Umber Blade: Chapter 19

Halloween Episode, pretend this is scary.

Chapter 19
Umber Blade The Ax in the Shadows

Umber Blade dwelled within a world of darkness. She struggled to sense a familiar shadow, she could tell how far away the princess and her strange guardian were, it was odd the guardian seemed to be in a tiny box on the princess’s nightstand, she could see the shadow of Cobalt, picking a lock to some building she didn’t recognize, maybe a bank or the home of someone wealthy. In the darkness she saw Ash deflecting daggers tossed by Hazel, it amused her greatly, She could even find Moss Wood and several other Shadowdagers. Yet her brother’s form eluded her she focused hard all her might on finding him and then there was a light. Umber had no idea what it could mean, but she fell from the darkness landing in a dimly lit cave staring up at the ceiling. “This isn’t the caverns of Grull.” Umber thought aloud causing the cave to shake. Her voice seemed to wake up the cave, or rather what lived in the cave. A nearby stone red as a blazing inferno seemed to open its eyes and rize. To Umber’s surprise it was merely the head of a large beast. “Oh I guess real dragons, are bigger than that idiot.” Umber said before fleeing back into the shadows. As much as Umber wished to return to the world of darkness instead she fell into the real world again instantly exiting the next shadow without control.
Umber found herself in a darkened room the sounds of steam and metal clanking filled the air, hissing and banging from all directions confused the assassin enough for her to scarcely notice the heat. “Where am I now?” She whispered causing a man to drop down from somewhere unseen. “What manner of spy are you? Dressed like you serve that idiot king yet I can tell you’re using my brother’s technique.” The man said holding a sword against Umber’s neck, she smiled the second she saw the black blade which felt cold against her skin. “Your brother, he’s a shadow?” Umber asked. “He gave you this skill and asked you to keep an eye out?” The man asked. “I expected you to look like a weird shadow monster man too.” Umber said in surprise. “What do they call you?” The man asked. “I’m Umber Blade, but right now, I have to go, I’m trying to find my own brother.” Umber explained, but before she could slip into the shadow the man grabbed her by the neck and pulled her off the wall. “You can do that if you promise to deliver a message.” THe man said simply. “Umm okay.” Umber said no longer caring about what was going on, merely how long until she could return to her own plans. “Project Soundspirit is going to strike in two month’s time.” He said tossing her into a wall so hard it would have knocked her out had she not instantly fallen into the shadow.
Umber flew out of the next shadow landing on a man dressed in the same robes as her. “Nalgrow’s blessing upon.” you the man said weakly as Umber got up and looked around. She knew by the dryness of the air this was the southern kingdom though it seemed to be within some kind of temple most likely dedicated to the Demon king judging by the way the man was dressed. Umber merely shook her head and went back into the shadows hoping to get to the next destination, with less incident. Umber found herself in a cramped dark area with small slits of light above her. “This isn’t good at all, maybe if I add six more pounds of frost powder to compensate for the silver.” an all too familiar voice questioned. Umber could hear stomping and realised she was in the space between the ground and the floorboards of a house Cobalt was robbing. “I guess absorbing somethings is harder than others” the thief muttered half under his breath as Umber slipped back into the shadows.
Umber was in the room of the princess who was already fast asleep. “Who dares interrupt the slumber of the princess.” Echoshadow said while rising from the tiny box. “I didn’t mean to be here… Sorry.” Umber whispered hoping not to wake the princess. “Someone out of your range?” The Guardian questioned. “My brother is missing” Umber admitted. “Have you checked the nether? I’ll do so on your behalf you just wait at your home” the guardian suggested forcefully while Umber fell through her own shadow not of her accord. She was in her room. “Are you going to find me a room or not?” She heard Hazel complain. Umber groaned and began to move in order to assist but stopped when she heard it. “Sure we have a guest room over here” Rex said sounding exhausted.



Umber Blade: Chapter 18

I don’t know this feels like filler to me, but I Maybe this new Sky will be the favourite character, or maybe she’s also someone from another story…

