SnakeBite: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 is about Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter eight


Later that night as they all sat down to eat diner, Sara opened the book to begin reading from chapter number eight.  She looked at the table of contents.

page 1
Chapter 1 the beginning of gods.
Page 3
Chapter 2 the creation of earth.
Page 7
Chapter 4 guardian beast.
Chapter 5 elemantalism in simplest form.
Page 35
Chapter 6 things that go bump in the night; an overview
page 38
Chapter 7 snakes of valour and virtue.
Page 45
Chapter 8 wolf bite fever.
Page 54
Chapter 9 the dark wings of blood; vampires explained
page 78
Chapter 10 one hundred uses of dragon’s blood
page 99
Chapter 11 age of necromancy closes
page 129
Chapter 12 the dawn of enchanting
Chapter 13 the twilight of dualism
page 178
Chapter 14 the grand finale; possible endings of the world
page 245

Sara looked over the table of contents and wondered why Alex had the book, she did not wonder too long before Zack asked, “What’s that one about,” pointing to chapter seven “I never heard of snakes of Valour, how about you?”  “No, but it does sound interesting.” Sara replied while turning to chapter eight. She began to read.

Chapter 8 Wolf Bite fever
As explained in chapter’s one two and six the werewolves story of creation is a particularly interesting one like all other creatures of the night they were created after the world and with dark intent however, their creator the wolf god had been under the influence of a dark spell the caster of which is still unknown to this day.  They create more of their kind as if they were some kind of plague leading many to label them un-dead now the verdict is not out on whether or not they should be counted amongst the living or the dead, but they have many more interesting qualities then that. Although few humans have come to realize it werewolves can be indirectly blamed for the fall of almost every great society that is not to say that they are vile manipulative beast that want nothing more than to feast on your flesh though some of them are.  You see as explained in the next chapter in greater detail. The god of bats was wounded in battle with the god of wolves and so when he saw the werewolves destroying earth he sought to save the world by creating vampires.

Now every single werewolves have spoken up and separated themselves from the more destructive likens who are still under the demonic control of the original spell that forced the wolf god into hiding.  Unfortunately, every werewolf still has two souls, the human and the wolf (liken) this is the ultimate in dualism. Each and every werewolf has a consciousness that usually just wants to be left alone and one that just wants to eat you for supper.  Now not every wolf soul (liken) is the same. They can be separated into three groups they are listed in order from most to least dangerous. The true beast that have nothing but pure instincts these are the most common of them all, there are the next level up who use high levels of thought but have trouble keeping control, then there are the masterminds they were theoretically designed to lead the werewolf armies.

Naturally werewolves are extremely dangerous more so than any other creature of the night for if you can befriend one of them you are usually safe, but werewolves are two things in one even if one pare loves you the other side wouldn’t hesitate to gobble you up.  Be warned avoid contact with this species at all cost.

Sara closed the book she knew the chapter said a lot more than that but she wouldn’t dare turn the page to read on it was too much to take in at once she wondered what kind of soul Alex’s other half was.  Then she noticed it was late, Zack and Fang were asleep, while Alex was nowhere to be seen. Sara didn’t really think Alex should be traveling off on his own right after losing control, but she figured it might actually be what was best for him.  And so she tried and failed to go to sleep before resolving to go out and find Alex.

She quietly stepped out of the tent believing that she had not woken a soul, and saw Alex laying down and staring up at the stars.  Without looking he said “Don’t humans normally sleep around this hour.” “I wouldn’t know I have no means of knowing the time.” Sara responded without hesitation.  “I can tell the time based off the month and positioning of the stars, it’s approximately three fifteen A.M., but I could be off by a few minutes.” Alex said as he just continued to stare upwards as if nothing else was anywhere near as important or beautiful as the skies above.  Sara laughed at the thought of Alex staring up at the sky for an eternity, knowing deep down that he would probably take the opportunity if he had no obligations left. “Why are you laughing?” Alex asked, shocking Sara who had not realized she laughed before the question was posed.  “I remembered a joke someone once told me.” She lied in an attempt to quote what Alex had said the night they moved logs. Alex understood what this meant and decided to get right to the point, “So are you going to continue with me and Zack, or would you like us to stop by Veneer so we can drop you off?” he said as he got up and turned to see her facial expression.  Sara had no clue that what her answer would be until after she heard herself saying, “Even if you weren’t a possible danger we still would face danger every day, in fact I bet it would be just as dangerous if you weren’t a werewolf because you would also be weaker.”

“So you made up your mind then, I suppose this means you’re a little bit on thee insane side.”  Alex said with a smirk. “I guess I should teach you guys how to fight off a werewolf.” He said as he went back to lying down and staring at the stars, “Oh and do try and get some sleep, I have big plans for tomorrow and I won’t have you falling asleep while flying a dragon.”  Sara went back into the tent as quietly as she could manage and once inside she saw Zack wide-awake and staring right at her. “Hey Sara what are you doing up so late?” he asked sleepily or at least it sounded sleepily, somehow Sara knew she had woken him up while exiting.

“Oh I just sort of needed some fresh air,” she said without much thought to what was going on.  “I just hope you don’t have insomnia like Alex.” Zack said as if it was common knowledge that Alex had insomnia, it actually took Sara a moment to figure out what insomnia was.  “I don’t this is the first time it’s happened to me, and I think Alex just has weird sleeping patterns because he’s a werewolf.” Sara responded after remembering the word. “No, I talked with Tiffany, that girl from his pack and she said that werewolf sleep two hours a night but Alex here sleeps two hours a month.”  Zack said, seemingly dropping the subject of Sara is sleeping habits entirely. “Wait, why were you and Tiffany talking, doesn’t she hate Alex.” Sara said hoping it was not obvious that she was slightly jealous. “I don’t actually remember why we were talking but we started having a conversation that first night that the pack was there, why do you ask?”  Zack asked turning the line of questioning back onto her. She loved the way he did that. She struggled not to blush, as she said, “No real reason that I can think of”. It was something she remembered Alex saying to someone once but she was not sure when or to who, all she really knew was it was a lie.

“Hey wait a minute your up late too.”  Sara said with shock as she realized that something that obvious could be used to get someone off the original subject.  “Yeah, that’s true I guess”, Zack said without mentioning who woke him up, “I suppose we all have sleepless nights.” Zack said, before lying back down and almost instantly dozing off; leaving Sara all by herself to try and hypnotize herself into a dream-like trance.

The next day Sara awoke to find that she felt fine, she had been worried through out her sleep that it would not be enough and she would be too tired for whatever it is that Alex had planed for them that day.  She woke up feeling well rested leading to her also feeling relieved of some form of anxiety. Zack was the first to notice her good mood. “Hey, good morning Sara, you seem to have a little bit more of a spring in your step.”  Zack said when he emerged from the tent shortly after her. Sara felt proud of herself for not blushing when she heard this. “Good morning to you to, Zack” Sara said cheerily almost feeling as if everything that day would go perfectly.

“Morning guys, we have a really busy day ahead of us, so I’m glad you guys are up so early.”  Alex said as the sun began to rise. “Anyway here is the plan, Sara you are going to fly us on a dragon north, as far north as the dragon is capable of flying.”  Alex continued with his usual smile, “come on guys, we’re going to see Jack Frost and find the fabled blade known only as ‘Ice’” Alex was quite excited about this adventure more so than he had been for any of the others that Sara had seen.  Sara dully wondered why this was as she finished her breakfast. “The place where Jack Frost lives is an ice fortress, and more importantly it has a spirit gate.” Alex said giving away the answer before Sara had a chance to really ponder it, this quality was one of her least favourite things about him.  She wondered if Zack was annoyed by this as well, and Zack gave her no hint one way or the other, in fact Sara wondered if Zack had even heard this statement for a second or two.

Alex reached into his bag and pulled out a mask, Sara had seen this mask before, although at first she was not sure where.  It quickly became clear that the mask was the one Alex wore when he saved them from the flaming hound at the Fire Temple. Then she began to wonder why she was unable to recognize it at firs.  Sara was so lost in thought that she did not even notice when Alex handed her the mask. Sara just suddenly noticed the mask was in her hands and assumed it was placed there by another. In fact Alex did not actually give her the mask he just offered it to her a few times then passed it over to Zack who placed the mask in Sara’s hands.  Regardless of the semantics of how, the results were the same Sara had the mask in her hands and she placed it over her face and felt the great magic from within the ancient arcane artefact.

