Scarlet Blaze: Wilderness

So the following is a very essential peice of the  puzzle…

Chapter 4

The wilderness


    Scarlet followed the strange guardian as he marched forward.  The instant they were beyond the darkness of the cave Echoshadow stopped and stared up at the sky.  “The sun is pretty.” He whispered staring up at it happily. “Don’t be weird, we don’t look at the sun.” Scarlet protested marching towards what she expected was the centre of the kingdom.  “ This way to your chosen destination actually.”. Echoshadow corrected pointing the opposite direction. “If you say so.” Scarlet replied following her new guardian instead as they began their march through the wilderness.  

The kingdom of Harmony was filed with very fertile ground thus most of it was densely wooded. As they marched a large bear seemed to almost appear out of nowhere.  “Have you ever seen one of these?” Scarlet asked with some confusion. Yes they can be deadly if not disposed of they tend to track down humans to steal food.” Echoshadow said slicing the beast in half.

Scarlet sat on a stump with her arms crossed and her stomach complaining.   “What’s taking that thing so long.” She added to the grumbles, half under her breath.    Huge headless elm rose from the shadows accompanied by Project Echoshadow. “High protein levels detected.  This creature registers as edible.”” Echoshadow exclaimed while piling wood. “I can easily keep a meager flame like this going without any wood via pyromancy.” Scarlet said feeling the urge to boast of her abilities.  “Is that so?” Echoshadow asked jot seeing the point of these words as he began running twigs to launch some sparks onto the dead leaves and old bark he had at the center of his new firepit. Within moments a medium sized campfire crackled peacefully before the creature who merely Sat there watching the moon.   “You look up too much.” Scarlet said dismissively while sitting besides him. “And you’re too cold.” She added while leaning her head against his shoulder. “I apologize for both, I often am cold and the moon is so beautiful tonight.” Echoshadow replied just above a whisper and without averting his gaze as if afraid his voice could scare away the moon.   The young Blaze offered a response but it was lost withing a yawn as her eyes closed despite her stomach still vocally begging for food. Echoshadow laid the girl down in a pile a leaves and wrapped her in the now dried pelt of the bear he killed earlier before he began to dismember the elk he slaughtered. “Humans eat this stuff cooked I believe?” He mused aloud while stabbing through it with sticks to make skewers.  “Scarlet Blaze is secure and safe, no one knows she’s here, she has food and warmth.”. Echoshadow said aloud as if he weren’t the only one there the. He sat back down and sighed as if he lost an argument. “I’ll try again tomorrow….” He added sounding as if he were moments away from tears.

Scarlet awoke to a warm meal, she was pretty sure it was the same elk her guardian acquired the previous night but she couldn’t be certain.  It was horrid. “Protect me from this.” She complained handing him the rest after deciding she ate enough to avoid starvation. Echoshadow looked confused then absorbed the rest of the beast quickly gaining a disgusted look from Scarlet.”Not important we have to get going.” She said standing up fast, it looked as if she had more to say but thunder interrupted her.   “Great now I’ll get sick from the Storm.” She said with sarcasm.

They stood there in the shallow cave looking out upon the world as everything was battered fiercely by small drops of rain.  “This is a storm, all right,” Echoshadow said, in a worried tone. Scarlet giggled, “So you can take on an army single handedly but a  little water and you hide for shelter?” She chided playfully. With a grumpy look on his face he turned to her and said in a cold dark voice which echoed from all directions. “You go out there first if you’re not also worried about it.”  She gave him a look that erased his playful smile, but made no forward motions, staying put with a grim determination that shook the genetic experiment down to his very core. She said nothing, but it was enough for him to melt, figuratively and literally as he seeped into the soil to attain nutrients, it was something he taught himself to do in order to use less food on his long journey accompanying the young Lady to the Castle.  “Gross, I told you not to do that around me ever.” Scarlet demanded, making echo instantly reform above the surface. “Also what did you hunt down for me to eat?” She questioned, in a sour mood from the rain. At this point Project Echoshadow had been faithfully following orders for two weeks and not once did she seem satisfied, the fact that he had been unable to find any deer before the storm came was obvious to her before asking the question.  Her asking it annoyed him, it was the first time he truly felt frustration and his reaction was to push her and himself out into the rain.

