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There once was a clan of people in the kingdom of Harmony, the clan’s name was Blaze. The great Blaze family lived with royal blood as rich as that of the Storm family, they never ruled over the kingdom, but they never needed to, they may not have been royal but they were always regal. […]

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Okay so I’m just here looking at old stuff wondering what t o expand upon next when I realize how vague I left all of this Scarlet stuff which is kind of a big deal as she’s the eventual ruler of Harmony as seen in the background of Umber Blade, like not even the focus of that story, she’s closer to the central plot in MoonWell but still her story is still an interesting one in an of itself so I think the time to talk of the noble girl’s time in the wilderness and maybe a little of before the incident which destroyed the Blaze estate.  I just wish I could think of a super cool and slightly edgy title, but not something so edgy it feels out of place.  hmm…  I’ll get back to it.



Apple of My Eye: Prologue

So I shared a lot of stuff from this world of divine figures, but this is the main story, one I collaborated with another I don’t know if you guys know this about me but I’m actually not very good at Romance stuff, which this tale is primarily.   Although the prologue isn’t very romantic, since it’s just more background stuff.  Let me know if you guys care to see more. #NanoPoblano2018



The cold bitter winter fought to claim the land but the old Manzana Castle stood strong, the winds seemed to howl like it was threatening to snap the place in half, but this wasn’t to be. The year began for Queen Christine Destler with an almost unimaginable suffering. She’d given birth before three stillbirths and one perfect son. But this hurt her worse, much worse, she feared it meant an ill fortune for the child. A sudden spike in the pain ended any hope of peaceful rest for the queen, she gasped as her entire form convulsed in agony, her abdomen tightening sharply then relaxing again.
“One… Two… Three…” She counted quietly, the time between pains and then gasped out loudly, grabbing the sheets, no it was to soon, way too soon, the birthing pains had plagued her to the point of being confined to bed, but never were they like this. She laid back again praying to the gods something, anything would happen to cause her nurse to come check on her, she even dared to wish the torment of a nightmare on the young prince so that he would come rushing to her room for comfort.
“I’ve brought you more cider your highness. I know I’m late but it was best to wait until the king had left.” Spoke a voice from the shadows by the slightly open window. She smiled for a moment but quickly had to grit her teeth once more as the pain shot through her again.
“I need you to do something for me that is more important than the cider at this moment.” She started before crying out loudly her intense pain building, every contraction getting closer and stronger. “I cannot get up; I am weak, I need you to promise me something.” As the silvery moonlight filtered through the open window her deep brown eyes desperately pleaded with him.
“Anything Christine.” The young man’s voice shook, sounding just shy of worry.
“No matter what happens to me..” She breathed heavy as another pain shot through her. “Promise you’ll protect the child. Even if that is in secret.” He nodded looking at her not with pity but with an almost fear. “Now please I need you to go wake someone.”
The young man stepped outside quickly. She didn’t know what he did but whatever it was she was thankful for, as several young women entered her room quickly.
Moments passed and the queen’s pain filled screams echoed throughout the entire castle. Hours passed, long pain filled hours as the queen labored to bring her child into the world. Finally the squalling of the tiny being could be heard, announcing the arrival of the second heir to the kingdom.
The early morning light reflected off the fresh blanket of snow as the queen at last found herself alone, holding her precious, perfect child. She lay in her bed more tired and weak than she even knew possible but quite pleased with herself. Waiting ten years since her last child and nearly losing her own life to birth another, at her King’s disapproval, she wasn’t going to diminish the moment for herself in the slightest, she wouldn’t allow herself to sleep and miss the earliest moments of this new perfect life , the last time she would be able to experience such a thing. The door cracked open again and the same strange, tall, young man entered.
“Are you okay?” He asked quietly, feeling rather awkward, but needing to know. “Would you like some more of your drink?” He questioned producing an elegant bottle of beautiful red liquid from under his heavy cloak as he slowly approached the queen, handing it to her and standing at her bedside, stiffly, he looked into her arms.
“What is it?” He asked, sounding as if he had never seen a child before in his life. After hungrily drinking well over half the bottle Christine handed the remainder back and smiled down at the small bundle in her arms taking a deep breath.
“It’s a little girl, a princess.” She whispered proudly pulling the blankets back from the baby’s face showing an already full head of rose colored curls and soft pouty pink lips. The baby softly cooed getting her hands free from the blankets swaddled tightly around her; she reached for the man her eyes closed. Christine smiled seeing this and patting the spot next to her for him to sit. She fixed his arms to cradle the tiny princess then finally, after fighting so hard, passed out from the exhaustion and the loss of blood. The young man was left alone with the new princess but he smiled running his fingers through the already wild mess of curls, as if fascinated that they belonged to such a young being. She opened her eyes finally and he swore she was pouting at him as he stared into the big beautiful mossy green orbs they stared back, innocently.
“I promise, Princess, I will protect you.” He whispered kissing her forehead as she fell into her first sleep, in his arms.

Rain fell in hard heavy sheets drowning anything and everything that dared not seek cover. The main hall of the palace was lined with roses, dark, black, long stem roses. Guards, all in black, stood at the door guarding the throne room closer than normal.
Lightning struck outside causing the two large Frisian stallions to nervously paw the ground the wagon rocking back and forth against their weight. There was no procession, no mourners, not even a priest as the storm continued to beat against the stained glass of the study the king laid slumped over his desk, wine drenching the papers that covered the mahogany wood.
“Daddy?” Came a soft voice.
“Daddy!” It was a little louder, breaking as it spoke. The king stirred slightly with a groan rising from his seat and turning to look down at the tiny, soaked girl, who stood just above his waist.
“Daddy.” She began again, as she adjusted the weight of the corgi who was snuggled in her arms.
“Can, can Sephy and myself go see mommy?” She no sooner did the words escape her mouth before she felt the sting against her soft, pink cheek and the princess laid in a heap on the floor fresh tears spilling down her cheeks. Red liquid dropped around her onto the wood floor and she reached up touching her face, her eye was split causing blood to stream down her cheek.
The little princess sniffed and laid on the floor a moment crying and bleeding, to much in shock to move. Her daddy hit her? The kings hard face softened and he stepped to her in a panic.
“My little rose.” He whispered but no sooner had he knelt down the princess was running away from him terrified, Sephy following right behind her. She ran blindly through the halls towards the safety of her room, but not before hitting something large and solid. Two large hands grabbed her causing her to squall and push away.
“Sissy, shhhh, it’s me. It’s just me.” Her brothers deep voice was calming and she stilled burrowing into his chest. The blood on her cheek flowed so freely that it stained his crisp white shirt.
“What did you do?” He asked concern filling his voice.
“D, daddy.” She whimpered softly all that she could muster.
Brenn’s eyes flashed and he carried her to her room helping her out of her soaked dress and into her night gown tucking herself and her dog into bed and cleaning the wound.
“Stay here.” He ordered kissing her cheek and left to confront their father.




Wow such story.  I don’t think I’ll post more of this, at least not for a while, but maybe.   On an unrelated note, no post tomorrow, probably one Sunday, I’m going to work on a schedule for this now that November is up December is not going to be an Echofree month.





So I was recently attempting to give advice to a friend on some personal matters, which aren’t relevant for this so suffice it to say I’m writing this before they even respond so I don’t actually know if this advice is helpful.