Chapter 18
Umber Blade The Next Wind

Umber sat there ignoring as her new friend Hazel Sky complained. “Why is it so cold?” Hazel questioned. “Because the curse of winter hits this part of the land. “I made a mistake by taking you please just go, I’m not keeping you just head to the castle, your family is nobility so they’ll gladly take you in.” Umber said simply. “No way, I want to be more like you, you’re cool.” Hazel protested. “So cool I’m frozen.” Umber replied dryly causing the girl to laugh. “You’re like six why are you obsessed with killing anyway?” Umber questioned. “Why not, my family is crazy teaching me to use deadly wind magic from pretty much birth, they’re obsessed with me being the next Wind.” She said sounding annoyed. “So you decided to run away instead?” Worked for Red.” She said simply. “Okay fine, you can stay for a week, but that’s it.” Umber conceded. “You work for money right? Two weeks and six hundred gold.” Hazel replied. “Go downstairs, the basement should be warmer, take this dagger there’s a target.” Umber said without agreeing or disagreeing with the little girl who simply smiled snatched the weapon and ran away. “Today was weird, but it’s fine.” Umber said to herself. “I just need to go over to Ash, he probably knows something about children or where my brother is.” Umber reasoned before sinking into her shadow.
Ash was clearly in the middle of some kind of advanced magic, he had Valcore suspended over a boiling cauldron while chanting words loudly in the tongue of demons. “If this isn’t to find my brother or end Azule, you should stop and listen to my problems.” Umber said ruining Ash’ concentration causing the water to seemingly come to life and reach up for for Valcore. “Bring me the blood of my offspring.” A voice screamed from the water before Ash shot it with a bolt of lightning causing it to return to strange potions he used to summon the mind of a demon. “I was trying to talk to a terrifying demon.” Ash explained. “Yeah that’s cool, so I killed some guy, normal stuff. But then, this like 8 year old decided to follow me home.” Umber explained. “That’s unusual, and where is she?” Valcore asked still hanging upside down. “Hi Valcore, didn’t notice you.” Umber said waving. “Yeah I left her in my basement with a dagger of mine, but don’t worry I locked it so she wouldn’t get out and get lost.” Umber explained. Valcore looked at Ash. “I’m not dealing with this.” He said simply. “What?” Umber questioned. “You left a young child alone in a cold dark basement with a dagger?” Ash asked. “Yes, why?” Umber asked. The look of shock didn’t register to her as reason enough for their concern, the concepts they were hinting at eluded the assassin. “If you guys want to explain yourselves go ahead, I came here because I don’t know how children worked and expected Ash to have a book or something.” Umber complained. “Well we can see that.” Valcore said before cutting himself down dropping into the still boiling potions and rising from it with red skin. “So let’s go see the child.” He said while shaking off the strange green boiling liquids. “Okay so yeah you guys know how to get to my house, see you soon, and bring food, I don’t know how to cook all this stuff Rex got before being stolen by a box.” Umber said before sinking into her shadow to check on the child she was now babysitting.
Umber appeared behind Hazle. “This is going to get you killed you know.” Umber said quietly. “What is?” Hazel asked. “Holding a dagger above your head to throw it like that, it has increased accuracy sure, but that’s just an excuse to practice your throws less, you need to throw from lower, so they don’t see it coming.” Umber explained tossing a dagger at the target with her arms still at her hips the whole time. “Much harder, but worth it.” She added. “I see, that should work.” Hazel said and she flicked a finger at the target knocking it over. “Is that what this is? I’m teaching you to fight so you can go be the next northern sky?” Umber questioned. Hazel looked down shyly. “Because that will cost you extra.” Umber added with a smile causing the little girl to jump up and down with joy. “You mean it?” Hazle asked. “Well yeah making you the strongest wind girl in the land will cost extra.” Umber said not seeing what Hazle meant in the slightest. “I invited a wizard over, if he knows you he won’t say anything since you’re with me. He might