Scarlet Blaze hated the world that had taken her family, she hated everything about it, including her new guardian echo, but when he pushed her out into the rain, instead of anger she was so shocked that she laughed.  Her laughter was a beautiful melody mixing with the percussion of raindrops beating against the drums of the earth. creating a song that intoxicated Echoshadow like nothing else, and he was happy, it was a moment he wished would never end.  Just as soon as it started it stopped. The rain died first, then the laughter, though the happiness remained. “What in the world is wrong with you echo?” Scarlet said with a large smile. “I don’t know, some kind of fish” Echoshadow responded refusing to give an intelligible response.  “I don’t know when the last time I laughed so hard was, thank you, you lunatic.” Scarlet said as she started marching towards the Rainbow Valley again. Nothing was going to stop her, not even joy could bring relief. Project Echoshadow followed utilizing echolocation to quickly find his prey, a large buck to kill for his friend’s dinner.  “when this mission is done, I don’t wish to be forgotten by you Lady Blaze.” Echoshadow said attempting to sound professional. “I may not be the nicest girl, but I do consider you a friend echo, I won’t just forget you.” Scarlet responded in a serious tone while using her flame magic to start a campfire for her friend to use in his latest attempt at cooking, though she knew already it wouldn’t be good.   “Why can’t you make food?” Scarlet questioned. “I don’t know much about flavour, I typically just absorb the nutrients through my hands it’s quicker.” Echoshadow explained while demonstrating with a spare bit of the fallen creature he expected Scarlet not to want. “That’s gross and you’re missing out on so much, food is supposed to be yummy, it’s like how you enjoy looking at the moon, if you just did that weird, finding your way through hearing thing, you’d never get to enjoy the moon.” Scarlet reasoned causing the creature to pause and think about it.  “That sounds about right, after we get back to civilization, I’ll be sure to learn how to cook.” Echoshadow responded with a smile. “Won’t do me much good unless I get to keep you around.” Scarlet said dryly. “I can’t predict where I’ll be deployed in the future, but I do hope to spend time with you again.” Echoshadow responded causing the depressed girl to smile for a moment. She never expected the strange creature defending her from the wilderness to actually become her friend. Life was frustrating her plans were incomplete at best, but she wasn’t alone, and in that moment that was enough for her.  Even fueled by revenge as she was Scarlet Blaze felt content probably for the first time in her life.

    Echoshadow being a deadly abomination easily hunted down  deer for his new princess but a problem quickly arose. Neither of them knew how to cook.  Echoshadow did his best to keep Scarlet away from danger but she was uncontrollable rushing into caves just to see what was within and playing with cute baby animals despite his warnings of how dangerous their family would be.  It was constant work to keep her safe. It was a welcome distraction Despite no longer being alone the young noble girl felt the sting of her loneliness almost constantly. Any time she discussed the king with Echoshadow his eyes would glow blue and he’d forget what was going on it was aggravating to be unable to discuss her plans with him.  Her family was gone and the creature protecting her couldn’t talk about the cause she just had to pretend he was going to the king for protection pretend everything was okay, pretend this wasn’t tearing her to pieces. Then they reached their first settlement of the journey a small town known as Elderwood.




New friends is always nice.


Project Echoshadow: Hell

The key to good writing is to make sure your characters suffer people eat that up…



