ll get changed too.” She called out before vanishing reappearing once Ron reached his room in a nightgown ready to pretend to sleep again.  “How are you not busy?” Ron asked, “I’m sure there are tons of people dying all over the world.” He added.   “Not every death is so urgent, most people die and their souls will lay dormant for up to a week before causing any trouble.  As long as no one is a problem I can get to them later, but yes I’m more than aware exactly who is dying and where, and I can even feel people who might die soon, some of whom are very close.” Lilith explained pulling Ron into bed and glowing to help him read.  “I would prefer to use my reading lamp.” Ron complained, but he kept reading anyway.  Lilith smiled and hugged him, causing him to shiver.  “Thank you.” Lilith whispered softly against Ron’s cheek, even her breath was cold and deathly but Ron was growing more and more accustomed to it.  “You really like me don’t you?”  Ron said after several minutes of silently reading.   “Halfway done with your book already.” LIlith pointed out without even acknowledging his comment.  “I’m a speed reader.” Ron replied smiling smugly.  “I know, it was a shock to me when I found out.” Lilith said hugging him tighter.  “I’m starting to doubt you’ll ever accept anyone else as a servant.”  Ron complained as he finished his book.  “Probably not, none of your work on your friend have gotten them anywhere near as perfect as you.” Lilith replied honestly.  “But I do like watching you run around so hard trying to do something impossible.  Like how that building has no doors, only windows and none on the lower floors.” She explained.   “So there really was no escape at all?” Ron asked remember their first encounter.  “I don’t know, you could have gotten to the roof and climbed down the side if you really wanted, but even still then you’d just be in battleground and I have no idea how you’d get home from there.” LIlith replied with a smirk.  Rom smiled wickedly as if thinking up some sort of trick.  “I see, the only way out of your traps is something extreme and even then I’ll probably still be trapped anyway.” Ron replied as he turned around and his body relaxed a little to finally sleep.  The lady in white wrapped her cold arms around him longing for his warmth, he shivered and groaned but didn’t try to push her away.  She smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, as far as she was concerned he was finally hers.

So that happened but is it a happy ending or an i just setting things up for yhr next tragedy?



Dead Wrong: Day Four

honestly this is where the story began to become fun.

Day 4

Ron awoke in comfort and took a few deep breaths, his mind eager to process the previous night, he closed his eyes and thought carefully his mind going over every moment he relived that night a thousand times before his alarm rung bringing him back to the present.  “Time to get ready, hopefully no Cloaks today.” He said to himself as he leapt from his bed ready to take on the day.  “Aren’t you chipper today,” The cloaked figure spoke from a dark shadowy corner of Ron’s room.  “Oh did you think I wouldn’t check up on you, you’ve become something of a legend among my friends, keeping her so interested for so long, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you almost chose to stay with her last night.” The cloaked one said with a soft chuckle before vanishing.  “Why do people keep entering my room without my permission, my door is locked for a reason you know…” he complained dryly as he began his day, heading to the bathroom to clean himself before heading to the breakfast table.   Lilith was sitting at the second chair waiting for him when he got to the kitchen.  “Hello Ron, I decided you owe me another breakfast.” She said with a smile.  “I don’t have much left I meant to go grocery shopping last night but got sidetracked.” He explained.  The lady in white clapped and several strips of bacon appeared in a basket on the table.  “I happen to know a huntress, she loves hunting wild boars.” Lilith explained.  “So you can pretty much get anything you want?” Ron asked as he turned on his stove to cook up the strips of bacon.  “Almost.” She said eyeing him with a gaze that seemed almost hungry, though Ron was pretty sure she was just eager for breakfast.  “So why me?” Ron asked.  “What do you mean?”  Lilith replied looking away embarrassed. “No one was surprised to see me, I’m guessing you mentioned me to them before deciding to take me, did you consider others?” Ron asked.  “Well, as you know I work with the dead, sometimes I don’t just bring dead people to the after world, sometimes I have to wait around someone who will probably die to bring them to the afterlife.  I met you that way.” Lilith explained  “There were so many times I had to watch you, no amount of pain or beatings stopped you, you got into fight after fight you were a wild animal, and then one day you just stopped and I was confused.” She explained with a small smile as if remembering something pleasant.  “I kind of thought you died when I was away and someone else took you to the afterlife.  I don’t know why I was so excited when I saw you still lived, but that’s when I knew you were special, someone who could just turn their life around like that, it’s just amazing.” She said hoping she wasn’t blushing at the thought.  “You are perfect.” she added softly.   “So you like me because I used to be terrible?” Ron questioned as he fried up the last two of his eggs plating them with the bacon.  “Well that’s an oversimplification, you weren’t just a monster you were pure determination pointed in the wrong direction, and you turned it all around overnight.” Lilith explained shyly.  “Well I don’t think I did anything too special, I was just tired of not getting anywhere, as far as I’m concerned it’s the only time I ever gave up on anything in life, I wasn’t getting stronger no matter how many fights I got in, so I decided to go ahead and be smart guy instead, so far it’s going much better.” Ron explained while serving his goddess a plate of eggs and bacon.  “Looks good” Lilith said happily.  “I really just feel embarrassed about that change, yet everyone who finds out about is so impressed, except for Mr. Remi.” Ron said sounding annoyed with him.  “There’s someone who shouldn’t be eating bacon for breakfast.” Lilith said with a wicked grin.   “Umm… What do you mean?”  Ron asked.  “Well this is probably his last year of teaching.” LIlith replied smugly.  “Is that how you get through it then?” Ron asked.  “What do you mean?” Lilith asked before munching into her breakfast eager to taste his cooking again.  “You’re able to put up with all the good people dying by focusing on all the bad people dying?” Ron reasoned hoping he could understand how someone so sweet was capable of being death.  “No not at all.  Nothing makes it easier, good people dying isn’t made better by putting them to rest some place nice.  They’re gone, it doesn’t matter.  The world has one less light.” She said coldly.  “I take whatever small pleasures and joys I can find when I’m not working and I do my best to smile around my friends, nothing ends the pain, but it’s a part of life, it must be done. This isn’t my choice.” LIlith explained a single black tear escaping her eye.  Ron took one of her hands holding it warmly.  “So what would happen without you? Like a billion ghost ruining things for the living or people unable to die so the world becomes overpopulated?” he questioned, hoping he could help. “The ghost one.” Lilith said sadly.  “So what you’re doing is pretty much saving the world one soul at a time?” Ron said with a playful grin.  “I’m more of a glorified janitor cleaning up the remains of a life lived.” LIlith replied with a smirk.  “Sound pretty cool to me.” Ron said trying not to laugh.  The both of the began to laugh as they finished their meals. “I’m going to walk with you to school if you don’t mind.” LIlith said shyly once they finished laughing.  “You can meet my friends if you want.” Ron offered reflexively.  “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be meeting them soon enough.” she said with a giggle she hoped was cute.  But his face  betrayed his true feelings, pure horror.  “Not like that, I promised.” She said timidly.  “I’ll trust you then.” Ron said as he collected his bag and made sure it had everything he needed for the day.  “If you’re coming then let’s go.” He added before opening the door and holding it for her.  “I’ll catch up in a moment mon amie.” she said with a smirk before vanishing.  

Ron walked to school at a calm pace, he was glad to be back on schedule instead of rushing everywhere.  After a few minutes he wondered why his goddess hadn’t shown yet, but as he crossed a street a few blocks from his destination he saw her standing at a street corner dressed in clothes that looked more modern than what she normally wore, a long skirt that went to her knees and a crop top, all of it pure white.  “Hello Ron, you sure took your time getting here.  Not right to make a girl wait you know.” She said with a smile as she took his hand and pulled him towards the school at a faster pace.  “I didn’t know you’d be waiting for me.” Ron reasoned while struggling to keep up with her.   “A man should do well to appreciate any girl willing to wait for him.” She teased, actually sticking her tongue out at him like a little kid.   “You’re like a few thousand years old, but you still act like a little girl?”  Ron complained. As he kept following her as best he could.  “Age is just a number.” She replied dryly as if offended.   “You would know, oh wise one.” Ron said in an almost songlike tone.  Lilith smiled huge as they reached the building.  “I’ll see you after school.” Ron offered.  “No I’m busy after school, work to do, but I have the next few hours off.” She replied rushing inside without him.  Ron didn’t understand what she meant until he reached the math class and saw her in his seat, reading from a math book and talking to Cindy as if they had been friends for years.  “Ron, you never told me you had such an amazing friend!” Cindy called out to him.  “Well she just showed up.” Ron replied.  “Well it took so long to figure out which uni you went to.” Lilith lied.    “Oh is this your seat then?” Lilith said in a tone which seemed to ooze sarcasm.  Ron stared at her blankly.  “Mr.  Ingis, please take a seat.” Mr. Remi said as he entered the room.  Ron groaned and found an empty seat in the back of the class.

The math class went by slowly, Ron was unable to focus on anything but how his friends interacted with the lady in white, if it wasn’t for his refined intellect he wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the course.   He did find himself smiling at Alan who was obviously hung over from the previous night.  Liz seemed sad about something, probably being left alone for the night.  Ron felt guilt over this, but kept focused on the rest of his friends to avoid this, until the class ended.  In the next class Ron found Lilith again, but Doctor Kreatin wasn’t like Mr. Remi, she was more old fashioned and actually took the time to announce who Lilith was to the class, or at least a version of it.   “I see some of you have other classes with our new exchange student, and my Niece, Lilith Noir.”  Doctor Kreatin announced while making a spot for the lady in white right in between Ron and Cindy.  “We’ll be picking up where we left off yesterday so feel free to speak amongst yourself, exchange knowledge let your wisdom grow, but get your assignments done.  “You’re related to Doctor K?” Cindy questioned.  “Not blood relatives but I’ve known her since I was a little girl,” Lilith replied with a smile.  “Who don’t you know” the human girl joked.  “I do know just about everyone, but I’m not close to many people, not like I am with Ron.” She replied shyly.  “How close exactly are you?” Cindy asked with a smug look which caused Lilith to blush.  Ron noticed none of this, he was focused on his art, doing his best to copy not the painting he saw in his book but the real one he saw in Battleground.    Lilith yawned lightly before starting her painting, masterfully creating a perfect replica of the painting in mere moments.   “Wow you’re really good.” Cindy remarked while Ron tried to focus on every detail he remembered, the way the eyes were different for Addie, unlike the dark brown eyes of her mother and the black eyes of her father her eyes were unnaturally green, like shining emeralds catching sunlight.  He focused on each detail and did his best to bring it to life.  By the time class was over only two students finished their paintings, Lilith and Ron.  “Next class I expect the two of you to assist any students struggling.” Doctor Kreatin said with a smile before dismissing them.  “When’s lunch?” LIlith complained while following Ron.  “Do you share every class with me?” Ron questioned.  “Of course, how else can I make sure you’re not slacking off?” Lilith said with sly smile indicating ulterior motives.   “I’m heading to the roof for lunch right now, did you bring anything to eat or are you just going to take my food?” Ron asked sounding mildly annoyed as Liz and Alan joined him on his march up the stairs.  “This is the girl I told you about, the one from yesterday.” Alan said sounding like he was still hungover all this time later.  “She’s prettier than I expected.” Liz replied.   Ron felt saddened by her words, he wasn’t sure why it upset him.   They soon reached the roof Cindy joining them moments later and Kyle having already reached the destination.   The entire group sat in a small circle around Lilith and asked her about her connection to Ron.    “Well a lot of it is very personal stuff, I mean I’m sure you’ve heard of the fire.” Lilith said in a serious tone.  Ron’s eyes widened in shock, he tried his best not to think about that event.  “It happened when he was six, and it was horrible, I met him then.” She said honestly.  Ron’s mind rushed back to that night, watching his parents burn to death in front of him, his entire home burning up around him, everything they owned everything he knew burning away.  The only spot in the entire home not burned up was a small circle around him, the town he lived in dubbed him the miracle child, all Ron knew was he hated his aunt, she only took care of him because that was the only way to gain access to his parents money.  Every bad memory in his life seemed to hit him at once, he had to take a few deep breaths before he could pay attention to what was being said.   “So I spent a lot of time with him when he got into high school up until he decided to change, then I didn’t see him for a while, I thought he died.” Lilith explained, expertly telling the students half truths.  “Naturally I’ve missed the little maniac.” Lilith added with a sincere smile.  “Funny how he’s never mentioned you.” Liz said dryly.  “Has he mentioned any of his other friends? Big Jim, Harley, Rob or Zoe.”  LIlith said perfectly recalling all of Ron’s old friends from before he decided to focus on education.  “I met Jim and Zoe last night.” Alan said with a huge smile.  “No, he never talks about his past, and as the only one of us from this town he makes sure we don’t even know which areas he used to live in.” Cindy replied.  “My Ron, isn’t much for sharing feelings, honestly for all I know he actually hates, me.  But some bonds are beyond feelings, our fates are linked.” Lilith quietly said with a far off look in her eyes as if she forgot others were around and was simply talking to herself.   “Just eat your food.” Ron said clearly annoyed with all this talk of the life he left behind.   “Sorry did I get too carried away?” Lilith said sadly.  “Yes, you overstepped a bit.” Ron said pulling out his sandwich and taking a few bites.  His friends began eating too, Lilith seemed to watch them once they were focused on their foods, inspecting them, judging their very souls before giving Ron a look which indicated she was not impressed with his progress at all.  He responded with a look which said something to the effect of “Let’s see you try if it’s so easy”  Lilith smiled smugly.  Ron rolled his eyes and returned his focus to his food until the scent of Lilith’s fresh french pastries distracted the entire group.  “Where did you get those?” Kyle asked, as the others thought the exact same thing.  “I know a few bakers, smells, great right? Well luckily for you lot, I have extras.” She said handing everyone except Ron a box with a pastry.  Ron did his best to ignore this but his mouth watered at the scent and he could tell by the reactions of his friends this food was far superior to his cheap sandwich purchased at a corner store deli.