even be able to help with your training. He definitely knows more about children than me. Also he, probably has his servent with him, do not attack the servant he’s with me too.” Umber explained. “Wizards are boring.” Hazel complained. “Aren’t you a wizard?” Umber asked. “No no no, the magic of my family comes to me naturally, wizards learn magic by reading old books that also make them boring.” Hazel protested. Umber smiled. “Well he does have quite a few books and usually ignore what he says, but if you’re just looking for power, he’s got a lot of it, all from those boring books.” Umber said poking the little girl’s nose. A flash of light appeared behind Hazel and Umber saw the princess.
“Hey so I know you probably won’t tell me but by any chance did you kill some wind magic guy?” Scarlet asked. “Who is this?” Scarlet asked changing the subject and hugging the child. “You’re adorable, and she’s got you throwing daggers?” Scarlet said in baby talk causing Umber to roll her eyes. “I’ve been trying to not have anyone know we’re friends you know.” Umber said dismissively. “Umm why?” Scarlet asked. “Knowing me is bad for your reputation, and I can’t be seen with anyone from the government.” Umber explained. “Hadn’t considered that.” Scarlet said putting Hazel down who looked furious. “Hazel, this is Princess Scarlet.” Umber said to stop the child from attacking. “Why are you telling her?” Scarlet asked confused. “She’s holding a dagger and you just upset her.” Umber said simply. “Oh I did?” She said dimly before turning to the child and bowing. “I’m very sorry little one, I forget my manners. I am Scarlet Blaze, nice to meet you.” She said formally. “And I am Hazel Sky, I shall be the next Northern Wind.” Hazel replied with a bow of her own. “You’re hanging with nobility other than me now? I feel jealous trying to replace me with a younger girl?” Scarlet teased. “She wants something and she’s paying for it, you’re looking at her new trainer.” Umber explained. “Yes, and just because she didn’t stop you from doing that. She did kill my uncle that’s how we met.” Hazel said with a wicked grin. “Do not tell people who I do and do not kill.” Umber said with a heavy sigh. “Thank you very much Lady Sky, Now I can rest easy.” Scarlet said with a sigh of her own. “Did we leave the body between shadows?” Umber asked. “You did it traumatized my shadow, he might not be the same again.” Scarlet said sadly causing the child to laugh and Umber to sigh sympathetically. “I’m sorry I’ll try to clean up after myself in the future.” Umber said trying not to laugh at the fact that the little girl was now on the floor rolling with laughter. “I can see why she wanted to hang out with you.” Scarlet said with a smirk. “So did you.” Umber said feigning offense. “As stated before, I’m not exactly the angel I let everyone think I am, the sacred flame must appear a beacon of light for the world, even if I really just want to go burn some people with it.” Scarlet explained. “My wizard is going to be here soon, pretty sure he doesn’t trust me with a kid.” Umber said. “Who would leave a child alone with a Blade?” Scarlet asked. “I would.” Umber said remembering her talk with Ash earlier. Scarlet stared blankly at Umber wondering if she was joking. “That’s most likely his issue.” She explained before vanishing in a flash of light.
A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. “Keep practicing, I told these idiots to bring some food, so hopefully we’ll have snacks soon.” Umber said before running up the steps to let her guests in. “Blade and Ax house.” She said while opening the door, mostly out of habit. She frowned as the pair entered. “Did you guys find anything?” Umber asked. “Nothing so far, can’t you just like track his shadow like you do with Cobalt?” Valcore questioned. “I can’t really sense it, but maybe if I go into the shadows for a while, if not I can ask that guy for help.” Umber said simply. “You guys can watch the little monster? Make sure she trains for two more hours gets a meal then gets ready for bed.” Umber stated without any sense of irony. “You sound more like a mother than expected, though what do you mean by training?” Ash questioned. “She’s in the basement tossing a dagger she needs more precision, her form is sloppy, though she does have adequate power so I wouldn’t call it a lost cause.” Umber explained before sinking into her shadow.