Anyways, I noticed that most people when they complain its in a qualitative way, talking about how they feel ignored or like their effort isn’t having an impact.  The solution to your problem is often hard to find, but it might help if you can put your problem in quantitative terms.  Numbers are a good way to follow along see if you get results.  Turn I feel ignored to, I say hello approximately 3.5 times before you typical respond, 7.5 times on Fridays despite you not working that day.  Also any ideas for solutions should be in numbers too so we can see if we’re falling short.  People can track number much easier than the feelings of someone who isn’t them you know?
I wonder if this helped anyone.  I mean it is possible but I wouldn’t really know if they don’t like leave a comment or something to let me know.



Dead Wrong Day 12

So I had more of this thing and I never got around to sharing it, figured better late than never #NanoPoblano2018

Day 12


Ron awoke and stared up at the ceiling.  “Halfway done, let’s see who is left.” He thought aloud.  His mind went through his friends again, he couldn’t imagine any of them becoming a good replacement servant.  “she does need someone…” He added after a moment of silence. “It’s not as if she can keep this up forever, it’s starting to get to her, and if that weird shrouded figure has any plans against her she could be in danger.”  Ron concluded as he rolled out of bed. “Where is she and why am I talking to myself so much?” Ron questioned as he pulled on a clean shirt and went downstairs to his kitchen.
“What are you doing?” He asked the Lady in White who was sitting on his fridge eating from a bowl of popcorn.  “Nothing just having a snack, what are you doing?” She asked. “It’s breakfast time don’t ruin your appetite.” Ron replied snatching away the bowl.  “But I don’t have an appetite, I just eat because food is yummy.” She explained. “Still that’s my popcorn and you took it without asking.” Ron complained.  “I took you without asking and now I have a new friend.” Lilith replied appearing behind Ron to take back the bowl. “I suppose.” Ron replied opening the fridge to see what he had to work with.  “Do you like me?” Lilith asked sounding more serious than usual. “Of course, you’re probably my best friend and I’ve known you about half a month.” Ron replied pulling out a jug of milk for some cereal.  “Th-that’s not what I meant.” Lilith said quieter. “I don’t know, maybe.” He said pausing to think about it. “hard to know. Maybe…” He repeated still lost in thought. Lilith smiled, she was expecting a no. “Modern humans never know how they feel, not sure why I even botherred asking.” Lilith said floating up and sticking her tongue out at him.   Ron replied by pulling her to him for a kiss. she blushed and vanished leaving Ron there to make his breakfast he left out a bowl for her and she appeared a minute later eating from her bowl quietly. “It’s a probably.” Ron said looking up from his bowl.

“It doesn’t matter that was very rude of you…”  Lilith replied trying to sound furious but smiling huge and sounding quiet and shy instead.  “Yes well I wished to find out and figured that would be a very quick way of finding out.” Ron replied with a smirk that made Lilith’s heart race even faster.  “Yes well, had the answer been a yes or a no that might have been decent justification, but you’re still uncertain.” Lilith said regaining her composure. “Of course my leige, it matters very little who I like or what I want.”  Ron replied. “I’ve been going over the facts, and I cannot win this game of ours.” Ron said sadly. Lilith felt her heart break as she watched his features drop from a confident grin to a miserable mope. “Well, that’s hardly my fault, you’re the one far too perfect to be replaced.”  LIlith replied looking down and trying to think of something to say to cheer him up. “Yes, but more than that, I learned something last night.” Ron replied looking Lilith over closely as if studying her features trying to remember something, it made Lilith feel uncomfortable. “What’s wrong?” LIlith asked resisting the urge to vanish.  “Sephiroth showed up, he found some records on my parents.” Ron explained. “Oh?” Lilith replied not understanding what Ron meant. “I was a little worried when it turned out I saw you before, worried you did something to my mind since I can’t remember it.” Ron explained. Lilith’s eyes widened in fear. “I’d never do that, I mean I don’t even think I can I Crissy once tried that sort of thing and the poor man nearly forgot everything and kept getting headaches around her.  Mind’s are far too complicated for me to mess with. That and it’s kind of super forbidden.” Lilith explained as fast as she could form the words, which was very very fast. “I know you didn’t do it, since I found you so annoying at first, had you done this I’d have been madly in love with you from the first time I saw you.” Ron replied to calm her, instead of calming she only began to panic more and turn red with embarrassment. “Fact is, if you could just change my mind I’d be worshiping you from day one and begging  you to have me be your servant, yet you take every opportunity to let me ease into things and become more comfortable with the inevitable.” Ron explained allowing Lilith to calm down. “Yes well I deal with the inevitable on a daily basis, I know how to help others cope.” She said quietly. “I always felt like I should have died, but to have it confirmed by the angel of death was a lot to handle. Maybe I do like you, maybe I’m just grateful for the years of life you granted me pretty much on a whim. I thought it was weird that you knew so much about my  past, you’ve been following me for years.” Ron explained as he put his empty bowl in the sink. “You’ve been close to death for years, not the other way around, it was just work which is why you vanished from my life for so long until the other day when you went to visit your aunt,” Lilith explained. “The bad seafood? Was I really that sick?” Ron asked losing track of his original thoughts. “Well with all that poison in there, you were a little closer than I should admit.” Lilith whispered with a smirk. Ron practically growled. “Forget whatever we were talking about, this is the last straw.” He shouted as he stood up.  Lilith flinched fearing her chosen one was finally rejecting her entirely. “I put up with so much from her, she takes all the money from my father’s family, I say nothing, she makes me live in poor conditions and go to the worst schools, I say nothing and just earn my way to the top. She steals the family name, I just let her. How was that not enough? Why kill me too?” Ron shouted allowing Lilith to calm down slightly. “Well since we’re doing dramatic reveals I would be remiss if I didn’t mention her involvement in the previous instance of you being fated to die.” LIlith said glowing a little as she floated over to him with an outstretched hand.  Ron stopped in his tracks and looked over at her. “Is that why you were so eager to have me take revenge. You’re mad at her for trying to kill me.” Ron asked. “Well I mean, I can’t help it… She had no reason to. You let her have everything and it wasn’t enough.” Lilith said sadly. “I’m not mad at you, but in the future don’t hide things from me, we’re a team okay?” Ron said softly while hugging Lilith tightly causing her to practically melt. “you’re warm.” She said losing herself in the moment. “I still have school, even if I can’t find a replacement I still intend to enjoy my time left among humans. You and Abellio never really got that chance so I know you understand.” Ron said before letting Lilith go and leaving the room to get ready for school.
Lilith appeared in the library as Malic read aloud to Sparks and Vera from a book of the apple god’s notes.  “Experiment five, transmuting a crow to hold more human properties. Due to their upright form it is likely that birds are a better match for the blood magic than wolves. I have thirty five crows and I shall monitor their progress through the various treatments I’ve designed.”  He said before laughing. His audience weren’t amused in the slightest. “I don’t understand what’s so funny about him trying to mess with birds…” Vera complained. “Just smile and nod.” Sparks suggested. “Guys you’ll never guess what happened!!!” Lilith said in a high pitched screech of joy which halted the antics of Battleground entirely. “Are you dying?” Sparks asked.  “No, I’m already dead. But he kissed me.” Lilith replied twirling in the air like a ballerina. “She’s dancing again, should we be scared?” Malic asked. “NO WAY!!” Vera cheered while leaping up to hug her aunt. “Wait, where’s mom? How can you not be telling her first?” Vera asked suddenly worried. “Just because she’s a little busy does not mean she’s in danger, what is it with you two always leaping into…” Lilith stopped noticing Sparks was already gone, flying off to save the Apple queen.  “Why can’t you two just behave?” She demanded while flying after him. Malic laughed to himself while Vera just pouted. “I’m nothing like him.” She protested.