Project Echoshadow: Hell to pay


Echoshadow felt content in his tiny box listening to Soundspirit describe his most recent successful mission. Several seemed to be requested by the King in quick succession indicating to Echoshadow they made a good impression.  “Then I let one of the steel bolts loose and hit the man’s sleeve pinning him in place so I walked over to him all slow and menacing like.” Soundspirit recounted his smile somehow evident in his voice. The vehicle they traveled in this time was a simple carriage lead by strong steeds raised by the  Dark clan over in Chrono town. Fast and sturdy with stamina for days they actually coated half as much as purchasing castle Grey in order to build the secret facility for Crowstorm laboratories. Of course the Tamsin scientist in chauffeur were receiving more government funding than ever. “Okay so to quickly bring something up for the forty third time, why did you brand us with the title that crazed elf have us?” Echoshadow questioned hoping to finally get an actual answer.  “I keep telling you I don’t really know.” Soundspirit remarked with a slight hint of irritation resonating in his tone though his voice suddenly softened as he thought aloud. “I really don’t… Maybe it just got stuck in my head I know that sword I just got must have been a factor, you looked just like it when you turned into a sword while we faced him.” Soundspirit said barely above a whisper. “Maybe he really is from the future then, I mean he’s been imprisoned for months now and  the Harmonics still can’t identify him.” Echoshadow offered as a semi plausible explanation in the hopes of reassuring his brother. Soundspirit wasn’t able to consider this as the carriage was knocked over at that same moment releasing them both into the night allowing them to quickly rush over to the scientist with the misfortune of transporting the abominations in the middle of the night he was struggling for air but breathing more emotionally than physically harmed. The fancy horses were missing too which annoyed Soundspirit. The pair was quickly surrounded by men and women, birth human and moon elf, dressed in strange purple robes.”I don’t believe I understand. Why are the nice bandits dressed fancy?” Echoshadow asked his brother who merely shook his head in annoyance “I’m sure they’ll explain themselves after threatening us or whatever, just let them work for a second.” Soundspirit replied with none of the levity he had satuating his tones moments earlier.

The  robbed figures began to chant in unison. “Valsin,Valsin,Valsin!” They began.”What’s a Valsin?” Echoshadow asked. “Just stare up at your stupid moon while I handle this.  Your impatience is more irritating than these idiots chanting some word I’ve never heard before.” Soundspirit practically growled. “Just a little curious brother, I’m sure you’re willing to admit this is a little strange.”  Echoshadow said cheerfully as if this were part of some game to him. The older brother merely shook his head. Shortly thereafter a red circle appeared on the ground and from it emerged a man with red skin dressed in purple formal wear as if he was to attend an aristocratic ball soon.  “This isn’t some rare human treasure, those are just two malformed human children. At least I think they’re human.”. Valsin said looking the two over with disdain and disappointment in equal measures then horns sprouted from his head. “That looked kind of painful.” Echoshadow remarked. “ You can change shape you could easily grow horns without any pain at all; might even make you look sort of intimidating for a change.” Soundspirit teased.  “Maybe, but then again this guy has them and isn’t intimidating at all.”. Echoshadow countered. Soundspirit merely shrugged to concede his defeat in thru latest verbal jousting. “Are you two seriously just ignoring a demon lord?” Valsin questioned in utter disbelief. “Sorry sir, my elder brother and I are in the middle of a conversation and it is generally considered rude for strangers to interject unless they are requesting help.” Echoshadow explained  to the demon. “Wh-what?!” Valsin stammered blankly. “You must excuse my little brother he’s only six months old. What he means to say is, can we help you sir.” Soundspirit corrected. “Was I being rude again?” Echoshadow asked. His brother just nodded then pointed to the demon lord whom Echoshadow bowed to as a sign of apology. Valsin looked over the two creatures in front of him again, whatever they were they clearly weren’t human. “Right, so where’s the valuable cargo the Harmonics wanted to transport in secret?” He asked remembering why he bothered stepping into the mortal plane that day.   “You’d do well to say we misheard you.” Echoshadow whispered. “Why are you always showing mercy?” Soundspirit complained. “Enough idle talk I’ll just take the horses and whatever you two are for some ransome.” Valsin concluded. Echoshadow shrugged to concede his brother bested him and the two rushed forward weirdly subduing the demon lord and most of his men. “I’ll call for new transport to pick us up.” Echoshadow offered. His brother simply nodded and the guardian faded into the shadows on an obvious rush to get back home.