I prefer the next Chapter, I should post that Ivy stuff, don’t think I did so previously.


Umber Blade: Chapter 17

Oh look more Umber, who would have guessed…

Chapter 17

Umber Blade Lost

Umber sat there crying loudly, while screeching incoherently as Valcore and Ash tried their best to console her. They grew increasingly desperate Ash even tried summoning flowers and a bunny rabbit to cheer up the girl. Umber looked at the bunny stopped crying and stabbed it. “Thank you Ash, killing does make me feel better.” Umber said coldly causing both the wizard and the halfling to step back. “Not you two, you’re both on my no kill list, I’m going now, maybe a few contracts will help me clear my head.” Umber said before vanishing leaving them to clean up the bloody mess she made. “Did you seriously pull a rabbit out of your hat?” She hear Valcore complain as she slipped through the shadows. Umber shut her eyes returning to the hall of daggers. “I’m having a rough week, do you have anyone for me to kill or not?” Umber said sternly. “Such a display of emotion, if you were anyone else I’d be worried you couldn’t handle an assignment right now.” Moss said while handing her a scroll with three targets. “Get these three done today and we’ll have more tomorrow, a client is demanding proof of our skills, and you might just be the best we have.” Moss explained before Umber woke herself up to get to work.
Umber wasted no time quickly finding her way into the castle of some count far away. “Your time has come Count Sky.” Umber said announcing her presence. It wasn’t what an assassin should do, but she was desperate to get her mind off things, even if for just an instant. “Oh, this is new,” The count said. “Umm how so?” Umber said confused. “I’ve never had more than a single assassin sent my way per week, and I never had one announce themself.” the count stated as a window opened bringing with it a slight breeze. “I’m in a poor mood, I wish to test my skill against an opponent, you’re listed as incredibly dangerous.” Umber said simply before tossing a dagger at the man it stopped and blew back at Umber she deflected it with a second dagger. “They said you’re the first to achieve both the title of Count Sky and Northern Wind.” Umber said with a grin. “You may call me North, I am your cold bitter end, just as I was to several assassins before you.” The count said as lightning struck somewhere near by causing the world to flash, Umber used the shifting shadows of the momentary flash to flee. She returned a moment later rising behind the man in his own shade stabbing his back. “I’ve seen how it ends, tell the girl in the darkness Blade says hi.” Umber whispered as the count fell over in pain. “You’re good, I think the people they sent before were mere swords for hire, but you, you’re a shadowdagger aren’t you.” The count said as electricity shot from his wound into the assassin she fell over and convulsed the world going dark for a moment. The second Umber regained consciousness she slipped into her shadow coming out again from behind a curtain. “My name is Umber Blade, you are now dead.” Umber said with a huge smile the adrenaline finally allowing her to clear her head. “I’m not going anywhere, I’m the Northern Wind, I’m the bloody Count, I am the supreme being in Castle Drakemere.” “No one cares about your power.” Umber said Reaching into her sleeve and grabbing the count’s ankle from his own shadow. Umber smirked. “This is how you end.” Umber said before dragging him into the darkness. She grinned wickedly before noticing a little girl staring at her from the doorway. “Hadn’t noticed you.” Umber said frowning. She was almost instantly holding the girl up by an arm. “I don’t like killing children but I can’t leave witnesses.” Umber explained. “Just take me with you?” The little girl offered. “Umm, no see if I do that then I have to raise you, I do not want that either, plus you’re probably related and hate me now.” Umber reasoned. “Listen, I’m not going to go into any detail, let us leave it at that man isn’t my friend, and if I wasn’t certain he could take me I would have done it myself.” The girl said. “You’re clearly a sky so listen to me closely.” Umber said sternly. “Save me the effort next time, use poisons.” Umber said before sinking with the girl into the shadows. “See he’s not even dead he’s right there, stuck I was a little worried, he’d still be able to move but since he’s trapped. You kill him.” Umber said handing the child her dagger. The girl smiled and sliced her own uncle’s throat. Umber took the girl home with her.