Ron went to school in a trance, his mind going over his actions earlier.  They weren’t him, not really. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Lilith but Ron always had trouble expressing his feelings, even if he was madly in love with her he doubted he’d do something like that he’d never kissed anyone before.  He sat in his math class as his teacher yelled at him to pay attention. He answered a few questions but was clearly paying no attention. “You seem out of it today.” Kyle said at lunch. “He was out of it yesterday, today he’s gone completely.”  Cindy said in response. “Huh, sorry just figuring stuff out.” Ron replied remembering where he was for a moment.
“I cannot believe you would do this, I promised to stay out of this, you know how mad they’ll be if they find out?  It’s not like anyone knows you even have free will. Which was your wish by the way.” Venus said in annoyance at the small pixie floating lazily around a cauldron.  “I’m sure that brute knows, that’s why he never trusted you, he could tell you were hiding something beyond the elder ones.” Cupid replied. “If you’re coming out of hiding then fine otherwise find me an excuse for why I’d betray their trust.”  Venus said coldly. “Love goddess, I am desire itself, just let me handle everything and I shall continue to make all your dreams come true.” Cupid said with a grin. “There are other love goddesses, a few witches left, I’ll frame one of them you’ll never need to be involved, in fact you’ll be the one who discovered something was amiss and began the search, how about it, you’ll be the hero.”  Cupid whispered. “Thank you my lord.” Venus replied with a bow.
Ron sat on the roof after school watching the skyline. “Why did I stay here?  I could have moved after that happened, why did I stay in this city, wouldn’t most people move across the country?  I just stayed and let myself fall into the worst of myself.” Ron complained aloud. “Yes, well you were a kid at the time, no need to beat yourself up over it.”  Cindy said sitting by him. “What are you doing here?” Ron questioned having expected his goddess. “I thought I’d find you crying, but you’re fine.” Cindy said simply.  “Why?” “I’ve only known you a few years but you get sad same time each year, what is it like the day everything bad happened?” She asked as if she didn’t really care. “Oh, I must have lost track of time, my mother’s birthday is Monday.”  Ron said quietly feeling a deep sense of shame for not keeping it top priority. “That’s good, you’re actually living your life instead of trying to live their memories.” Cindy said quoting something from one of her soap operas as if it would help Ron.  It did. “You’re right, being an unruly beast was grieving then I tried to be the perfect child just to make them proud but I never really thought about what I actually want.” Ron said smiling. “Well what do you want?” Cindy asked no longer paying full attention her focus now split between Ron and watching the twins argue down in front of the school.  “Well if you’re still interested in that one I’d probably wait, she’s been acting crazy lately.” Cindy whispered. “Yeah, that would have been great but now I feel like I’ve ruined that.” Ron admitted. “Well that white haired girl who keeps trying to cling onto you is definitely interested, then again maybe you need to spend some time alone to learn the real you.”  Cindy said still watching the twins. “You’re just obsessed with fixing other people’s problems.” Ron replied half annoyed half grateful. “A gift and a curse.” She replied smugly. Ron looked at the skyline again. “I was an idiot for staying here, but maybe I’m still being stupid.” He thought aloud. “I can’t see your future.” Cindy said standing up. “You never struck me as a seeing the future type.”  Ron remarked dryly. “Not what I meant, I mean I look at Kyle and he’s destined to be in some school or another forever, I look at the twins I see a few possibilities but most likely they’ll be a scientist and a historian.” She explained. “You have great potential and endless determination but I never once understood your sense of direction, you never explained your plan outside of be great make your parents proud, I have my parents still so I know from experience, parents are easy to make proud, I mean even I’m proud of you and I’m just some friend from school.”  Cindy elaborated as she began to walk away.


Ron sat at home waiting for Lilith to appear, he waited for hours until he went to bed by himself confused by her absence.
Lilith sat there at the table in battleground as she cried.  “What’s wrong?” Brenn asked as he walked by. “I think he was possessed or something, I know I want this but it’s not him.”  She whispered. “Okay so let’s pretend I know what you’re talking about. What’s the first thing we do when we suspect someone is under  a spell?” Brenn asked. “Umm ask you or Malic to find out who did it?” She asked. “Right or we could check with these.” Brenn said holding up a pair of magical glasses.  “You’re not supposed to have those.” “That’s true, but I don’t have them, you do.” Brenn teased placing them in the Lady in White’s hand. “Don’t cry over what might be, go find out what happened and who did it.  Maybe whoever did whatever because they felt the need for a change, sometimes people can change you know.” Bren said as he walked away, most likely to do something he shouldn’t. Lilith smiled. “These people are crazy, but I guess he’s right, I’ll just go over while he’s asleep and look at some stuff then  probably ask Malic for help understanding it.” Lilith said to herself before vanishing.
She appeared above him as he slept peaceful.  She peered through the glasses and gasped loudly.  She was worried about a love spell but it seemed to only increase his awareness of feelings and impulsiveness.  Which meant he really did mean it even if it wasn’t him. However Lilith couldn’t be happy about this as she saw beyond that spell to levels of enchantment so complex she couldn’t begin to understand, she copied everything she saw onto parchment to show Malic but she recognized the spell caster, according to the glasses she was casting the magic herself.

“What do you mean you’ve been casting these?  What are they even for?” Abellio asked looking over the drawings.  “See why I came to you first? I mean understanding magic is one thing but solving an actual mystery takes experience.” Lilith explained.   “I’ve got it.” He said with a smirk. “So quickly? How?” She asked in disbelief. “It’s simple, I’m the best.” Abellio explained holding up a book of gods and how to summon them.  “This book lists you as Rin The Lady in White, and me as Malic the Green Apple.” Abellio explained. “I know how your stupid book is out of date.” Lilith complained not getting it. “If Malic rose from the dead and cast a spell, it would look to the world like a spell I created, it has the same identification markers, but the style is different.”  Abellio continued as if the whole thing were a game to him. “This is why I usually ask Malic, he actually gives the answer instead of making me figure it out like a guided meditation.” LIlith complained. “Yes well look at this page again.” Abellio said annoyed. “Why?” “Because that’s your girl, the one who looks like you when casting magic.” Abellio said waving the page in her face.  “No way, I mean sure she hates you but Rin has been my friend for centuries.” Lilith said refusing to believe it. “I don’t care who hates me, I care who would try to ruin your life just to get you mad at me.” Abellio said as he went back to his research. “You really think it’s her?” Lilith questioned. “Someone had to wrap themselves in shadows over their clothes, probably to avoid being obviously someone dressed in all white, someone had to setup a million spells to detect you.  And someone had to leave a few spells that make it so Ron would die if he told you. Poor kid probably knows subconsciously, why else wouldn’t he say anything?” Abellio said his face buried in his work already, sorting grains of small gems for use in his latest experiments.