He made it to the closest Crowstorm facility withing minutes and instantly rushed to the head scientist to explain only to have weapons pointed at him he didn’t recognize them but his internal processing recognized design philosophy and deduced it was something from Dovecloud industries.   “Why are you not in your containment unit? Ivory asked she’d been placed in charge of this lesser facility shortly after learning the truth of her boss from Echoshadow. “My brother and I caught a demon and his cultists after the attacked the carriage I’m requesting transport for the prisoners.” He explained calmly though he couldn’t keep his eyes of the sleek metallic object being held by both trained guards and scientists.  Crowstorm was known to those few authorized to know such things primarily for its unparalleled biological enhancements and medical equipment, but Dovecloud was known even to the public for making weapons and machines to keep the peace as it were. Echoshadow assumed the two read were rivals of sorts but this was evidence of them working together. There was nothing wrong with them working together he just wondered why he was left in the dark, having accurate information lead to better decision making and thus a safer nation.  At least that’s what he believed, this was evidence someone in authority disagreed. Echoshadow couldn’t stop frowning as his mind kept going over every small detail of his short existence searching for evidence of their falsehoods he considered truths.

As the strange creature sat in the training room watching his brother  flip around while firing crossbow bolts at targets Echoshadow kept thinking about how wrong he was and then at last he spoke up.  “How do I even know if I can photosynthesize?” He blurted up half expecting the scientist to sell out a way to subdue him, but no one reacted perhaps they dismemberment hear he reasoned.  “I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE NOW!” He screeched so loud his voice seemed to be coming from every direction but him. Still no response he sighed and went quiet for the rest of the week. Words were meaningless. Each night his brother would talk to him trying to make it up to him but he don’t reply and during the day neither spoke to the other, no one spoke to Echoshadow at all during the day, he was left alone with his thoughts. They didn’t need to talk to him he knew where he needed to be and go and what to do, talking served no purpose other than to convince him he wasn’t simply a tool something useful but not respected; he wasn’t even feared like his brother was.  On the eighth night he replied to his brother. “How can we be noise makers if you’re the silence?”. Soundspirit complained as they were about to part ways. “I tried to make some noise, no one’s listening.” Echoshadow replied sternly. His brother frowned for a moment before hugging him. “Then I’ll amplify that make it loud enough to make the walls shake make the doors break. Then we can just walk away.”. Soundspirit offered. “I am not like you, if you break out you’re free, but my chains are in my mind. I’m never free.” Echoshadow explained simply. “Why would they make you like this? If they weren’t working for our king I’d have already wrung their necks over this.” Soundspirit complained half under his breath.”I’ll get used to it, I’ll adjust.” Echoshadow said sounding empty which was quite distinct from his usual emotionless yonder, this was very emotional, but the emotion in question was emptiness.


Defeating demons and becoming existential, what a busy schedule.






Project Echoshadow: Water

More storytelling to do  let us begin.