Oh what an unexpected distraction from her main goals of finding the puppet master or memory erasing worms. what will happen next?


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Umber Blade: Chapter 16

Yeah another day another chapter, I think the next one might actually be good but this is mostly filler

Chapter 16
Umber Blade The Box

Umber woke up killed Azule, at her breakfast killed Azule, washed her hair and changed her clothes before killing Azule. “I’m not feeling up to any Shadowdagger stuff today. Are we doing well financially?” Umber questioned. “We’re running out of space for this gold they keep sending how many are you killing?” Rex questioned while showing her several places of hidden golden coins. “It’s good to enjoy one’s work.” Umber replied smugly before Azule rushed into the room only to have Rex rip off his head bare handed. “I just feel like tired of killing for the moment… too much of him I guess.” Umber complained. “What would you like to do today?” Rex questioned. “Well umm, I don’t know… I could spend the day training, can’t be a rusty blade.” Umber suggested. “Your first day off in months and you’re just going to train?” Rex complained. “Fine brother, since you’re clearly eager to spend the day with me, you select the activity.” Umber said dryly. “Glad we agree, we’re going to explore the caves of Grull.” Rex said with a grin. “The caves at the east edge of town? That’s like little kid stuff.” Umber complained. “Kid stuff that I never got to do as a kid since my family lived far away from here.” Rex explained. “You know you’re too big right?” Umber replied as she grabbed a fur to provide extra warmth as she traveled out into the winter. “Why do you even argue if you’re getting ready to do it anyway?” Rex questioned. “You’ve gotten better with food, I’m expecting you’re bringing something tasty.” Umber said with a childish grin. “Is that all you ever care about?” Rex complained. “Well what else is there?” Umber inquired.
The pair made it to the rocky eastern edge of town where the foothills of the reapers existed. “Okay so I’m thinking ten more today, what do you think?” Umber questioned. “I say only three more.” Rex replied. “Fine, who ever is more wrong washes dishes for the next week.” Umber said smugly. “Fine but the ones sent after Cobalt or Ash and Val, do not count.” Rex replied. “Deal.” Umber proclaimed while searching the small brown and grey cliffs for a hole large enough to squeeze her brother through. “This would be easier if we were kids, you can’t fit in any of these…” Umber complained before an idea spung to the top of her mind. “I wonder.” She whispered before grabbing Rex’s hand and pulling him with her into the shadows emerging in the darkness of one of the caves. “I knew it I can drag you with me.” Umber cheered her voice echoing in the darkness. “Okay great, now we’re finally in.” Rex said happily as he pulled out a torch and tried to figure out how to light it without seeing anything. Umber ignored this and started marching deeper into the caverns, winter’s frost seemed to be weaker in that place as if the warmth of previous explorers had been sealed their long after they left. “Once again I’d like to remind you that they let four year olds explore these caves these days,” Umber said dryly while holding back a smile. Rex ignore this and started down a path Umber couldn’t see, she followed him holding back her joy.
“Totally a lame adventure.” She whispered as they reached a dead end, but he ignored this and punched the wall destroying the boulder blocking a way further which to the assassin appeared the same as the rest of the cave previously. Rex went ahead leaving Umber with no choice but to follow. “Umm, are you sure you’ve never been here before?” She asked confused as to why he was picking up his pace or why the cave walls were feeling warmer. Soon the duo was in a full run and there was an orange glow coming from ahead. “No really where are we going?” Umber demanded as she got in front of her brother furious he felt the need to trick her. “I remembered something from my past.” He admitted looking away as if he felt guilty about what he did. “What do you mean?” Umber questioned. “I remembered they used to tell me that long ago the first berserkers were half giants, and we had to hide under the mountains from the full giants.” Rex explained before pushing her out the way and running ahead. “I understand, you need to see something of your family even if it’s just some trash left behind by your ancestors. I can’t force you to pretend they never existed just because I pretend my family never existed.” Umber said sadly, her words struck Rex and he turned back to face her. “Are you saying?” Rex said as if unwilling to finish the question. “I never forgot.” Umber said with a nod. Rex hugged his sister. “If it was so bad you just pretend you forgot, I’m sorry for trying to help you remember, I won’t do it again.” He said simply before putting her down and turning to face the glow. “You and I are family, but whatever’s in here, might be my family too, I just need to know.” Rex explained. “That’s fine, I’m here for you no matter what.” Umber said before the two began running again to see where the hidden path lead.
The heat felt almost as unbearable as the desert, Umber was glad her robes were designed for extreme heat. The mysterious glow seemed to be coming from molten stone, deep within the caverns was a small section of molten rock illuminating an area with old tents, huge yet worn slightly by the passing of time, in the dry hot depths of this cave it was hard to tell how time affected this ancient settlement but the dwellers long since left. Rex was smiling, he hadn’t expected life, he hadn’t actually expected anything but still this was his history his culture, proof his kind existed and he wasn’t the only one. He marched over to the huge items which were too big even for him and lifted a hammer. “I think they did metal work Rex said noticing the ore nearby. “Looks that way.” Umber said quietly, not sure what to say but hoping she sounded supportive, to anyone else she would have sounded rude but Rex knew better. Rex rummaged through the stuff happy to show off his limited memories and guess at the purposes. “No dead bodies, these people all left and slowly became Berserkers I guess.” Umber said quietly after about an hour of exploring. “If you want any of this stuff leave it in the shadow of that tent, I can fit it in the basement.” Umber offered. Rex smiled huge and hugged his sister. “Don’t touch me it’s too hot in here, do that when we’re done.” Umber complained only to be ignored. She rolled her eyes but smiled. The two walked home after several items were added to the basement, Rex insisted. They walked in silence both feeling better about the world now that they were no longer hiding their secrets. WHen they got to their home there was a box, it was black and glossy it shined in the setting sunlight. “Weird, did we order anything?” Umber questioned. “If we did it wouldn’t be to the house, You insist on having no one know where we live.” Rex complained while touching the box. Umber got closer then both the box and Rex were gone. “What?” Umber asked as if an answer would come from the empty space her brother previously occupied.