Dead Wrong Day 11



Day 11


Ron awoke with a hunger. He neglected to eat the previous night and his body seemed to rebel against this injustice waking him earlier than expected.  He felt the warmth of the electric blanket Lilith had draped over herself as she laid there in silence pretending to sleep. He smiled at her softly before shaking her out of the lie.   “Good morning.” He whispered while crawling over her to get off the bed. The goddess smiled up at him before looking away shyly. “You’re up early” she seemed to complain as he staggered sheepishly towards his bathroom.  The goddess laid there a moment longer. seemingly locked in place via pure bliss, before finally forcing herself to head for the kitchen. As he entered his kitchen the goddess made ingredients appear from thin air. “So what am I making you today?” Ron questioned.  “Omelette” Lilith said sounding like an overly demanding child she even pretended to slam her plate on the table for dramatic effect. Ron laughed a little as he prepared their meal. They ate in silence both wondering what the other thought yet unwilling to ask. As they walked to school the pair were joined by the twins again.   Ron wondered what to say as the four marched in silence. School wasn’t much further but he was certain it would be too late by then. He didn’t know what the problem was but he knew this was his last chance to fix things. “Liz are you busy this weekend?” Ron asked as they reached the doors to the school. She shook her head her eyes still downcast as both her twin and Lilith kept walking.  Lilith knew better than to confront the two of them directly. “How about Saturday night we go to a movie or something?” He asked shocked more by his sudden courage than her reaction which was to enter the building without actually answering. He knew her well enough to know she’d wait a day or two before slipping him a note with her response. He sat in his seat holding back a smile as his math teacher shouted at him and the other students things he already knew.

Liz responded much sooner than he expected somehow her note was in his pocket by the time he reached the roof to eat lunch it was a yes.   He didn’t say anything about it during lunch instead focusing on her brother Alan. “Alan if you want you can head out to another party this weekend.  I know some of the old crew are willing to accept another round with you if you’re interested.” Ron said as he folded and refolded the small page in his hands without looking down at it.   He could tell Lilith was upset, though he didn’t seem to know why, but he had time to figure it out. “Are you free tonight? I was hoping to show you something from my job” Lilith asked softly hoping her sorrow neither showed in her voice or turned into rage. “I’m studying as usual but if you don’t need more than an hour it should be fine.”  Ron replied still toying with the note. “Should be plenty of time” she replied before looking away afraid she might actually cry from seeing him so happy when that joy was coming from Liz. “Are you alright? You seem upset.” Ron asked as he stepped closer to inspect his goddess more closely. Without turning to face him she could feel his gaze it was warm and full of concern she blushed slightly before saying.   “It frustrates me to think you’re not taking our agreement seriously. Do you really believe you have the time for dates?” She tried to speak in a cold whisper so the others wouldn’t hear but it only made her voice waver revealing the sorrow behind her words. “You underestimate me if you fail to see my plan” Ron replied prying a hand on her shoulder. “Trust me I’m taking this very seriously” Ron whispered. Lilith took a deep breath and reminded herself silently of her own plan.  “I shall trust you” she replied simply. “Everything is to serve you my goddess” Ron said smugly as if he were about to win a game of chess.

Lilith sat nervously as Addie combed her hair.  “Why so stressed I thought things were going well?” The apple queen asked.  “He asked her out on a date” Lilith whispered quietly as if too afraid to say it any louder. The queen’s eyes turned crimson. “I’m glad you made sure I’m not getting involved because I would kill him.” She admitted solemnly.  “I know what I’m doing. He has to choose not to be with her” Lilith said not sounding at all sure of herself. “You could always just tell him how you feel” Christine said as she appeared in the room. “And have him think I’m a crazy stalker?  I already tried that with your father for centuries before your mom was born” the goddess of death replied. “I always forget you used to like him, that’s so weird” Christine said before hugging her aunt. “And how’s fang doing” Lilith asked sounding offended. “He nearly fell into some sunlight today but other than that things are still okay.   You can see us whenever you want to see the swamp” she said smiling sweetly. “No I’m much too busy, plus I think he’s uncomfortable being around an aspect of death when he’s technically dead” Lilith replied sounding a little sad about it. “The twins are fighting, that’s what I came to say” Christine said before vanishing.

The rest of the school day was quiet with Lilith gone Ron even found himself beginning to feel boredom. To the point where he decided to grab a book from the school library between classes.  Due to time constraints he couldn’t actually spend time choosing any book in particular so he just picked up three from the recently returned books.


Lilith floated over her chosen servant, observing him silently as he read from a book on werewolves.  “You know how fake this is.” Lilith complained after a few minutes. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I’m so glad I can’t read as fast as you, I only picked up a few sentences from  your whole book, but it was all wrong.” Lilith said sounding annoyed. “Wait so are there actual werewolves?” Ron questioned. “Probably not anymore, but for a long time, I’d say a few thousand years,”  She replied surprised by his interest in the subject. “What about other monsters? Any of them real?” He asked. “All kinds, but they’re mostly pushed into hiding or extinct now, except the demons, they’re asleep forever.” Lilith explained.   “Oh and I think the vampire queen is still around but she hasn’t caused much trouble lately.” Lilith added after a moment of further thought. “Vampires, they must be annoying for you.” Ron guessed. “Um.. why?” She asked confused. “As the goddess of death don’t they defy you with their mere existence?”  Ron inquired. “The only one defying me is you by refusing to just be my servant without tis silly game of ours.” She replied smugly. “Just trying to figure out your world.” Ron replied. “Well, if you want to know, I can introduce you to a vampire, he used to be an explorer, until he fell in love and sacrificed his human life to remain with the woman of his dreams.”  Lilith said hoping it wasn’t obvious how much she wished for something similar.