Every class carried on in a similar manner, the addition of lady death seemed to make school worse for Ron, she didn’t do anything wrong in fact she was amazing at every subject, as one would expect for someone who had centuries to learn the subjects.  Her presence was enough, a representation of the inevitable.   After his final class he and his friends headed towards the library, much to his dismay Cindy took the liberty of inviting Lilith to the library with them, fortunately Lilith kindly declined, claiming she had to get to her job before too late and running the other way.  The entire time they studied Ron felt the eyes of his friends, judging him, there was a noticeable distance between him and them, one that he was certain didn’t exist before Lilith showed up that day.  He felt anger, it was one thing for his future to be threatened, but for his present to be ruined by her as well, it was like she wanted to strangle the last of his hope.  He marched home feeling annoyed, but just as Ron reached his door he remembered he needed to go grocery shopping so he set his bag down just beyond his door and left once more heading towards the grocery store.  “Every day she adds something new, not sure if I can handle another twenty six.” Ron complained.  Across the street from him he saw the cloaked figure facing his direction, he ignored it and moved on.  “Just let me shop in peace.” He complained before bumping into Liz, both of them falling to the ground.   “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Liz said quietly before realising who it was and blushing a deep red.   “Where are you heading?” Ron questioned happy to have anything to talk about other than the lady in white, and even happier to be alone with Liz.    “I wanted something special for diner, I would have gone with Alan, but he doesn’t know a thing about cooking.” Liz explained quietly as if forcing herself to say each word aloud.  “I’ll go with you, I’m a great cook.” Ron said with a smile as he held out a hand for her.  She took it and smiled at him as he lead her to the grocery store completely oblivious to the lady in white watching from atop a building.   “The second I look away for five seconds, it’s her.” She whispered to herself in annoyance.  “This is stupid.” Sephiroth said standing behind her.  “Why are you here, don’t you work in a different area?” LIlith asked. “Normally I’d spend my night off looking at future targets or sleeping, but tonight I decided to investigate the rumours you were acting unusually.  It seems they’re true.”  Sephiroth said looking down at the pair of mortals holding the attention of a goddess.  “I hope you don’t end up too similar to the other Crescent god.” he added.   “For an emotionless being you sure do care a lot about what I do,” Lilith complained.  “But of course, if you start slacking off to oggle men, I will need to pick up the slack around here or the world will fall into darkness. Your personal life is my business.” He said dryly.   “I’ve got everything under control, there are no definite deaths for the next two hours, and the only potential will be at that street corner. The world is peaceful for a night.” She explained.  “Do you presume to know the future with certainty? Any number of things can change the odds.” Sephiroth reasoned.  “And if that happens I”ll act accordingly, you’re merely adding to my distractions. Now begone.” LIlith said angrily.   Sephiroth vanished leaving behind a single angelic feather.  “Rumours are spreading already?  I thought everyone promised to keep this a secret.” She complained before looking to see where Ron and Liz went when she was distracted.  “They must have snuck into some building…” her mind instantly imagined the worst scenarios.  

“Maybe you should get some garlic with it? Mashed potatoes are much better with garlic.” Ron said to Liz.  “I hadn’t thought about that, I’ll try it.” Liz said with a smile.  “I’m glad I ran into you today.” Ron said with a laugh, liz joined in with a soft giggle of her own.   “This might be too much for me to carry home.” Liz remarked looking down at her cart.  “Well I only have a few things, so I can help carry your stuff with you.” Ron offered.  “Um… sure, if it’s not too much trouble.” Liz remarked blushing slightly.   “I’m a lot stronger than I look, besides you didn’t buy too much, the two of us will have no problem.” Ron explained as they went to the checkout.   They paid for their food and began their trek to Liz and Alan’s house.   They marched in silence both feeling far too shy to actually say anything.   In Ron’s mind he kept picturing a life with her, she was always so kind and she was one of the smartest people he’d ever known.  If his hands weren’t full he might have tried to hold one of hers.  After a few minutes of awkward silence Liz smiled up at him.  “Thank you.” she said softly.  “Anything for you.” Ron said nervously.   “I didn’t really have a good day, but it’s much better now.” Liz confessed.  “Why what’s wrong?” Ron questioned as they reached her door at long last.  “Well I guess I was sort of jealous of your old friend showing up out of nowhere.” She admitted looking away shyly.  “Yeah, she’s kind of annoying.  But I don’t see why you’d be jealous.” Ron said with a smile as Liz opened her door and walked in leaving it open for Ron to follow.   Ron had never entered the twins’ home before, it was a small apartment, he could actually hear the sounds of the pipes.   The two of them made their way to the kitchen and quickly put the food away, Ron wanted desperately to spend more time with Liz, but he knew he should get home and put away his own groceries.  He hugged her goodbye, shouted a few words of encouragement up the stairs at Alan who was busy with homework Ron already finished back in the library, and made his way home.  The sun was already setting as he walked, and his mind kept drifting back to Liz.  Once home he saw Lilith waiting for him with an annoyed look on her face.  “Something troubling you Lady in White?” Ron questioned with a smug look upon his face, clearly far too pleased with his day.

Back in battle ground Abrellio laid on the bed watching his wife, she sat in her sheer nightgown and was combing through her long red. Curls. “We should call the council.. It’s been over 100 years since humans and gods had any interaction..I mean I realize you’re the king and all but I think this should go before the council.. I’m not trying to stop her. I want her to have someone, she needs someone.  But I think we should at least put some respect into this one.” She crawled up over her husband in the bed. “Don’t you agree m’love?” She smiled down at him sweetly.”  The queen spoke softly.   “I don’t know if getting the council involved is right, but then again, I’m sure by now the rumours are spreading, getting them to sanction her actions would make the pantheons calm down.” Abrellio thought aloud before his wife kissed his cheek.  “It is right, trust me love.” She whispered into his ear.   “If you insist, my love.” Abrellio said pulling Addie towards him for a warm hug.   “Yesterday was perfect, I’m sure the council will approve of what she’s doing.” Abrellio breathed out against the neck of his love.  Addie breathed in deeply but gave her husband a stern look.  “Oh, did you mean now?”  Abrellio questioned.  The look did not stop, so he get up.  “Fine, I’ll see if they’re free this week.”  Abrellio accepted with a sigh causing his wife to smile and soften her gaze.   There was a loud crash coming from outside their home.  “I’ll get it.” Abrellio said as he leapt out the bed rushing to the balcony to get outside as fast as possible, quickly jumping off the railings and landing on the ground with a soft thud.  “Hello, King Apple.” Sephiroth said softly.  “I haven’t seen you in about three hundred years.  Why are you here now?”  Abrellio asked.  “I am here to question the lady in white’s actions, she hasn’t been so distracted since the first hundred years of your queen’s life.” He said.  “Worry not, my queen has called for a council meeting about this.  Nothing she’s done is unknown to me, the order shall be established, just keep your information to yourself, and you will bare witness at her hearing.” Abrellio said his voice echoing from all directions.  Sephiroth bowed before vanishing.     “Something new to deal with every day, it reminds me of when I first met her as well.” Abrellio whispered to himself while staring up at the balcony and thinking about his love.

“If you could kill anyone who would you pick?” Lilith asked.   “I don’t think I want anyone to die.” Ron lied, his mind rushing to his aunt who still lived less than a mile away in the lap of luxury while he had just enough to survive and only because the school financed his housing and groceries. “She’s been calling herself Lady Ingis, that’s not even her last name, she’s on your mother’s side, I’d hate her too.” Lilith said with a devilish grin.  “It doesn’t matter, she got what she wanted from me, just let her enjoy the rest of her life in peace!” Ron yelled angrily, slamming the door in her face.  “That was rude.” Lilith said sitting on his bed before Ron could even turn around after shutting his door.  “I would like some privacy.” Ron said ignoring Lilith’s complaint.   “You know I could destroy you, and everyone in this entire city.” Lilith replied coldly.  “I know, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to, that would just be more work for you.  Besides you don’t seem like you enjoy causing pain anyways, you’re a good person.” Ron said laying down on his bed staring up at the ceiling.  “You should still be nicer to such a beautiful and graceful goddess.” Lilith said dryly.   “Why are you even here?” Ron questioned.   “Maybe I just felt like cuddling.” Lilith said looking away shyly.  Ron glared at her but seeing her look so miserable saddened him.   “Will you do me a favour?” Ron asked.  “I’m not obligated to do anything for you.” Lilith said floating away slightly.  “I was just hoping you’d go downstairs and raise the thermostat before we cuddle, you’re very cold.” Ron said with a devious grin.  LIlith smiled huge before vanishing, reappearing quickly as the sounds of the furnace roared back to life adding heat to the apartment as Ron wrapped his arms around the icy cold figure.    “Are you happy now?” Ron asked softly.   “Maybe.” Lilith said hoping it wasn’t too obvious how much she enjoyed his warmth.  “I hadn’t noticed before, who knew a goddess could blush.” Ron teased.  Lilith glared at him despite her pale face turning several shades pinker, looking almost alive.    “You’re pushing your luck servant.” Lilith whispered softly before resting her head on his chest.   Ron held her close and closed his eyes, it was early for him to sleep and he didn’t even eat dinner, but he felt at peace.  “You know I want you to stay with me right?” Lilith whispered quietly.    “Not now, just enjoy the moment.” Ron said quietly.  “Yes, thank you.” Lilith said with a smile.  They laid together in silence for a few hours, then the lady white left to reap souls.  Ron stared at his ceiling trying to warm up after all that time being far too close to lady death for comfort.  “So have you given in to her will?” The cloaked figure spoke from the shadowy far corner of Ron’s room.  “I don’t know, maybe I have… I don’t really know what I’m fighting against, so I guess I just wanted to see what’s so bad about it.” Ron admitted.   “I was under the impression it didn’t matter how great it was, because you had your own purposes and refused to live by anyone else’s code.” The cloaked one reminded him.  “I’m trying to figure out a way to get both done.” Ron explained.   “Do you even know what she really wants you for?” The cloaked one asked.  “Of course not.” Ron shouted into the darkness while getting up to face this annoyance only to discover it left.   “If you’re still listening, I’m going downstairs to get a snack and get ready for bed, please just let me sleep.” Ron said as he got up and left his room.

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I’m sad. I’ve been feeling down, hard to know why but that’s not the issue.  Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s noone to talk to about being sad, I just feel like I have to hide it.   Pretend it doesn’t exist and put on a strong face.   This does help others which is nice but I don’t know if I can keep this up for very long.  There’s no one I trust who isn’t busy with their own thing that I can just be vulnerable around.   All I think is better not cry or you’ll make these people miserable.   I need someone to be there for me the way I try too be there for everyone else.   Maybe I’m asking for too much.   Maybe I’m just being weak.   But it would be nice to have an Echo too.