Did you see this coming? Have you figured out who is behind it all?

Umber Blade: Chapter 15

In today’s episode we see umm I don’t know the usual I guess…

Chapter 15

Umber Blade Cobalt the Thief

“It’s been a month, are those worm things rare or are you not trying?” Umber asked as she rose from the shadow of a gear in Cobalt’s clock tower. “I’m searching, but they’re only native to the felscape, since I’m not a necromancer or some kind of dark sorcerer, I can’t exactly go to another plane of existence.” Cobalt replied without looking up from the book he was reading titled Lock and Key. “Do you even care that he’s been increasing his attacks?” Umber complained. “Listen, he was a threat when he both caught us by surprised and had some of our power but other than those first two times it’s been child’s play, just today I took on six of him at once.” Cobalt replied before turning a page. “I’ve only had a problem with him one other time and that was because I was in the middle of an important heist you paid me well so I’ll get to it soon, but this both time consuming and not my top priority.” Cobalt added. “Fine but answer me this, what are you doing with all the bodies? I used to bury them but now I’ve run out of places to dig up.” Umber asked. “Oh yeah, well after Ash explained he’s a puppet made of plants I’ve just been burning them, this place doesn’t get central heat and winter is hitting the town hard.” Cobalt explained causing Umber to groan. “Fine whatever I’ll find them myself, I don’t know why I even came to you, after…” She cut herself off. “Oh, I know what that means, so they said yes?” Cobalt asked. “I don’t know what you mean.” Umber replied. “I know sworn to secrecy about them, but they know me and you heard some stories, they’re mostly true, but thank I don’t harbor any ill will against my former employers.” Cobalt said simply. “They should have done better research, hiring a thief, what did they expect?” Cobalt reasoned before turning the page again. “Ooo, that’s a good one, can’t wait to pick one of those.” He said quietly to himself. Umber shook her head and left through the same shadow she used to enter.
She was in Ash’s home next, in his dining room where Rex was waiting for her. “Am I late for the meal?” Umber asked. “You should be but Ash is still out, I don’t know where he even went…” Rex complained. “Yeah, I’ll go get him, I know his shadow.” Umber replied slipping into Rex’s shade to make her exit. She came out in a nearby shadow and was face to face with Scarlet. “Umm, hello?” Umber whispered. “Oh no, is someone here done?” The princess questioned in a sad whisper. “Not business, just looking for my friend, his shadow was near.” Umber explained “Oh, is he one of the wizards?” Scarlet asked taking Umber’s hand and leading her out from behind the hidden wall to the throne room. “As you can see every wizard from around the county has been gathered for the pretty much anual watch everyone fail to undo the queen’s curse.” Scarlet explained. “I see, well when you see the one named Ash tell him his dinner’s getting cold.” Scarlet said turning to leave, only to find the princess’s hand on her shoulder. “Or you could stay and play a game with me.” Scarlet said with a mischievous grin. “I really should be going before some guard questions how I got into the castle. “We both know I’ll get you out of any trouble.” Scarlet replied. “Okay okay, what kind of game.” Umber replied before a blinding light happened and she was on a balcony of the castle. “Echo has been teaching me how to use a sword, I have some practice one’s right here,” The princess explained. “I don’t know if I’m comfortable attacking you like this…” Umber replied. “Oh come on, you’ve already pretend killed me once.” Scarlet teased causing umber to give in.
Umber sat panting, feeling winded after ten minutes of sparring with the princess. “You’d make a fine blade.” Umber admitted. “Yes well, I figured I should learn, can’t just let myself be stabbed every time someone wants me dead.” Scarlet joked. “I’m really sorry I had to do that..” Umber said unsure how to respond to the princess’s openness on the subject. “Don’t be, I never would have guessed the former king was back from the dead. Who does that!?” Scarlet said sounding annoyed. “Azule the adventurer.” Umber said dryly. “Oh yes, your little puppet problem, you won’t believe what happened. “Scarlet said sounding almost like she was embarrassed. “Could’t find the puppeteer stone?” Umber questioned. “No I found it, some creep with a bunch of living dolls had it, never want to go there again… The problem is I had it back for like less than a full night, I woke up and it was gone.” Scarlet explained. “My little shadow didn’t even see anyone come in, and he’s a very very light sleeper,” she added. “Wow, so was it that doll wizard again?” Umber asked. “He’s the only one we’ve checked so far, it wasn’t him.” Scarlet explained. “Weird… I need to like go to someplace called Felscape I guess, do you know if I can get there with the shadowstep?” Umber asked. “No that’s an entirely different plane of existence you’d probably get caught between here and there, which is hell.” Scarlet explained. “It can’t be that bad.” Umber replied dryly. “No I’m not using figurative tongue the felscape is on the other side of Hell from the mortal plane.” Scarlet said taking the fake swords to put them away. “Sorry for keeping you so long, I’ll make sure your Wizard gets home quickly.” Scarlet said when she finally noticed how long they’d spent together. Umber smiled and returned to her brother though another shadow. “Sorry, got side tracked.” She said as she appeared only to see ten more dead dragons of blue and green. “I missed it?” Umber asked. “Your turn.” Rex said simply, Umber groaned and began to drag the bodies away.
“So what took so long?” Rex asked when Umber returned from the last body. “There were a lot of them, and I don’t have super strength.” Umber said dryly. “No I mean getting to Ash, he’s not even here yet.” Rex explained. “Oh he’s at the castle, I ran into my old friends, had to spar with a princess, hard to say no to her.” Umber answered. “Well sparing s probably good for you, you’re using that shadowstep so much I think you’ll end up dependent.” Rex complained. “I could still take you out without it, any day.” Umber said smugly. “I’m big and slow, of course you can take me, but if you had to face say Valcore, could you?” Rex questioned. “No idea, if he knows I’m coming he’ll make his skin pretty much armour.” Umber replied. “Before you would’ve said he doesn’t stand a chance.” Rex teased. “I’m not going soft, Blades cannot be soft.” Umber replied simply. As if on cue Valcore entered the room. “I’ve been stuck in a prison for a few hours at the castle, since someone forgot to tell the guards his half demon slave can’t be more than twenty meters away at all time.” Valcore complained. “I didn’t know they’d do that I swear I would have told them sooner.” Ash said as he entered shortly after, sounding sympathetic though it did little to alleviate the halfling. “Yeah I was there, slipped in and out of the castle.” Umber bragged. “Yes well The queen’s voice is still cursed, we’ll try something else next year.” Ash said simply. “From what I hear this was the last, she’ll step down in a few months, according to my anonymous source.” Umber said with a smile. “Unlikely, but I’ll keep that in mind.” Ash replied as he sat at the table. “I’m serious the rain of queen blaze shall begin once she turns seventeen.” Umber replied. “Sure sure, they’ll let the runt run the show,” Valcore said with a chuckle. “Well she went to that stupid magic school Ash got kicked out of and will be graduating in about a month assuming she doesn’t suddenly fail every class.“ Umber stated matter of factly. “Is she really so brilliant? That school normally lasts a great many years, she’s been there but two.” Ash questioned. “No idea how brilliant she is, never met her.” Umber lied. “Is this all of us then?” Rex asked. “Almost, I took the time to invite him too.” Umber said simply. “Why bother, he never shows, he’s less social than, the assassin in our group.” Ash complained, “He’ll show this time.” Umber said simply. “Why would he?” Valcore questioned. “Because she paid me to.” Cobalt said as he slipped in through a window. “Now, let’s see how much better my brother has become.” Umber said with a smile.