She was instantly able to sense the presence of nearby dragons and she found one that seemed particularly strong and she summoned it to her side with the smallest of efforts.  “Why didn’t you give us this when we were in the Earth Temple that first time?” Sara asked as a large blue serpentine dragon appeared by her side. “I actually was looking for it while you guys were over at the Fire Temple and came right over once I had it.”  Alex answered with a smile as he got onto the dragon. Fang barked to Alex and the jumped into his bag of tricks. Zack got on and reached out his hand to help Sara get on. Sara without hesitation grabbed his hand and was up in a second. “Nice choice Sara, not too slow, not too fast, and part frost dragon so it can stand greater colds and still light a fire.”  Alex said with great gratitude.

Sara was shocked by how easily the dragon was manipulated by magic; she had faced dragons in combat before, and they seemed to have more free will than most of the humans she knew, and yet she felt a rush of power in all of that control; she enjoyed it however she felt bad about enjoying it which only made it all the more pleasurable.  Sara laughed as she forced the dragon into the air. She noticed nothing but the fantastic feeling of the fresh cold, and brisk air blowing against her face as she soared over the fields below. Then she noticed that she had been moving north and wondered for just a moment if she was really the one who was in control before testing it by making the dragon stop flapping its huge wings and letting it drop to the ground before allowing it to save itself last minute.  “C-C-Can w-we not do that again, please?” Zack asked, in a really shaky voice, making Sara, wondered if Zack was afraid of heights.

Chapter 8 chapter 8 chapter 8



WolfBite: Chapter 6

I liked the next part, it had pirates 

Chapter 6

A shortcut to the ocean


Alex turned to the king filled with rage.  In less than a second Alex was at the king’s side.  “I’m not the kind of person you want to cross, your majesty.”  Alex whispered with a mocking tone. “According to my guards here you’re not any kind of person at all.”  The kind replied in a soft calm tone that only elevated Alex’s rage. “I just risked my life, for this.” Alex said before he began to laugh.  Alex didn’t regret his actions for half a second. The king jumped backwards with a shout and arrows were flying straight for Alex, the king’s actions seemed well rehearsed.  Alex was surprised by how easily he managed to block the arrows with his staff he imagined his actions also seemed well rehearsed. Within seconds, he was in front of the guards and breaking their bows with his staff he could only imagine that he looked like he was some sort of expert.  They were shocked by the speed he displayed as he turned back towards the king. The disarmed guards could do nothing but watch helplessly as Alex advanced menacingly towards their king.

Alex jumped into the air he was close enough to kill the king.  Alex poked the king on the forehead and the king fell back while Alex jumped over him.  Alex was at the window less than a moment later with a huge smile brimming to the point where it looked like his head was seconds from bursting.  He saw the moon, half-complete and the joy inside only grew to a level that none in the entire castle had ever imagined possible. Somewhere in the back of his head, a voice said he should kill the king while he still had the chance, but he knew it was his inner wolf.  Alex laughed as he turned and waved goodbye to his victims, thinking of them as prey that he saved for another day.

Alex laughed as he fell and the confused guards tried to figure out what to do to make up for their failure.  Alex had never felt so, alive. He landed with a muffled thump; Fang was next to him as soon as he was up. Alex instantly remembered a spell he really wanted to try for a while, “Grow,” Alex said calmly as he laid one hand on Fang’s head.  The guards were running down the stairs of the castle. When the guards finally got to the front of the castle, they saw Alex getting onto a giant wolf. Alex turned to the guards and said “Sorry, I wish I could stay and play longer, but I have a curfew to keep.”  Fang moved with such great speed that Alex had trouble hanging on to his fur.

When Fang finally stopped, they were near the base of the mountain range another castle loomed over them.  Alex decided not to check this castle out quite yet he did feel that he would end up within its walls soon enough.  They camped out there in the tent Alex found in his bag earlier that day; Alex never had a more peaceful night’s sleep.  Alex awoke with a shock as he realized he heard voices coming from outside of his tent. “Well what do you thinks inside, Tim?” a woman’s voice asked and Alex got an idea.

“I think it’s a wizard mom.”  A young man’s voice answered, presumably Tim, the response only served to fuel Alex’s plan.  The two people entered the tent and saw Alex sitting down with his legs crossed in a state of meditation.  “Hello, I am here to help.” Alex said without opening his eyes. “Who are you?” Tim asked. A smile spread across Alex’s face.  “I don’t see how that really makes a difference; I am the one who’s going to help you, that’s who I am the rest is irrelevant.” Alex answered Tim stepped closer “Why should we trust you?” he asked.  Alex had been expecting that question. Alex chuckled a little before answering with “I have my motives, we all have are motives, but I can’t really prove that I’m trustworthy. So I won’t waste my breath, no matter what I say you won’t believe me.”

“So tell me Tim will you accept my help?”  Alex asked as he began to float off the ground.  Floating is an impractical way to travel, it is hard and takes large amounts of both magic and concentration.  “How do you know my name?” Tim asked. So predictable, Alex thought to himself, as he began a spell to cloaks his presence.  Alex completely disappeared; he reappeared moments later at the entrance of the tent.

“I heard you speaking outside.”  Alex was still floating with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.  “Well what is the problem?” Alex asked with a smile. “It’s our king he’s really mad at the entire village for not paying his increased taxes, and he blocked off the river.”  Tim said. Not again, Alex thought. “I would prefer to stay away from royalty and castles after all I was never any good at chess.” Alex laughed at his silly joke but then he realized how serious things were for them.  “Fang get me my bag.” Alex said as he opened his eyes and got up. Fang walked up to him with the bag hanging from his mouth. “Thanks, so take me to the river bed.” Alex was being led through a dried up forest to a large ditch.  Once Alex was on the riverbed, he laughed and said his goodbyes. Alex ran towards the mountains he stopped just in front of a huge rock blocking the path. Alex suddenly caught the scent of five people on separate horses they were approaching fast and Alex had no way to hide, disappearing to too much concentration.  Alex took out his staff and waited to see if the people rushing towards him would be his enemies. They wore black amour and their leader rode in front.

The five men looked like they had been in millions of battles and won them all; on each of their faces was a single battle scar each quite distinguishing.  They surrounded Alex without getting off their horses. “Who are you?” the leader asked. Alex didn’t want to answer that question all the time, and something in the way that man said it made him even more inclined to remain silent.  “I do not really know who you think you are however yelling at a little kid is usually considered bad.” Alex said in a very innocent and calm tone. The man was clearly furious, “Do you honestly not know who we are?” one of the other men asked, sounding truly astonished.  The leader smiled, his teeth were yellow but he didn’t seem to know. “We are the elite.” The leader announced as if he expected Alex to faint from all of the excitement which he did actually expect to happen. There was a brief moment of silence while the elites waited for Alex’s reaction which didn’t come because he was still a foreigner.  After that awkward silence Alex asked, “Who are you supposed to be again?” The leader of the elites was more furious than he thought physically possible. He swung his sword and Alex blocked it with his staff.

“So, why are you attacking me?”  Alex asked as the five elites got off their high horses and began to attack a little kid, one at a time.  The first was the weakest, but he was still extremely powerful Alex was shocked to find that human beings could reach that level of skill and had trouble keeping up with the elite.  Alex was losing; he had no idea what he was doing. Alex jumped backwards and hit the giant boulder blocking the river and for a moment he felt like a wolf corned by top notch hunters.

Alex got a great idea, Alex jumped up as high as he could, and then at the top of his leap he forced himself up using magic.  Alex spiralled up towards the sky he did a back flip and landed on top of the rocks. Alex raised his staff and cracked the huge boulder with it.  The rock broke and all six of them were blasted off by the powerful river simultaneously ending the fight and returning the water to the people, Alex was quite pleased with his plan as he was getting carried away again.  The elites swore they would get their revenge however, the exact words they used was drowned out by the sound of running water. Alex fought against the current the whole time he was being dragged down to the ocean. Before Alex knew it, he was floating in the ocean, once more.


Tune in next time to see if I do something different or more of the same trash…


SnakeBite: Chapter 7

It’s party time


Chapter 7


The next day Alex was nowhere to be found so Sara and Zack went and had a training session without him.  After that, Sara and Zack started to leave when Alex finally arrived. “Hi guys sorry I’m late, I was preoccupied.”  Alex said as he ran towards them. Sara and Zack gave him a look of confusion. “See I was doing an experiment and all of a sudden I made an explosion using rubber bands and sticky notes.”

