Dead Wrong: Day Ten

Finally the double digits.

Day 10

Ron awoke unable to move the shroud was standing over him again.  “What do you actually want?” Ron questioned. “I’m shocked by your very existence.  I’m beginning to see why she chose you.”  the living shadow whispered.   “Perhaps I should have taken you before she made her move, claimed you as my own.” It said as its eyes began to glow a dim emerald.  “Who are you then?  I don’t think the reaper would do this you’d have the same boss as her.   Maybe you’re like the boogie man or something.”  Ron thought aloud before the shroud moved slightly and Ron’s throat clenched up as if a large hand were choking him.  “It shouldn’t matter who I am, keep going down this route and you will die.” The shroud said before vanishing.  Ron stood up annoyed, even used to the strange being as he was his heart was still pounding like it had the very first time he saw it.  “That thing never shows up when Lilith is around.” He thought aloud as he dragged himself towards the door just in time for his alarm to ring so had to turn back.  “I keep forgetting about you” he said annoyed.  

When he made it downstairs breakfast was made for him by Lilith dressed in a white apron.  “Good morning sleepy head.  Felt like being nice for a change.” Lilith explained as she pulled an apple pie from the oven setting it aside to cool off as the pair ate together.    “So you’re pretending you cooked?” Ron asked as he sat down to eat.  “I did cook” Lilith replied dryly.  “This looks too good to be your work, otherwise you’d never want my cooking.” Ron reasoned.  Lilith blushed slightly.  “I’m sorry I happen to like having food made for me, but I did get a great recipe for that pie.” Lilith answered trying to sound serious.  “I’m genuinely shocked.”  Ron said with a smile as he ate the food happily.   The two made it to school early and quickly found their seats.  “Do you need me to go to the grocery store?”  Lilith asked as other classmates walked in, doing her best to make it clear to everyone Ron was off limits.  “We are getting low on eggs and milk.” Ron replied not realising the real reason Lilith was asking.  “I’ll probably come up with a list of some things by the end of the school day.”  Ron added after a moment before turning to greet his other friends who were all seated and waiting for the class to begin.  “How’s domestic life treating you then?” Klye asked with a yawn.  “I’m managing just fine, though I don’t think I’m used to having someone else around all the time.”  Ron admitted.  “I don’t know how you were able to be alone for so long…”  Liz said shyly.  Ron looked her over confused she looked tired, very tired bags appeared under her eyes overnight and she seemed to be wearing the same clothes she had on the previous night.  “Are you doing okay?”  Ron asked.   Lilith held back her jealousy and just looked into her math book.  Everything in there had been a difficult thing for her to learn a few centuries earlier, she had no idea why Abellio stressed these lessons out of the blue, but she was grateful to be able to keep up with the mortals.  “Yeah there was an owl outside my window, but it didn’t seem to keep Alan up.”  She said with a yawn.  Alan looked as healthy as he usually did, Ron wondered for a moment why an owl would suddenly appear, they weren’t native to the area.  His thinking was cut short by the appearance of Mr. Remi who began their lesson with a loud rant about derivatives.  

At lunch Ron sat in his usual spot on the edge of the roof.   He kept staring at the students on the grounds playing or reading or eating.  He wondered what was bothering them, if they felt like their problems were the end of the world too.  His friends were talking to Lilith about something he couldn’t even be bothered to listen to.  His mind kept drifting to the man he let borrow his lighter.  It was in his hand clasped tight enough for the inscriptions to be marked on his skin. “So what’s this then if you know the mysterious Mr. Ingis better than anyone else?” Cindy asked with a smile.  “I can but I won’t, would you really tell everyone here about your most painful memories?” She asked staring at Ron wishing she could comfort him.  “He keeps his past hidden for two reasons.  Some of it is painful and the rest isn’t him anymore.” The goddess explained her voice drenched in sorrow.  

Ron walked home by himself after school his mind dwelling on the flames of his past and his many life decisions.  “How can I be her servant?  I have to make my family name mean something.”  He asked himself as he looked at the lighter he stole back from his aunt after she took everything from him.  The room grew colder, he expected it he was ready but the tears were still streaming down his face as he smiled at her. “Good evening Lilith.” Ron said in a pleasant tone as if everything were well.   “I’m here for you.” She whispered before laying at the floor by his feet like some kind of house pet.   “What are you doing?” Ron asked.  “Trying to be a good friend by being close but not intrusive”  Lilith said sounding just as confused.  Ron held back laughter.  “Something is probably wrong with you” Ron said shaking his head and smiling.  “Prefer to phrase it as something is right with me.” Lilith replied sticking her tongue out playfully.  Ron lost himself to the laughter.