Nathan sat drinking the flavourless red liquid his father in law created daily for him.  “I’m certain you’d enjoy mortal blood a lot more.” Crissy said as she appeared behind him wrapping her arms around him.  “Must you always tempt me?” He complained. she leaned in even closer holding him tight and whispered. “Yes” the vampire merely smiled  “Perhaps I’ll drink your blood.” he replied in a tone an outsider might think a real threat but his wife knew better and simply kissed his cheek.  “I’ve been following some human girl for aunty Lilly.” She said laying down on the table in front of him completely pushing aside the writings he was translating so he’d be forced to pay maximum attention to her.  “You’ve already told me, some kind of romantic rival, right?” He said writing his translations on her exposed midrift as if he hadn’t noticed her move aside his work. The demi giggled a little but didn’t try to stop him until after the goddess of death appeared causing her to whell up with embarrassment and teleport across the room as Lilith stood in the center.  “Please don’t show up unannounced aunty…” She said shyly. “I’m sorry, it’s just Ron was curious about vampires, and I figured if he saw how great it worked out for a human who fell in love with a divine it might make things easier for me.” The goddess explained. “So you’re using my husband as tool in your twisted love game?” Crissy said appearing in front of her husband again.  “I mean, I didn’t think of it like that but… I’m sorry I’ll think of something else.” Lilith said sadly. Both Nathan and Christine began to laugh. “We’ll do it, she’s just messing with you, the least we could do after you had the idea of changing me into this in the first place.” Nathan said reassuringly. Lilith frowned. “Everyone in this family is so mean even when they’re being nice.”  She said with a huff. “Well that’s why you need this guy right?” Crissy said hugging her aunt despite the cold. “Can you ask Abellio if he knows how to make this fake blood taste better?” The vampire asked. “Have you tried mixing it with cider? Pretty sure you can eat food, it doesn’t have an effect on you but you can, so just sprinkle it on foods, like an ingredient instead of a main course.  That’s how all those harvest gods survive only being able to eat one food.” LIlith said as if pointing out the obvious, before she vanished.
Ron was jogging through the twilight when his goddess appeared in front of him.  “Do you remember Christine?” She asked floating alongside him as he moved. “One of the Crescents, the quiet one right?”  Ron replied with no clue what the aspect of death had planned for him. “Well As I said earlier I knew a vampire, you said you’d be interested in meeting him, so naturally I spoke with him.  He’s married to Christine, obsessed with translating old documents and loves to complain about how bad his fake blood tastes.” Lilith said super fast as if Ron wouldn’t find half the information irrelevant.  “So you made plans for me without asking first again?” Ron said sounding annoyed. “What kind of monster do you take me for, I just got him to agree to meet you, no time’s been set. It’s not like I have to control your whole life.”  She said a little offended. Ron sighed and hugged her. “I’m sorry for assuming the worst. You’re actually very considerate, you just tend to get carried away.” Ron said before letting her go. Lilith’s usually deathly pale face was in enough of a blush to appear alive and human.  “What’s wrong?” Ron asked noticing the change in her demeanor but not understanding he was the cause. “You might be a third devil.” Lilith muttered after regaining her composure as best she could. “What do you mean third?” Ron asked. “I can’t be expected to give you every secret if you’re not going to become my servant.”  Lilith said sternly. “Now you’re just playing dirty, getting me curious and then not letting me in.” Ron complained with a sigh before looking up at the stars which were just becoming visible. “Must be strange.” Ron thought aloud. “What do you mean?” The Lady in White questioned. “I know even the constellations change if you’re around long enough, but to me they’ve always looked like this, I can’t imagine what it’s like for the sky to be so different.” Ron explained.  “You don’t notice those things most of the time, everything changes so slowly. like watching a small town become a metropolis, it takes time more and more people arrived, but it never feels overwhelming until you stop and look at it, stop and think how many families you’ve had to seperate…” Lilith said holding back tears. “You really do put up with a lot don’t you? How do the other two manage?” Ron asked. “What do you mean, Reaper and Seph?” Lilith asked wiping her eyes in case tear were present.  “Reaper is a long story but Seph is an angel, they don’t really have feelings.” She explained. “If I go see the vampire now will you stop crying?” Ron asked. “If we go do the thing you wanted will I stop being sad?” Lilith questioned. “I figured you’d enjoy us doing it together, and you’d have fun showing me more of a world I can never see on my own.” Ron said with a smug grin as if he knew just how much his words affected the goddess. “Fine we can go.” Lilith said pretending she wasn’t moments away from swooning over him again.

Ron appeared in a grand hall, the walls were coated in mosaics of Abellio and some other man  Ron couldn’t recognize being worshiped by humans. “Welcome to the Apple Temple.” Lilith said quietly.  “Is this where Christine and her husband live?” Ron questioned at a normal volume, not noticing her lack of volume at all.  The room darkened and a shadow seemed to rise from the ground. “Who dare disturb my home.” The shadow spoke as it lightened into a pale man with dark hair dressed like an explorer.  “Whoa.” was all Ron could think to say when faced with an actual monster. “Impressive, isn’t he?” Crissy’s soft voice called from just behind the vampire before she stuck her head out to one side making herself visible from her place in his shadow.  “I didn’t think any of this was real, but I thought vampires were the least real of all.” Ron said not making any sense. Nathan laughed. “Well I found this place years ago, the council was getting suspicious of Crissy, thinking she intended to use me to influence human civilization.  That and wanting to stay by her side forever.” Nathan looked the human over, something deep down within in him begged him to feed, but he ignored that desire easily. “So Human, how long have you been serving death?” he asked. “Like a week and a half I guess.” Ron said thinking over his brief time with Lilith.  “She’s actually pretty cool.” He added after a moment of thought. “When I first came here, Christine thought she’d have to kill me for finding this place, didn’t want any humans to know about it.” He explained causing Crissy to look down shyly. “I wasn’t that bad…” She replied quietly. “You threw me into the arctic and told me to hunt penguins.”  He complained. “No I didn’t Penguins live in the Antarctica.” She corrected at a normal volume as if he were the only one who could get her to come out of her shell. Ron just smirked at the two of them as they argued completely oblivious to the others watching them. “Does it really matter if it was north or south?” Nathan asked. “Of course it does, that makes  your statement a lie.” Crissy replied smugly. “You two are really something special.” Ron said when the two concluded their discussion. “We try.” Nathan said humbly as he held his wife close. “I’m glad you showed me this, they remind me of the old home movies.” Ron whispered to Lilith. The lady in white blushed a little as she noticed how close Ron was in order to avoid being heard by the happy couple right in front of them.  Lilith looked Ron over and considered hugging him when Spark the hybrid appeared handing Nathan a large jug of red liquid then vanishing again. “Ah a new delivery.” The vampire said with a grin which actually sent chills down Ron’s spine. “What’s that?” Ron asked. “Daddy’s best invention the reason even those who hate my family accept us as the rightful leaders,we saved the world frown human sacrifice.” Christine explained as the vampire drank some of  the crimson liquid. “Long ago gods were constantly interfering with humanity and none could argue as many gods would die without sacrifices.” Lilith explained. “Wait gods had to feed on humans?” Ron questioned. “Well I mean even I feed to some extent on the energies released during the death of humans, though most of the energy I get comes from a mystical well deep within one of the many hells in a special castle owned by lord hades.” Lilith said losing track of her point for a moment then noticing how curious her servant was she smirked and allowed herself to age up to her 80’s “I would die without humans dying, as would every god back in the day.” She said aging backwards causing awe in Ron like she never saw before.  “The power within humans is special and many gods would use that power to grow fruits, these were the harvest gods, like her father.” Lilith said pointing to Crissy who was clinging onto her husband again. “So he made a fake blood so people didn’t need the real stuff?” Ron questioned. “After that it was only a matter of time before the gods took less and less interest in human affairs, those that still did were mostly troublemakers so it was outlawed.” Lilith explained. “Has to be weird seeing as you used to be human.” Ron noted. “I try not to think about when I was human.” She said sadly. “Okay fine, next question. Who was that guy that handed over the fake blood? I saw him at Battleground.” Ron said as he began to walk absentmindedly, Lilith followed as the residents of the temple simply ignored them to return to what they were doing before their guests arrived.  “He’s kind of a strange one, even by our standards. Born during the great war as a secret weapon for the forces of evil, he’s half angel and half demon.” Lilith explained. “That’s cool.” Ron said sounding impressed. “Yes, well I’ll be sure to let him know you think that, most gods consider him an abomination, then again they think the same of the apple kids.” Lilith said happy to talk to Ron about just about anything.


