May 2019 — Modern Mystic Mother

Everyone keeps saying “may 2019 be….” whatever something or other. Fools. 5th card reading left to right. Therefore 1st card, 2nd row = Apocalypse. The last judgement. Stop it. Seriously. My life is over for Mars has entered the sign of the decisive ram. Mars is the malefic in my natal chart. Pluto and Saturn… […]

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On Becoming a Novelist by John Gardner | Review — Memoir Of A Writer

If I could use one word to describe John Gardner’s On Becoming a Novelist, it would be: practical. What Gardner didn’t do was lend to the young writer a bunch of writing advice that would hopefully make them a better writer. Instead, he dives deep into what it takes to be a novelist. What characteristics, […]

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MoonWell: Chapter 5

I felt you guys earned another look at MoonWell, because it might be some of my best work, besides who doesn’t want to see more of Echoshadow and Scarlet?


Chapter 5

After Burn

Bronze sat in his room in the chair, luckily for him big cities seemed to have people at the ready who were capable of calling the rain and healers.  Several children had been injured by his sun burst, he didn’t know what he did but he knew it was his fault, he knew all those people almost died because of him, so he sat in the fetal position rocking like a madman trying his best not to cry.  Bhrooha sat by him on the floor patting his knee. “Poor sun child, you are clearly innocent, how could you have known of that strange attack?” She said trying to calm him. “That was me, I summoned that light, I did one earlier, I didn’t know they explode.”  He explained summoning another and ignoring it. The moon elf looked terrified. “And it only went off when you touched it?” She asked struggling to hide her newfound fear of the child. “Yes ma’am, I’m not just going to hurt you.” Bronze reasoned. “Then you should be fine, we need some of the city guards to talk to you, make sure this wasn’t on purpose but I’m sure it will be fine.”  Bhrooha said feeling confident. “Non mi piace qui.” Bronze whispered as he wiped away his tears and stood up to go face the legal system.

Bronze sat in a dark cold room listening to the sound of water, somewhere in the darkness was a puddle receiving a drop or water every few seconds it was continuous and montenous the only sense of time in that cold dark place.  He was pale his eyes burned but they were feeding him. No matter how much Bronze told the people he was a sun elf and not a moon elf they didn’t believe him, or maybe they did and wanted him to suffer for attacking an orphanage.  Bronze stared into the darkness waiting for anything to happen and then something appeared a shadow seemed to move about the room. Bronze ignored this expecting his mind to play tricks in an attempt to pass the time but then the world around him grew darker he felt like he was falling into a world of shadows then he was on a balcony.   “As requested here is a worthy candidate for your new order of knights.” A voice spoke from the darkness of Bronze’s shadows. “Yes very good, umm and who is this?” A girl around seventeen or eighteen questioned. “He exploded a bunch of children by accident, I figure we can train him to use his powers responsibly save him from going down a dark path save countless lives with his explosive powers.  He was in the dungeons anyway.” The shadow creature explained. “Umm hello, I’m Bronze of the sun.” Bronze said still feeling dizzy. “See, he said he’s of the sun that means they were killing him without even knowing it, they marked him down as a moon elf.” The shadow said defensively as if he expected harsh criticism of his candidate. “I still say the Blade is a better choice.” The girl retorted.  “She’s not the one you announce to the world, this one with a bit of polish can be the public face of your forces. A story of redemption to show your mercy to the people and the might you hold.” The shadow reasoned. “Fine fine fine, I can give Bronze a chance.” She replied. “Umm who are you?” Bronze questioned. “I am Princess Scarlet Blaze, and that darkness speaking in your defense is Project Echoshadow my sworn protector, he will be the one teaching you to use your little sunburst powers for good.”  The girl said with a bow. “You’re the princess?” Bronze said bowing back only to faint from lack of sun.

Bronze awoke on the roof of the palace it was midday, he had no idea how long he’d been left there but his skin was dark again.   “Good you’re up.” Called a voice from his shadow, the voice of that guardian thing he heard about. “Where are you?” Bronze asked.  “I’m in your shadow obviously. Just a little thing I do to sneak about.” Echoshadow said rising from the darkness. He took the form of a human teenage boy, whether that’s what he truly was, had yet to be determined.   “We’re here in this big open area to learn how to control the explosions, you’ll learn to make the smallest booms possible then maybe I’ll teach you some weapons or something.” Echoshadow explained. “Yes Kind, umm your name was Project?”   Bronze asked. “Project is essentially what my kind use instead of mister or sir, you can call me Echoshadow.” The creature explained. “What are your kind?” Bronze asked not understanding what he was talking to in the slightest. “That is a state secret actually, I’m literally not allowed to answer that question.  Which in case you’re wondering is very very annoying.” Echoshadow explained sounding like it didn’t bother him at all. Actually while he sounded like a whispering human in Bronze’s shadow when he was talking to the princess now he merely sounded like he was reading lines off a page which were of little consequence to him.  “I am you teacher now, so how about you just refer to me as teacher?” Echoshadow decided after a moment of thought. “Yes teacher, what should I do first?” Bronze asked. “Eat this.” Echoshadow replied handing Bronze a cup filled with berries. Which the young elf devoure mercilessly. “Good, can’t have you dying on us, I see great power within you, more than I’ve seen in any outside of my family and the princess.  You’re going to be on our side, because I really don’t want to have to kill you someday.” Echoshadow explained still sounding unphased by the events.

Bronze spent the day making explosions with his strange light, bigger and smaller, hotter and colder, even explosions that would make dazzling lights and some dark as the night.  He worked for hours then when the sun began to set the dark being which took him there melted into the shadows and dragged Bronze with him bringing him back to the cell in the dungeon.  “You’re waiting right here for the night the guards still think you’re a prisoner, this will go one for a few months until the princess is the queen then you shall be pardoned and made a knight.”  Echoshadow explained. “What if I don’t want to be a knight?” Bronze asked. “Hadn’t considered, I figured based on my interviews of those you knew. You want to change the relation between Elf and Human of Harmony to see nation before race.”  Echoshadow said simply. “I mean I do but I’m also a mere child, even with power I’m still a child.” Bronze explained. “We can change that if you want.” Echoshadow offered. “What do you mean?” Bronze questioned. “Never mind, just go through the training,  you can refuse the offer to lead the queen’s new order when the time comes, I’ll seek your replacement, but know that you would be perfect.” Echoshadow stated matter of factly before melting into the darkness once more. “Okay, I’m just spending my nights in this dark creepy place, that guy is nice, as is the princess.  I guess I prefer this to the Spider House.” Bronze said shooting out a light which bounced around the room before fading away. “I guess I’m a star crafter now, I don’t know what that means.” Bronze said remembering the description Corona used when boasting of his powers in the hidden chamber. “Maybe if I tell Echoshadow, he can get that guy to replace me.”  Bronze thought with a smirk before drifting off to sleep.



I liked the part where he still lives in that prison, the dichotomy of fighting for justice while being accused of crimes like that is great.