Dead Wrong: Day Three

Can you believe how easy it is to spell every word wrong nine times in a row while writing this sentence?

Day 3

Ron awoke from a dreamless sleep, just before his alarm rang he did his best to ignore the fears and paranoia which consumed him the previous night.   “Just need to stay calm and get to class.” Ron said to himself as he walked to his shower hoping to calm down.  His old Monday morning routine seemed to help calm his nerves as he readied himself for his first day of school since being abducted by death.  he sat down with combed hair brushed teeth and a clean body, and looked at his breakfast.  It was a slice of toast with a fried egg on top, he used up all his bacon the previous day on her.  “Good morning future servant.” The Lady in White said with a soft smile as she appeared on the chair across the table from Ron.  Ron panicked instantly, leaping from his chair and curling up in the corner.   “What’s wrong?” The Lady in White said floating over to him her eyes filled with concerned.  “Don’t come any closer.” Ron said his voice shaky and his eyes watering, his entire heart darkened with fear.   “Oh, did someone tell you?  How could they, was it Addie?” She asked several black tears starting to fall down her face.   “I don’t want to die.” He said, his voice a mix of sorrow regret and fear.   “I’m not here to kill you, your life lasts another forty five years at least.”  The Lady in White said before vanishing.   The cloaked figure appeared staring down at the scared ball that was Ron.   “You seem to be, broken.  What is wrong finally realising the full gravity of your situation?  Or perhaps you think retreating into fear will help you escape the darkness of your life?” The cloaked one said unmoving and ominous.  Ron felt his form being pulled up to face the cloaked one.  “I don’t see how you could be this scared of her when you thought I was the grim reaper yet you still talk back to me.   So is it really death you fear?  Or is it just that you’ve seen that she’s real?”  It said before vanishing leaving Ron to fall back to the ground landing on his feet.   “He’s right, why am I so scared.  If she wanted me dead I would have been dead by now.” Ron said wiping the tears from his eyes.  “She was already strong enough to kill me without being death itself.” He reasoned as he walked over and finished his breakfast and collecting his papers for class.   He left for school his nerves still shot he was shaking as he reached his first class of the day.   Ron arrived in his math class just as the bell rang taking his seat in the front of the class.  
“Cutting it close Mr. Ignis,” Mr. Remi said as he began writing a few equations on the board.  “Yes sir, I’ve had some personal issues lately.” Ron said hoping not to call too much attention to himself.    “Is that why you’ve missed the last two classes? Your place as the top student surely won’t last much longer if you let  your personal matters overtake you coursework.” The teacher said with a smug grin.  “Nothing is more important than course work.” Ron said with a pleasant smile which seemed to anger the teacher further.  “I hope you studied all we went over in your absence, because I’ve decided to give the class another pop quiz on the subjects you missed.” He said pulling out several sheets of paper.   “It’s similar to the one you missed and cannot make up, hopefully you don’t fail this one too.” He said placing one on Ron’s desk.  Ron wasn’t sure why his teacher hated him, he heard students complain about teachers hating them before, but until Mr. Remi he never believed it.  he looked down at the math work on his sheet of paper and smiled even bigger.  This was exactly what he studied over the weekend he knew it.  As soon as Mr. Remi said it was okay to begin Ron started scribbling out numbers and solving the problems, he soon placed down his pencil and looked up at the board.   “What’s the matter Mr. Ignis, stuck already?” Mr. Remi said with a sickly smile. “No sir, I finished.” Ron replied holding the page up for the teacher to take.  Ron felt a sense of satisfaction every time he did this sort of thing to Mr. Remi, in other classes he would pretend to take longer with his work as if it were a challenge but in this one class he enjoyed lording his skills over the only teacher who refused to actually like their star student.  Mr. Remi took the page hoping to find fault with it, so he began grading it instantly.  “I don’t know how you’re doing this, but I know you’re cheating.” the teacher whispered angrily, none of the other students noticed this statement over their own mental noise focused as they were on their second pop quiz in the past two weeks. Ron stared at the board solving the equations their in his mind as the students around him struggled to complete their work in a timely fashion.   Doing math work and one upping his teacher made Ron feel better and with his free time of around ten minutes before the rest of his class caught up he was able to think rationally about his situation again.  ‘I have to find a replacement, nothing has really changed, I just freaked out because I now know exactly what I’m avoiding.  But that’s okay, it’s always better to know’ he thought to himself.     The rest of the papers were collected and the math lesson finally began.  Mr. Remi tried keep his composure despite his anger and did a commendable job.  No one but Ron saw the teacher’s hatred as he went over the new skills for them to learn. In his next class art history Doctor Kreatin began by showing them on the big screen the very picture that strange girl was looking at from his textbook a few days earlier.  “This is the only surviving portrait of the Destler family, a royal family that mysteriously vanished, for that reason this is the painting with the highest rate of forgery, some even speculate this isn’t the real one either.” Doctor Kreatin explained her thick glasses seemed to reflect sun coming in from the open windows making her look like she had glowing eyes.    “Now, because it’s been forged so many times I thought it would be fun to have all of you attempt to paint it yourselves, I don’t expect you to go through the efforts of attempting to age your portraits to look like they come from the renaissance but still this will test your skills.”  She said smiling sweetly and placing canvases for the class.  “But Ma’am aren’t we supposed to focus on art history not artistic skills?” Mindy said looking nervously around hoping someone would object with her.  “Nonsense what’s theory without practice, applied knowledge is called wisdom and that’s what my class is about.” The teacher replied sternly.   Mindy looked down at her feet, Doctor Kreatin was the only teacher she seemed to disagree with.  “Now I’m sure whatever you do will be just fine.” Doctor Kreatin said while going back to her spot in the front of the class to watch her students paint.  “You have the whole of class for the rest of the week to finish this, please do your best.” She said with a soft smile.  Ron began with a yellow outline his oiled based paints outlining the shape from his mind and not from the art on the big screen.  His mind slipped back to the strange girl who stared down at his book and how she felt the family looked perfect.    His outline was finished halfway through the class and he began working on shading, after that he stopped.   He looked around at the rest of his class still halting to look back at the big screen.   “Are you already  done with your forgery?” Doctor Kreatin asked.  “For today, I need this to dry before I begin the next step ma’am.”  Ron Replied with a bow.  “You didn’t looked at the screen more than once.” Doctor Kreatin noted her blue eyes examining her star student carefully.  “It’s in our book, I happened to look over it this weekend it is very beautiful.  It stuck in my mind.  Why has it been forged so many times?” He asked.   “Because of the legends of what happened to the little girl, Princess Addelita Rose Destler.” Doctor Kreatin said as she went to her desk so she could read.    
After the bell rang Ron and his friends went to the roof of the building to eat their lunch in peace, normally students weren’t allowed up there but Ron was friends with one of the janitors.   The group ate up there every day, away from the loud cafeteria or the overcrowded fields around the school.  “So, Kyle claims you and him had quite the adventure on Saturday.” Mindy said as she sat down and pulled out her packed lunch.  “I’m sure he exaggerated a little but yeah stuff happened this weekend.” Ron said taking his usual spot sitting on the very edge of the building and looking down at the tennis court.   “Is that true?” Liz said quietly.  “Is that why you ran away from studying on Sunday?” She asked sounding almost sad.   “No I thought I left the oven on, but it’s fine I didn’t I’ve just been distracted lately.” Ron explained hoping she wasn’t too upset with him.  Liz looked up into his eyes for less than a second before shyly looking away.   “So distracted yet you still finished that quiz in math ten minutes before us.” Mindy said sounding annoyed.  “Yeah well Mr. Remi is a tool.” Ron said still staring off into the distance.   “Speaking of distracted he’s not really paying attention right now.” Kyle said.  “You’re one to talk.” Mindy said sternly.  “Still you have no idea what he may have done while you were with that girl.” Mindy said eyeing the two of them suspiciously.   “I did nothing, unlike this secret party animal,” Ron said pointing to Kyle.  “She was something, special.” Kyle said staring off into distance as if he instantly forgot everything else. “They’re not important, what matters is my life is back to normal.” Ron said with a friendly smile trying his best to reassure his friends they had nothing to worry about while still plotting to use one of them to take his place.   Despite knowingness them for years Ron felt zero guilt over this.   He never knew before how ruthless he was, yet there he was truly ready to betray one of them leaving them a servant of death.   His eyes darted between Kyle and Alan and a sinister grin began to spread across his face.  “Now you’re looking sort of creepy.” Liz said picking up her lunch and walking away to eat away from the group for the first time since the five joined up.   For a moment Ron felt his heart ache as she moved away from him, but he ignored this and kept his focus on Alan.  “What about you, do anything interesting while I studied with your doppelgänger?” He asked.   “I actually got lost trying to get home.   It was pretty fun to just explore the streets.  I never really notched how little time I actually spend on my own before.   I was actually kind of scared at first.”  Alan explained with a smile.  “Speaking of alone I’ll go see if your sister is fine.”  Cindy said taking charge of things as usual and walking over to see Liz.  “Kyle really shut up after Cindy mentioned that girl he was with.” Alan remarked waving his hand in front of Kyle’s face.  “Yeah he clearly had the time of his life.”   Ron said with a small laugh.  “Maybe I need to hang out with you next, see what kind of adventure I can get.” Alan said softly as if both afraid and excited by the thought.   “Tonight is good with you?” Ron replied his mind trying to figure out ways to make his friend more suitable for death.
The queen of the secret land sat on her bed trying to catch her breath as she smiled up at her husband. “Okay that’s enough! If we’re hosting a dinner party I really need to get dressed.” “is she really bringing a mortal here?”  Abrellio questioned.   “Worked out fine when you did it.” The queen replied while slipping on a black and red gown she was saving for a special occasion.  “I’ll go round up the kids and see if I can’t make a meal out of the late are offering from the huntress.”  Abrellio said while pulling on clothes and kissing his beautiful wife on the cheek.  “Take your Time m’love, Lilith will probably want to talk before she goes to get him.”  Adelita stated as she went to make sure her home was in order for that night.   The two parted ways to make sure that night would be perfect, they were so focused on this goal they hadn’t noticed Lilith appeared in their room and just sat there watching how people in love acted.  She smiled as she sat there in the corner of the now empty room.   “I know this will work, once he sees how great everyone is he won’t want to leave at all.” She whispered to herself reassuringly, trying to calm her nerves.  She stood up and walked over to Addie’s mirror looking at her pure white gown.  “It’s so hard to find any clothes that still look good after my body bleaches it like this… Maybe I’ll get Addie to help me pick something.” She said as she floated in a little circle so she could see the back of her reflection.  “To think any mortal could resist this.” She said with a little smirk.  “He doesn’t hate me, that’s a good start.” She whispered softly while floating back over to lay on her friends’ bed.  “It’s about an hour or two until he’s done with school, but maybe I should just check in early.” She said with a wicked grin before vanishing.

