WolfBite: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

A new beginning!


This is pure torture Alex thought as he floated out in the open sea; he no longer had any physical pain left from the accident at that point.  Every second felt worse than death; and he truly wished that he was. The seconds stretched on into minutes, the minutes turned into hours which melded into days and soon enough time was irrelevant to him.  Part of him wanted to turn back the hands of time. He was stuck, left alone in his thoughts the only comfort he had were in his memories, however those to began to fade; just as all good things inevitably must do.  Just as his life began to slip away and his hopelessness and despair began to overwhelm him, he was suddenly awakened on a beach he yelled what he wanted to tell his mom in that finale moment before that fateful bolt of lightning.  Then he realized where he was, it was a strange beach with white sand and there were two teenagers on the beach, he guessed they were the ones who saved him. “Excuse me, do you know where I am, I think I’m lost?” Alex asked in the midst of what he actually, thought was a dream; merrily merrily down some stream on an old gentile rowboat.

That day was one of the most confusing, he would ever experience, and unfortunately, there were days yet to come that would come very close.  His savours: Sara and Zack; showed him the whole of their village known as Vineer. After they all said their good byes Alex ran into the nearby forest, and opened up his bag of tricks, Fang jumped out instantly “It’s been a long time”.  Fang howled as he stretched. “Has it?” Alex asked while looking down at his own hands, he was definitely older, but by how much he could not tell. This thought would haunt him in his darkest of hours and he knew it immediately.

Alex and Fang looked for the perfect place to build his house, which took two hours.  He had made up his mind almost instantly; he had no reason to try to return to the now empty house of his origin.  He lost almost everything, but he would get it back, eventually he vowed to himself on the moon itself. Fang found the perfect spot it was out of the way enough, but not too long of a walk.  Alex even found some supplies, for some strange reason a section of the forest was cut down, his curiosity was perked by the anomaly however he did not plan to investigate it. There were logs from the trees just waiting for him.  Alex began to draw up house blueprint which was a bit of a challenge, but in the end, Alex was victorious.

The next day Alex walked down to the beach to sit and think.  Zack arrived an hour after him, soon enough the two of them were having a conversation, Alex accidentally mentioned Fang.  Then he tried to pretend he had only met Fang the night before. Alex kept trying to change the subject back to the strangely coloured sand of the beach.  It did not work. Zack seemed really persistent, an impression Alex had not gotten from him the day before; naturally, Alex was confused by the sudden shift but figured he probably just misinterpreted something either the first or the second encounter.

A few minutes later Sara arrived.  She smiled gently as Zack told her about Fang; however, Alex could tell it was covering up fear Alex wondered if it was fear of the wolf or something else.  Alex was feeling almost like these were not the same confident people who had rescued him the day before or perhaps they only become confident when it’s needed to save a life.  Sara asked to have a few minutes alone with Zack. So Alex got up and started to walk away, but then stopped just a little out of a human’s hearing range and listened. “What do you want to talk about?”  Zack asked. “We were having a conversation before we saw him, remember?” Sara responded. “Yes, of course I remember.” Zack said but he sounded like he did not remember. Alex heard them plan to meet somewhere later that night.  Alex thought about finding their meeting place but ultimately decided not to, he had planned to start building his house so he had to leave as soon as he could he had no time to investigate every strange occurrence, he was busy settling down.  Alex was soon moving logs into the location of his future house. Alex was moving a log from the edge of the clearing when he heard something off in the distance approaching, he turned to Fang and said “Go now, find out more about our current location and I shall be the distraction.”  Fang ran off in one direction while Sara and Zack approached from the opposite one, if they had been faster or Fang had hesitated then they would have surely seen the big blue wolf and question Alex upon its origin.

“Hey guys, what are you doing out here, in the middle of the forest, late at night?”  Alex asked while suppressing the urge to laugh, Alex could see the crudely hidden swords behind a tree and had already figured out what was going on.  Zack’s response was “We were about to ask you the same thing.” Very clever Alex thought, switching the attention back on to me. Alex answered by saying “I was gathering house materials,” which of course was the truth.  “What do you mean house materials?” Sara asked. Alex felt like it was time they stopped avoiding his question he obviously had to finish this before Fang returned and the real inquisition began. So he said “First of all you’re avoiding my question,” he stopped for half a second when he suddenly noticed the scent of werewolf and vampire blood it was coming from the duel blades behind one of the trees he wondered which one of them owned that weapon, “and secondly,” he wondered if that was a real word.  “I am building house and needed more raw materials.” “You’re building a house?” Zack asked sounding a little shocked. “And you’re avoiding my question.” Alex replied instantaneously “Now that we are done with the obvious, can you just answer my question?” Alex asked repressing the urge to laugh which was steadily getting stronger; he wondered if he was smiling and if the lighting was bright enough for a human to know the difference. Here he was putting forth so much effort, and he already knew that the next thing they said would be the obvious lie which it was.  “We were out looking for you.” Zack replied. I was right again Alex thought to himself as he said “I doubt that’s the truth, but can you guys help me with these sticks; I mean logs they’re kind of heavy.” Alex then bursted out into laughter he could no longer hold it back.