Sara had no clue how she had survived the last adventure she was not sure if she would go on another.  “So then I was cleaning up and when I finished that I had to feed Fang,” Alex explained while Sara’s thoughts roamed.  “And that’s why I’m so late.” Alex finished his explanation. Zack began to laugh at Alex’s explanation which Sara had completely missed.  “What are you laughing at?” Sara asked. “We can’t have two of us having no clue what’s going on,” Alex said “You should have been paying attention like I was.”

“Bye” Alex said suddenly and ran off.  Sara walked to her house to talk with her mom about what happened on her great adventure.  As she walked home, she decided to take the long way through the beach. She had not been there in so long that at first she did not even recognize the place.  She stared out to the sea just as she used to. She saw a large ship off in the distance it was really close to a smaller ship and the larger ship burst into flames.  She thought she had just imagined it.

When she finally got home, her farther was home something that rarely happened when she was free to talk so she told her parents right away about the quest from which she just arrived.  They were thrilled to see her alive and kicking. They had a nice small quiet meal which seemed like heaven to Sara after all the chaos of her last meal. Eating a meal with ware wolves was not the best experience she ever had.  Sara was careful to avoid talking about the sand wolves no mater how many times her parents asked. That night Sara had the second best sleep of her entire life. Sara had no dreams that night she woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

While Sara prepared for her day off in the distance the king of the castle that Alex stole from was plotting his revenge or trying to he had no idea where Alex lived.  The angered ruler decided to send out scouts to find the thief and then he would send out his whole army and the little wolf boy would not know what hit him. The king brought it upon himself by taking the wrong course of action once he discovered that Alex was a ware wolf but it was too late to point the finger the king had been robbed.

Sara enjoyed her day by starting it with a nice big meal then going out into the forest that once scared her and training with Alex and Zack.  Alex was using more of his strength then in their earlier training sessions. Sara was not expecting this at first and soon found herself losing her balance when her strongest blows were over powered by Alex easily.

Alex jumped beck ten feet when Zack sung both of his sword at once.  “Those swords of yours have tasted the blood of monsters millions of times before and there thirsty for more.”  Alex said as he knocked both swords out of Zack’s hands. Alex threw his staff to one side and Zack grabbed his duel blades.  No matter how fast Zack struck Alex dodged every single strike. Alex grabbed his staff and started walking over to Sara.

Sara swung her sword as fast as she could but it was no use.  In the end, Sara was just glad she was not against Alex. When they were done, Alex was exhausted and Zack and Sara still had lots of energy left.  Alex started walking to his house and Sara decided to follow him. Sara tried to focus her magic into silencing her steps. It was difficult but she was getting the hang of it, she thought she was doing really well until Alex stopped walking and said, “I don’t remember teaching you that trick.”  Then he started walking again.

Sara continued to follow and tried even harder to silence her walking but she knew it would not work on Alex.  Alex could hear the many twigs braking and he had the nose of a wolf and could track her by scent. When Alex got to his house, he waited for Sara to catch up.  When Sara got to his house, Alex said, “Okay I get it you learnt that fake version of the trick from your mom right?” Sara walked up to him and asked, “Are you and Zack talking behind my back?”  Alex opened his door while saying, “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

Later that day Sara asked Zack who seemed to flinch when she asked.  Sara thought she had just imagined it. “Well no we just talk from time to time and you’re not always around.”  Zack answered after a moment of hesitation. Sara asked, “What sort of stuff do you guys talk about any way.” Sara did not really think Zack would answer.  For a moment or two Zack was silent then he said “Nothing really just the usual.” Sara knew instantly that Zack was lying if there was only one thing that she knew about Alex it was that he would not waste his time with the usual.

As they talked Alex planed out his next mission Alex wondered whether or not he should bring Sara and Zack.  He decided he would ask them if they wanted to go, after all they had just made it back from the last one and were probably exhausted.  Sara and Zack started off talking in a nice calm manner but by the end Sara was mad at Zack for hiding something and was making sure that Zack knew it.

The next day after Sara had her breakfast and got dressed she walked out side and saw Fang just sitting down in front of her house.  Fang barked at Sara and as usual, Sara had no clue what he meant. Fang was getting frustrated and so he started barking louder which did not help Sara understand at all.  Sara’s mom walked out of the house and knelt down she began to pet Fang. “What are you doing?” Sara asked in her confusion. “Your friend Alex sent a message.” Sara’s mom said.  “Wait you speak wolf?” Sara asked now more confused then ever before.

“I’m a little rusty at it but yes I do.  Anyway Alex says you should go get Zack and go to the forest for an announcement of some kind.”  Sara’s mom said before going back to her bed. Fang ran off in one direction and Sara went in the opposite direction to go get Zack.  Zack was not at his house when Sara got there. His dad said he went to the beach half an hour ago.

When Sara got to the beach, she saw Zack standing and looking out to sea.  “Hey we have to go.” Sara said to Zack as she walked towards him. He turned towards her; he seemed to be shocked by her coming to the beach.  He started walking to the forest Sara turned and followed him. When they got to the forest Fang and Alex was waiting for them. “Tomorrow I will leave if you wish to join me, be here at sunrise.”  Alex said as he looked through his bag for something he pulled out several arrows. “No it’s not in there Fang.” Alex said.

Sara was still tired from the last mission she went on but she was happy to help out her friend.  She went home and her mom was out side of their house waiting for her. “Your sword looked really dirty so I cleaned it for you.”  She said as Sara walked slowly towards the house. Sara went to bed early that night. When she woke up, she hurried through her chores and ran to the forest.

When she got there, she saw Zack half asleep and resting on a tree trunk.  Alex was making sure he had all of the stuff for the challenges ahead of them.  Alex turned to Sara and Zack and said, “I hope you packed your winter clothes because we’re going to be in some cold places.”  Sara and Zack went back to their houses to get their winter clothes.

When they finally left the sun had finished rising up above the mountains.  They stopped at noon at the thunder temple Alex had gone there many times before but Sara and Zack had no clue what to expect.  The thunder temple was home to many dragons and other beast; its dark gray walls reminded Sara of storm clouds.

Alex ran into the temple before them to make sure that there were no vampires within the ancient structure.  When he immerged, he smiled silently and kept walking to the tent that they had set up. Alex took down the tent started waking back to the thunder temple stopped just at the entrance and said without turning for them to see his face “Were going to be here for a while.

Sara and Zack followed him into the thunder temple.  The thunder temple was just as huge inside as out side if it was not for Alex’s map they probably would have been lost in a few second.  Alex told them about him getting lost the first time he came. They made their way slowly to a room that the map said could be entered from three floors.  The room was a disaster and there were three dead dragons on the ground. Sara and Zack were completely shocked by the beast but Alex and Fang seemed to be expecting it.

“The next door is locked so we might not be able to get through.”  Alex explained as he walked to the door at the end of the room. Alex struggled to break down the door and eventually just made a hole in the wall next to it.  The next room was so large that the other end had windows. “We’ll sleep out there tonight.” Alex said as they walked across to the door. It took them half an hour to navigate through the many traps in the giant room.

The next day Sara was disappointed to find the tent empty, she assumed that the others left her.  She got up looked out side and saw that Alex and Zack were being attacked by three men dressed in all black.  She quickly got her sword and went to join them. The men in the black cloths were tough but Fang came in a few seconds to help.

Just when it looked like the three men were going to lose the got into a strange formation, while standing back to back they held up there hands and fire began to flow from them.  The Fire surrounded Sara, Fang, and Zack. A wall of fire came up in between Alex and the rest of them. One of the men jumped over the whole wall of fire and began to battle Alex.  While the three of them were trapped, they could hear the sounds of the fight on the other side of the wall.

The two men who were holding the spell on them seemed confident in their friend but after half an hour, a blue wolf jumped over the wall holding the man dressed in black within his mouth.  The wolf transformed into Alex and pulled his staff out of his bag. He hit both of the men with one strike. The spell wore off once both of the men were unconscious and they were free. Alex was exhausted from the battle and asked if they could go on with the mission while he rested up.