“Keep your knees high as you march!” The coach yelled at Ron who was falling behind for the first time that year. Gym class, the bane of every nerd’s existence.  “Sir yes sir!” he panted heavily while picking up the pace.  The only student any slower than him was Kyle, who was actually very athletic when he had a reason to run, but as always had zero motivation for anything but his books.   “You can do it!” Cindy cheered while lapping Ron for the third time.  “You keep saying that.” He complained weakly, but then something caught his eye.  In the bleachers he saw The lady in white sitting there watching him with a smile.  Fear filled his heart causing adrenalin to fill his veins, suddenly he wasn’t tired, his feet felt lighter and he moved quicker.  “Now you’re getting it!” the coach cheered sounding happy about Ron for the first time all year.   He passed several students he never spoke to before and approached the twins.   “Actual speed? This is a side of you I’ve never seen.” Liz teased with a smile.  Ron wanted to say something back, but a cold feeling occurred every time he opened his mouth.  After a few attempts he simply looked down at his feet wondering why he felt faster than before, it couldn’t just be fear.  “So we’re still on for tonight?” Alan asked as they finished their fifteenth lap, a few of the fastest students were already beginning their final stretches or heading to the locker rooms.  Cindy was watching her friends from the bleachers, Lilith moved down a few rows to sit next to her.    “Hello Cindy, I’m a friend of Ron’s, we go way back.” She said with a soft smile.  “Your hair is so pretty, it looks like you bleach it but it looks so healthy.” Cindy  said focusing on the stranger.  “It’s natural, I don’t use anything on my hair other than a few oils every now and again and frequent combing.” Lilith replied twirling one of her pigtails happily.  “So you’re a friend of Ron, did you know him before he became a brainiac?” Cindy questioned.  “I’ve known him, since he was six.” Lilith replied smugly her eyes turning back to Liz, who in her opinion was still far too close to Ron.  “What was he like?” Cindy asked eager to hear Ron’s secret past life.  “He was sort of a brute back then, he got into fights a lot and didn’t pay much attention to what others felt.” Lilith explained.   “I guess you can say he was kind of like a beast, but then one day he changed.” Lilith said with a soft smile her mind going over her memories of the kid she stood over many times expecting to die from one fight or another.  “Was he really that different?” Cindy asked.  “Well some of the old him is still there, but he’s a good person now.  Very few people can actually change, seeing someone actually switch their entire lifestyle like that.”  Lilith said hoping she didn’t sound like a swooning fangirl.   “I guess he’s more impressive than I thought.” Cindy replied with a smile as her friends finally finished their runs and panted in exhaustion.  “Did he win?” Cindy questioned. “Not normally, but that never stopped him,” Lilith replied while getting up to leave.  “Just tell him I stopped by.” Lilith said as she started walking away, quickly sneaking out of the gym and teleporting to the rooftop to wait for her chosen one to exit the building.   

Ron Marched to his home with Alan following closely behind, neither of them noticed the lady in white following them silently.  “So who was that girl Cindy was talking about?” Alan asked.  “Not sure, but it’s not important I happen to have a few old contacts who would be more than happy to invite us to some parties.” Ron said with a cheer.  Lilith felt rage for a moment as she walked up to the pair and hugged Ron from behind.  “Found you.” She cheered trying to sound like a normal person.  “God you’re cold” Ron complained as his entire form shivered from the cold dead arms wrapping around him.  “Sorry I just saw you walking by and realised I needed to talk to you, would you mind?” She asked sweetly.  “Uhh sure hold on a sec.”  Ron said trying to sound calm despite the terror building up within him.  “I need to talk to my friend really quickly here’s my house key and a phone number for someone who calls himself big Jim, tell him I said you need a good party and he should hook us up, I’ll try to get back quickly okay?” Ron said handing his friend a small paper with a number scribbled on it and his spare key.  “Yeah I’ll try not to party without you but no promises.” Alan said as he ran towards Ron’s house.   

“Nice kid,” Lilith said as the two of them watched Alan exit the scene.  “Trying to make him more independent, hopefully he’ll be more to your liking then.” Ron said trying to keep himself calm.   “Well if you really want me to have someone to my liking, there is someone perfect for me.” She said with a soft smile.  Ron tensed up at the thought.   “Actually, I need a favour.” Lilith said looking away shyly.  “What kind of favour, I don’t have to kill anyone or anything right?” Ron asked nervously.  “Of course not, it’s really kind of stupid it’s just I told some gods I would bring a guest with me somewhere and I have no one, ideally I’d order my servant to come, but you haven’t found anyone yet.” Lilith explained her voice practically stuttering as she suppressed all signs of her embarrassment.  “What kind place is it?” Ron asked. The Lady in white clapped her hands and  suit and tie appeared in her hands.  “Just a fancy dinner party, put on this stuff and eat some food prepared by gods.  Actually I need to pick up more loaves of bread, so I guess I’ll bring you with me to Paris.” LIlith said with an eager smile.  “Well I’ve never been to france, and I guess Alan will become even more independent if he goes to that party by himself.” Ron reasoned.  The goddess leapt up and down her joy overflowing causing Ron to smile.  “Do you have somewhere I can change without being watched?”  Ron asked before the world around him changed into the strange room he found himself in a few days before.  “Welcome to my second home, you know it well I’ll be outside let me know when you’re dressed.” Lilith said speaking faster than normal her excitement causing her to zoom through each word and rush out the door slamming it shut.  Ron looked out the window before changing to see a small town it looked perfectly normal if not a little old fashioned, but something seemed very off about it, he ignored this gut feeling and changed into the suit.  “I’m ready,” he called expecting the lady in white to teleport him to some new area.  “Let’s walk this time.” She said while pressing on the window the glass floating away and forming steps, and entire glass staircase leading out to the town.  Ron was amazed by the power of a god but more than that his mind finally pieced together what was wrong with the town, it was empty.

The two of them walked side by side, Ron wasn’t sure but he thought the goddess tried to grab his hand a once or twice as the went on their way. “That big mansion up there is the place, you’ve already met the lady of the house, Addie.” Lilith explained while pointing at her best friend’s house.  The two of them walked over at a slow pace to the house Lilith knew her new friend would want to soak in the environment and take everything in.  Lilith knocked at the door it opened upon her request revealing Venus.  “He actually came?” Venus exclaimed, “and you got him in the suit, I’m impressed.” She added with a smile before turning to walk deeper inside giving the two room to enter.   “This place is huge.” Ron remarked as he stepped past the threshold to see the beautiful interior design.   “You get used to it.” A man about the same age as Lilith replied, his hair was brown and his eyes were a dark ivy.  “Umm, hello, I’m Ron.” Ron said bowing reflexively.  “Don’t worry, I’m not a god either, there are actually a few of us here, name’s Malic.” The man replied as he walked over to a large couch and laid down as if exhausted from a busy day.  “Oh, umm okay…” Ron said, unsure what to say.  A tall man entered the home and bowed to Ron.  “Greetings Ron,” The man said warmly.  “Are you a god?” Ron asked.   “Yes, I’m Abellio the apple god. Nice to meet you.” The man replied sticking a hand out to shake.  “What do you think of him?” Lilith questioned.  “He’s, suitable.  Fit mind strong will, endless determination.  I’m sure he could end up being a terrible monster or a great hero.” Abellio said in a cold emotionless voice.  “Also Athena said she couldn’t make it, she wanted to do something in the mortal realms.” Lilith said as if she completely ignored every words of the god’s analysis.  “Her actions are kind of brash, if anyone else were doing this I’d probably be worried you know.” Abellio said as he walked over to the kitchen.  “So that’s a god, I thought they’d be scarier.” Ron said with a chuckle.  “I’m divine too you know.” Lilith said floating in front of him as if eager to be the centre of his attention.  “Yes but you’re different, he seemed so indifferent to me, I could tell he only cared about me because of my connection to you.” Ron replied.  “I’m almost certain I couldn’t offend him if I tried.” he added.  “So you’re saying I’m easily offended.” LIlith said with a harshness to her tone.  “I guess it’s only natural since I’m closer to my goddess than any other.” Ron said more to himself than to the goddess floating inches away from her face.  Lilith vanished for a moment returning once she was done blushing to see Ron being interrogated by Vera.  Lilith rolled her eyes and just stayed there and listened.   “How long have you known my aunt?  Have you tried to touch her?  If you hurt her you do know there’s no where in the world you can hide right?” She asked quickly as if trying to finish the questions before Lilith could return.  “It’s only been a few days, I wouldn’t dream of touching a goddess, and I really don’t want to hurt anyone, not anymore.”  Ron answered just as fast before noticing Lilith and waving at her with a strained smile that seemed to scream save me.  The Lady in White grabbed his hand and pulled him into the next room.  “Sorry about her, she takes after her mother.” LIlith said while still holding Ron’s hand as if refusing to let go.  “Her sister is a little different.” Lilith added her eye gazing into his longily.  “Well it wasn’t that bad, I can see why you didn’t want to show up empty handed.” Ron said trying to reassure her with a soft smile.  The Lady in White looked away shyly before wrapping her arms around his neck in a cold hug, instead of fighting back as he normally would Ron decided to hug her.  The hug only lasted a moment but when it was over Ron noticed Venus staring down at them from the stairwell.  “She’s creepy.” Ron whispered to Lilith.   “She’s just a little nosey, probably didn’t think I could get someone to come with me.”  Lilith responded trying her best not to blush again as she lead him to the kitchen.  

In the Kitchen Addie the small girl from yesterday sat on a counter talking to Abrellio.  “I don’t know if that’s a good place for you to go fishing, I mean there are so many people there that time of year, you could try ice fishing in the arctic circle.” She said lazily as if she had all the time in the world.   “Well I could but that’s a completely different kind of fish, they’re the same species but they eat different foods and swim in different  waters, I’m sure it changes the flavour drastically.” Abellio replied.  “Well, maybe but I’m sure you could still make it delicious m’love.” She said softly, her voice filled with love and affection.  Abellio waved to Lilith and Ron without looking away from his cooking.  Addie rushed over and hugged Lilith.  “I’m sorry about saturday, I really thought everything would be fine.” She said sadly.  “It’s okay, he’s still here, and that guy wasn’t killed.” Lilith said hugging her best friend back happily.   “Hello again Ron,” Addie said waving to him while still clinging to her best friend tightly.  “Hi, how have you been?” Ron asked.  “I’ve been well, sorry about the other day, Venus tends to get a bit wild sometimes.”  Addie explained as she finally let go of the lady in white.

Soon the small crowd of people gathered at a table to eat, Ron sat between his goddess and a young girl named Christine, he could see the resemblance  between her Vera and Addie.  If he didn’t already know Addie was their mother, he would have assumed they were sisters, it seemed none of them aged past twenty years.   Christine, was oddly quiet when compared to the rest of the family and friends who were all arguing about things Ron didn’t understand in the slightest.  “No, there’s no way Amaterasu would go into a city like that, you know he hates smog.”  A man named Brenn said to Malic.  “Well unless some other snow white wolf was out in the streets it was him.”  Malic countered.  “Maybe he wanted to find someone.” Vera chimed in.  “I doubt it, pollution is like his one true weakness, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to another world to escape it.”  Addie said with a smile, her eyes proudly going between all her children.   “Venus, have you caused any more problems since Saturday?”  Abellio asked.  “Of course not, I found other outlets for my urges.” Venus said with a satisfied grin.  “Good, I’d hate to have to bring you to justice.” Abrellio said coldly while eating a few slices of apples.   Ron began to slowly cut and eat some of the food placed on the plate in front of him.  “This is really good!” He shouted in excitement before eating even faster.  “Thanks I worked hard on it.” Abellio said with a smile.  Ron was so lost within his consumption he barely noticed any of the chatter going on around him, aside from occasionally hearing a name he heard in passing before, some legend or another, he couldn’t help but wonder how many of them were true.   When he finally looked up from his plate he saw the table was empty save for him and the lady in white.  “This was really good, and your friends all seem nice.”  Ron said after wiping his face with a napkin just in case something spilled.  “They try.” She replied her eyes fixated on something in the distance clearly lost in thought.  “Do you like this place?” She asked after a moment of silence.   “It’s pretty but a little empty, I can’t help but wonder who lived here before them.” Ron replied.  Lilith smirked and grabbed his hand.  “I want to show you my favourite painting in this house, then I’ll show you around town then we’re off to France then back to your home!” She demanded.  Ron barely had time to nod in agreement before the lady in white began dragging him off to see a huge painting hanging above the fireplace.  Ron instantly recognised it as the painting Addie pointed out in his textbook.   “Is this the real one?” Ron asked.  “Of course it is, Addie was so sad when her Father passed she demanded I take the original, we all took turns trying to make fakes to replace it, in the end Athena’s looked the closest and took it’s place in the old castle.”  Lilith explained.   “So that little girl is the queen of this land?” Ron questioned.  “Is it all that surprising? You already realised she doesn’t age anymore, I mean her children look like her siblings now.” The lady in white remarked her gaze fixed upon the young princess, who clung to her brother as if no one else would protect her from the world.   “Divine life is something I’d need more time to get used to.” Ron said softly.  “Yes, well you’ve got a few weeks left to get used to the strange.” Lilith replied before dragging him outside to see the rest of the strange town known as battleground.  

