Stealth Cacti

So then I asked Ra what to write about and she suggested cactuses or ninjas.  So here you go the start of my new tale.

Vull had spent the week crafting his botamancy or plant magic for those unread in his many writings on the subject some of his experiments went in unexpected directions but that’s the process of discovery for you. This is the story of experiment B-117 or the stealth cacti.  Day four of Vull’s seven days of constant experimentation at 2:48 pm the cactus was enhanced with dark arcane forces.  Vull had literally no idea what he expected with this combination of magic and biomatter but he as always took intricate and detailed notes in the hopes that over the course of the next week he would learn something while studying his own words.  The cactus was sentient, not the first sentient plant Vull made but unlike all the others Vull thought experiment B-117 was a failure. Instead of heading to the greenhouse he was sent to the great compost to rot into fertilizer.  

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