Sara asked what they were doing there in the first place after a failed attempt at explaining Alex just said that Fang would be with them and he knew what was going on.  When Fang got there, he led Sara and Zack through many rooms each stranger then the one before and half as strange as the next. Fang tried to explain what was going on to them but as usual they had no idea what he was saying.  Sara was starting to think that Alex could not even tell that they did not speak wolf.

They ran into the next room and it was huge so huge it could hold a giant in fact it did have a giant in it.  The giant appeared to be a statue at first, but when they walked to close the door closed behind them and they were at the mercy of one of the strongest monsters ever.  The creature seemed to burst into life suddenly as it sprang straight towards them and swung its nineteen-foot club.

The club had spikes the size of Sara’s sword all over it and the giant swung it with such great speed that Sara could barely see it move.  The giant swung his club and Sara barely had enough time to get out of the way before the club hit the ground with a loud noise that sent shivers up and down her spine.  Fang ran up to the giant the giant immediately swung its club straight down and it hit the ground with so much force that dust flew everywhere.

When the dust settled Sara could clearly see that Fang was running up the giants club.  Sara was amazed by the plan the wolf’s speed was so great that by the time Sara realized what was happening it was already on the giant’s shoulder.  The giant instantly started to swing itself around in an attempt to fling Fang off him. The giant thrusted itself into the wall to try to smash Fang, but only managed to hurt, itself.

Fang was doing so well that Sara and Zack were not noticed by the giant at all.  Fang lost his grip and fell the giant instantly stomped down to squash his opponent.  There was a loud bang when the huge foot reached the ground and everything fell silent.  Sara could not see if Fang had been hit, but the giant reached down and picked up the wolf that appeared unconscious or worse.

The giant pulled the wolf to his nose and sniffed it to check if it was dead.  Fang reached up and bit the large nose and the giant let out a huge roar of pain.  The giant had fallen on its back and was holding its, now bleeding nose. Sara tried to hold back her laughter but when Zack started, she just could not stop herself.  When the giant got back up it swung its club and hit Zack so hard he flew into the wall. The wall cracked where Zack landed and Zack fell onto the ground. Zack was lucky not to have been hit with one of the spikes, but he was still having trouble breathing, and was starting to bleed.

The giant walked towards Zack and raised his club to deliver the finale blow and Sara threw her sword at the giant as hard as she could.  The giant caught the sword and threw it back; it landed right next to Sara so hard it stood up. Sara pulled it out and started running towards the giant without any thoughts about what she was doing.  Fang came in between her and the giant.

Fang pounced on her and took her down without hurting her in a mater of seconds.  Fang barked at her and Sara didn’t even care what Fang was trying to say this time, all that mattered was saving Zack from the giant.  Even the part about the giant seemed trivial to her at that point. She tried to get up and try again but Fang had her pinned down.

That was when Alex burst through a point in the wall.  At first he looked like he was thrown in by another giant, but then he seemed to gain control of his movement and momentum through the air.  Alex lifted his fist as he flew through the air and focused an impossibly large amount of magic into his fist then his hands were suddenly lit with a bright flame that burned hotter then the volcano at the fire temple.

Alex though one punch right to the giant’s huge right cheek and the giant fell down instantly, Alex landed on top of the giant.  He was in his werewolf form which up until that point, Sara had only seen in the light of a full moon. Zack was getting up he had been playing dead the whole time.  Alex did a back flip landed on the ground near the giant and howled, one long howl. Once that noise would have creped Sara out, but now it was like music to her ears.  As the creature that threatened her life and Zack’s lay cold and lifeless, Sara could not think of a sound she would rather have heard at that moment.

Alex was so pleased with himself that he could barely contain his excitement; no mater what kind of mystical beast you were, slaying a giant was hard and Alex just did it in one strike.  “I can’t believe I mastered that spell.” Alex said as he walked away from the giant and stared at his hands. The smile he wore seemed so big that Sara thought it might burst off his face, but he had earned it so she said nothing.  She and Zack followed closely but Fang did not move at all Ale turned to him and said “Don’t worry the cats are at bay little mouse.” Fang growled at him and then pounced Alex moved out of the way and took out his staff at the same time.  Before they knew, what was going on Sara and Zack watched Alex turn into a wolf and battled with Fang. Alex won in the end, however both of them were scratched up pretty badly.

Alex returned to his normal form and Fang followed obediently.  Sara didn’t dare question what had just happened it was just another one of those things people have to deal with her biggest one to, questions where she knew the answerers would be even worse.  She and Zack just followed in silence for a moment before Zack finally asked the question. “What was that?” Zack asked in his pure confusion. Alex started laughing and it almost looked like Fang was laughing too.  “Oh nothing to worry about Zack, just a wolf thing,” Alex answered while he continued to laugh.

Alex decided that they should speed up their search of the area and within seconds, they were at the lowest level of the castle and looking for another one of the green stones to help Alex revive his parents.  Then Alex suddenly stopped walking and asked, “Why are you guys hiding in the shadows? Didn’t you learn last time that you can’t hide from me?” Once, he said that ten men dressed in dark red suddenly were surrounding Alex.  He smiled and said, “You guys are slightly faster than I remember”. One of the men said, “I am sorry; we were simply hired by the king.” Alex’s smile faded when he heard these words.

“So be it,” Alex said in a calm and hollow voice.  The men all attacked him at once and moved so fast a cloud of dust raised.  When the smoke cleared Sara could not find Alex then she heard a noise behind her when she turn he was there.  Alex laughed, “Listen we don’t have to do this, just give us the stones and we’ll pretend we also killed you”. The same man from before said.  Hearing this only made Alex laugh even louder, then his laugh started changing from the playful chuckle he usually had into a dark, cold, and almost minihicle laughter that sent shivers up Sara’s spine.  Alex was suddenly next to the man and whispered a reply the man’s face turned as red a ripe tomato in anger.

The other men started attacking again, but the first one stayed put for a moment as if unable to believe what was going on.  One of the men hit Alex so hard he slammed into a wall Alex looked okay at first then the wall started cracking and fell on him.  In the next room, there was a dragon and it was not too happy about having its wall broken down for no apparent reason. Within seconds the hallway in which they were walking happily, a mere moment earlier was on fire from a dragon and it looked like Alex may have already been taken out for good.  The rollercoaster of emotions that these missions were putting Sara though was so much she thought she was going to go insane. She raised her sword up high and ran towards the Dragon and swung. With just one flap of its powerful wings, the dragon rose over twenty feet into the air.

Sara concentrated all of the magic she could muster into jumping as high as she could when she reached the very top of her jump she threw her sword straight up with all that remained of her strength.  Sara felt dizzy as she fell ten feet to the ground. She hit the ground so hard she lost consciousness for a second one moment she was falling the next Zack was standing over her looking as if he were fighting something.  Sara couldn’t figure out what dangers could be left all she remembered for that moment was she had thrown her sword and thought that the dragon was dead so she tried to turn to the dragon but the dragon was down and Alex was standing over it with another triumphant smile.  With the dragon taken care of, she could think of no other danger she remembered the men in dark red. She looked around, but they too were gone. She looked back to Alex his eyes were blood red. Fang was with Zack and growling at Alex. Sara had no idea what was going on so she just lied still and waited for someone to say something.

“No mere human can possibly hope stand a chance against me.”  Alex said, well it came from his mouth but it was not his voice.  The voice was demonic and echoed even louder then it was said it creped Sara out more then anything else Alex had ever done.  Sara looked at Alex’s eyes again and remembered seeing the same look in his eyes once before. She had wondered what happened to the thieves who attacked Alex they never fully recovered.  Now she feared she would be destined for a similar fate, she at that point completely believed she was seconds from her death and so she got up and walked slowly to her weapon which fortunately enough was not that far from her.

Alex laughed a cold and heartless laugh that literally paralyzed Sara the second she heard it.  Sara had just picked up her sword and turned to face him when he began. After he finessed laughing he clapped, his hands and dark chains surrounded her.  “Remember these?” The cold echoing voice called and Sara did remember them they were just like the ones the desert wolves used on her around a month ago. Alex then turned back to Zack and Fang and said in his new cold voice, “I will make her watch your demise before I finish her, after all nothing taste quite like despair”.  And the cold laughter started up again.

But Fang and Zack seemed unaffected by the dark laugh Alex moved fast although he wasn’t as fast as he had been when he battled Tiffany it was like he was still holding back.  Sara started focusing all of her magic into trying to force the chains off her. Alex ran towards Zack and Fang he was still moving slower then when he faced Tiffany but it was more then fast enough to get in between the two of them.  Fang pounced and Alex dodged him, making him hit Zack instead.