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Dead Wrong: Day Nine

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Day 9

Ron awoke feeling warm. At first he assumed it meant he was alone but as he opened his eyes he saw her again. “Did you actually get the electric blanket?” He asked softly.   “Stay still I’m trying to cuddle.”  Lilith protested.  “Fine but only a little longer.”  Ron replied sounding annoyed. Lilith smiled huge and hugged him tighter happy to keep her eyes shut and pretend she was asleep.  Three minutes later Ron’s alarm clock began to ring.  “Fun time is over now for me to get up. You can stay in bed as long as you want.”  Ron said as he wiggled out of the goddess’s grasp and rushed over to grab his things and run to the shower.  LIlith stayed in the bed a little longer smiling to herself.  “Today is a good day.” She whispered to herself before vanishing to get supplies for Ron to cook into another delicious breakfast.  

“Perhaps I’ll convince Abellio to teach you how to cook better.” Lilith said  while munching into the meal Ron prepared for the two of them.  “If you don’t like my food then don’t eat.  Actually didn’t you say your kind don’t need to eat?” Ron asked pulling Lilith’s plate away.  The goddess’s eyes flashed red and the room became darker and colder instantly.  Instead of cowering in fear as he had many times before Ron simply began to chuckle to himself.  “You’re so mean.”  The lady in white protested while trying to reach past Ron to the plate.  “If I’m so mean, how can I be perfect?” Ron teased.  LIlith looked away shyly.  “Just because I don’t need to eat doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, I don’t need to lay in a bed every night either but I’ve been doing it since about a month after my death.” LIlith replied quietly as if too timid to exceed a whisper by very much.  “You died?”  Ron asked suddenly filled with concern.  Instead of explaining what she meant Lilith took his sudden change of stance as an opportunity to steal the plate.  “This is mine now.” She cheered before returning to her feasting. “You can’t just say stuff like that then keep it a secret.”  Ron protested.   “Eat your food, I’ll talk about it tonight or tomorrow, you have school then you’re coming with me to work.” Lilith replied while sticking out her tongue like a little kid.  

Ron was unfocused during school, if he hadn’t been so well versed in the subjects he would have easily failed every quiz of the day.  As it stood he had no idea what really happened at school his mind was too focused on The Lady in White’s death, even the task he’d be doing after the final bell held very little of his attention until the chime came.   He was on the roof of the school looking over his notes for the art project pretending he wasn’t about to find out what reaping souls was like.  “Why are you here Mr. Ingis?”  Doctor Kreatin asked seeming to just appear behind him.  “I’m waiting for Lilith, you assigned us to work together here so we are meeting each other up here” Ron said hoping she’d leave so she wouldn’t find out what he and The Lady in White were really up to.  “I expect you’re wanting privacy.” She said as if questioning him and his motives.   “I assure you I’m up to nothing inappropriate with Ms. Nior.” Ron said in response before the question popped into his mind.  “Do you know her personally?”  “I like to think I know every student I teach personally.  Really I just snoop into your social media presence and look at permanent records.” The teacher responded with a wicked grin as if she had some dark secret.   Ron looked her over as if trying to solve a mystery but before his mind could even form the question he was trying to answer he heard singing.  It wasn’t English and the rhythm sounded off as if it were some strange form of melody he’d never heard before, the only part of it that didn’t seem entirely alien was the voice.  