Project Echoshadow: thicker than Water


Project Echoshadow yawned during the morning inspection, the scientists didn’t notice, this saddened him. He’d never before yawned, it seemed odd they wouldn’t notice it, perhaps they were concerned with Soundspirit’s new sword either way he felt neglected.  He watched his brother slice through several metal bars with ease. “This weapon is quite effective wouldn’t you agree younger brother?” Soundspirit said expecting Echoshadow to be close. Echoshadow said nothing instead watching his brother practice. “Maybe I’m too emotional, it doesn’t matter what any of them think or notice, what matters is he’s not killing everyone.” Echoshadow reminded himself, finally allowing himself to smile and examine the craftsmanship of Soundspirit’s new blade.  “I’m holding a dangerous, and possibly magic sword, you’re supposed to be here making sure I don’t kill everyone.” Soundspirit complained before Echoshadow rose from his brother’s shadow. “I am always watching you.” Echoshadow confirmed. “You are distracted.” Soundspirit accused. “I’ve detected a large source of magic approaching. Two powerful humans surrounded by several others most likely human guards.” Echoshadow replied as if it was an explanation of his mental state. “Funny that sounds almost like you’re describing the king and queen.”   The scientist watching over the pair remarked before falling silent his eyes widening in shock. “Why would they want to come here?” The man shrieked running off to warn everyone, completely abandoning his duty of observing the two projects. “Is he simply abandoning his post?” Soundspirit questioned. “Looks that way from here.” Echoshadow remarked as they awaited an explanation from any of the faculty. “Upon further thought it seems counterproductive to perform your duties subparly just before a royal inspection, even if just to warn the rest of the staff.”. Echoshadow reasoned. “That’s humans for you, and remember these are the smart ones.” Soundspirit reminded his younger brother before the royal guards entered followed shortly thereafter by the head three scientists all eagerly talking to a man and woman both projects instantly recognized as the king and queen both of whom seemed rather disinterested in the blabbering.  “Do they speak?” The king asked as he looked at the two creatures with some confusion one of them looked human and the other was some sort of living shadow hardly the kind of thing one would expect to revolutionize anything much less war itself. “Yes sir they do just address them they’re aware of who you are already.” Mahogany said with a stutter he normally didn’t possess. “Quite so, creatures state your names?” Queen Water Arrow requested her voice rich yet airy voice ringing through the air like the first breath of spring a small sign the cold would soon be over. “We are the Noise Bringers, I’m Soundspirit and this is my brother Echoshadow. I was crafted to do very bad things to worse people and he’s just my chaperone.”. Project Soundspirit said dryly as if reading from a script. “Right so the two of you are to be strong emit replace an entire legion?”. King Dark Storm questioned letting his disbelief linger in the air even after he fell silent to await their response.  “Not exactly my lord. He’s a one man army more than ten legions worth, designed to bests armies and beasts alike but I’m designed with only one opponent in mind my every ability tailored to stopping just one possible threat.” Echoshadow explained. “Who or what would be worth all the time and resources needed to create… Whatever you are?” The Queen inquired her voice radiating with sunshine despite being full of concern. “Him.” Echoshadow said while pointing to his older brother, there was a moment of silence as if the royals were filled with awe then he continued. “I exodus to keep him in line and to serve the will of the king and queen. Nothing else matters.” As he spoke these words Echoshadow’s eyes took on a red glow causing the queen to gasp and the king to take on an odd stare. It was as if Dark were attempting to work out a showman’s trick or figure out the angle a salesman was using on him, it made Echoshadow uncomfortable for a moment. One moment was enough for his inner safety protocols to erase the thought from his mind.  To Echoshadow time seemed to skip forward suddenly by around three seconds it also bothered him but he had more pressing matters than to determine why things were slightly out of place. “I think this one still has some issues to fix before going into mass production.” Water Arrow mused half to herself as her husband left the room. “It’s unlikely I can go into mass production as I was created using the last of this jar of black blood father Crow left behind when he vanished.”. Echoshadow explained simply, The look on the queen’s face told hike he said something important though he couldn’t tell what.




In conclusion, you never know.



Dragon Sea section Four

What if more Drakemere wrecking stuff?



As the dark dragon approached the position the view of the plague was clear causing the captain of the first ship to sigh.   “This idiot shouldn’t be showing up so soon my time to end him was in three weeks.” She complained to her crew who were clueless to what their little leader meant as usual.   “Wait here idiots I’ll get rid of him quickly she said pulling the raft she first arrived on up from a place of shadows somewhere below deck. Once again a thick fog formed around the tiny vessel as it approached its destination to the murraders it was a clear sign something demonic was upon them or worse yet something divine.  