Alex turned to the two of them with a cold look in his eyes and said in his dark echoing voice “Would you like to see infinity?”  He ran towards the two of them and he raised his hands and his claws seemed to sharpen as he raised them. He moved in for the kill and at the last second, he stopped.  “No, not now, this can’t be happing, I am in control, foolish mortal.” Alex yelled in his echoing demonic voice. Fang took this opportunity to strike and Zack soon moved in with a strange magical charm that Sara had never seen before.

The second that the charm touched him, Alex turned back to his old self.  “I hope that I wasn’t too much trouble.” Alex said in his usual playful tone.  The magic Sara had been using to try and over power, the dark chains finally overwhelmed them, mostly because Alex was no longer empowering them.  The chains shattered spread throughout the room, and one of the broken links hit Alex in the cheek. “You did that on purpose,” Alex said while rubbing his cheek.  Sara couldn’t help but laugh, even though she had no clue what just happened she knew she was now safe.

“Hey guys,” Alex, said, “where is my bag of tricks?”  Fang barked loudly and Alex went to look under a pile of rubble from one of the recently broken walls.  Sara walked over to Zack to see if he was okay and ask if he knew what was going on. “Sara, are you okay?”  Zack asked Sara shook her head “Good, do you know what’s going on?” Sara continued to shake her head. Zack chuckled to himself and looked like he was thinking of some thing else, and then finally said, “You know you actually defeated that dragon back there.”  Sara weakly smiled before asking, “How are you doing after that bizarre fight?” “Alex is tough but he wasn’t moving as fast as I had expected, I’ll live.” Zack replied while turning to see what Alex was doing at that point.

“I can’t believe they actually took them after all that hard work, he probably just handed them over to those thieves, before trying to kill my friends.”  Alex yelled. “Now what am I supposed to do?” It was clear to Sara that Alex had just posed a hypothetical question, she was shocked by this Alex had always seemed optimistic, though on the other hand Sara hadn’t expected Alex to suddenly decide to try and kill Zack and her so she was quite confused, and had no real solutions.  Alex looked like he could just lie down, and stare up at the sky for days and he would not even bring it up again if he did. The second the thought of Alex staring up at the sky crossed Sara’s mind she realized it was quite likely and tried to find a way to stop it. Just as she was about to say some thing Zack interrupted he thoughts with a statement of his own “Hey Alex, what just happened?” he said this while running over to Alex.  Alex was looking up at that moment as if to think about a way to explain what had just been going though his head.

“Do you really want to know or is this your way of seeing if I am okay now?”  Alex said with his usual impish smile returning. Zack chuckled and said, “You answered my question either way.”  “Wait, I really want to know what just happened.” Sara asked as she walked over towards Alex and thought about how fast Zack asked the question.  Alex smiled and said, “If you really want to know then you can read all about it in a book.” “What does that mean?” Sara asked, as while trying to figure out what had happened during the time she was unconscious.  “It shall make sense to you later, or maybe not, who knows,” he started walking towards the exit, “but I do know that today’s mission was a failure, we were supposed to collect one little green stone, but instead we lost; how many did we even have again?”  Alex asked as he rummaged about the rubble seaming distraught and perplexed.
Once out side of the Thunder Temple Alex handed Sara a book it was entitled “The way of the magical world; as told by the deity of nature” Sara took the book and before she could open it Alex said “Chapter 8 should answer all your questions”.

wasn’t that fun?

WolfBite: Chapter 5

This  is the best part

Chapter 5


Thunder and lightning


The Thunder Temple was a labyrinth, it took Alex less than five minutes to get hopelessly lost and wish he had a map.  Alex ran from room to room with no clue where he was going. Eventually, he ran into some resistance, in the form of strange clay like troll statues.  They sprang to life one by one whenever Alex got to close and began to attack. Alex bumped into one by accident, it threw him into another, and before he knew it, there were five and they had him surrounded.  Alex pulled out his bow staff and smashed all of the ceramic beasts, one at a time. Alex was glad to take out some of his pent up anger from being lost on those beasts, Alex was thinking clearly again. He told Fang they should split up to cover more ground.

Alex ran from room to room he felt like he had caught his second wind.  Alex ran into a room and saw a dragon up in the air. Before he had, a chance to think fire rushed from the beast’s mouth straight towards him.  Alex jumped to his right instinctually and charged towards the flying beast. Alex jumped as high as he could and landed on the dragon. The dragon staggered for a moment then it restabilized itself in the air.

For a moment, Alex was riding the dragon.  When the winged beast realized what was happening, it started to furiously twist and turn in the hopes of making Alex fall to his demise.  Alex’s whole plan was based off that reaction. Soon the dragon flew into a wall Alex jumped off at the last second.

Alex watched the dragon hit the ground before him.  Once on the ground, Alex began to laugh. ‘Taking down a dragon is a lot easier than it sounds,’ Alex thought to himself as he left the room.  Soon Alex ran into Fang by then he had been in the Thunder Temple for a few hours. Fang was exhausted from running away from a pair of dragons.  Fang took Alex to the room with the dragons. Facing two dragons was a lot easier than just one for Alex. He started the same way he did with the one dragon before.  Before he knew it, he got the two dragons attacking each other. Fang was dazed in amazement as the two dragons destroyed each other above them.

“Hey Fang, how many dragons did we have to slay?”  Alex asked it had been several hours since the two dragons.  “I think we got them all.” Fang barked as he and Alex caught the scent of fresh air off in the distance.  They decided to leave and go to the castle if it was attacked they would defend it they would wait one week.  It took one hour to find the exit.

Alex and Fang reached the castle by sunrise.  The same guard from the last time they visited stood watch.  “Hello again,” Alex called from somewhere that the guard couldn’t see him.  He snuck up behind the guard and patted him on the back. The guard turned around and a smile was visible between the visors of his helmet.  “So you’re still alive,” the guard said. “I just took down three dragons and wanted to know how many there were to begin with.” Alex said with a childish grin.  “Somehow I doubt that”. The guard said as he began to laugh. Alex felt a little insulted he reached into his bag of tricks for his staff, and his staff was within his grasp.  Alex pulled out his staff with his left hand.

“I am tired, of being mistreated all the time,” Alex said in a tone that sent shivers up the spine of all who heard it.  “What are you doing?” The guard asked, his voice getting a little shaky. Alex was almost instantly behind the guard and holding Fang.  Then, Alex just walked into the castle; the guard exhaled the breath he had been holding. The castle was cold, and poorly lit. Alex could smell from the entrance the scent of sickness and medicine.  Alex wondered if dragons had actually attacked, or if they just didn’t want anyone finding out about a sick monarchy. Fang could not stand the stench and didn’t wish to continue. Alex walked up the grand staircase and turned left at the top of the stairs.

The castle was probably majestic when no one was sick, Alex thought as he slowly walked through the castle’s hallway.  Alex opened a door and saw a sick queen and the king standing over the bed the queen lied in. The king looked up and saw Alex, for a few minutes he looked puzzled by the appearance of a young boy holding a silver staff.  Then the king got up and walked over to Alex. “What, are you doing here, little boy?” The king whispered, into Alex’s left ear. ”I do not appreciate being called little boy, my name is Alex, and I am here to help.” Alex replied at his usual volume.  The king was even more confused than before. “How may I be of assistance?” The king clearly had no idea what Alex was taking about. Alex was starting to get frustrated. “’your wife is sick and I am willing to help.” Alex said with his voice raised a little.  The king looked annoyed.

“How can a little, I mean how can you help?”  The king asked with a smirk. Alex stopped for a moment he knew he shouldn’t reveal he was a werewolf, but being a normal kid would not be much help.  Alex reached into his bag of tricks; he spent five minutes looking for something, anything that could help him. A few moments later Alex found ten metal orbs; Alex instantly got an idea.

“Well for one thing, I can juggle.”  Alex said. The metal orbs began to float around Alex in a perfect circle.  The king was amazed by the sudden appearance of magic. The queen moaned in pain at that exact moment.  “And now I ask you once more, how, may I be of assistance?” Alex asked with a smile as the orbs continued to orbit his head, appearing eerily reminiscent to a halo.  The king, being a born leader decided his next course of action in a matter of mere seconds. “My wife’s life is on the line we need”, the king paused for a moment before continuing “dragon’s blood”.  Alex’s heart skipped a beat.