Ron sat in a throne made of Applewood the inscriptions all over it glowing.  “You are the one I’ve been waiting for.” A voice Lilith barely recognized began to speak.  “I don’t have much time in a matter of days I will be killed by a horrible monster, a beast like no other, the god killer.   I need you to avenge me. I will give him my power but that is merely so you can track him easier, he’s already strong enough to kill Rin.” the voice spoke.  “What’s going on?” Ron whispered just before Lilith teleported him back to his home. “I’m going to have to talk to Abellio about this, I don’t know what that room is, it can’t be real… Malic wasn’t like that. I mean sure he’s smart enough to figure out all the parts and craft the kind of plot, but he liked Abellio, he saw potential.”  Lilith said speaking so fast the poor human couldn’t take in more than half the words. “Relax.” Ron replied hugging her. She instantly took a deep breath and fell silent. “We take things one step at a time, you know what you have to do next, so just do that and don’t worry about the rest for now.” He said reassuringly. The goddess simply nodded and vanished to present the room to Abellio. Ron laid there on his bed staring at the spot she previously occupied, to his surprise it wasn’t empty as if a shadow took up residence where she once resided.  “The shroud is back.” Ron complained. “The truth is back.” It replied smugly. “What truth.” Ron questioned. “That Abellio killed Malic for his power of course.” The shrouded figure replied. “Why should I care who died thousands of years before my birth?” Ron said not even trying to move this time, he already knew he’d be trapped. “I’m growing sick of you. Why do you side with those monsters at every step of the way, they’re abominations the lot of them…. They should have stayed human instead of creating more putrid hybrids Sparks was bad enough.”  The being granted before vanishing. Ron sat up more confused than scared. “Why does that thing keep annoying me.” He complained to himself while getting out of bed to go back to reading his book. At his desk sat an angel. “Ronald Ingis, I have been investigating you for a week now, and what I’ve discovered is shocking.” The angel said in a quiet and calm voice. “Who are you?” Ron asked. “The angel of death Sephiroth.” The angel replied simply. “I see, you’re worried you’ll have too much work to do since The Lady in White is distracted. If it makes you feel any better I will try my best not to distract her.”  Ron said as he pushed the angel aside and took his seat opening up his book to read. “Your lack of respect for the forces of the cosmos are, unsettling even to an angel.” Sephiroth explained dryly as he stood up. “So what’s so shocking about me?” Ron asked only half listening. “You’re past your expiration date.” The angel of death replied. Ron put his book down and looked up at the angel in shock.




MoonWell: Chapter 3

 This is a great time to mention more of my NaNoWriMo 2018 submission  Current word count is 44359 I expect to be finished by the time this is a published post, which give me way more time to think of stuff to post for the rest of November for the pepper things.  Great plan right? #NanoPoblano2018


City Life

Chapter 3


Cohorting with demons and gods out in the wilderness passed the time and allowed Bronze not to think about his life, his past, but now he was in a bustling city free from these outlandish danger and free to worry about more traditional fears, such as where his next meal would come from or where he’d go to flee from the rain.  Sun Elves were known for hating to be stuck in the rain, humans used to joke this was the reason they knew elves weren’t plants. Bronze looked around seeing only humans. “Odd I was under the impression this place would have more elves, I think Rainbow Valley has a thriving elvin community, he heard stories of how much the people their appreciated each other.  But of course when running scared from your home village without a map there isn’t too much choice as to where you end up. Bronze was in the new capital Vera, a city of truth. He smiled to himself while walking through the streets pretending he knew where he was going or what he was doing. City life was strange he saw a lady slay what appeared to be a man but turned into a blue dragon made of ice.  The lady then vanished into her own shadows. “Is this normal?” Bronze questioned. “Sure is kid.” A man dressed in a dark grey hunting cloak said with a mischievous grin. “Got anything valuable on you? I’d like some lunch and I’ve decided you look new in town.” The man said simply. “I have this cursed rock a demon gave to me as a sign that she has me protected.” Bronze said not really understanding the question.  “Demon you say? Nevermind then, you want the orphanage. It’s half way up the main road.” The man said clearly annoyed but pointing towards a road paved with bright red bricks which lead all the way to the castle. “Ooo, thank you mister you’re very helpful. I’ll be sure to pay you back some day.” Bronze said as he ran off. The sound of hooves was the first thing one would notice about this city the second depended upon the individual, would it be that there didn’t seem to be quite so many horses for so much hoof sound or maybe the scents of fresh breads from one of the many bakeries which dotted across the whole city or maybe if you’re like Bronze you’d notice the way each house was a different colour.  A small thing really, tons of places do that it wasn’t uncommon but as much as Bronze heard stories from his mom and dad about the world, before the attack on his village he didn’t know about little details like this as he’d never strayed far from the tiny unnamed village. Bronze was a small town boy in a big city and it was sad. Too many this place was a filled with beauty and mystique, but to that young elf he simply saw pickpockets and people passing each other without so much as looking up to see there was another mortal right there deserving of respect. He knew city life was different, he knew a lot of things, but he could now feel it, and that was new to him.

Bronze walked with purpose a voice in the back of his head assuring him he’d find this new home by the time darkness fell, the voice was correct the Orphanage was large to him, but dwarfed by many things within the city.  He walked up the six steps which lead to the entrance and pulled on a rope which made a large bell ring off in the distance. He knew what that was though he’d never used one before. Bronze resisted the urge to play with it, he could still hear his mother telling him such things weren’t toys.   He smiled at the thought but then he frowned, he wouldn’t be hearing her again. THe door opened a frail spindly lady dressed in a dress which he suspected was crafted from old curtains stood before him. Her gaze intimidating her smile welcoming her fingernails long and sharp. “Speak,” She said in her quiet yet refined voice, the kind of voice which demanded respect and clearly didn’t need to waste time with any directions beyond something so simple as speak.  “I’m Bronze, I lived in a village by the sea, monster attacked my parents died and I ran and I ran until I found myself in your city. I remembered my mommy said she was from an orphanage so I came to one. That’s where you go when your parents…. When they…” He stopped, he didn’t want to think about it, he didn’t want to remember. He knew the images, the sounds it would all come back to him and he’d come too far to be broken now, at least not for a little longer. “I need to be here, I’m an orphan.”  Bronze stated sternly as if trying to stop himself from showing signs of weakness. The lady looked at him confused. “I see, I see.” She said while looking like she did not see in the slightest. “And you’re a moon elf no?” She questioned. “No I’m a Sun Elf, what do you mean?” Bronze questioned while looking at his hands, his skin was now pale as the moon. “Oh that’s probably not good, I think I’m sick.” Bronze explained. “Quite so, lack of sun is deadly for your kin; you must of had quite the journey, come in let Lady Spider take care of you.”  The old woman said while stepping aside to let Bronze enter.

The Foyer of the Orphanage feature off white walls and several doors  and stairways leading in various direction, the floor featured a checkerboard designs of puke green and powder blue.   The place smelled old, not the kind of old smell attics have which comes from years of dust and neglect, but the kind of old lived in smell that comes from centuries of good days and bad days blood sweat and tears from the generations of lost children who came through all attempted to be cleaned with some kind of solution which involved lemon and maybe vanilla, that kind of old smell.   Everything felt like a dream, when he was off in the wild on his own or with some nearly all powerful entity Bronze felt like that was correct, it made sense to him, but now he was here walking down an orphanage following an elderly lady who moved with the speed of someone much younger, he felt uneasy perhaps the loss was finally hitting him or maybe he knew this life wouldn’t last long.  Either way Bronze was ready to lead a normal life, even if part of him already knew that wasn’t going to happen.