“This way, there’s so much to see.” The lady in white cheered sounding more like an excited cheerleader than the physical embodiment of death.   “How did you end up like this?” Ron asked as he struggled to keep up with her fevered pace.   “What do you mean?” She asked stopping suddenly to look at him questioningly.     “Well, if The queen was born somewhere as a normal human, maybe you were too.” Ron reasoned aloud hoping he wasn’t overstepping his boundaries.  “Well yes, I was born and I died, I lived my entire life in a small village that no longer exists, in a land forgotten to time, overtaken by a forest paved over by roads and a tourist trap, everything that I had, gone.  I don’t like to talk about it.” Lilith said coldly before going back to walking, but now at a much slower pace.  “Well, I know what it’s like to start over.  And to have everyone you loved taken.” Ron said in an attempt to show empathy.  “I know, it’s just another reason you’re perfect.” Lilith replied with a small smile.   “What’s that building?” Ron asked after a few moments of awkward silence.  “This is the great forge, Abellio comes here to make old fashioned weapons when he’s stressed, you know swords and shields that sort of stuff.”  Lilith said floating closer to the building.   “Do you have a sword?” Ron asked.  “I have a scythe, but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t show you it.” She replied without looking at him, as if she couldn’t bare to see him whenever she discussed her job.  “It’s okay, in about a month I’ll probably be forced to deal with it.” Ron said.  The lady in white turned her gaze back to him, her entire form glowing like the pale moon, she raised her hands and a long black scythe appeared in her hands.  Even the metal blade was pitch black, as if even light couldn’t escape the darkness of her weapon something about its simple design terrified Ron to his core, but he grinned baring the fear with a fake smile.  “This is my weapon, I use it when a soul tries to rebel against death.” She said her voice echoing from all directions.  Ron’s mind struggled to find something positive to say, he wasn’t sure why he felt the need to do this but he struggled to find anything to say other than a comment on how terrifying she was.   “That glow makes you look pretty.” Ron said finally noticing the way her eyes seemed to sparkle when her skin glowed with her strange powers. Lilith floated back down to the ground smiling and blushing, her body beginning to return to normal.  Something just barely grazed past Ron’s head and into the plank walls of the building he was standing beside.  A long dagger was buried in about an inch deep. His eyes went wide he looked around to see Addie and her two daughters and another girl sitting on the roof of the forge all holding knifes and laughing “Don’t worry they won’t hurt you.” Lilith glared at the four of them.   “Why are they doing this?” Ron asked his voice filled with the signs of his growing fear.  “Because they think you’ll hurt me, they clearly don’t see what I see in you…  Abrellio seemed to see it though, maybe he can talk some sense into them.” She said loud enough for the girls to hear her.  “My husband would never seek to control me.” Addie shouted down at them.  “Why are you seeking to control me!?” Lilith yelled back before grabbing Ron’s hand and vanishing taking him with her to leave the girls to think about what they did.

Ron found himself on an empty street the smell of fresh baked goods wafting from a nearby building.  “I wanted to show you more of the town, but I got mad and stormed out of there, I’d be more than happy to show you more of  it sometime if you want, but for now, this is Paris, as promised.” Lilith said with a sad smile.   “Your friends, they must really love you.” Ron said his eyes downcast.  “I guess, still no one seems to respect my decisions, I wanted to bring you, I trusted you, they had no right to do that.” She said her eyes turning red.  Ron hugged his goddess.  “It’s okay, I’m safe, you saved me.” He whispered to her softly.   “Thank you.” Lilith said as she enjoyed his warmth.  “Would you mind showing me around the town before we pick up your baked goods?” Ron asked still feeling full from his diner.  “No, I’d rather pick up the basket first.”  Lilith replied as she waved a hand and the doors to the bakery flung open and she floated over to it.  Ron followed her curious to see what would happen.  “Fantôme!” shouted a french women from within the building, several other voices shouted the same thing until an old man carried a large basket filled with several breads, he smiled at her and bowed after she took it.  She floated over to him clearly pleased with her hull.  “Okay, I’m ready to show you the city of love.”

Lilith said as she made the basket float over to him as a way of offering some to him.  He kindly refused on the grounds that he was too full.  “City of love?” Ron questioned.  Lilith seemed to blush for a moment as the basket of bread vanished.  “That’s what it’s called, most cities have names, I’m pretty sure it’s called that, like how New York is the city that never sleeps.” Lilith said in a panicked voice.  “Well I thought it was the city of lights.” Ron replied his focus switching to the eiffel tower in the distance.  “Let’s start there.” Lilith said changing the subject and teleporting the both of them to one of the upper floors of the iconic landmark.  “You can just be anywhere in the world?” Ron asked.  “My powers are glorious, and if you decide to stay with me, we can go anywhere in the world.” Lilith said softly her mind lost in thought.  “Maybe serving you won’t be too terrible, what would I have to do?” Ron asked realising he had no idea what he was fighting against.   “Just a few menial tasks, a divine being needs perspective, it’s hard doing what I do.  I see so much suffering it’s heartbreaking, I need someone there to keep me sane.  That’s your main job, the rest is just pretty much intern work you know grabbing coffees or whatever it is people drink these days.”  She explained her entire form seemed to stiffen as she spoke about it, which in Ron’s mind meant she was hiding something.  He didn’t feel the need to pressure her into spilling all her secrets, he simply smiled at her and looked across the beautiful city she took him to, life with death might not be as bad as he thought, but he still had to fight against it, he had to reach his dreams.  This simply meant to him, he didn’t need to feel so bad about whoever he tricked into taking his place.

Their date lasted hours Lilith did her best not to reveal too much of her past or how much she knew of Ron’s past, she tried her hardest to be charming and dainty.  Ron could see past her charade but found it amusing.  She had to translate what the people they passed said to them and she  was more than happy to speak to a few people in french, Ron couldn’t understand it but he noticed his name came up a few times, and she often followed that up by grabbing onto his arm pretending to seek his protection.  As if anyone in all of Paris could scare lady death.  After they were done exploring the city seeing the sights and enjoying the atmosphere LIlith took him to his home, they were standing outside the Louvre one moment and they were in his bedroom the next.  “Thank you for tonight, it was special.” The lady in white said shyly.  “Well, it was the least I could do in exchange for my last month of freedom.” Ron replied before flopping onto his bed clearly exhausted.  “As a final kindness of the night, I’ll find your friend and make sure he gets home safely.” Lilith said with a smile.  “Be nice to him, he’s probably going to be your servant.” Ron replied before yawning.  At that moment something changed in The lady in white’s face, Ron couldn’t quite tell what it was, she was still smiling but it seemed, distant.  He didn’t have long to think about it because she vanished without another word.  Ron was alone in the darkness of his home dressed in a suit likely crafted by angels.  He didn’t know why her departure upset him it cut like a dagger. He looked about his house making sure all was well before he prepared for bed.  There was a note on his kitchen table written in familiar almost illegible handwriting.  “Yo Ronny boy, long time no see you sent us a loser but we did our best to show him a good time, for your sake.  Let me know when you want to have some fun yourself though.  Parties aren’t the same without a monster like you.” Ron read the words aloud to help him understand what it said past the poor penmanship and several spelling mistakes.   “I need to get my spare keys from Alan tomorrow.” Ron said with a yawn, he didn’t realise how late it was, when he was in Paris it was well past midnight but now that he was home it was barely eleven, even still he felt like he’d been awake for days.  

Well that’s how words are rwad, good job reading that.


Dead Wrong: Day Two

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Ron awoke covered in sweat, the sun still refused to illuminate the new day. The darkness wouldn’t last much longer, but for the moment the dawn was still a struggle between day and night. “So you’re just going along with her plan then?” The cloaked one said as he appeared in a dark corner of Ron’s room. “Oh look it’s the monster in my closet.” Ron said turning in his bed trying to get back to sleep. “You know I was content to just watch you fail, but it occurred to me how much more interesting things would be if I actually helped.” The cloaked one said as it dropped something on the floor before vanishing again. Ron tried to get up to see what it was but his body refused to move. “Sleep paralysis is rather simple, honestly if I weren’t so nice, I could do some real damage to you for being so disrespectful.” The cloaked one’s voice echoed in Ron’s head. “Let me go, I haven’t done anything.” Ron whispered. The dark shadowy figure of the cloaked one appeared right over him he couldn’t see a face under the hood but he did see two green glowing dots where the eyes should have been. “Yes beg for your freedom like the dog you really are, just like you did with that idiot. Never underestimate my powers I do as I please and right now I want to torment you.” A scythe appeared and the cloaked one grabbed it with gloved hands. “I understand, you’re trying to teach me to be fearless, you want me to just say no to her, it delights you to ruin her dreams of having a servant so it wasn’t enough for me to simply refuse you also want me to not give her another.” Ron said with a soft smile. The cloaked one backed away slowly. “I see why she chose you; you’re not even pledging yourself to her, yet you refuse to betray even when threatened by something stronger than you can imagine.” It said before vanishing.

Ron felt a weight lifted from him as he was able to move again he rolled back over and a chill enveloped him he went to adjust his blankets but his arm brushed cold pale skin. “Ahhhh!!!!” He fell out of bed with an ominous thud The Lady in White peered over the side of the bed. “Come back and snuggle with me!” She demanded. “You can’t just appear in my bed like that! Besides your cold I don’t want to snuggle with you!” He practically spat but then suddenly felt bad as her crystal eyes turned grey and what he assumed to be black tears fell from her eyes. “No one ever wants to snuggle with me…” She mumbled sadly before vanishing.“Okay so she’s upset…I’ll have to make it up to her somehow.” Ron thought aloud as he pulled himself off the floor with help of the bed, slowly, before tripping on a large leather bound book. “Is this what the cloaked one left?” Ron asked himself while lifting it. The book was heavier than it looked and had no title on the cover or spine, and the pages, or what he could see of them, were yellowed and tattered. Something deep down told him not to open it, as if the book was alive somehow and most certainly not his friend. He carried it over to his night stand then went to have his breakfast. “I’m ready for that meal you promised me.” The Lady in White said sitting at his kitchen table when he arrived. He let out a nervous breath. “Must you do that?” He mumbled. “Yes I really must and you must get used to it!” She said setting a basket on the counter, fresh baked bread and the most beautiful apples he had ever seen occupied the space.

“What’s this?” He asked reaching out only to have his hand slapped away. “You have to make me something first!” The Lady in White said pointedly. Ron looked at her for a moment. “W…well I can make us some eggs and bacon and we would also have bread and apple slices.” The Lady in White smiled and two plates came floating down from the pantry. “You know you won’t be living here as my servant right?” She smiled at him sweetly and for a moment he thought he saw a hint of amber in her beautiful eyes. “I didn’t expect I would be but I’m not your servant yet.” He added as the bacon grease began to sizzle and he started cracking eggs for them. “But may I ask where I would live?”He asked whisking the eggs and pouring them into the pan. “Why with me of course silly!” She said with a proud giggle. “We would live in battle ground with the king and his queen and their children and no one will bother us and happily ever after!” She smiled almost dreamily. “But you would have to help me with my work.” She sounded almost sad. “But you will live forever!” She gave a small smile.  “What…uhhh…wha…” He kept opening and closing his mouth but couldn’t form a sentence. “I thought I told you I won’t reveal personal things!” The Lady in White said her eyes flashing red a moment. “The only reason I told you about battleground is because you would never find it even if you found it you couldn’t get there without me.” She said with a smug little grin. “Well I was just wondering what you do.” Ron muttered. The Lady in White looked away sadly. As if she regretted saying about her job. “People scorn me for what I do their uneasy about me. Especially mortals.” She twirled a blue apple around in her slender fingers and let out a sad sigh. “I’m sorry.” He sat across from her and set the plate in front of her causing her to smile. Ron reached into the basket and pulled out a blue apple looking at it curiously. “NO!!! Put it down!!” The Lady in White screeched sounding panicked, causing him to drop the fruit it rolling under the table. “Only gods and mystical creatures, eat the blue ones.” “I…I’m sorry…” Ron said scared. “It’s ok it’s just a good thing I’m here or you would be dead.” The Lady in White smiled gleefully and turned back to her food. “My friend grows these and they are divine! Here try this.” She handed him a green one from the basket. “It’s ok silly you can eat that one its safe for people.” She smiled seeing his nervous look as he lifted the fruit to his lips.