It took Alex half an hour, to finish his meeting with the king, in that time Alex decided he didn’t like the king, who apparently had a problem, with the creatures of the night.  And so, Alex set off for the Thunder Temple; again. Half way there, Alex stopped; he suddenly realized that the guard wasn’t at the castle when he left. Alex suddenly caught the scent of the guard as the wind changed directions.

A sword slashed towards the back of Alex’s head.  Alex did a back flip and the guard’s first attempt to slay a werewolf failed.  Alex didn’t waste any time thinking, he took out his staff before he turned to face his enemy.  The guard wasn’t wearing his armour and Alex could see quite clearly the shimmering silver bracelet on his right wrist; the guard was a werewolf.

The guard moved slower than Alex thought he could, Alex’s anger was growing at a steady rate the metallic clank that was made by a sword hitting a staff was music to Alex’s ears.  Alex did a front flip while his bag of tricks was open and a tent fell out and hit the guard who fainted instantly. Alex’s staff felt like it was generating heat; it got so hot that Alex dropped it.  Everything started turning red and Alex lost control.

Alex was unaware of what he did for the next few hours.  When he finally regained his self-control, he was in the Thunder Temple and he was staring at a door.  Alex didn’t know much about his inner wolf, but he guessed that there would be some kind of huge monster on the other side of that door.  Alex could have turned back but something deep inside him told him not to. Once Alex got into the next room, he wished he hadn’t. The door magically sealed itself behind him, while he stared, too shocked to move, at a dragon.  This dragon was different from the others, its huge wings were longer its face more slender, and it was yellow and blue. Alex instinctively knew this one was much stronger.

The dragon darted into the air with amazing speed.  A streak of blue lightning followed the beast through the air.  Alex looked around the room, just to help him think. The winged beast opened its mouth and a bolt of lightning shot out.  Alex jumped forward and the bolt went over his head. Alex had no idea what to do; this was the strongest thing he battled yet unless you count that one god.

Alex jumped onto the dragon and was instantly electrified.  He fell down feeling a little limp. Alex hit the ground with a hallow thump.  At that moment, a thought occurred to him. Alex raised his staff into the air and slammed it on the ground with all of his might and broke the ground beneath him, and Alex continued to fall.

As Alex, thought the room beneath was the room where he battled two dragons.  Unfortunately, when the blue and yellow dragon saw what lay bellow, it went completely berserk.  Lightning bolts were flying everywhere. Alex’s plan was to leave from the door in the room below and it was now ruined as the dragon landed in between him and the only way out.

Alex was trapped and without a plan.  He ducked behind a dead dragon to protect himself while he dug through his bag of tricks for a bow and some arrows.  He reached in, and his fingers grasped something soft and furry he pulled it out only to discover it was Fang. “Fang, can you get me something to help me fight a dragon from in there?”  Alex begged. “Yes,” Fang barked as he jumped back into the bag. He jumped out a moment later with the supplies. The arrows were tipped with silver for fighting other werewolves. The bow was made out of mahogany and Fang brought out a book of spells as well.

Alex flipped through the pages for the spell he needed.  Alex aimed his hot in between the eyes of the beast. Alex looked down at the book and chose a spell.  He took out an arrow and cut his leg with the silver tip. Alex willed his magic onto the arrow tip and aimed again, took a deep breath and fired the arrow.

The arrow curved off course and began to sail by the dragon’s head, and then the arrow exploded.  The force of the explosion not only killed the dragon and knocked it out of Alex’s way, but it also forced open the door for him.  Alex happily collected as much dragon blood as his jars could hold before leaving the Thunder Temple. Alex was tired, more tiered then he had ever been before.  Alex was happy as he ran to the castle with a cheesy grin. When he got there, he handed over a large surplus of dragon blood and turned to leave, before the king could thank him.  However, at the door stood two guards one of which Alex recognized almost instantly.


Okay so it wasn’t really the best but it was pretty good you know?


SnakeBite: Chapter 6

Let’s pretend we don’t exist!!


Chapter 6



In Sara’s house there was a warm bowl of soup waiting for her but, her dad was away on some hunting trip.  Sara walked into the forest to the clearing where she and Zack had started their adventure what seemed like centuries ago.  She took out her long blade and swung it about but it felt different then it had when Alex had changed it she thought about how easily she could tell the difference between the magic her mom had taught her and the dark magic that Alex had used on her weapon.

As Sara sat there staring at her sword, Zack silently walked right next to her without her noticing at all.  “Hi Sara,” Zack said shocking Sara completely. “How did you sneak up on me like that?” Sara asked Zack smiled and turned he pointed up into a tree.  Sara stared at the tree for a moment wondering what Zack was talking about and then she said, “I give up, why are, you pointing at that tree?” “That’s the tree Alex was on when he snuck up on our training session.”  Zack said in response. “When did Alex teach you that trick?” Sara asked she was starting to feel a little left out. “Oh he didn’t, he just mentioned using magic to help silence his steps once.”

The next day Sara walked to the clearing, by herself, but this time she felt like Zack was hiding something from her.  When she got there Zack was already there and he seemed to be talking to Fang. “Why are you talking to a wolf?” Sara asked as she approached Zack and Fang.  “Is that Sara?” Alex’s voice asked; it was coming from what looked like a piece of limestone. “How are you doing this?” Sara asked in pure amazement. “I am speaking to you using this magical piece of enchanted volcanic rock here.”  Alex said from his unknown position. “But that’s limestone” Sara said before she could stop herself by the time she realized what she was saying it had already been said. “LIMESTONE! LIMESTON! I know my Rock types and this rock that I found in a VOALCANO is VOLCANIC!”  Alex seemed overly concerned about the rock, to say the least, but the look on Zack’s face showed Sara that he had just been through the same exact thing.

When Sara and Zack got on to Fang who needed Alex’s voice to grow, they left the village in the same direction as the earth temple.  When Sara saw the castle in the distance she wondered about the princesses who were forced to spend all day inside their castles, she pitted them and their pampered life, as she raced across the open field on Fang’s back.  They stopped at a town near the castle about two hours later there they saw a large crowed of people most of them were tourist, probably hoping to get real lucky and see royalty, but that was pure foolishness, the rich tried to avoid the poor as much as possible.  It had been that way for as long as anyone could remember, Sara thought as they walked through the town.

Sara saw Alex running somewhere in the crowed at first she just thought that she had imagined it, until Alex’s voice came from the rock and asked “Where are you guys I thought I just saw you in a town near the castle of the eastern kingdom.”  “That’s where we are.” Zack answered but he didn’t really sound sure of himself like he usually did. “You guys must be half a day behind how did this happen did you walk to town?” Alex sounded even more clueless than usual. “What do you mean, didn’t you gave us the day off?” Zack asked.  Alex ran back towards them and turned to Fang. “I told you to give them half a day.” Fang barked and then Alex laughed a little. “Okay, okay I think that’s fair.” Alex turned to Sara and handed her a small black object. Sara looked at the thing for a few minutes before Alex told her what it was “This is an explosive devise, when the time comes, you will know how to use it.”  Fang looked up at Alex and an understanding seemed to pass between them.

“Bye guys and Fang don’t even think about taking another brake.” Alex said before leaving them once again to do some probably dangerous task.  “That was weird” Zack said as they walked to the other side of the town. “What do you think Alex is doing?” Sara asked. “I don’t think he’ll keep it a secret for long.” Zack answered.  When they got to the other side of the town Fang grew to an even larger size than before. Zack got on but, Sara hesitated, she realized there was a reason that Fang got even larger than before.  When Sara had gotten on and was settled in, Fang jumped up into the air in a kind of launching sequence. When they landed Sara and Zack where holding on to the fur of the wolf for their lives. Sara was so scared and shocked that she could not move.

When Sara eventually managed to get the courage, to look about, she saw that she was up on top of the mountain range; she realized at once that she was right in front of the Fire temple.  Then she turned around and saw it. The temple was red as Sara had expected but what she hadn’t anticipated was it floated in a pool of molten lava. In the whole mountain range there was only one volcano so the positioning of the fire temple wasn’t that hard to describe.  “We’re going in there?” Zack asked in pure amassment. The Fire temple seemed to be far too heavy to float on lava, which didn’t make it any easier to actually convince yourself to go in. Sara and Zack were so shocked by the fire temple, it took them half an hour just to get to the bridge that led across the lava to the entrance.