They entered an office room towards the back of the building.  The lady took a seat at her desk and pulled out some papers. “So little one, can you read?”  Lady Spider asked sweetly. “Yes ma’am, I’ve been reading since I was three, we elves learn fast,  I can read Elf human and even a little bit of demon though I understand it’s best never to interfere in anything demonic.”  Bronze said quickly. “You’ve got a Harmony name, that’s not typical of Elves these days, don’t most of your kind use more traditional elf names?”  She asked. “My dad believed we’d never have humans and Elves getting along if we kept acting better than everyone else, so naming me was a part of that.” Bronze explained.  “And I’ll need your last name for the paperwork we’re about to sign.” Lady Spider explained. “Lilly ma’am, My mother said it’d be rude to force me to have a different last name than him even if he thought it’d help me get along with human children.”  Bronze explained. “Okay Mr. Lilly, I want you to look over these papers carefully then sign your name to them if they seem correct, they say if your parents are discovered within the next six months you’re returned without us being charged for kidnapping you attest you can read and understand you attest you showed up of your own will without coorecersion that sort of thing.”  She explained while giving him a several pages to read through. “If elves are as smart as they say you should be useful around here at least, we’ve been trying to teach some of the children but our latest tutor is rather frustrated I suspect he may soon leave us if they don’t begin to improve.” She explained with what looked like a devious smile though Bronze was sure she just enjoyed the occasional gossip.    “This all looks correct I’ve signed.” Bronze said after ten minutes of silence. “Now, I’m going to be completely honest, we haven’t served your kind before, we have two elvin staff but they’re moon folk. If at any point our care isn’t suitable for you, we may not know it without you making us aware, so please don’t hesitate to let us know. We exist for all our children, welcome to the Spider house.” Lady Spider said shaking the young elf’s hand leading him up several flights of stairs then pulling him into a room.   “This room has several empty beds, select one, diner will be ready in an hour so wash up.” She said before leaving. Bronze looked around the room amazed by how clean it was. This cleanliness and the darkness convinced him no one else lived in the room though this was wrong. Once he took a step towards the beds the old wooden floor creaked and a child rolled out of one of the beds crawling over to him on all fours at speeds Bronze didn’t know possible. “Nice to meet you, I’m your new roommate, my name is Peat.” The human boy said while crawling around the elf and sniffing at it like he were a dog meeting a new friend.   “Likewise I’m sure, my name is Bronze.” The elf replied with a bow. “You’ve got funny ears, I like them.” Peat said with a friendly grin. “Yes well I guess I’m quite fond of them too.” Bronze said unsure how to respond to someone crawling in circles around him like that. “You smell like the sea, have you been by the coast lately? Do the waves still argue?” Peat asked. “I don’t think I know what that means.” Bronze replied while he returned to walking towards the beds. “It means you’re a silly little wolf kid and I’m a sophisticated Sun elf child who has become pale enough to look like a Moon elf.” Peat said rolling around like a dog trying to get comfortable.  “Which bed is yours?” Bronze asked noticing there were two sets of bunk beds in the room. “THe bottom left, you can have whatever one you want, they don’t like sticking people in here with me, but probably figured you’d rather me than any of the mean kids.” Peat explained. “Why don’t they stick kids in here, you seem friendly.” Bronze questioned. “It’s because my dad killed my mom, he was a werewolf or something, so they call me wolf kid and scream about me biting them, no one wants to live with me.” He explained as if it were a normal situation. “You do act more animalistic I suppose but if you haven’t attacked me so far my only worry would be a full moon.” Bronze concluded while climbing up on the bed above the one with all the blankets scrunched into a ball.   “Well yeah I guess, but there’s no proof I got his moon curse, I just act weird is all.” Peat said sounding serious for a moment. “Don’t worry about it Peat, if you were a problem, if you ever become a problem, I’ll stop you, until then just be you.” Bronze said while staring at the ceiling. He didn’t know how he knew those words would assure this strange new friend of his of anything in his mind they sounded too much like a threat, but the dog boy as the bullies apparently called him felt at ease.




I enjoyed that reference to Umber Blade, with the dragon slaying stuff, this is the same city she lives in.


Sour Apple: Part 4

This is it for this tale, at least for now, do  not feel like having more apple stuff right now, if you want more ask there are a lot of stories written for this universe but this one seems to be the earliest. #NanoPoblano2018


After months of traveling destroying many monsters and battling gods several times a week Abellio became a legend among humans and gods. To the men he was the god killer, the man who could slay any monster.  To the gods he was the beast, the monster who could kill any man. The council was met attempting to decide how to deal with this issue when they were interrupted by a strange god. Malic the orchard lord never interfered.  He fed many gods good or bad he never seemed to mind and he was respected by all despite being a Celtic deity. His appearance in the council room was a first and a last. “I will take care of this bad apple” he said simply as he bowed to the council members.  “What makes you think you can succeed where all others have failed?” Odin asked. “If I fail I’ll tell him I destroyed his village. He will be satisfied. Win or lose he will stop tonight.” Malic answered. “He approaches your swamp, is that what prompts you?” Amaterasu inquired. “It makes no difference.  Sacrifice this fool so we can be rid of the beast” Ra spoke. “Let us put it to a vote” Zeus demanded. Before the others could agree to vote Malic spoke again. “Your decision matters not. I’m doing this” he vanished leaving them to merely decide if they needed to stop him or not.

Abellio waded through the mud compelled to explore the densely forested area purely by reflex.  He reasoned if his reflexes allowed him to kill death he could easily use them to find his way. “You’re going the wrong way again.” Lilith said appearing before him.  “Go away ghost” Abellio said for what felt like the thousandth time. In reality the number was closer to a million. “It’s just another trap you know” she said sounding sad.  “Do you wish for me to remove your head before or after pulling out your heart” Abellio replied pulling the girl from the air by her ponytail. “Stop being so mean to me” she begged as he pulled her under the swamp waters to deprive her of air.  After ten minutes he gave up on killing her seeing as she clearly didn’t need to breathe. “You got mud in my hair, I just washed it before coming to see you too!” She complained before vanishing. “I’ll kill her next time” Abellio whispered to himself as he returned to walking deeper into the swamp.

“Most use a boat so they don’t misstep and sink down” Malic said from his place on a tree branch Abellio just passed under.  “I do not misstep” the beast replied coldly. “Of course not. You’re all rage all the time. That’s why you go out of your way to fight monsters you know didn’t do this.  Not out of some sense of justice or honour, just because you like killing things” Malic said sarcastically. “You know more of me than that god of war did. But then again he knew enough to runaway while you simply wait for me to come end you.  You reek of nature magic. Maybe you’re just feeling guilt” Abellio said as he leapt up landing next to the god. “Guilt yes, I’d rather die to you than go another day knowing you exist and I haven’t tried to stop you” Malic remarked as the tree began to grow.  The entire swamp seemed to come to life as apple trees grew all over bending and reshaping themselves into a strange arena for the two to fight in. Malic pointed his red sword at the god killer. “All that I am is at stake if you go forward so look at this blood red blade.  Crimson scar here will be the last thing you see before everything fades to black.” Malic shouted. “So dramatic. Just kill me or die to me and make it quick. You give me a headache” Abellio retorted. The god charged in for an attack but stopped short as if gripped by fear. “Something wrong?” Abellio asked standing still.  “I almost died is all. I can sense it. You’ve got a plan for just about any attack I can think of. Even if I run you can take me down. I see only one way to win.” Malic reasoned as his trees engulfed the beast imprisoning him. “Not to play fair.” He concluded, only to feel the sting as bark pierced his leg. The god killer burst forth from the twisted trees causing wood to shoot out in all directions.  “Such great senses” Abellio said as he slowly walked over to the god who was no longer able to even flee without teleporting. Malic smirked as he thrust his sword to the man who dodged by moving to his left, right Into the sharp branch of a tree which wasn’t there a moment ago. “I did the impossible. Not bad for an apple farmer. Though if Dionysus had just behaved none of this would be happening” Malic complained out loud as he dragged himself up to stand on his good leg only to feel his own sword pierce his chest.