The phone rang causing Ron to jump and look around setting the fruit down and picking up his old shattered iPhone. “Hello?” He answered and the silence for a moment. “Yeah sure. I need to get out anyway.” He said looking at Lilith eating her bread. “Just give me like an hour and a half Kyle I wanna finish something up first.” He hung up and came back over taking a fresh baked croissant out of the basket and ripping it in half before taking a bite. “Does your friend make the bread too?” “Why of course not silly that bread if from France. There is one bakery that I’ve stolen from for years thousands of years! Well I used to threaten to kill everyone but by now it’s gotten to the point I just take and no one every questions, don’t you know how ghost stories happen? Most of them are me!” She giggled like a little schoolgirl. “And how does that not violate your interference laws?” Ron questioned. “I told you, they’re much too complicated to explain to you.” The Lady in White replied still smiling. Ron picked up his green apple and bit in half expecting to die. Instead he tasted something sweet yet tart it was in his mind the most perfect apple he ever tasted. “This is pretty good.” Ron said nonchalantly, feeling the need to downplay his enjoyment as if denying her the pleasure of a Job well done. “Lying does not suit you my dear.” The Lady in White replied before looking at his cracked phone and smiling like she thought of a joke. “I see you’ve decided to get the other one to do something besides studying, is he your main target then?” She asked floating over to his phone. “No, I’ll look around for someone or just some ideas and it was his idea, for once. Maybe they feel bad about moving on like I didn’t vanish for two days.” Ron explained. “Human squabbles amuse me, maybe I’ll go with you.” The Lady in White said staring into his eyes again. “You shouldn’t. You’re a goddess, everyone who sees you will fall in worship.” Ron replied hoping that feeding her ego would get her to agree. “Don’t patronise me mortal, I’ve ended more lives than days you’ve lived.” She replied her voice echoing as her form began to slightly glow before vanishing all together, leaving Ron to get ready for his day. “How can I get anything done with her looking over my shoulders ever few minutes?” Ron thought aloud as he placed his dishes in the sink, and quickly went to shower and change.

Ron and Kyle arrived at the mall at around noon and sat at the food court Ron obviously distracted looking around for a guy who would work for his mistress. “Hey mate, look.” Kyle nodded at about ten tables over where two young women were sitting whispering and glancing at him. The one girl was tall and thin and her long platinum blonde hair hung in sheets down her back, she wore tall pink and white knee high socks and tall top pink Converse shoes a pink crop top that showed way more of her perfect cleavage then necessary and short cut off jean shorts. The other girl was tiny maybe just weighing 100 pounds, she had a head full of wild blood red curls that had been obviously artificially coloured, she had on a mid thigh length long sleeve red dress with tall brown riding boots with socks that just barely showed at her knee, she wore a beautiful jewel encrusted bracelet and a very elaborate vintage diamond ring on her left hand. “Let’s talk to them!” Kyle said enthusiastically, as he got up and walked to the two beautiful women, gaining an eye roll from his friend who followed. Ron sat by the beautiful redhead while Kyle naturally sat by the blonde. “Kyle, and this is Ron.” Kyle smirked and held his hand out to shake the blonde girl who smiled seductively giggling, her beyond blue eyes captivating his attention. “Venus.” She said happily in a song like voice. “And that would be Addie.” “Hi.” The red head said with a slight bob of her head as if it was a half curtsy she looked Ron over closely as if she was peering into his soul with her unnaturally pale emerald eyes, probably contacts. “So what are you ladies doing?” He said his eyes still fixated on Venus causing Addie to roll hers. “We were just out.” She smiled her lipstick stained lips twitching into an innocent smile. Venus’ giggle interrupted Ron’s thoughts. “Hey why don’t we go back to your house?” Kyle said his arm around the other girl. “Uhhh… ehhh…sure I guess.” Ron said getting up as they began to walk away towards his home.

When they arrived and he let them in and Venus sat on the couch in Kyle’s lap. “Please excuse my friend.” Addie said with a smile shaking her head as she sat at the spot where the Lady in White sat that morning. Addie took the art history text book and started flipping through. She paused on a page of a renaissance oil painting of a royal family, a king, a queen along with a young boy and baby girl. She smiled as Ron sat across from the girl. “Do you like art?” He asked. “Yes, this painting especially. ‘tis my favourite. Just look at the family, the king standing regally next to his wife, strong proud hand on his young teenaged son’s shoulder. The queen sitting proudly with her jewels dripping off of her and the young princess sitting with her puppy on the pillows at their feet. ‘tis the picture of a perfect family.” Addie smiled at the picture running her fingers over it lovingly. Soon soft moans were heard from the living room and Ron got up in disgust going to break Kyle and the other girl up, not wanting their bodily fluids on his couch, but he was caught off guard and forced into the wall. “I swear if you hurt her, I will kill you.” The tiny girl who had to be a whole foot shorter than Ron growled out holding a dagger to his throat. “W..who?” He asked nervously to scared to do anything. “Addie!!” Came an all to familiar voice and the redheaded girl backed away. “Oh hey Lilith I was just checking him out.”Addie smiled at the Lady in White and wrapped her into a hug. “What are you two doing here? You promised you’d let me do this on my own.” The lady in white said with a frown despite hugging back. “Yeah but I’m nosy so I’m here.” The lady in white glared at her friend who seemed completely unaffected. “What’s Venus doing?” The lady in white asked.

Addie’s eyes widened and she rushed over to the next room dragging Venus with her as
she returned. “Sorry, I guess I didn’t think it through.” “You never
think it through.” The Lady in White hissed her eyes returning to
normal. For a moment Ron swore the blond woman’s originally blue eyes
were amber.   “I’m sorry I  guess I really didn’t think through what I was doing.  I
just acted on impulse.” Addie said softly tucking a few stray hairs
behind her ear. “I WILL see you tonight.” She shot the Lady in White a
glare before walking out the door Venus in tow. “Ignore anything those
two said for they are obviously insane.” The Lady in White grumbled
before disappearing leaving Ron with more questions than answers.
    The Lady in White appeared on the roof of the college in perfect
view of her servants’ house.  “I can’t believe you!!” She screamed. “I
can’t believe you would go behind my back like that!” Addie appeared
from behind the gargoyle statue. “I’m  just trying to protect you.”
She said softly. “No you’re not! You weren’t even this protective with
your own children!!” The Lady in White looked away. “Because Venus
approved of their matches. I made sure of that, as I am with you.
You’ve been hurt in the past.  I don’t want to see you hurt by this
one.”  Addie said softly wrapping the other girl in a tight hug.
“You’re warm.” The Lady in White said softly. “That may be helped by
the fact I’m not dead. Now come home tonight to sleep. I will make you
something special to eat.” Addie kissed the other girls forehead and
called again for Venus and they both vanished.  
“It’s not like you to actually try something in stead of just talking.” Ron said entering his front room. “Well, I don’t know what came over me.  I couldn’t really stop myself.”  Kyle explained. “It’s called hormones, you passed bio with top marks, you know exactly what happened to you.” Ron said as he made sure none of his stuff was broken. “Do you know those girls? They were totally looking at you the whole time we ate.” Kyle asked with a glazed over look in his eyes clearly trying to relive his experience in his mind.  “Don’t do that sort of stuff here, just because I have my own apartment doesn’t mean it’s the spot to bring girls. I’m not going to clean up after you.”  Ron complained once he was sure nothing was ruined.  “Venus.” Kyle said still stuck in a trance. “Just go home Kyle I’ll see you Sunday at the library, unless you find another girl to have some private time with.” Ron teased. “Wait you said her name was Venus right?” Ron asked suddenly remembering something. “Yes, Venus my love I will find you.” Kyle said while getting up to leave.  “I’ll be at the library for a bit so my phone will be off okay?” Ron said exiting the apartment with Kyle but heading a different direction.  “Venus was definitely the name of a Greek goddess, and the lady in white knew this girl named Venus, maybe the other Greek gods are real too.” Ron thought aloud while heading to the library. But on his way he saw the twins, Alan and Elizabeth at the park.  Part of him wanted to talk to them he might never see Elli again and maybe if he could get her to spend time with him it would make Alan independent enough to be suitable for the lady in white. “This could be my chance. The library will be open tomorrow I’ll just need to think up an excuse for looking up mythology.”  He said writing down his idea on a piece of paper from his pocket.   Ron ran to his friends catching up to them quickly. “Hello Ron.” Elizabeth said happily.  “Oh hey.” Her twin Alan called after. “I was just taking a walk and saw you guys. Mind if I join you?” He asked walking along side them. “You’re always welcome to join us.” Elizabeth said quietly her eyes drawn to the ground as she kept her pace. “We’re head to that creepy cave in the park.” Alan said with a confident grin. “The one everyone thinks is haunted?” Ron asked his mind instantly going back to the conversation he had with the lady in white over breakfast. “Can’t be cowards forever now can we?” Alan asked though his eyes showed a less brave side.  “Is that why you’re going in the middle of the day?” Ron asked. “What do you mean?” Alan questioned as all three came to s stop.  “You’re supposed to go at night to see how haunted it is.  It’s just a cave during the day.” Ron explained. “Oh? I guess we should go home…” Alan said sadly his plans ruined.  “Can I borrow your sister for a little bit?” Ron asked working up some bravery of his own.  “Why?” Both twins questioned in unison. “I want to look up Greek mythology and she’s the best at it.” Ron said without knowing if that was at all true of her.   “I have always favoured Norse mythology myself I can’t say I know much Greek.” Alan said while turning to leave. Elizabeth reflexively began to follow but stopped and looked back at Ron.  “You remembered my presentation on the Greek gods? That was freshmen year.” She said smiling.
“Yes…” Ron lied with a smile. “Tell me what you know of the goddess
Venus.” He inquired taking her hand and leading her towards the
library. “Well.” Elizabeth pushed her glasses back. “She was said to
be the most beautiful goddess of all, Venus is her Roman name in
Greece they called her Aphrodite. The goddess of love, passion,
pleasure and, lust. They say she was married and had affairs against
her husband until one day he caught her in bed with her lover and
caught them in a net and shamed them before the entirety of Mount
Olympus and then traded her back to Zeus for the bridal fee.”
“Why don’t you go on to study theology? You just rattled that off in
no time.” Elizabeth smiled. “It has been a thought before.” She
nervously twirled her gingery pony tail. “I think you would do good in
that field of study.” He opened the door politely for her. “M’lady.”
He bowed with a smile. “Why thank you kind sir.” She mocked a curtsy
and giggled her cheeks flushing as she walked ahead catching a quick
glimpse of her rather plump rear as she hurried to her favourite spot.
They entered the library and Ron sat at a computer and typed in ‘The
Lady in White’ to the search engine. Instantly drawings and paintings
appeared most of a little girl in all white. After scrolling through
posts about plays and movies and haunted places he finally broke down
and opened up Wikipedia, something as a very pristine student he hated
to do. The first thing that loaded was a picture of the girl that had
been haunting him. She had long silver braids pearl coloured skin and
blue almost white eyes. The entry began.
‘The Lady in White, the cold embrace. A pagan goddess is a young girl
that ages from four to seventy and then back again in a continues
cycle for all of eternity. Her roll in life is to serve Hades as a
farrier for mortals and gods alike to their place of eternal rest. She
is one of many aspects of death and is often depicted as a small child
especially during plagues to help give children an ease of mind as
opposed to the Grimm
Reaper or Seophorath, the Angel of death.’
Ron’s face grew white and he felt like he could not breathe. His hands
began to sweat and shake and he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. “Are
you ok?” Elizabeth asked. He jumped and gasped. “Oh yeah never better!
Excuse me I need to go home I think I left the stove on.” He got up in
a hurry and practically ran from the room and down the street to his
apartment. He ran up the stairs and locked the door behind him locking
himself in his room as darkness began to cover the campus. “Non of
this is real.” He kept muttering over and over to fight of a panic
attack but deep in his gut Ron knew he was in deep trouble, for no one
escaped death.  “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” The cloaked one said appearing across the room from Ron.  “Shut up.  I need to think.”  Ron said quietly. His mind racing faster and faster, moments away from a full blown panic attack,  but he heals onto his sanity.  “I see, so you know the truth of her, I wonder what you’ll do now.” The cloaked one said melting into the shadows again.
The sun was finally setting over the hidden town all but lost to time. The King and queen of this secret land sat on the roof of the bathhouse, whispering to each other sweet nothings basking in their eternal love.   Venus was complaining to one of the Demi gods about the new man Lilith was fixated on.  “I swear she just goes from one obsession to another, but she refuses to let me help her.  Match making is all I ever do.” She said sadly. “I know it’s annoying but you can’t force a crescent.” Malic replied munching a fresh blue apple.  “But that’s my job!!! I matched your parents and look how happy they are?!?” She whined. “I’d rather not look.” Malic grumbled laying back closing his eyes. “Aunt Lily is happy, she tells me about this one all the time!!” He grumbled.  “What is Lilith happy about?” Addie said climbing the steps and smiling. “How are you today son? I haven’t seen you hardly at all.” She said smiling at Malic. “I’m good mother.” He said rising to kiss her cheek with a smile.  The king then approached Addie and wrapped his arms around her whispering in her ear causing both her and Venus to blush and smile.  Malic rolled his eyes “father must you in front of everyone?” He asked.  Before there could be an answer. “Abrellio I need to talk to you!!!” Lilith’s voice came from behind them as she angrily marched up to them grabbed his wrist and pulled in inside the house. “Addie and Venus cannot be interfering in my affairs!! Venus nearly killed someone today!” She said looking at him her eyes red. “It’s not fair for them to be spying on me at all!! I can do this on my own.” “That’s true, I hated when outside forces used to interfere in my life.” Abrellio replied with a soft chuckle.   “I’ll do my best to hold them back but no one can control Addelita.” The King said as he started trying to leave the building only to have the lady in white grab him by his wrist again.  “I need this one to work…” She said sadly. “I know, why don’t we go see what Venus thinks of your chances then ask her not to bother you anymore?” Abrellio said with a smile before rushing back to his loving wife and hugging her tightly.  “Have you been causing trouble for Lilith?”  He asked in a soft sweet tone.  “I just wanted to see him, she’s been obsessed with this one longer than the others.  I didn’t think Venus would lose control like that.”  Addie explained smiling up at him.  “She’s very upset with us now.”  Abrellio said kissing his queen’s forehead.  “More like furious!” Lilith complained exiting the building she spoke to Abrellio in.  “Did anyone try to stop you two from getting together!”  She shouted before looking away awkwardly. “Never mind..” She said  floating up to the roof of a nearby building feeling deflated.
“What did Venus say about her chances.” Abrellio asked his wife.  “Thirty seven percent chance of a relationship forming.” Addie replied sadly.  “That’s much higher than anything she’s gotten before, I don’t think she’s gotten more than eight before.” Abrellio said reassuringly.   “We just need to sit back and let her handle it, twenty eight days remain, I’m sure she can handle it.” Abrelllio said  with a smile as he carried her to their home for food.   They set up the table their large family arrived and soon the lady in white joined them as well.   “Would you like to tell us about him while we eat?”  Abrellio offered hoping to cheer his friend up.   “He’s smart, he’s determined and he is free of all hatred, he didn’t even curse me for kidnapping him.  He’s also completely ruthless, the first thing he did was take notes on his friends.  He’s the most perfect being I’ve ever found.”  The lady in white said with a smile as they all began eating food. 