Once Sara and Zack finally made it inside they were surprised to find a wolf sitting in the center of the entrench hall apparently waiting for something.  The wolf just watched them as they walked across the hall to a door. Fang led them up to doors and waited patiently for them to open it. “What are we looking for again?” Zack asked as they entered a room with spikes on the walls and a pit in the middle of it.  Fang looked at a spot on the floor like it was cursed Sara wasn’t about to try and find out why. “Alex said that we were to get an ice crystal from here.” Sara replied as she accidentally set off the trap that Fang was staring at. A loud clank echoed through the room and the walls started to move in towards the three of them.

They rushed to the other side of the room and scrambled through the door as fast as they could.  “Why would anything with the word ice in its name be in a place like this?” Sara asked with anger starting to take hold of her.  Zack who was unusually calm replied “Alex mentioned something about, everything needing a balance.” Sara was suddenly confused she had no memory of him saying anything like that.  “When did he say this?” Sara asked she was starting to feel like she was missing something, “when you were being held captive by the Sand wolves.” Zack answered. The room they were in was gigantic.  Somewhere off in the distance a wolf howled at that moment Fang got worried and got the enchanted stone he barked a little then waited for a reply. It seemed like it took Alex hours to say something even though it was only a few seconds and Sara knew it was only a few seconds.  “That’s not a problem I have absolute faith in you guys. No flaming hound can stop you.” The wolf that they saw at the entrance hall walked up to them from out of nowhere. “Alex how would we stop a flaming hound if we saw one. Sara said her voce was starting to get a little shaky.

“The wolf will not start to burn or attack until the thing it’s guarding is taken.  However, if you have to fight it, its underbelly is the weak point.” Alex explained as Sara and Zack eyed the strange wolf creature sitting in front of them.  Fang walked up to the strange wolf and barked the wolf did not react at all. Zack looked like he was getting a little restless. Then Sara noticed something she hadn’t before.  She walked up to the wolf and put her hands around the strange collar around its neck. Right there on the collar was a cold blue stone.

“We have a really big problem Alex.” Sara said slowly as she stared at the stone.  “What is it?” Zack asked as he walked up to her for a better look. When he saw it he took a step back probably from the shock.  “What seems to be the problem,” Alex said in a tone that made Sara think he was stressed out by something. The wolf stepped back a step and for just a second its cold dark eyes seemed to turned into a bright fiery red.  Sara realized what the guardian spirit in front of her was supposed to defend.

Fang barked out an explanation that only Alex could understand.  “Step one remove collar step two run for your young lives.” Alex explained once he had grasped an understanding of their problem.  “Then you want to send your magic through the stone to create an ice storm.” Alex finished his explanation with a loud battle cry.  Then it was just Fang, Sara, and Zack. The wolf stepped back in anticipation of an attack.

Zack jumped forward and the wolf jumped straight up.  Zack landed where the wolf was a second ago then the wolf landed on Zack’s back k and jumped forward.  This threw Zack off balance, so Zack fell down and the wolf was running towards Sara who pulled out a bow and arrow.  “Don’t, move or you’ll regret it?” Sara yelled at the flaming hound. The wolf stopped and for half a minute there was total silence but, then the Fang jumped on top of the wolf.  The two wolves wrestled for five minutes then Fang ran behind Zack who had gotten up already and was standing next to Sara. The other wolf had smoke rising all around it. The wolf burst into flames Fang started to run Sara and Zack did not hesitate to follow.

The flaming wolf was extremely fast; it caught up with them in moments.  Sara took the stone from Fang and concentrated on sending all of her magic through the stone Zack put his hands around hers and she could feel his magic being sent through as well.  It took the two of them a few minutes before anything happened. A large cloud flew out of the stone and surrounded the whole room. After a few seconds, the cloud disappeared. The wolf was no longer on fire and unconscious.  Sara turned around and started to run Fang and Zack were right behind her.

The three of them managed to get to the entrance of the fire temple before the flaming wolf caught up with them.  The wolf’s eyes were turned red in all of its anger. The flame that surrounded it was so much larger and hotter that they were beginning to turn blue.  Fang jumped up and grabbed the ice stone the next thing Sara knew the whole room was filled with snow and ice. The ice began to thaw out instantly.

The room was wet and the snow was completely melted.  The flames of the wolf where weakened but not gone. Fang jumped toward the wolf but the wolf began to jump straight at him they collided in midair then the two wolves fell and were both knocked unconscious.  Sara ran and picked up and Fang the three of them ran out of the temple. The second they got out of the fire temple the magical rock that Alex used to speak to them before burst with sound and light. “Hey guys what ever you do don’t let the beast see the sun.”  Alex’s voice warned from within the stone. “Why would that be a problem?” Zack asked while looking back at the open door of the Fire temple. “The beast will become even more powerful with the heat of the sun fuelling it.” Alex said.

The Flaming hound struggled to get out of the temple in its injured state but found new strength under the hot mid-summer sun.  Sara was about to give up hope when Fang barked into the stone and Alex replied, “I’ll be right over, don’t move an inch”. Sara did not see how they would be able to move with death staring them in the face.  Somewhere off in the distance a loud screeching noise started that slowly turned into a roar.

The flaming hound began to pounce it was inches from burning Sara and Zack when a dragon flew out of the sky and blocked the way.  On top of the dragon was Alex. He sat there with a smile on his face behind a strange looking mask and turned to face Fang and said, “Good job I think they learnt something from all of this.”  Alex jumped off the dragon and landed right behind Fang. Alex scratched Fang behind his ears. The dragon was different from the others that Sara had seen, it was long snake-like, and it was blue and white.  Alex was starting to laugh. The dragon did not actually have wings so Sara ad no clue how the dragon flew.

“I think this dragon can handle the flaming hound.”  Alex said as he turned to Sara and Zack. Sara noticed that Alex was wearing a strange mask made of leathery green scales.  The mask seemed to glow for a second and then the dragon pulled its head back to strike and opened its mouth and let out a long streak of water.  The water completely soaked the flaming hound putting out its flame once and for all. The wolf completely disappeared in the water. “Who wants a lift home?”  Alex asked as he got back on to the dragon.

They flew off towards the ocean and stopped by a river half way to the ocean.  The dragon flew off and Alex set up his tent. Sara noticed that the tent looked exactly the same as the tents owned by the desert wolves.  Sara wondered if Alex had taken the tent from the desert wolves when she was unconscious. Alex walked out of the tent and Turned to Fang. “Watch them and keep them safe while I’m gone.”  Alex said as he walked off. Sara wanted to know where Alex was going, but was too tired to actually do any thing but sleep. Sara fell asleep moments later, before the sunset.

Sara dreamed of a town on fire, the fire spread through to their home town and, Alex was being chased by guards from a castle.  Alex laughed at the guards as they scrambled about but then Alex’s eyes began to turn red. Once his eyes where red he was like a completely different person.  Alex killed with out mercy and he looked like he was really enjoying watching suffering. Sara’s dream scared her but, not as much as real life would soon scare her.

Fang rushed into the tent and barked at the top of his lungs to wake Sara and Zack.  “What is it Fang.” Sara asked. Great now I am talking to the wolf she thought as Fang led them out of the tent.  Once they were outside they could see a fire off in the distance and Alex was running towards them from the area of the fire.  “Guys we need to help those people now!” Alex yelled as Fang ran to him with his bag.

Alex explained as they rushed to the fire that a pack of werewolves was battling some vampires and it got out of hand.  Zack’s expressions seemed to darken as Alex said these things. When they reached the town it was a raging blaze they could hear the screams of the town’s inhabitants.  “Here’s the plan you two go in and evacuate the town and I’ll stop the fire.” Alex said as he took off his bag and started digging in it. “How are you going to stop the fire?”  Sara asked. Alex’s answer was “I’ll move that river if I have to,” As he walked at a leisurely pace to the river. Sara and Zack ran into the burning town without any plan and began to lead people out.

The place had the stench of embers and smoke.  Alex was at the river summoning a large amount of magic and Zack was running into burning buildings.  Sara was surrounded by vampires and trying to protect a mother and her children. Sara swung her sword as fast as she could but the vampires still were able to dodge every single strike.  One of the vampires managed to trip Sara, when she landed she felt something in her pocket. Sara reached into her pocket and felt the ice stone, she had no clue how the ice stone got there but, that did not really mater.  Sara used the ice stone to freeze the vampires and weaken the flames. The fires were to powerful for her to stop completely.