A large shape towered over the ship for a single moment then the fog was gone and  Drakemere stood in front of Scourge Dread. “I have granted you freedom to roam my sea thus far due to your seniority and skill, a kindness I may have to rescind.”. Drakemere stated quietly forcing all the pirates to hold their breaths just to hear her.   “What makes you think you have the right to speak to me this way?” One captain said to the other. Drakemere frowned. “Where’s my bloody fang…” She said half under her breath. “What was that child?” Scourge asked with a sickly false sweetness. “Just call out your sea monster already.” Drakemere said pinching the bridge of her nose.   As if in command a large serpent rose from the depths but it wasn’t at the Plague it was wrapping around the dark dragon. “Head back where you came from little girl or those men of yours die.” Scourge explained. “Is your pet going to save the women folk then?” Lady Drakemere said feigning cluelessness. Scourge blinked for a second. “I mean your crew will be fed to me beastie.” He tried again.  “That’s far too many you’ll give it a stomach ache.” She said as if the point were lost in her. “Do you not care about them?” Scourge questioned.”Yes, but I took the whole village so I’m not leaving behind sad families so it’s better They all die.” she explained. “You mean to say killing a single member of your crew is worse than killing them all?” He asked. “They’re easier to replace as a group too, no need to hope they won’t hate one another.” She added. Scourge groaned in protest but ordered his serpent to target the so called pirate queen instead. Instead of offering it sank back into the depths.   “Oh look the poison kicked in, I thought that would take longer.” Drakemere said with a smirk before leaping off the ship back to her raft. Scourge was silent he said nothing and did nothing he just watched the dark dragon sail past him as the fog began again. He knew better than to move even to run the dragon had spoken and she let him live.

The dark dragon reached the docs of undercurrent and Drakemere left her ship alone her crew weren’t pirates or warriors they were peaceful villagers who fed her and cleaned her home. She rushed into town as a blur or blades and fire a dark cloud of death in the thick fog.   She appeared before the lord of that city holding the head of one of his men. “Lord Stone, I tried to play nice with you but you hired another pirate. That’s just disrespectful.” She screeched like a normal child would while throwing a tantrum. “Is that Moon?” He asked pointing at the head. “I neither know nor care.  I wish not to kill you but you’re making that very difficult so why don’t you head north and live in Harmony when I’m done obliterating your home.” She said in calmer tones. “Now I want the name of the gutless bilgerat you sent to get that sea mutt.” She said after a few deep breaths as if reminding herself of something.  Lord Stone hesitated for a moment but under the direct gaze of a dragon he was quick to speak truths, even the kind that ended lives.





Or maybe something else tomorrow⸮ 



Dragon Sea section three

Scourge is a terrible evil force in the world but it is unclear if he’s facing a worse threat or a vicious champion of Justice.   

Scourge Dread and the Marauders


The  small hearth crackled to life as a thump was heard its dim light awoke a few of the sleeping humans one of which rushed above deck to see what was needed next. “Human crew member, why are we not in position?  Undercurrent may receive new supplies making this engagement double in duration.” She explained to which the young man merely frowned and rushed to the helm so he could turn the ship around.

Scourge sat on top of his creature looking over his ruthless men with disdain.  “Not one of you is worthy to be here, the lot of you are pathetic and I’ll kill every last one of you the day I find a better crew.” He announced while waking up for the day.  The same greeting he gave them every day most of them still believed it but others were beginning to hear the whispers of the girl, a young pirate claiming to be queen of the sea.  The vilest pirate in the western waters knew he’d have to address this pseudo usurper eventually though he did always despise killing children, it was said youth was the only way to survive an encounter with Scourge.  A crow landed on his shoulder. “No to be for your games.” He muttered dryly. The crow leapt off him and took the form of a woman dressed in black. “I’m from Undercurrent and I’ve come to hire the vilest pirate and his murraders.” She said handing him a large sac of coins.   He eyed her suspiciously. “That’s just the payment for not killing me, a much bigger rewards awaits if you oh terrifying serpent can behead the dragon pirate.” She explained. “I some negotiate with nameless strangers.”  Scourge replied as if he wasn’t eager to count the coins he’d been presented thus far.   “Avarice Lilly.” She said moving her hair to expose get pointed ears. “You sun folk tend to be less tricky than my own kin, and certainly moreso than those moon elves. I suppose I can take this opportunity, no more excuses. The girl dies.”  Scourge announced to his men who all cheated even the ones more afraid of her than him.



Wonder what happens next?


Dragon Sea section two

Greeting the Wind


Lady Drakemere stared up at the stars laying on the edge of her ship  she began her siege on the fortified city of undercurrent a week earlier cutting off the flow of trade but now she was growing bored of conquest.  “Human crew member, what are you doing?” She asked the only person left above deck. “Keeping us on course as per your orders.” The young man replied. “I’ve changed my mind we’re heading to Sky cliff I’ve decided it could use the blessings of the dragon.”.  She said simply.