Probably about cookies right?


Pheonix Run Part Three

Last bit for now tomorrow I start sharing something dead. (Please future me make that word a link to the posts)
Adina leapt from the window, landing on an awning, rolling off it and landing on her feet.  Her bird gently glided down, landing on her shoulder, still singing as she approached the voice.   He was dressed in dark blue and with a strange hot pink scarf covering his face. He stood there singing loudly, trying to maintain the sorrow of his tune, yet failing to compete with the grace of Adina’s bird.  The music they made together was almost too intoxicating. Adina walked towards him smiling dimly.   “Who dares interrupt my nocturne with all this joy and strife, I do not wish for relief.  This is a time for grief and dread.” the man said, peering over at Adina and her bird. His voice had a strange accent, something Adina never heard before; it wasn’t present when he sang in the slightest.   “I’m Adina Blight, my friend seemed to like your song.  I’ve never heard it before.”  Adina explained, getting closer still so she could see the face of this strange man.  He seemed to back up as if afraid. keeping his face shrouded.  
“Well Ms. Blight I am Trenor Alcover, and I don’t take well to strangers interrupting my melancholy melody.”   The man said, jumping backwards and landing on a second floor window sill as if it were nothing.  “Well then I suppose it’s good we’ve introduced ourselves so we’re no longer strangers.” Adina said turning to leave.   “And what makes you think I’ll just let you leave after you’ve acted so disrespectfully?” Trenor asked.   “Well obviously you’re not going to ruin your song any more by adding bloodshed, and besides if I wanted to kill someone, I wouldn’t bother telling them my name first. It seems like a waste of time to tell them anything if you’re just going to end them.” Adina replied as she started scaling the wall to reach her room.   Her bird flew from her shoulder to Trenor.  “Come back friend, the nice man clearly has better things to do than to make new friends.”  Adina spoke sleepily, all too eager to return to her bed.   “Fine I’ll let you live this time, but only because I like your bird.”  Trenor said hoping he sounded like a threat, he didn’t.   Adina returned to her bed, and the warmth of her sheets beckoned for her to relax, but she couldn’t.  She felt anxious, like someone from her past would pop out of the shadows and grab her.  She watched the shadows, peering deep into each and every one, waiting for them to stir.   She did this for around an hour before a shadow did move.  Adina nearly jumped out of her bed in a panic then she saw the source of this motion.  Her bird returned from its latest flight.   It landed on her pillow less than an inch from her face and stared down into her eyes, as if wondering why they would be open.  The bird then closed its eyes and nestled down to sleep.  Adina instantly felt safer with this tiny life form by her side.  She soon drifted into a deep restful slumber.

I wrote more of this but that’s not yet ready for public viewing.  Always leave them wanting more right?


Dead Wrong: Day One

So this story take a place in some weird day format thing for no apparent reason.  Isn’t that odd?  Still here is the first day, there should be between twenty five and thirty by the end of this tale but I’ve got only like eight or nine done so far.

Ron awoke in his bed and thought to himself, what an unusual dream I wonder if it means anything. He walked over to his kitchen opened the fridge and made his breakfast getting ready for the day ahead of him.  “Wow your life is so boring already; I can’t believe you prefer this to serving a beautiful, wise and powerful goddess!” The Lady in White said sitting on top of his fridge. Ron nearly dropped his cereal bowl but maintained himself. “Do gods need food? You can join me if you’d like.” Ron replied doing his best to accept reality even at its most absurd. The Lady in White smirked and floated down slowly landing next to Ron. She was considerably tall, almost as tall as six foot tall Ron himself, only a few inches off, pale skin, pale lips, pale blue, almost white eyes, long silvery braids tied at the bottom with white girly bows, she wore a cute white lacy sundress and tall white leather knee high sandals. “Maybe some other time, just stopping by to make sure you know you have exactly thirty days to find my servant it’s Friday the 13th so you know, but I’ll stop by once or twice a week to check in or give advice.” She said sounding amused with the idea of this little experiment. “Just try not to freak out too soon, as much fun as it is to watch I’d rather savour every moment of this journey.” She concluded with an icy cold pat on the head before vanishing. It was definitely not a dream, he thought to himself as he sat down and began to eat. Ron’s cereal didn’t taste the same, as if the shock from everything ruined his taste buds. “How am I going to find someone willing to serve her?” He thought out loud. An alarm rang within his bedroom so he rushed to see it. “I totally forgot I said I’d go study today.” Ron shouted when he realised the date, he must have been missing for two days, his mind wondered to thoughts of who missed him and if anyone went looking for him. Ron quickly cleaned himself and prepared for the day. Freshly brushed teeth and combed hair, shaved his face quickly but it didn’t help him feel anymore like himself but was the best he could do. Ron ran out the door nearly forgetting to lock it on his way to the school library. He knew he would be late for the study group but he didn’t care about class at that moment, all that mattered was trying to find someone to take his place serving the Lady in White. The sun shined brightly everything smelled wonderful the flowers were clearly in fullbloom; by all accounts it was a beautiful day. Ron ignored all of this flowery sunshine with a single-mindedness rivalling even the most dedicated of monks. He reached his destination in record time, running up the steps to the Greek style building past the statue of what was meant to be the goddess Athena, yet he was still ten minutes late, his friends were already seated around their table towards the back left corner of the library whispering notes back and forth and giggling about inside jokes. The merriment stopped when they noticed him. “Ron you made it, I thought you were sick or something.” Mindy said with a smile her emerald eyes scanning him as if uncertain he was really there. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost mate.” Kyle said scarcely glancing up from the text book for more than a moment. “Yeah, had a rough night.” Ron replied taking the last free seat. Alan and Elizabeth said nothing about his arrival but it was obvious the merriment was drained from the moment. All four of them felt guilty they were having so much fun while they thought their friend was sick, it hadn’t dawned on them until it was revealed he was fine. But now with it known they couldn’t seem to return to the joy they previously held.

“Why the long faces did I miss an important quiz?” Ron asked with a smile, his eyes scanning them pondering the pros and cons of each friend, more than willing to sell them out to what in his mind was comparable to the devil. “We’re just a little shocked you’re back on your feet you look healthy, what happened?” Mindy asked taking charge as usual. “Nothing you need to worry about I just had a personal thing to deal with out of town, ya know family.” Ron replied calmly giving away no secrets as his mistress commanded. The very thought of him obeying her commands made him feel a little queasy but he showed a strong face to his friends. “Well it’s good you’re not dead.” Elizabeth said in her usual barely audible voice. “Liz that’s rude.” Alan corrected her. “Relax; I’m also glad I’m not dead.” Ron intervened, suppressing a shiver at the memory of the cold death like girl, with a soft smile causing Elizabeth to avert her gaze. Alan glared at Ron for just a moment before returning his focus to the reading at hand. “Professor Gallop and Professor Sailor are both doubling the reading. Mr. Remi noticed your absence and gave us a pop quiz, can’t be made up, and we need to read chapters three through nineteen by Monday in our art history books for Doctor Kreatin.” Mindy explained while returning her focus to the reading too. “Is that all? And here I thought we had a lot to do.” Ron remarked sarcastically though he knew by the looks on his friends faces they missed his sarcasm all together. “Kidding guys, lighten up, it’s not like we have on month left to live, just three months left to pass school then a whole summer of freedom. We knew what we were getting into with the accelerated program this was always our destiny stuck in a library every weekend for months becoming the best and brightest.” Ron reassured his friends, their new found determination self evident upon their faces as they picked up their studying pace. Ron felt a little reluctant to begin studying when he had no candidates for his replacement but it occurred to him throwing his life away by not studying would make not finding a replacement mean substantially less to him. So he studied his hardest as he always did, refusing to be left behind by his friends even when the world was against him. Even the gods couldn’t stop Ron from reaching his dreams.  He read the chapters for art history in minutes, quickly switching to his math book and copying notes from Elizabeth as she was always the most concise yet thorough note taker. “How do you always read so fast Ron?” Kyle asked still on chapter five in the art history book. “I thought I told you already, after almost failing every class freshmen year I spent the summer learning, I became a speed reader and studied up on history with this new speed, only thing I actually needed to learn in school since is a bit of math and science. Even that stuff is a lot easier once I could read the entire text book in an evening.”  Ron explained revelling in his nostalgia, he was all too happy to think about his rise to glory. “You did tell us before; Kyle is just an airhead on everything except tests.” Mindy replied dryly, reminding Ron of his mistress. “What are you guys planning for after graduation?” Ron asked hoping to get some idea which of them if any would make a good servant. “Umm, I want to get into physics maybe astro-physics.” Elizabeth said shyly, it was obvious she had been waiting for a while to tell people about her dreams, yet even her twin Alan seemed taken aback by these words. “You never mentioned that, I thought we were both going into medical school?” Alan asked in confusion. “Yeah but I never got over my fear of blood it makes me so sick how can we both be surgeons if I’m like that?” Elizabeth explained smiling softly feeling quite relieved to admit her changed plans. “You should already know my plan, I’m going to get into politics and become the mayor.” Mindy said confidently. Ron used to joke about Mindy’s plan to rule the world but sometimes it seemed like more than a joke. “Yeah I don’t really have plans, just like school so I guess I’ll just get into some fancy university or something.” Kyle explained taking a break from the art history book to read from his psychology book. Ron took notes on each of his friends’ dreams while saying to them. “I’m reconsidering my choice of university, I mean obviously I’m still heading down to my goals, but I don’t know I kind of want to stay with at least one of you guys, no reason to breakup such a strong team completely.” His words were a lie something to excuse his sudden questions.