Who is your favourite character? Mine is Rex.


Everclear Forest intro

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         Susan sat on her porch watching her neighbors panic as they tried to cut down tree after tree as if any process could be made against an unrelenting mother nature. “Y’all almost finished clearing your drive through?” She teased. “Just let us work we’ll figure this out” Rainer replied clearly frustrated. “At this rate the whole city will be wooded within a day.” Two said quietly as she swung her ax even harder finally felling a tree only for two more to take its place instantly. “This isn’t natural…” Rainer complained to himself.  “Trees are pretty natural Rainny, you’re just mad you’re gonna be late for work, I however work at home.” Susan said heading back inside to get back to coding. Susan couldn’t help but laugh, then the power went out .


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Umber Blade: Chapter 14

a short composition of a romantic or dreamy character suggestive of night, typically for piano.
a picture of a night scene.

for some context


Chapter 14

Umber Blade Nocturne


           Umber killed ten people a week for the next two months thirty a week if you counted each and every instance of Azule, but she generally did not.  Umber even found herself killing Azule when he attempted to strike down the others as well. Life was good for the assassin. She appeared from behind a bookshelf in one of Ash’s libraries to find Valcore holding up a medium cauldron. Still red on the bottom from heat.  “This is all wrong.” Ash complained while ordering Valcore to toss the whole thing out. “How is he still going,” Umber complained while stretching and yawning. “How many was it this week?” Ash questioned. “Like six today alone, I think he’s trying to increase his frequency.”  Umber explained. “He doesn’t even feel like a threat anymore, he’s more of a chore I’m getting tired of.” Umber said tossing herself on a nearby couche as if she owned the place, her frequent visits, usually to help slay a dragon made her feel comfortable enough in the environment.   “Yes, well I’ve been working on banishing spells that could help but nothing has been successful, his puppet technique is odd, it barely registers as using any magic, which for something that strong should be impossible.” Ash explained for the tenth time causing Umber to roll her eyes.  “We get it magic has very specific rules and he goes against them all.” Umber complained. “He defies explanation.” Valcore said having heard the speech even more times than Umber, he felt just as tired of it if not more. “I’m sorry, I’m doing what I can…” Ash said sadly. “We know old man, it’s just frustrating.” Umber said dozing off for a moment.  “I don’t understand why he’s even still trying.” Valcore complained. “This is a battle of wills at this point, eventually either he will quit or we will.” Ash explained. “Unless.” Valcore said remembering his youth. “What is it?” Ash questioned. “You two are loud and not letting the crazed killer sleep.” Umber protested dryly without even bothering to open her eyes.  “You have books on demonology right?” Valcore whispered out of respect for his friend. “Yes, I just don’t let you see them because I don’t want you breaking free of my bonds on you, you’re the only reason he’s not going after me like he is all the others.” Ash explained. “Yeah whatever, so my father used to talk about how great that demon king was, always hated him myself but still.”  Valcore started. “Is this going anywhere?” Umber asked holding a book titled Nalgrow king of the desert up for Ash to take. “You’re taking my books now?” Ash questioned. “I’m no Cobalt, I’m just bringing you them.” Umber replied. “Yeah so he always said Nalgrow was almost as good at removing memories as this one time of worm thing, what was it called…” Valcore said trying to remember what would make someone forget.  “Oh, that’s a great plan.” Umber said with a grin. “But it will probably only effect the one body of Azule, not all.” She said after thinking further. “Wait the Iguthex? That would probably destroy the mind of whoever created the puppets.” Ash screamed once he realised what Valcore was proposing. “Yeah my father used to make his worshipers forget everything they ever knew with a vat of them as part of the initiation. He said he liked to build his men and women from the ground up.” Valcore explained.  “Demons are terrifying creatures.” Umber said handing Ash the book. “Yes well, that was the reason I originally put him on his leash, though now he’s just there for my sake, he clearly wants nothing to do with that side of his family.” Ash said unphased by how brutal demons could be.

