In case you guys think I’m incapable of human emotion, plot twist this isn’t some joke thing.  I’m actually going to say thank you for some important stuff in my life.  #NanoPoblano2018

There are a great many people I don’t show appreciation for despite their influence.  

Also some people who are more aware of that gratitude, Probably because I actually remember to contact them.

I guess no names are coming to mind, oh well.




7 thoughts on “Gratitude

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  2. TY very much for your kind comments here. I still need to go back and read some of your earlier posts but it might be easier for me to finish my final seven posts first, since they are so time consuming. You are incredibly prolific, I marvel at all of the different stories you have been weaving this month and your discipline to get them all down and out in the open. In doing so, you will keep continuing to grow as a writer and we will get experience all of that growth with you, here’s to the journey ahead and the creative spark that blazes a trail onwards 🙂

    • Thinking about it further, I also need to go through some of my older works, my most recent projects were both successful and just continuations of old blog posts I completely forgot existed previously to deciding these are the stories. So I should go mining for new old things to make stuff with you know?


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