Blood Rose Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Dead Rose and Tomb Toad


The Blood Rose and Soul Thorn stood in knee deep muck, no frog appeared.  “Why is this place so crazy?” Thorn questioned. “I think these are various forms of the afterlife which are spliced together so we can get around.”  Rose said admitting her secret thoughts. “Wise blood and strong soul, please be prepared to face the tomb.” The mask said appearing in front of them.  “Count down in your mind for he approaches.” The masked man added while holding up five fingers. The guid vanished a moment later a large mud brown creature appeared almost as if it were a part of the marsh around them.   “Darkness indeed, this creature is large enough to blot out the sun.” Thorn remarked. “My treasure chest had a much happier message.” Rose replied dryly while launching a few arrows at the creature, they bounced off with little effect.  “This is dumb.” She added. Thorn smirked and ran at the creature with his daggers. His blades sank into the almost blubbery flesh of the creature but the toad’s skin and size was so great that no harm was registered by the beast which didn’t seem to notice them.  “I’ll slay you!” Thorn shouted. “I think this has been done before.” Rose said softly. “What do you mean?” Thorn asked. “No, not just done before, but by us, different combinations of people trying to find one that actually works.” Rose said finally understanding the situation.  “That’s not possible.” Thorn dismissed. “Tomb by blood and spirit, by soul and blade you’ve lived in death far too long, join us instead of work against us.” Rose said as if it were a prayer. The toad looked down at the two for the first time as if it finally found them worthy of attention.  “You’ve upset it.” Thorn said using the bow staff as a pole vault to launch himself at the beast. The toad hopped dodging thorn and landing right where Rose should have been. She wasn’t there, for the moment she wasn’t anywhere. Dressed in all red Rose reappeared on the head of the brown toad.  “Tomb I’ve offered you a mercy, do not think for one moment I was seeking pity, we’re both trapped here until you join us or die to us.” She said her voice harsh like an angry wolf. Thorn was taken aback by this change. “Stop trying to act tough Soul Thorn, unlock your true form so we can end this felamphibian and progress to the next challenge.”  Rose ordered. Thorn felt obligated to obey, but he had absolutely no idea what she meant. “Oh look the red one remembers.” The lady in white said as she appeared with the masked guid. “Yes, it is very possible that I’ll be freed this time.” The guide replied. “You’d be the second resurrection on my watch this year.” The lady in white added sadly.  “That wolfman?” The guide asked. “Let’s burn this tomb make him regret turning me down.” Rose shrieked. “That one is too reckless you better plan to rein them in.” The Lady in White added. “Even if she doesn’t win this time, this is the combination. It may take one million attempts but Blood Rose and Soul Thorn are going to be returned.” The guide cheered.  “Fine, then let us add a catch, I shall have them sent to another year, an earlier one.” The Lady in White smirked as if she’d finally decided how to actually win her almost unending confrontation with the mask.

Blood Rose Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Dead Rose and Soul Thorn


The sky was green with clouds of red which often glowed a dim purple from the oddly coloured lightning the sounds of thunder echoed through what must have been a wasteland.  “So is this hell?” Rose asked her guide. “No, it’s more of a, well maybe to some but I guess we can say that of everywhere, I knew a guy who left heaven once claimed it was torment.”  The guide explained as they moved through the rubble of what appeared to be a destroyed city. “Try not to focus on where we are though, just on where we’re going it’s not the journey it is the destination. Blood.”  He explained. “What did you just call me?” Rose quisted. “I called you strangeling, as in one who is strange because stranger would be false as I know you so well.” The masked guide explained. “I’m pretty sure you just called me blood…”  “Yes well I call people a lot of things like I call myself mask masque and guide.” The guide replied. “Those first two are the same thing.” Rose argued. “Fine would you rather I call you Turnip?” “Why would you call me that?” She questioned.  “Why would I call you Blood?” He replied. “I don’t know I was trying to find out.” “Well if you insist then I guess I can call you Blood, though I feel it’s an odd nom de gras.” The Mask Guide quipped.
“Being dead sucks, why do my feet have to hurt from walking and why do I not have shoes on? I have these weird black clothes which I wasn’t wearing when I died and it’s not even what I had on in the trainstation… When did I change?”  Rose asked. “We look how we do where we are, and we’ll look different when we’re somewhere else that’s how it works here, you had on boots in the train station by the way, just in case you didn’t notice.” The mask explained. “I hate this my feet are all bruised.”  She complained. “Technically your feet aren’t bruised they’re crushed under large branches these feet aren’t real they’re a gift from this environment so it can be as nice or mean to them as it wants.” The mask reminded her as if this were explained before many many times, it wasn’t.  “How long have we been walking?” Rose asked. “Silly Blood, Time is meaningless in the land of the dead, all that matters is getting to the place so we can gaze upon the opening and make our wish to the three.” The mask replied. “NONE OF THAT MEANS ANYTHING TO ME” Rose yelled. “We’re on a mountain now.”  The guide said pointing out the sudden change of scenery from the ruined city. “When did this happen?” Rose asked. “I just told you there is no when, now let us find you a Soul or Spirit.” The mask said climbing up the icy terrain towards a stone structure with a huge door facing the cliffside. “I get it, making sense isn’t important so I shouldn’t focus on the details for now.”  Rose said as she started to climb only to find herself instantly inside without her guide.