     Umber left the pair through another shadow rising up in a clock tower.  “Listen learning to track specific shadows was hard work and I only need it to find you, where are we?” Umber whispered quietly.  “No need to whisper I’m not in the middle of a job.” Cobalt said sitting in a chair facing away from her. “So you live in a clock now?”  Umber questioned. “I’m always on time.” He replied. Umber merely groaned in protest. “What do you want assassin.” Cobalt said as he returned to his previous actions, counting coins.  “Here’s two hundred gold coins, they say you can find me some weird worm thing called Ig something, hold on I wrote it down.” Umber explained reaching into her sleeve “Iguthex, also known as a forgotten one.”  Cobalt replied. “Yeah Ash wants one says it can stop Azule for good.” Umber explained. “Oh yeah he showed up here the other day, kept talking about drinking my power, chased me a bit then got caught in some gears.” Cobalt said with a yawn.  “Honestly at this point he’s become a total joke, if you didn’t give me so much money I wouldn’t be wasting my time on this.” Cobalt said simply. “Yeah well this joke has gone on long enough.” Umber replied before fading back into the shadows.  “Man, I’d love to have that trick.” She heard Cobalt say as she left.

      When she returned to her home she heard the sound of a harpsichord, Umber was naturally confused, she didn’t own any musical instruments.  So she marched down the stairs from her room all the way to the basement to find the princess playing an all black harpsichord. “I know you’re going to like own the country someday, but that doesn’t mean you own my house today.” Umber complained.  “I was invited over.” Scarlet replied without looking up from her playing. “Where did you get that thing anyway?” Umber questioned. “You’ve met him before, don’t call him a thing.” Scarlet complained as she stopped playing and the darkness changed from the shape of an instrument to that of something humanoid.  “Shadow monster man, How have you been?” Umber asked. “I am quite well Umber.” He said with a bow. “I learned to become an instrument of something other than destruction lately.” He said with a smile. “Well, I don’t know how much you hear of what’s going on with castle life, but my plan worked the unkillable man is now sealed in a gemstone I’ve achieved my happily ever after.” Scarlet explained.  “I’m actually glad that worked out for you, I’ve been too busy with, other things.” Umber explained. “I figured, they say the Shadowdaggers has been operating on a level on heard of, as if they have a man who can walk through walls.” Scarlet said simply. “Umm, so why are you here?” Umber said changing the subject. “Yes well, that stone I gave you was one of a kind, I wanted to replace it for you since it was stolen but instead my dark one and I shall investigate the case, find the stone and retrieve it for you.”  Scarlet offered. “Well that would probably work but we’ve got a plan with demon worms that should stop him so hopefully we won’t need it.” Umber explained. “Hopefully, but it’s either that or finish my homework for queen silence.” Scarlet replied dryly. “I thought her name was Water?” Umber questioned. “It is.” The Guardian replied. “OKay well I guess you can look for it, it is yours after all.” Umber decided. “Yes, and I have a matter to discuss with the killer too.” THe guardian said. “Very well but make it quick, we’re on the case.” Scarlet said before vanishing in a flash of light.  “As mentioned, your shadowstep was merely a downpayment.” He said with a grin. “I see, and what’s the job?” Umber questioned. “There’s a man with a black sword, I just need to know if he ever shows up in town.” The guardian explained. “He a friend of yours or an enemy?” Umber questioned. “Both, but that’s family for you.” The Guardian explained. “You’ll know him if you see him, once he’s located you’ll receive the rest of your payment.” The being of darkness explained before fading into the shadows.

        Umber went to her kitchen on foot.  “You let them in our house?” She complained to Rex.  “I figured they’d just sneak in anyways and I didn’t want to put up a fight.”  He explained. “Yeah those guys are weird, but that creature promised me a new power if I find someone for him.”  Umber said with a grin. “What more could you want? Invisibility?” Rex joked. “I have no idea but it will be great to find out.   Did you kill him today?” Umber asked. “Twice.” Rex replied. “Ash has a plan to stop him, it was actually Valcore’s idea but still.” Umber explained taking an apple from the counter eating.  “I’m making food you don’t need to eat that. “Then why do we have it?” Umber replied smugly. “So I can make a pie tomorrow, you’re not paying for my cooking lessons for nothing.” Rex sad sounding annoyed.  “If that weren’t the case I doubt I’d be eating this.” Umber teased with a giggle. “Whatever just be here in an hour to eat, do you have any targets left today?” Rex asked. “I don’t know I’ll go check.” Umber said running up to her room in order to check in with the Shadowdaggers.  She closed her eyes returning to the chamber of the shadowdaggers. “Anyone left for me to end?” Umber asked. “None for now.” A man named Green Spark answered. “Well if you need me I’ll be back tomorrow I guess.” Umber said before closing her eyes allowing her to wake up again in the real world.  She ran back down the stairs humming. “Now I have that stupid song stuck in my head.” She complained before noticing three dead Azule bodies and another running at her which she diced. “Is it my turn to take them out or yours?” She asked her brother. “Mine sadly.” Rex said as he started to lift them up and toss them out the window one at a time. “Never saw more than two or three at once before.” She commented before the aroma of her next meal stole her attention like a thief in the night.  “Those lessons might have done a touch more than I suspected.” Umber admitted taking her place at the table to await her plate, while in her head the princess’s song kept playing on and on. Infuriatingly unending yet beautiful, something both loved and hated, it was like her very life was written out note by dreadful note.


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