Lilith sang to herself as she ran up the stairs practically skipping as she approached.  To her shock her servant wasn’t alone, he was practically being interrogated by their art history teacher.   “Excuse me ma’am but I believe Ronald and I need to work on a project together.  You should know as well as anyone how easy it is to ruin the atmosphere of creativity” Lilith spoke the words politely enough but the message was clear.  Doctor Kreatin seemed to intentionally ignore what was implied a moment longer to say.  “Now I don’t want either of you getting into any kind of trouble tonight, believe me I will know.”  Before walking down the stairs.   “That lady I swear.” Lilith complained aloud before turning to Ron and smiling huge.   “Now I have you all to myself.” she whispered. Ron rolled his eyes, by the time he finished rolling them he noticed they were on top of a different building.  “I’ll need you to hold this apple. My friends tampered with it a little so you’ll be invisible to most mortals.” She said handing him a pink apple.  “Why is it weird…”  Ron questioned.   “It’s not for eating.”  Lilith said simply. “Wait you said most mortals can’t see me.  Which ones can?”  Ron asked as the goddess walked over to the door ready to begin her work.  “Just royals”  Lilith explained offhandedly as she walked down to her first few targets.  “They’re also the only mortals who can hear you talk so we’re probably safe to have you here.” She explained as she opened a door. Ron still hadn’t recognised what the building was yet.   When he followed her into the room it became clear instantly where they were.  The room was small but tidy it had three beds each occupied.  Two of them were also surrounded one by visitors family members most likely while the other had a worker on either side performing various tests and keeping track of vitals.  “I’m here twice a month or so to pick up anyone who is ready for my services.  I have many spots like this in my planner.   You’ll keep track of which retirement homes or hospitals I must visit and reschedule any if an emergency flares up.” Lilith whispered softly before going up to the unattended.  “No one’s even noticed you yet.  It’s been twenty minutes and a small child is playing two beds over.” She sighed to the last bed.  “There’s Mrs. Gibson scaring the nurses again.  But she’s not even on the maybe list for tonight.”  Lilith said pointing at the bed where the staff furiously tried to revive her. “You sure she’ll be okay?”  Ron questioned just before the sounds of a heart monitor began.   “Only three people have been on the definitely list and survived and the only people who die that aren’t on at least the maybe list were killed by gods.   We’ve got many places to visit.”  Lilith explained. Before touching the man she claimed was dead.  It was as if he stood up and was standing next to his dead body.  “Is it really over?” He asked sounding not heartbroken but a little disappointed.  “I know you wanted to make it another day so you could say goodbye to your daughter.”  Lilith replied sincerely.   “I wish I could be nicer.” Lilith added after a moment of thought.   “Will the others be joining us?” He asked as several other transparent elderly people floated into the room.  “retirement homes like this have made my job much easier.  Once I had to scour whole cities for three or four souls each day.  Now I stop at these places and get like twenty at a time.” Lilith explained to Ron.  The ghosts all came to her willingly and her form seemed to glow dimly as if she were the pale moon.  “What happens with accidents?”  Ron questioned before he noticed he was actually taking notes.   “Well i normally try to talk sense into them first but there is an option B she replied as the many souls seemed to fade into a small purse she had wrapped around her waist like some strange form of fannypack.   “If all other options are gone’ you’ve seen my scythe”  Lilith explained Before taking him to a hospital to do the same thing.  Sixteen locations later the pair stood on a rooftop in a city Ron didn’t recognize but was almost certain it had to be near his home.   “Now I’ll show you how I catch some of the strays, you just wait here and look down at the streets.  I give each city at least twenty minutes a week of time for me to come through then there’s special appointments and emergencies.”  Lilith explained Before vanishing reappearing down on the streets.  Ron watched his goddess zooming through the city at break neck speeds her scythe in hand occasionally swinging to pull stray souls from wherever they hid.

“What are you doing up here!?” A male voice demanded from somewhere behind Ron. Ron turned to see who i5 was, The man was in a business suit he probably worked in the building.  “Nothing, what about you?” Ron asked trying his best to sound as aloof as Kyle.  “I don’t know if you’re someone’s kid or an intern but please tell me you’ve got a spare lighter” the man said after a second which felt more like a short agonizing eternity to Ron.  He fumbled around his pockets and found it, the lighter was older than him but he almost never needed it.  “Only one, kind of a family thing so try not to drop it.” Ron replied tossing it over.   The man lit a cigarette and took a long drag.  “I don’t know why you’re here kid but, try not to end up like me.” He said after letting out a long stream of smoke.  “You mean smoking?” Ron asked confused.  “No one cares about that, be less stressed at the cost of a higher chance at cancer is a choice anyone can make once grown up.  I mean stuck in some hob you thought you’d love just because of the money.   I’m an accountant, my whole life is nothing but numbers. My wife thinks I’m boring.  Maybe someday she’ll be so bored she’ll leave me.  I’m pretty sure so far she’s relieving her boredom with the help of the gardener.” He said before taking another long drag.  “I’ll try to keep that in mind sir” Ron said wondering where Lilith went while he was distracted.  The man tossed back the lighter.  Ron’s eyes followed his keepsake closely once it was safely in his hands he noticed the man was already halfway down the side of the building after leaping.   Lilith appeared at his side and pulled the soul out before it hit the ground.  “Perhaps I should take you home now.” Lilith said sadly as she appeared behind Ron.  “I think I’m tired, that’s probably for the best.” Ron responded before he blinked and was back in his room.  