After several hours of studying Ron decided to leave his friends; they were still studying but he finished catching up on all missed assignments. Anxious to get home and write down his thoughts without the risk of being caught, he rushed to make up an excuse. “So I’m done with my studying I’m sure it’s probably my turn to buy milkshakes but I’m not up to it I’ll just get the next two I think I’m a little dizzy.” Ron said hoping if he spoke fast enough people would just accept his words. “Whatever you say dude, just don’t miss class.” Kyle responded the others muttered mild agreement with his sentiment as Ron rose and packed away his belongings. Ron walked home slower actually taking in the day, not with the purpose of enjoying it or savouring his time, but looking for anyone he knew someone he could manipulate to be a new servant for the Lady in White.

He got home and tossed his bag on his bed pulling a piece of crumpled paper from his jeans pocket and a spare pen he began looking at the notes he took down about his own friends, as he sat at his desk. “Ruthless, just ruthless, you’re not even desperate you just decided to start with your friends.” The Lady in White said hanging upside down looking him in the eye her pigtails resting on the desk. “Well I expected you pick your servants carefully, someone like you would want only the best.” Ron responded once he had regained his composure looking back to his notes. “Well it’s obviously not them, the best one in that group isn’t on your list.” She replied gleefully vanishing and reappearing elsewhere in his room. “Who is it?” Ron asked looking up to her position reflexively knowing where she’d be. She just stared at him with a smirk until he realised what she meant. “Oh yeah I guess, but what’s wrong with them?” Ron asked practically blushing. “I don’t really want to insult your friend’s right to your face; do you think I’m a cruel god?” She replied floating closer to him. “Yes I do.” Ron replied as he returned his focus to his notes. “Fine, the Double Vines are too bonded they’d fall apart if separated, I don’t want to take in two servants at a time. The Empress is not servant material at all and, besides no way am I going to miss out on watching her fate unravel. Then there’s the other one, do I even need to explain what’s wrong with him?” The Lady in White answered in a monotone. “Yes what exactly is wrong with Kyle? He’s loyal smart and capable. Plus with no aspirations of his own he’d have no objection to a life of serving you.” Ron replied defensively. “I told you before, you’re the only one who is perfect, however I suppose if you get almost anyone to agree, a willing imperfect is better than a perfect unwilling. However, if you’re going to pass off one of your damaged friends, at least try to fix them first.” The Lady in White remarked sounding slightly annoyed before half vanishing. “Oh by the way I’m only looking for a male, thought I could help narrow the search down.” She vanished all together. “Did she call Mindy The Empress?” Ron asked himself before laughing.

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Dead Wrong: the start

I’m pretty sure I’ve actually posted this like nine times now but once more so I can show the continuations should be acceptable.  Right¿

It was a dark cold night the fog rolled in bringing with it the stench of the nearby swamp. Ron awoke in a cold sweat he couldn’t recall his nightmare but much worse, he couldn’t remember why he was in a bed which wasn’t his own. He looked around confusion overtaking his fear. He arose slowly, careful to make little sound; fearful of being noticed by anyone who could have moved him during his restless sleep. He heard giggling. He peered deeper into the darkness seeing a young woman dressed in all an all white sun dress and two long silvery braids hanging in front of her shoulders, with a round, childish face.  “You’re finally up sleepy head; we’ve got work to do!” She said sounding as if she wanted to laugh some more. “What’s so funny, and who are you?” Ron inquired wishing he could go home already. “Yes those are good questions too bad I’m not inclined to answer, after all, I’m the powerful one here and, you’re merely my new servant.” She said before vanishing. “I’m too confused and shocked to even be scared. What on earth was that!?! It’s just a dream.” Ron complained as he rushed to where the vision of femininity previously resided. “I guess I wasn’t going to get answers from her anyway.” He muttered to himself. “Curious indeed.” Spoke a different voice from much closer than the Lady in White. Ron turned around to see directly behind him was a shadowy figure in a long black cloak. “Just tell me now, am I dead?” Ron asked fear creeping back into his mind and voice. “I wouldn’t know, maybe she’ll tell you when next she graces you with her visage.” The cloaked one said in a mocking tone, “In the meantime I’ll be watching you, laughing if you fail cheering if you succeed; it’s all win-win for me.” Ron couldn’t see the face or even tell if the voice belonged to a man or woman but he could tell whoever it was under their, was smiling wickedly. He could feel the smile within his very soul and it burned.

“Are you the Grimm Reaper?” Ron worked up the courage to ask at last, his voice shaking. The cloaked figure said nothing, only melted into the shadows, becoming one with the darkness. Ron couldn’t tell if the thing was gone or simply hidden, but he no longer cared; a new feeling rose above the fear and overtook the confusion, annoyance. He was frustrated he no longer cared to solve the mysteries of who these people, if they were even people. All Ron wanted was to leave, so he walked deeper into the darkness finding the walls, then going along side them until he came upon the door. To his pleasure he found it to be unlocked. To his dismay he found the dark corridor beyond to be a labyrinth of deception, shadows, and more doors. Some doors lead to rooms like the one he came from, others lead to more hallways like the one he was lost in, and a few lead to stairs. The place reminded him of a large school, and a prison fused with a fancy hotel. Previously the darkness concealed the finer details but as Ron’s sight finally became accustomed with the thick shade he could see more, much more. The crown molding, the gold walls, the abstract paintings, each room had queen or king sized beds and he knew from experience they had the softest sheets he ever felt. If Ron intentionally came to a place like this he doubted he would ever wish to leave. But Ron wasn’t about to be a prisoner even if his cage was perfect he longed to be free.

“Wow, you’ve been going at this for hours. I’m honestly impressed.” Spoke the Lady in White appearing before Ron as he fell over in exhaustion. “Don’t stop now the sun is nearly up, surely you’ll find your way then.” She added sounding strangely sincere. “What do you want from me?” Ron spoke between gasps. He wasn’t sure when he broke into a panicked run, but he knew it lasted far too long. “I see, listening problems, quite common these days I’m told. I’ve already stated my intentions; you’re to be my new servant, the sooner you accept your fate the sooner we can move on from here.” She responded sounding bored, as if his problems were such a small concern to her, she found it not even suitable for entertainment. “No I’m leaving!” He screeched finding his second wind and pulling himself to his feet. “You’re going the wrong way; you keep going down when you should be going up to the roof.” The Lady in White said once again sounding so caring and sincere Ron felt truth behind her words. Ron ran up the stairs as fast as he could putting every ounce of his soul into each stride. He practically glided up each flight until he could run no more.

Ron awoke in the same bed he ran from the previous night. “How did I get back here?” He asked looking around at the fancy room which he imagined would cost quite a lot if it were a hotel. “I had to carry you; I’m not so lowly that my servants sleep on the floor. It was amusing to watch you faint half way up the stairs. It does however annoy me to see you still have fight left in you. Just give in.” The Lady in White said appearing from thin air at the foot of his bed. “I don’t want to be a servant.” He replied with anger soaking his voice. “Am I that bad? No one ever wishes to serve me…” She muttered sadly to herself. Her sorrow seemed to flow forth filling the room a melancholy tidal wave overtaking everything. “I’m sure you’ll find someone if you keep looking.” Ron consoled reflexively. She turned to him her pale blue, almost white, eyes scanning his form as if searching for something. “I’ll make a deal with you; I’ll put you back on your old home and old life for a month, after that you’ll be my servant. Unless you can find someone willing to take your place.”  She said her girly feminine voice trembling yet strong as if she was trying to convince herself not to cry with each word. “And if I refuse I’ll be trapped in here until I accept I’m assuming.” Ron replied getting up from the bed slowly. “You know me so well already you’ll make a wonderful servant.” She replied sounding happier already. “So you’ll take me back now?” He asked. “No, I think I’ll wait for you to sleep, I’d rather not move you while you’re awake and there’s no way I’m letting you find out how to get out of here on your own. I can go if you want to be alone though.” She replied smiling sweetly and starting to fade away. “No I’d much rather you stay.” Ron replied quickly, dreading being left alone in that mad house. She stopped fading but stayed transparent as if still deciding if she should exist, it made her look just like a ghost. “Fine but don’t think I’ll slip up and reveal personal information.” Her sickly white lips twisting into a wicked smirk. “So you don’t answer my questions because I’m below you and you won’t reveal anything personal? I don’t expect you’ll be a very good conversationalist then.” Ron said trying to think of something to say to her after they both sat in silence for a few moments.

“I spend most of my time on my own I don’t have much need for talk. Most everyone hates me. Well except Addie.” The Lady in White muttered more to herself than to Ron. “Why would anyone hate you? I mean I don’t hate you, I just don’t want to be a servant.” Ron explained feeling more and more sympathy for what he assumed was some form of demon. She looked directly into his eyes. “That’s why I chose you; you don’t hate anyone it makes you perfect! Good luck trying to find someone like you, trust me I’ve tried.” She remarked sounding sincere once more. “Maybe I asked the wrong kind of questions before, I asked who you are, what I should have asked is what you are.” Ron said hoping the being wouldn’t be offended. “I’m a goddess, and I am worthy of worship. Yet I do not receive anything but scorn. Feel blessed I decided to tell you this, it was my intention to keep you in the dark for years to come.” She remarked coldly as if reciting words from a distant memory. Ron’s mind flooded with questions the confusion suffocating him he needed some relief but he knew it wouldn’t come.  Ron took in a few deep breaths to help maintain his composure. “So god is real then?” Ron asked trying to remain calm. “Oh that’s right humans think the world came from slime and they are monkeys now, no I’m a goddess, there are many gods, think of gods as a race beyond yours from a world beyond yours.” She replied sounding like she was holding back laughter. “So you’re like an alien?” Ron asked. “My goodness you humans sure do come up with interesting theories, I forgot all about the aliens’ thing. Reality is a very complex thing and if you work for me you’ll have an actual eternity to figure it out, there’s no way I can answer all your questions right now.  However, now that I think about it I do have some stuff I should be talking to you about.” She said sounding as playful as ever. “What do you need to talk to me about?” Ron asked feeling anxious. She vanished and reappeared closer to him fully there he felt cold all of a sudden, like it was radiating from her, as if she was a kind of dead girl. “The rules of course, I can’t just pop you back in and have you telling everyone all this stuff about how beautiful I am and how great it is to serve a god. For some reason we put some rules to a vote a few years back about when we can and can’t interfere with human life anymore.” She explained as she got closer to him, practically on top of Ron yet still avoiding all physical contact.  “So what are these rules?” Ron asked feeling glad he at least understood what was going on even if most of him was unable to accept it as reality. “Much too complex for a human, suffice it to say don’t mention what I am what I look like or my name, actually I’m not even telling you my name just call me… uhh… that lady?” She responded instantly appearing across the room smiling gently yet peering deep into Ron’s eyes as if into the very depths of his soul. “That’s a bit vague of you.” Ron remarked trying to think through everyone he knew for someone who would make a good replacement servant. “Fine, The Lady in White, I think I used to go by that nom de plume back before the Renaissance. Or maybe it was after? I can’t be bothered with those details now, the point is no details!” She said floating in a sitting position right above the chair she was in a moment ago, her short lacy dress showing most of her long, pearly, white legs. “Are you showing off or unable to stay still?” Ron asked curiously. For a brief moment the room grew cold and Ron felt a darkness rise as if his very life was about to end, as her eyes flashed red, but the moment passed. “Do not upset me servant. Be grateful for your free will, soon you shall serve me willingly.” She responded dryly. Ron stared at her a mixture of fear and awe growing within him, this was what a god looked like he saw no physical flaws in her but he didn’t think she was particularly beautiful. Yet there was something so indescribably different about her from anyone he knew, she was without a doubt not human, and that was what he knew before she made him feel like his life would end without changing a single thing about her appearance or tone. It was as if she could influence his very emotions with merely her mind. The incredible weight of his new reality dawned on him, he felt heavier, exhausted.  As he began to drift off to sleep he wondered if he was really tired or if the Lady in White simply gave up waiting for him to grow tired naturally. In the end whether by his choice or her might he fell asleep and that’s all that really mattered.

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