Sara tried to find a way out of the building she was in but she could not.  She was trapped at what might have been the end of her life. The windows of the house where broken by wolves jumping into the house.  Sara was confused at first but then she saw one of the wolves transform into Alex. Water from the river started to rush in from all around her.  “I told you that I would stop this fire even if I had to move the river.” Alex yelled over the roar of the river that he had just moved.

The town was saved most of the vampires and werewolves who were fighting had been washed away, and the fire was doused.  Alex was ecstatic and started to introduce Sara and Zack to his wolf pack. “Sara, Zack this fine group of despicable monsters is my Wolf pack.  I called them here to help get us out of this mess.” Alex explained as the wolves of his pack introduced them selves to Sara and Zack. There was Tony, the leader of the pack and a girl named Tiffani who was third in command, Alex was second in command and Tiffani seemed to hate everyone who was above her in the chain of command.

The wolf pack was large but for some reason the three top members were kids Alex looked older then Tony and Tiffani.  Apparently, most of the wolf pack became wolves after Alex’s shipwreck. Before Sara knew, what was happening there was a whole bunch of tents pitched around Alex’s, they were all the same as the ones the desert wolves had when she was kidnapped.  Alex seemed to enjoy having the whole crowd there with him. He took whole feast out of his bag for them to eat and even a table.

The next day Alex planed out a large and elaborate plan and explained it to no one.  He gave all of them their individual task and asked them not to tell any one else what they were going to do.  When Sara asked Alex why they were doing this Alex laughed and said, “If I told you that I’d have to tell everyone.”  Alex walked out of the tent and all of the werewolves began their own task.  Sara and Zack were the last to leave the camp. As they began to leave, they saw a crowd just outside of the camp.  It was the wolf pack, and they were surrounding Alex and Tiffany who were about to fight. Alex was in a good mood, as always, but Tiffany was in a terrible mood as she was almost all the time.

“Why are we doing this again?”  Alex asked in a tone that made him seem oblivious to the world.  “You can’t talk your way out of this.” Tiffany said as she raised a long sword that some how reminded Sara of Alex’s staff.  Tiffany was half way to Alex before anyone knew what was happening, she was fast but Alex was quicker. When she got to the spot, where Alex was standing les then a moment before Alex was up in the air.  Tiffany looked up and saw Alex throw his staff like a spear and barely had enough time to get out of the way.

Alex was standing right behind Tiffany he had just moved so fast that no one noticed when he moved.  Tiffany turned and swung her sword and Alex was suddenly standing on top of his staff. Alex laughed and said, “This is loads of fun I haven’t had this tough of a fight since I battled the god of wolves.”  Alex then did a back flip and grabbed his staff. The fight kept up like that for a while. Then Alex ran straight towards Tiffany like the one he was going to kill her then he was suddenly behind her. Tiffany turned so fast that she lost her balance and fell.  When she got up, she saw Alex sitting down and meditating. Tiffany ran straight towards him and he just sat there. Then the ground opened up beneath her and she fell into a trench that Alex probably made earlier.

Alex stood up a few moments later walked to the hole and said “Who else wants to challenge me on this subject?”  The other ware wolves all turned to leave. Alex sighed and said “Good thing to I really don’t remember what that was all about.”  Then he turned to face Tiffany and said “You will stay down hear until you admit defeat.” The look on Tiffany’s face was all the proof Sara needed to know that was going to be pure torture.  Alex turned to leave when Zack stopped him and asked, “Where did that giant hole come from?” Alex smiled and said just quiet enough so that only Sara and Zack could hear “I dug it last night because I thought that there were some vampires around still.”

Fang appeared besides Alex and barked something to him “Your right Fang we have to go now don’t want to be late for my own execution”.  Alex said before he started laughing. Alex and Fang ran off in the same direction that the other wolves went. Sara walked up to the pit that Tiffany fell in a few moments earlier and peered down at her.  A black wolf leaped into the pit grabbed Tiffany and jumped out. Tiffany petted the wolf and then the two of them ran off to deal with their task.

Sara and Zack hurried off to complete the missions that they had been given.  The note with the directions that Sara had to do said to go to the room of the castle where the mail is stored and wait for further instructions.  Sara of course had no clue what that meant. Sara had no clue what castle Alex was talking about and just ran off in the same direction that the wolves did hoping to see a castle.  After a few moments, they saw the huge castle that they saw when they went through the clearing near their village.

Sara ran into the castle and avoided guards as she snuck to the mailroom.  She had no clue where the mailroom was so it took her an hour to find it. Once she was in the mailroom, she realized that mail was only being sorted in that room and was stored in another room.  When she finally managed to get to the right room, she was afraid she might be too late for whatever it was she was supposed to do. Luckily, all she missed was a few hours of waiting for the next part of Alex’s plan to start.

A few minutes after Sara got to her destination Tiffany walked into the room and said, “If you stay in here you’ll miss the whole thing.”  Sara just gave her a puzzled look. “Alex was captured as part of his plan he wants you to give him this.” Tiffany explained as she handed Sara a green stone.  “What is it?” Sara asked as she held it in her hands. “I have no clue, but apparently this whole plan of his is to get five of these.” Tiffany said as she turned to leave.  “How do you know that?” Sara asked, “Well I talked with the rest of the pack.” Tiffany answered while leaving.

Sara waited for half an hour before Alex jumped into the room through the window.  “Do you have the stone?” he asked as he stared at some cuts on his arms. “Yes its right hear.”  Sara said as she handed him the green rock. “Good now go down to the basement and there should be another in a chest.  The chest is locked but a little magic can change that.” Alex explained. “Why do you need these anyway?” Sara asked trying to sound casual.  “With all ten and the elemental stones I should be able to break the barrier between life and death.” Alex said as he jumped out of the window.  Sara looked out of the window to ask one last question but Alex was nowhere to be seen.

Sara started walking out of the room when she noticed that Alex dropped a piece of paper while he was in the room.  Sara picked it up to inspect it, it was some sort of map. The map flashed suddenly and it changed from a map of the area around the castle to a map of the castle.  Sara decided to follow the map to get to the basement faster. Sara got to the basement in minutes. The basement was partially flooded so all of the guards were in a frenzy Sara reasoned that this was probably part of Alex’s plan.

Zack was fighting with two guards in the basement.  It looked like he was loosing so Sara did not hesitate to help him.  The chest Sara was looking for was in the very back of the room but was marked on the map for some reason.  Zack walked up to Sara and said, “You should take those to the court yard.” Sara asked why he thought this was a good idea.  “It was in my direction to tell you that if see you.” Zack answered. Sara laughed no one knew what was really going on except for Alex who was probably surprised that they actually listened to him in the first place.  Sara ran using the map to the courtyard.

In the courtyard, Tony asked for the map and said that was in his directions.  Sara wondered through the courtyard and saw a large crowd of guards chasing Alex.  Alex ran straight to Sara “Did you get it yet?” Alex asked as he skidded to a stop.  Sara tossed the stone Alex caught it and put it in his bag. “It’s almost time for us to go.”  Alex said as he turned to the guards and pulled out his staff. Just before the guard got to him, his wolf pack came between them.

The wolf pack triumphed in seconds but Alex snuck off in all of the chaos.  Tony jumped out of the window right above them and landed on one of the guards.  Alex walked silently up to Sara and said “Take care of this one he fell asleep on the job.” as he placed Zack on the ground behind Sara when Sara turned and saw Zack she knelt down and made sure he was still alive.  When she finally looked up at Alex, he was gone.

The king of the castle was not happy with what was going on but thanks to Alex’s genius plan could do nothing but watch as the wolves went about doing what they were told to do not understanding what was going on themselves.  Alex returned once again and said, “We are now done, lets go home”. Sara had never felt better about the idea of going home.

The wolf pack was all gone; they left as mysteriously as they arrived Alex ran off to the thunder temple got a dragon and came back.  They flew on the dragon to their village. Alex congratulated them for a job well done.  They had survived their first mission. Sara walked to her house in silence. She was too exhausted too even think.  She walked into her house announced her presence and went to bed. Sara woke up in the night and walked outside she stood right in front of her house and thought about her adventure and of the many more to come.


More burning, woot!