“Guide where are you?”  Shouted a man around the same age as Rose or at least he appeared to be a similar age Rose no longer trusted appearance or time.  “You’ve got a guide too?” Rose asked curiously. “Yes the name is Thorn, and who might you be?” The man questioned. “I don’t believe you, the guide must have lead us both here as a joke or something.”  Rose complained aloud. “What do you mean?” Thorn asked. “I’m Rose.” She explained. “Oh I get it, that’s not very clever of him, I expected more of the masked madman.” Thorn replied shaking his head and smirking.  “Did he tell you we’re dead?” Rose questioned. “Yes then started ranting about defying destiny through the power of friendship. Like some kind of children’s film.” Thorn explained before the mask appeared floating before them without anyone behind it.  “Good good, you’re both here, now onto the next challenge defeat the toad and get on the boat your bodies are rotting no time to lose when no time is left.” the voice of the guide came through as if the mask were the real him, perhaps it was, or would be. “What do you want now?”  Rose questioned. “I want you two to find your footing of course.” The mask spoke as the two before him began to fall the floor suddenly gone as if it were simply dismissed. “Does he keep doing this to you too?” Thorn asked. “No, usually he just confuses me so I feel like I’m falling, but  I’m actually just walking.” Rose said sounding almost bored as if she’d had enough of all this nonsense. “What’s wrong with you…” Thorn complained as the world went dark only for them to find themselves in a field of sunflowers. A lady dressed in all white stood before them looking themover.  “Are these the new recruits? Where does that mask find these weirdos.” She complained to herself. “Umm what’s going on?” Rose asked. “If your team of two or three defeats the giant toad I shall grant you a second life, to fulfil your dreams or reclaim your riches.” The Lady in White said with a smile while pointing out into the distance.  “Go that way, you’ll be in the marsh you’ll see the toad, go the other way you’ll see the withered flowers and find your weapons, choose wisely.” The lady said before vanishing.

The two followed these directions as it was the first clear statement about what was going on since their deaths.   “Darkness comes and darkness goes, but death dwells here, grab blade or bow before you go, pleas face your dark fear.”  Thorn said while opening a chest. “Umm what are you saying?” Rose asked. “That’s what it says on the inside of this chest.”  He replied while taking dual daggers and a bow staff. Rose shook her head and took from a second chest a bow and quiver as well as a whip that looked like vines.  “What do you think fighting a giant Toad will be like?” She asked before noticing something small glittering at the bottom of the chest she opened passed many axes and blades.  “I don’t know.” Thorn said as Rose grabbed a third weapon without him noticing. “Well let’s try to get this over with, I’ve got some living to do.” Thorn replied simply as he began running towards where a swamp was set to appear. soon.

The Blood Rose Chapter One

Chapter one:
Dead Rose and Spirit Mask.