“Tell me more about this Dionysus,” Abellio said not caring about his blood loss.   “You couldn’t just die alone… “ Malic complained as be coughed up green blood. “I failed my family, my people.  At least you can feel that too” Abellio spat out. “I don’t have too, there’s one other option. We can both get what we want if you make a deal with me”  Malic said walking towards the dying man plucking a red apple from one of his trees. “You don’t have to die if you accept this gift and the responsibilities that come with it.” The apple god explained.  “That lady is waiting for me. I see no reason to disappoint her” Abellio said thinking of the goddess he killed. “I have a village I’ve been taking care of. Take my place feed them using my power and I will grant you all the strength you need to kill the vine lord”  Malic said before coughing again. “Eat of this fruit and gain my essence let my power become one with yours the drunken fool won’t stand a chance” Malic said as the fruit in his hands began to glow. Abellio felt cold, colder than he’d ever been and something deep down told him it was wrong to take the power but he ignored all of this and all his pain as he snatched the fruit and ate the whole thing in a single bite.  “He’ll never know what hit him” Abellio said as the god before him turned to dust from which a small sapling emerged and then the world went dark anyway.




Wow, how unexpected all of this must be for all of you.



Sour Apple: Part 3

More of this apple stuff, I hope you guys are enjoying it #NanoPoblano2018


Abellio awoke in a field of flowers, it was three weeks since he lost everything.  Sleep was a rare phenomena he hadn’t expected it. “You’ve been quite the troublemaker, maybe I’ll have the gods owe me a favour by ending the source of their nightmares.” A female voice called. A small slender figure appeared before Abellio floating above the flowers.  “Is this your garden?” Abellio asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Why yes isn’t it glorious every pedal brim with the manna of the fae, allow me to introduce myself god killer. I am queen Titania, I rule all of faerie kind.” She explained floating closer to examine her opponent.  “He said plant magic, maybe he meant you.” Abellio said as he lifted up the blade he grabbed from the ashes of Crescent Village. “Oh so you think I’ll fall like that idiot Rin? Unlike her I can just leave you here without fighting.” The Fae reasoned. “Leave me here with your flowers?” Abellio questioned.  Her eyes widened in fear as she realised what the mortal meant, but it was too late he was trampling flowers stomping wildly just to provoke her into battle. She obliged his request.

“You think you’re something special? You think fighting gods is difficult? You stand against a being crafted from the ether I am not merely magical I am magic” screeched the being the size of a small child with the rage only an ancient entity could muster.   As she spoke strong winds knocked the mortal off his feet and vines grew and stretched out to bind him. They were cut to shreds and Abellio rose to his feet eager to have his vengeance. “So was it you, humans are mere playthings to you. Why not play with some small village?”  Abellio asked a wicked grin on his face as he began to form his next plan of attack. “I don’t know or care who did this to you. Be gone.” The being said and with that the madman found himself somewhere new.

He was deep in a forest.  Without another thought he began to march forward.  “Who dares enter my hunting grounds.” A female voice called.  “Just passing through.” Abellio replied wondering what was about to happen.  “You’re him aren’t you” the voice called as arrows rained down on Abellio. He stayed still as they struck the ground around him.   “Nice warning shot. Mind giving me your bow when this is over?” Abellio asked. The goddess appeared before him dressed in furs to hide her scent from her prey.   “I am Artemis moon goddess and huntress.” She explained holding out a blade to challenge him. “I’m Abellio I guess they call me godkiller now.” He replied with a wicked grin.  “So you admit it? Blasphemy” she replied leaping to strike him down. He dodged it easily. “Wow you’re fast” Abellio remarked. “I mean I barely had a chance to think.” He added while dodging more attacks.   “Shut up” the goddess replied swinging her blade even faster. “No, seriously how fast can gods move?” He questioned,leaping back into the spot he chose earlier. As Artemis charged to her prey she triggered the trap she set earlier that day she suddenly found herself suspended by her ankle.   “I’ll have to try one like this sometime.” Abellio said admitting her handiwork. “guess it’s time to put my prey out of my misery” Abellio said his smile turning back into a wicked grin. “Why are you even doing this?” The goddess demanded doing her best to hide her fear. “Revenge” he replied as he ran to her.  She sliced the rope holding her and swung for his head feeling confident she finally had him too off guard to counter. He saw that coming the Divine being stopped by rope was laughable even to him. He ducked under her swing and stabbed towards her missing his mark slightly hitting her arm. The blade broke on her skin but it still bruised.  The two leapt away from each other. “So you’re not just a mindless beast like they all said. I’ll enjoy hunting you down.” The goddess said while attempting to catch her breath, when she’s looked up he was gone. “I must have scared him off” she said sitting down exhausted. Abellio pulled the bow and quiver off her back. “These are mine now.  Okay?” He asked. The Goddess looked up at the Human but in her mind she saw only the face of her death. “Do you use nature magic?” Abellio asked giving his target one more chance at survival. “I can but I typically don’t. I rely on my hunting skills and physical abilities.” She explained no longer hiding her fear at all. “I’m leaving then. I wouldn’t follow if I were you.” Abellio said leaving with the bow and arrows from the goddess.   Artemis frowned and went to see her father.

“The beast is real.  I don’t know if I can take him.” Artemis said still shaking with terror.   “Athena has been watching, we don’t know enough about this threat.” Zeus replied before noticing his daughter was in a terrible state.  “What did he do to you?” Zeus asked. “Not much his human blade couldn’t pierce my skin but my arm is injured all the same. They say he took down Rin with his bare hand. I think it might be the case” she answered honestly while revealing the bruise on her left arm.  “Was he aiming for your heart then?” Athena asked appearing behind Zues. “Yes sister. He aims to kill. But not without cause. He wants revenge against a wielder of nature magic.” Artemis explained being much more helpful than usual, she wasn’t sure why.

Abellio arrived at a village deep in the woods. The place seemed empty but he could hear voices from the seemingly abandoned buildings as if everyone there were terrified of someone or something.  “I wish to sleep” the beast shouted, fully expecting compliance from the fritened beings. His shout woke what they feared. The ground shook as the monster approached from deeper in the woods. “Who interrupts my slumber?” Spoke the giant.  “I too seek rest and refuge. Leave me be and you’ll remain unharmed.” Abellio graciously offered. The giant was not amused. “You think to insult me? I am the troll killer what business does a mere human have speaking to a king giant in disrespectful tongues?”   “I don’t know much about respect but troll killer. I shall grant you a very long rest if that is your goal.” Abellio said feeling his fury return. The giant raised a fallen tree he’d been using as a club to smash his puny opponent, but when he looked the god killer was gone.  A moment later the giant fell over and Abellio emerged from the huge ear. “Rest forevermore troll killer, rest forevermore.” The people of the village heard their tormentor fall and soon surrounded Abellio heralding the beast as their champion. He replied to the crowd by demanding a bed for the night he left them before the sun rose. They reminded him too much of the old life he lost.



See how weird this is?  Oddly enough this is connected to that story I posted a while back Dead Wrong