Iron Throne Saga: The Surface

“Interlopers, I need not prove my powers further, your fear flavours the air around us, I can smell it I can see it, I can taste it.” The shadowy figure whispered coldly causing Emerald and Chuck to freeze in place. “I hunger and you have no food, bring me to the surface that I may bask in the sunlight, devour some fresh fruit.” It said while leaning against the wall. “We were hired to steal some old throne.” Chuck said still confused. “My throne is no mere chair to be taken it is a part of the resurrection chamber, which I will repair later it is made with my unique physiology in mind so I can be shut off long term, that I may better serve the eternal queen.” the creature explained simply. “No one knows where she is and the sun is blocked by Nal V’hual’s dark clouds.” Emerald explained. “I’m guessing you’re the brains and magic while he’s the warrior and cook.” The creature summarized. “He doesn’t cook.” Emerald said calmly. “He’ll learn.” The creature replied forcefully. “Now bring me to the surface I tire of this decrepit palace.” He insisted prompting the thieves to lead him to their escape rope.
Once on the surface the creature seemed to melt into a liquid stretching over the ground as if embracing it in a large hug, he reformed quickly enough. “The land lacks nutrients.” the creature complained. “What are you?” Emerald asked. “Names are irrelevant, I am the perfect guardian, and I exist to serve the eternal queen.” The creature explained simply. “I’m going to hunt us down a wabowak.” Chuck said lifting an ax and walking away. “I don’t know what that is.” The creature replied dimly. “They’re our main source of food, they eat moss which grows on their backs but they can’t reach their own backs so they feed off one another.” Emerald explained. “And you call them Wabowaks?” The creature asked. “Names are irrelevant.” Emerald replied smugly.

Just pretend it’s okay fake it till you make it you can take it just don’t break it. Why am I rhyming? Whatever I’m sad. I don’t know why, but it’s been a few days of this so far… I hope this isn’t my new default. I don’t know I thought writing it here would make me feel better but no one reads this even if someone did all that would happen is you’d feel bad for me and we’d both be sad.


No Tears Until the Ending

I’ve been writing stories of novel length for years, but only ever ended one. Having a story so close to the close makes me feel sad. Ending a chapter doesn’t affect me this way, so how then can the book’s end do this when I’ve literally already began working on squeals? Endings are always sad, at least for me. I put so much of my heart and soul into these worlds and as long as I’m writing they feel so alive, but when it’s over, it’s like a part of me has died. Not a big part where I should cry about it, at least not this time. But I know that the story is now beyond me it is a separate entity some book written by me instead of the thoughts in my head. But that’s what I wanted, the whole reason for writing. Still it saddens me, just a little. Just remember friends of Echo, even happy endings are still endings.
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