It was a perfect day. The rain battered at their tent and the winds threatened to snatch the whole thing, making their hearts beat faster though this sound was silenced by the nearby thunder. Nonetheless Erik had never been happier. He was finally going to confess his feelings for his lifelong friend Rose Thornbrooke. He looked at her hope and courage welling up from deep within as he began to speak, “I have something to tell you Ro.” She covered his mouth hushing him. “Did you hear that it sounds like footsteps?” He looked confused as he started to shiver from all the freezing rain seeping through the recently added tears of his favourite tent. Seeing him suffering at the hands of the elements Rose hugged him hoping their combined body heat would be sufficient to preserve them through what would undoubtedly be a traumatic experience. And then they died.
To say the story ends there is to be disingenuous. The sound Rose mistook for footsteps was the sound of a branch beginning to snap, it soon crushed both her and her soulmate ending them moments before they could truly find each other. This torment this heartbreak this abrupt shift would have been traumatic enough on it’s own but things quickly went from horrible to worse. Rose awoke in a train station the only noise she could hear was that of ticking clocks and the shifting sands of a thousand hour glasses. She of course saw none of this, just trains passing slowly never stopping because no one save for her was there to even consider boarding.
“Hello strangeling, I will be your guide,” spoke a voice from behind. As she turned Rose was greeted with a yellow smiley face mask. “What are you?” She asked resisting the urge to jump back in fear at the man who clearly wasn’t there a moment ago. “Hello strangeilng I, will be your guide,” he repeated emphasising the word I this time. “I see your point, I guess you did just tell me that, but what do I call you?” Rose asked calming down a little. “Hello strangeling,” the man started once more before she interrupted. “Okay I get it you’re my guide I’ll call you guide and you are my guide. Can you say anything else?” Rose asked unsure which of the two people in the train station was acting foolishly. “I answer questions, and I lead you on your way.” The masked guide said. “Where are we, and what time is it?” Rose asked as she began to understand what was going on. “You’re out of time.” Spoke the guide with a tone that sounded to Rose as if he had a mischievous grin on his covered face. “I thought you said you answered questions, not state random things.” Rose complained more to herself than to what was clearly the physical embodiment of madness. “I did say, and I did as I said.” He said practically laughing. “But where am I? Rose asked as she frantically looked left right up and down struggling not to panic as the reality of her situation was finally beginning to dawn on her. “There is no ‘where’ without a when and you are out of time, so I guess this is what you think nowhere looks like. Spacious enough, but mine was a desert.” The mask said as he hopped backwards to give rose the room she needed. Rose instantly began to cry.
“According to the paperwork it was quick, painless and you were smiling. Folks in charge like to call that the perfect storm, at least I think they do, never met anyone actually in charge of anything in person, or would it be in spirit, either way.” rambled the mask as he watched her fall down into the fetal position sobbing uncontrollably. “I’ll stand here and wait for you to be strong,” he said in a serious tone which shook what was left of the shattered girl to her very core. “Why would I be strong, why should I be strong? I’ve just lost everything!!” Rose screamed finally snapping, she leaped to her feet with a stern look on her face. “You’re special, you have something most don’t, call it a favour from the men upstairs, though it could very well be from the great below, the after life is a mystery even to the dead,” the mask said as he began circling Rose, eyeing her up and down from beyond his mask. “What do I have?” Rose asked her confusion dampening the fury she felt a moment ago. “Hello strangeling, I will be your guide.” The mask repeated in a sing-song voice.
“Don’t worry you weren’t really happy with your life anyway, except for the last few moments you experienced misery often and over such trivial things too, just be glad it ended on a high note.”  

The Realms Of Aether

Look how easy it is to make up an entire world for stories to take place in, anyone want to make up a tale or two in this world?

The Fel

In the primordial nothing realms and worlds would pop in and out of existence as if nothing were impossible. No one is sure how the divines forged themselves in this cosmic kiln but it is believed doing so stabilized a realm of chaos. The early humans knew of this world a chaos beyond the darkness and older than the light. They believed it to be the old world where life came from a fallen world corrupted beyond redemption by a s strange green light known to all as the fel. There are only a handful of lives native to the felscape most fel beings descended from aether lifeforms trapped in the Felscape. A few horses ended up in the wing plane of existence and now we have the felhorses. One native species is the dreaded hexbeast it is believed they are the one taking creatures to form new fel creatures.
Gold Blaze the brave was the first to capture a Hexbeast he questioned it about many things it is from his writings most of the modern knowledge of the fel is drawn.


A world of darkness and fire it is said that when the divines noticed a realm not of their creation corrupting their worlds a new realm was made to be a barrier between the two realm. It is known by many as The darkness or hell. It is the home of the demons. It is unknown why and how a divine was corrupted but this being descended into the barrier taking many angels with it, twisting as reshaping them into something new. Many believed it was attempting to recreate hexbeast. Demons hunger for souls.

Aether is a planet named for the highest form of magic, the power of the gods. It is believed the gods made this world to be their heaven though they fled after constant battles with demons and the hexbeasts.