“I’m sorry I thought he’d leap from a window not the roof.  I also forgot he was a royal so he probably said something to you and now you’re creeped out and you hate me.”  The Lady in White said so fast Ron could barely keep up. “I don’t hate you, I wish I could have helped him.  But I don’t think it’s your fault that guy had a terrible life.”  Ron said calmly as if unaffected by what just transpired.  “I have class tomorrow, we have class tomorrow.” Ron said sternly as if trying to impose order wherever chaos emerged.   “May I stay in your bed?” Lilith asked. “First time you’ve asked permission….  I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as you get that electric blanket first again.” Ron said before leaving for the bathroom.

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Dead Wrong: Day Eight

I didn’t expect to post this frequently especially since I actually had to write this day after some of the first few came out.   This really helped me get back into writing so that’s just swell!

Day 8

Ron awoke confused, he was back in the strange place where he first met the lady in white.  “Why didn’t you tell me you planned to move me in my sleep?” He asked as he stretched out before yawning loudly.  There was no reply.  Ron got up slowly, still dazed from bizarre dreams and being in the wrong bed.  He looked around and discovered things weren’t as he first thought.  This room looked similar to Lilith’s, but the colours were different.  This room was a pale pink instead of white, and it had golden accents around the edges, as if someone tried to copy her, or perhaps she was copying them.   He ran to the window expecting to see the same town the Apple family lived in but instead he saw a strange new place with Greco-Roman architecture.  “Where am I?” Ron questioned fully expecting someone or something to just appear and explain.   Silence was the only response he received.  Ron walked to the door expecting to find it unlocked, he was wrong again.
Lilith appeared in Ron’s room excited to wake him for their day together.  “Good morning my perfect servant” She practically and while handing him a plate of food prepared by gods just for him.  He didn’t take the food, he wasn’t there at all.  Lilith screeched loudly in shock the voice of a death god causing a stir in all living creatures within a mile of Ron’s room, filling the world with dread.  Lilith teleported to her friend Addie doing her best to hold back tears. “Someone took him.” She cried out in sorrow.  “What do you mean?” The queen asked looking up from the book which previously held her attention to see her best friend completely disheveled as if everything about her was rearranged in the last few minutes since she showed up demanding food for her human.  “Who would be stupid enough to go against us?  We even got the council on our side to help avoid this sort of thing.”  Addie complained while standing up and ringing a small bell which called her son Malic to come.  “I need to find someone” she said without any further explanation.  The demigod vanished, eager to find what was lost as if it were his true purpose in life.   The queen then hugged her best friend trying her best to reassure the goddess that all would be well soon enough.
Ron put together the supplies he found about the room eager to make his escape and unwilling to wait for anyone to come rescue him.  If the goddess kept calling him so perfect then surely he must be good enough to escape a simple locked room he reasoned before picking the lock with a rusty sewing needle he unearthed from beneath the bed.   While the room looked similar to the one Lilith took him to the rest of the building was completely different, less modern in every way.  It looked almost like an old castle in the hallways Ron moved through making his way higher and higher up the building, remembering the advice from Lilith.  