Half an hour after Sara and Zack left Fang returned with a group of foxes.  “It’s a good thing you’re building that new house, because I doubt we’ll be going back anytime soon.”  Fang barked. “What are you talking about?” Alex asked Fang. Fang looked away at the half moon and then he explained, “A long time ago, there were two nations and one was ruled by a wicked man.  He coveted the other nation once his greed had grown too large.” Alex looked bored, “I’ve heard this story in history class”. Alex said “what exactly does this have to do with our predicament?” “Well we are now on the other side of the world.”  Fang barked.

The next day Alex had just about finished building his house; having super strength really sped things up.  Alex started working on a large basement, but it was just to keep his mind off his family. As hard as he tried to keep his mind off them, it still wasn’t enough, he had spent an eternity, or so it seemed in that moment when he saw his mom’s face it was filled with a mixture of terror and sorrow.  That’s when Alex decided to get away for a while, he had been told legends of magical places where impossible things were done. Alex made his decision there and then. Sorrow gets nothing done he thought as he prepared to leave. “I shall accomplish something even if I fail.” He reasoned when Fang gave him a questioning look.  Alex was so excited about his plans that he could barely stand still. He thought of Sara and Zack, they were probably good with their swords he thought as he packed. However, he decided not to take that risk just yet. He said his good byes and left at sunset. After half an hour Alex realized that, he had no idea where he was actually going.

Alex and Fang had been running in one randomly selected direction for a while, Alex didn’t realize how long until Fang asked for a break.  The sun was beginning to rise over the lower peaks of the nearby mountains. “Okay I should probably make a plan now.” Alex said as he pulled two cans of soup out of his bag of tricks.  “We should go to that castle off in the distance.” Fang said while he pointed his head towards the castle that Alex hadn’t noticed before. They ate in silence that day.

After a large helping of canned soup, Alex and Fang ran off in the direction of the castle.  They got their just after noon. Fang jumped into Alex’s bag of tricks. Alex walked up towards a guard to ask where they were.  Alex walked up to the guard’s right; the guard turned around and pulled out a sword. For half a second Alex was completely confused, why is this person attacking me?  Alex thought as the blade raced towards his face.

Alex easily avoided the first swing by jumping backward.  He looked at the guard and asked “Is there any reason for this, or are you just bored?”  The guard stopped in the middle of a charge. “My mistake,” the guard said. “What’s going on, you seem a little high-strung,” Alex said.  “Well we were under attack the other day, and I have to guard the monarchy,” the guard explained. “Really, can I help?” Alex asked without thinking.  “I doubt a kid could be much assistance,” the guard said with a smirk. “I was about to stop you,” Alex replied. “Fine if you think you can stop dragons, go east to the Thunder Temple,” the guard whispered to Alex.  “Which way is east?” Alex asked with a smile.

Five minutes later Alex and Fang, were running east at top speed.  “Why, are we doing this?” Fang asked. “I’ve heard about this Thunder Temple before,” Alex answered “it’s a legendary place, and I’d love to say I can just leave a large group of people in peril.  But, I can’t.” Fang looked at the sky, and thought of something tasty, but he decided to remain silent. Alex kept running, until Fang asked for a break, Alex had Not been tired since the boat incident, which Alex guessed was over a year ago.

They pitched a tent and stayed there for the night.  The tent Alex got from Troy, who was on the boat when it was destroyed.  Alex thought that his whole wolf pack was probably dead. Alex lay awake for hours thinking about his wolf pack, when the sun began to set Fang got up and howled at the top of his lungs.  “I think we can go now.” Alex and Fang kept moving east until the saw the Thunder Temple.

The Thunder Temple was an extremely large blue grey old looking building.  Storm clouds were above the temple and they did not move, no matter how hard the wind blew.  As Alex and Fang entered the ancient place, a chill went up Alex’s spine. The room was filled with thousands of doors on every wall.  “This could, be a problem”. Alex said, as he looked around the huge entrance hall.

Fang barked something about picking doors then ran to one, but Alex was too distracted by his own thoughts of failure.  Fang had to snap him out of it by pouncing. Alex worked towards the door that Fang chose a moment ago, he pushed it open and walked into a long hallway with many more doors.  Alex ran towards the door he chose one and opened it.


Wow Such wolf


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