Dead Wrong: Day Ten

So thn I posted a thing and pretended I didn’t vanish for months.

Day 10

Ron awoke unable to move the shroud was standing over him again. “What do you actually want?” Ron questioned. “I’m shocked by your very existence. I’m beginning to see why she chose you.” the living shadow whispered. “Perhaps I should have taken you before she made her move, claimed you as my own.” It said as its eyes began to glow a dim emerald. “Who are you then? I don’t think the reaper would do this you’d have the same boss as her. Maybe you’re like the boogie man or something.” Ron thought aloud before the shroud moved slightly and Ron’s throat clenched up as if a large hand were choking him. “It shouldn’t matter who I am, keep going down this route and you will die.” The shroud said before vanishing. Ron stood up annoyed, even used to the strange being as he was his heart was still pounding like it had the very first time he saw it. “That thing never shows up when Lilith is around.” He thought aloud as he dragged himself towards the door just in time for his alarm to ring making him turn back. “I keep forgetting about you” he said annoyed.

When he made it downstairs breakfast was made for him by Lilith dressed in a white apron. “Good morning sleepy head. Felt like being nice for a change.” Lilith explained as she pulled an apple pie from the oven setting it aside to cool off as the pair ate together. “So you’re pretending you cooked?” Ron asked as he sat down to eat. “I did cook” Lilith replied dryly. “This looks too good to be your work, otherwise you’d never want my cooking.” Ron reasoned. Lilith blushed slightly. “I’m sorry I happen to like having food made for me, but I did get a great recipe for that pie.” Lilith answered trying to sound serious. “I’m genuinely shocked.” Ron said with a smile as he ate the food happily. The two made it to school early and quickly found their seats. “Do you need me to go to the grocery store?” Lilith asked as other classmates walked in, doing her best to make it clear to everyone Ron was off limits. “We are getting low on eggs and milk.” Ron replied not realising the real reason Lilith was asking. “I’ll probably come up with a list of some things by the end of the school day.” Ron added after a moment before turning to greet his other friends who were all seated and waiting for the class to begin. “How’s domestic life treating you then?” Klye asked with a yawn. “I’m managing just fine, though I don’t think I’m used to having someone else around all the time.” Ron admitted. “I don’t know how you were able to be alone for so long…” Liz said shyly. Ron looked her over confused she looked tired, very tired bags appeared under her eyes overnight and she seemed to be wearing the same clothes she had on the previous night. “Are you doing okay?” Ron asked. Lilith held back her jealousy and just looked into her math book. Everything in there had been a difficult thing for her to learn a few centuries earlier, she had no idea why Abellio stressed these lessons out of the blue, but she was grateful to be able to keep up with the mortals. “Yeah there was an owl outside my window, but it didn’t seem to keep Alan up.” She said with a yawn. Alan looked as healthy as he usually did, Ron wondered for a moment why an owl would suddenly appear, they weren’t native to the area. His thinking was cut short by the appearance of Mr. Remi who began their lesson with a loud rant about derivatives.

At lunch Ron sat in his usual spot on the edge of the roof. He kept staring at the students on the grounds playing or reading or eating. He wondered what was bothering them, if they felt like their problems were the end of the world too. His friends were talking to Lilith about something he couldn’t even be bothered to listen to. His mind kept drifting to the man he let borrow his lighter. It was in his hand clasped tight enough for the inscriptions to be marked on his skin. “So what’s this then if you know the mysterious Mr. Ingis better than anyone else?” Cindy asked with a smile. “I can but I won’t, would you really tell everyone here about your most painful memories?” She asked staring at Ron wishing she could comfort him. “He keeps his past hidden for two reasons. Some of it is painful and the rest isn’t him anymore.” The goddess explained her voice drenched in sorrow.

Ron walked home by himself after school his mind dwelling on the flames of his past and his many life decisions. “How can I be her servant? I have to make my family name mean something.” He asked himself as he looked at the lighter he stole back from his aunt after she took everything from him. The room grew colder, he expected it he was ready but the tears were still streaming down his face as he smiled at her. “Good evening Lilith.” Ron said in a pleasant tone as if everything were well. “I’m here for you.” She whispered before laying at the floor by his feet like some kind of house pet. “What are you doing?” Ron asked. “Trying to be a good friend by being close but not intrusive” Lilith said sounding just as confused. Ron held back laughter. “Something is probably wrong with you” Ron said shaking his head and smiling. “Prefer to phrase it as something is right with me.” Lilith replied sticking her tongue out playfully. Ron lost himself to the laughter.