Ron snuck to the top of the building finding his way out with total silence.   Once there he took a few deep breaths before scaling down the side of the strange prison.   The ground was comfortably solid, he felt an urge to hug the ground.  “Such a primitive trap for a god to set, I wonder which one is to blame.”  Ron thought aloud as he began walking into the strange town the back of his mind told him he was there before but nothing came to mind.  He heard the flapping of wings as what looked like a cross between a faerie and some fat baby flew over to him with a scowl he had to use all his willpower not to laugh at.  “It’s you, no wonder there’s a human in Olympus.  Where is the Lady in White?” The creature asked with the voice of a fully grown adult.  Ron was shocked he managed to form words without a single chuckle.  “I’m sorry sir, I seem to be separated from her, can you help me please?” He asked looking down to keep from smirking.  “Fine, follow me, perhaps my mistress can help. She’s taken a liking to you and your future mistress.” The creature replied floating away for Ron to follow.  
Ron was lead to one of the marble buildings with a mostly pink and red exterior while the inside was pink and gold.  “Why is this place so… Over the top?”  Ron asked, choosing his words carefully.  “Isn’t it lovely?” Venus asked appearing from thin air.  “It might be for some” Ron said politely.  “Do you not like classical beauty?” She asked leaning forward to inspect him closer, or maybe to tempt him by showing off how low cut her gown was and how tight it was on her sizable chest.   “I don’t think it’s really my aesthetic.” Ron replied feeling annoyed by the blonde goddess though he wasn’t sure what she did wrong.  “Just let the Lady in White know I’m here so she can pick me up.” Ron requested calmly.  “Oh but of course.” Venus said smiling huge.  “Although, I could easily take you home myself,” she added with a wink.   “Thank you, but I need to have words with her.” Ron responded holding back a sudden urge to yell despite the images of him and Venus together appearing in his head as if from nowhere.   The smile on Venus’s face seemed unnaturally huge as she left to inform Lilith.

Lilith paced back and forth on the school library’s ceiling Athena urging her to calm down and think rationally. “We will find him, that’s not the issue you should be concerned with.”  Athena explained sadly.  “What’s wrong?” Lilith asked taken aback by the words.  “You do know he will grow old and die no matter what you do?  Even if you avoid laying with him, not to mention how you have a chance of him getting any number of deadly diseases from you after you reap sickly humans” Athena explained.  “What are you saying exactly?” Lilith asked knowing the answer already.  “I cannot recommend this unless you have some way around the many roadblocks, it was fine when you wanted to try and find a god but a mortal, you’re mortality itself.” Athena explained sadly.  “What about the fountain, I promised never to tell anyone but Abellio found it, that was part of what helped the queen.” Lilith questioned hoping she didn’t sound like she was panicking worse than before. “Yes that’s true.  But I’ve seen his notes, the fountain moved, he doesn’t know where it went.” Athena replied with a sad yet sympathetic smile.  Lilith didn’t care for her pity, the goddess of death simply vanished returning to her home in order to wallow in her sorrow.  Her home, or one of them was a single room buried underground, Abellio often called it her coffin but it was perfect for when you needed time alone.  The goddess threw herself on the bed and began to weep.   Her black tears stained the perfectly white blankets but it mattered not as the moment she slept under them they’d be bleached once more.  “He’s only been gone a short time why are you crying like you’ve given up?” Venus asked as she appeared.  “Because he might as well be gone for good, Athena said the fountain is gone, how can I keep him, and worse she says I might kill him just by being around him.” Lilith said between sobs.  “Well that’s a problem for tomorrow, right now you should just come to my house and collect him.”  Venus replied with a smirk.  The Lady in White smiled, her face still covered in black tears.  “You look like you haven’t given up to me, you two are probably at around 46% chance of working.  But I feel confident.” Venus explained before bringing death into her home.  

Ron could feel her presence, the room grew colder before she arrived. It made him smile.  Lilith instantly hugged him and Ron made no attempt to stop her instead wrapping his arms around her while making his usual complaints.  “You’re still too cold” he whispered softly.  “That’s too bad” she said with a childish grin so large it seemed unnatural and probably was.  “I’m sorry if I worried you, I think someone took me in my sleep, is that common among the gods?”  Ron inquired as he wiggled out of the cold embrace.  “Shockingly so” Venus said as she walked away to give the pair privacy.  “Do not fret, I will protect you” Lilith said her smile unfinished by the hug’s end.  “I believe you.” Ron replied as he looked over the goddess as if seeing her for the first time.  The Lady in White resisted the urge to blush as she stood there under his gaze uncertain as to what if anything it could mean. “Will you bring me home?” Ron asked.  “Yes of course. I’m sorry I didn’t think anyone would try to take you.”  Lilith explained as they appeared appeared back in Ron’s house.  “What time is it?” Ron questioned as he dove into his bed his eyes never leaving Lilith.  “around eight pm, you have time to start your studying.”   the goddess responded handing him a text book. “I was supposed to see your work…” Ron said sadly.  “You can do that after school tomorrow.” Lilith whispered reassuringly making Ron feel at ease as if a burden had been lifted.  They spent the night together in silence. Lilith knew how much Ron appreciated his study time even if he already knew what was in the books.     

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Dead Wrong: Day Seven

I haven’t finidhed writing day 8 at the time of uploading and scheduling this post so it might not come out tomorrow.  Won’t that be funny.

Day 7

Ron awoke in his warm bed without any frozen spots to disrupt things or shrouded figures to antagonise him, things were at peace.  Ron looked around feeling concerned as he went to make breakfast for two expecting the lady in white, expecting Lilith, to appear demanding her share, she didn’t.  “You must be busy today.” Ron said aloud as if he thought she could hear him.  He put her plate of food into the fridge for her and went to the bathroom to get ready for his day.  It was Saturday so the only thing planned was heading to the library to study with his friends.  Ron was awake earlier than intended, too used to interruptions from celestial beings to sleep in.  He brushed his teeth got ready to go and just read for an hour the only sound were that of his watch ticking a subtle reminder he didn’t have much time to find a replacement, and a reminder that he was alone.

Ron walked at a slow pace to the library, for the first time since he’d been back he felt like he wasn’t being rushed, but it wasn’t relaxing just unsettling.  He arrived five minutes early, Mindy was the only one there she seemed to be frowning.  “ Did she cancel on us?” The young woman asked sounding disappointed. “Who?” Ron asked taking his usual spot.  “Lilith Noir, she said she’d been living on your couch for a few days, so when she asked to come I assumed she came with you, unless she doesn’t want anyone else to think you’re sleeping together.” Mindy said while pulling out her books on philosophy, a class she took without Ron.  “Who thinks that?” Ron asked trying not to sound shocked, even in his wild days he’d never been with a woman back then he wanted to go crazy because he wanted to die not start a family.   “The twins but I told them the truth, hopefully they believe it, I mean the way Lizzy looked you could have sworn the two of you had been dating for years and she found you in bed with Lilith.”  Mindy said her voice sounding both like she didn’t care and like she watched too much daytime television.  “Well she never mentioned coming to this to me, and she has crazy hours with her job. That’s why she never bothered with a real apartment she just needs a place to crash if she gets off at five pm or six am.” Ron lied, making sure to weave in aspects of truth into it so he could say it with the confidence of a true statement.  It was enough to fool Mindy but not enough to stop her from being suspicious.   “And you don’t know what she does?” Mindy asked sounding disinterested but Ron knew better, Mindy had decided Lilith was her newest mystery to solve, her latest case.  “Don’t make a big deal out of it.” Ron said as he often did when Mindy felt the need to solve some mystery about him, it occasionally worked too. “No, this isn’t just someone in your past, this isn’t someone you used to know.  She isn’t just a part of the old Ron.  She’s here now and I would like to become friends with her.  So I won’t let this one go.”  Mindy said smiling like a crazy person. The twins were the next to arrive taking opposite sides of the table letting Liz sat next to Ron and leaving the two heads of the table open so Kyle could have his pick. “Hello,” Liz said shyly as she took her place while her brother said nothing just smiling trying to encourage his sister to try.  “Are you okay?  Mindy said you felt upset earlier.” Ron asked trying not to focus on the huge problem Mindy was about to become.  “I had a moment, but I’m better.” She said looking away and holding back tears.   Ron placed one of his hands on hers and smiled. “If you need to talk about it I’m always here.” He said hoping to reassure her he wasn’t interested in Lilith.   Ron and Liz blushed for a moment then started their studying, Kyle showed up a few minutes later complaining about waking up on a Saturday before noon.  “It’s fine Kyle we all do it, you’ll be fine once you get your head in a book.” Mindy said knowing that things would happen exactly the same as always.  After a few minutes of silence Ron began to lose focus on his studies, he wasn’t sure why at first but slowly the reasoning became clear to him.  Ron looked around the library hoping to find some trace of her, some sign she was still following him or anything, proof Lilith hadn’t abandoned him.  “What are you looking at Mindy asked looking up from her notes with an expression which signified she asked an earlier question Ron failed to hear.  “Nothing, I thought I saw something, but I guess I was wrong.” Ron said looking back down at his books hoping they didn’t realise what he was doing.  “So about the math homework?” Mindy asked again so that Ron would finally explain.  

After studying with his friends Ron took a walk in the park feeling confused, he needed time to think.  “Why do I care?  This is stupid, I should be focused on finding someone to replace me.” Ron said sounding annoyed as he marched into the small wooded area just beyond the cyclist path.  “I just need to focus on getting things done so I don’t end up serving her forever…” Ron said sounding less determined about it than ever before.  Addie appeared in a nearby branch when Ron finally came to a stop after walking for half an hour.  “Good afternoon Ronald.” She said in a formal tone.  “Greetings, do you know where The Lady in White is?” Ron asked trying not to sound desperate.  “She’s around, she wanted to give you some space, I told her if she didn’t say anything you’d just feel like you imagined the whole thing so I showed up.” Addie explained while eating an apple and staring up into the sky.   “Thank you for letting me know, I was beginning to worry about her.” Ron readily admitted still denying how much he missed his goddess.  “You know if you want to see her sooner you can always call out to her.” Addie said smiling like she knew a secret.  “I’ll try to keep that in mind ma’am.” Ron said bowing respectfully as the queen dropped from her perch vanishing behind a bush though Ron couldn’t tell if it was by magic or just a keen understanding of the wild.  Ron stood there staring at the trees wondering what to do with himself. “I don’t understand…” Ron said feeling confused.   No voices replied no spirits spoke to him, there was only silence so he felt nothing but his own loneliness.  Everything he worked for over the past few years felt pointless, he was empty and  he didn’t know why, or at least he didn’t want to admit it.  

Ron arrived at his home a few hours later and practically threw himself at the couch, he stared almost lifelessly up at the ceiling.  He was a piece of driftwood that just happened to end up at the right place though, there was no thought of what he should do next no plans no determination he simply mindlessly went through the motions like being carried by the currents.   Ron knew he should be studying but his mind refused to focus on anything but his goddess and he knew exactly why now. He hurt her, she didn’t leave to give him a break she left in sorrow.  Ron just wallowed in self pity for a few minutes before his mind shocked him with a new plan, one to make things up to her.  An hour later Ron was ready to enact his plan.  “Lady in White, I summon thee.” Ron shouted into the darkness of the night.  He couldn’t see anything different, but he felt a cold overcome the room, he knew she was near so he left his bedroom expecting her to follow or appear.   When he reached his kitchen table she appeared in the chair opposites, his looking annoyed with him.  “What do you want Ron.” She said while looking away.  “I figured I owed you a diner still after you gave me one, thank you for giving me a day off, I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Ron said while revealing the food he prepared for her.  “This looks good.” Lilith said sounding oddly unimpressed with the food before her.  “Well I should hope it’s better than it looks if that’s your reaction.” Ron said getting up and messing up Lilith’s hair with his hand while going to grab a plate of his own.   “I’m sorry too, I guess I didn’t really think things through, forcing you to be a servant like that.”  Lilith said sounding formal and almost without emotion, like the night they met.   “I was wondering about that.” Ron said staring at his steak poking at it with his fork but not taking a bite.   Lilith looked over at Ron for the first time since arriving she looked sad but confused.  “I want to go with you tomorrow, I have nothing planned and I need to figure out what kind of work serving you requires if I’m to determine the best replacement.” Ron explained shyly.  “Oh I see, one day without me and you miss me so much you wish to spend the entire day with me.” Lilith said blushing slightly, luckily for her Ron failed to notice this over his own stammering in an attempt to explain himself.  Soon the two were laughing at each other.

“I will see you in the morning” Lilith said looking away shyly her mind filled with happy thoughts.  “If you have to go then that’s fine” Ron said as he began to wash his plate.  “Wait, so I can stay?” She asked trying not to sound too excited.  “I couldn’t stop you if I tried.”  Ron replied before taking her plate as well.  

This was my favourite day of them all. First week complete.