She leapt from one niche to the next scaling the sheer Cliffside  as easily as one would a grand staircase. “Who dares intrude?” A tall man dressed in all black and smelling of fresh rains spoke into the dark as the small girl appeared on his cliff.   “I am a dragon and I’ve decided you will aid in my quest.” She spoke clearly with an accent the Northern Wind failed to place, though her tanned skin reminded him of the sun elves his king recently bested via the relentless reapers.  “You’re that pirate child my spies have been mentioning. Terrorizing the south along the coast for about a month. You’ve never ventured into Harmony territory before.” the tall Wind remarked as he finally solved the mystery before him.  “The coastline all the way to that accursed fowl’s territory will be Harmony someday.”. Drakemere replied sternly, not unlike a strict instructor correcting the rebellious youth. “I’m not prepared to betray the Storm clan.” Northern Wind stated matter of factly though the smell of fear and sweat was evident to Drakemere, it sickened her but also boosted her confidence even further.  “I’m requesting you pronounce me the new Western Wind despite my lack of ability with wind magic. If you say no, I will not harm you I understand this position cannot be forced, I will simply leave with zero protest though I may return in several years to test my luck.”. The child said in harsher times than she really wanted. Even a dragon could acknowledge one of the four winds, even if only a little.  She took a long deliberate and stay breath reminding herself why her wayward path was one of conquest. “I am unable to simply declare a Wind on a whim.” Northern Wind said, speaking much faster than before. The tiny girl frowned merely for a moment then she leapt headfirst into the rocky waters below.

More words and such….


The Tower over Harmony

This is the end of that story it leads into others though.



The Waypoint


She sat on the edge of way point listening to two members of the Drakemere family  argue over her fate. “She has his power so she may have claim to his throne.”. Nigel  Drakemere proposed. “All the more reason to kill her and begin the ceremony to find a new dragon among us.”. Linda Drakemere replied sternly.   “Just send me away, he said there was a place for those seeking harmony.” She said the tear on the way evident in her voice. “ Of course Cynthia, but you and your entire palace can never return.” The two said in unison.  She raised her head slightly a if to speak but remained silent, choosing instead to simply nod, what remained of the twisted palace was a single tower which she entered quietly before sobbing over a pile of ash which seemed to suddenly take on a life of its own  coating her cloak and dealing the last of the magic. “I am Cynthia.” She told herself while looking at her reflection in the plane glasses. “ Of course I am, why else would I be wearing her hood? Even shadows from the future know what that means.” The hooded sorceress said before Cynthia’s floating palace suddenly appeared  just off the coast of Harmony. “Hello new home, I am Cynthia.” She said with a smile hidden under her hood.


The end




Mana mania

Almost over

Dragon island

Elizabeth moved with silence carefully unlocking as many cells as she believed possible without being detected. Elizabeth had a small army following her, well parts of several small armies working together against a common threat. She knew this was to be the end one way or another, either her or her sister would soon perish. The army of men and women from the various islands quickly forces open the door to the twisted throne room which Elizabeth entered with a small smile pleased with herself for making it so far but that ended instantly when she saw him the mad king himself, the lawless Lawson Drakemere. “Seriously you’ve done a wonderful job trying to gather power restore order bring harmony to my discord. There is a place for those like you but it isn’t wayward.”. The king declared. “I didn’t think you cared much what the people did.”. Cynthia retorted hoping her dear want in her voice, it was but in such a way only her sister noticed. “Freedom is important, a little chaos builds character, but you’ve moved to pure treason. You’re not of dragon blood, what makes you think you get to rule?”. Lawson questioned. “I do this for my people.” She said timidly her brave facade finally wavering in the face of a god, or something close enough at least. “Go home now and I’ll consider sparing you and your Paradise.” Lord Drakemere said with a friendly smile. “Just kill me already.”. Cynthia said dryly before lifting leapt from her hands hiring her king but causing him no issue. “If I do that it won’t just be you.” The mad king replied as Elisabeth’s army fainted leaving the three of them though it seemed the evil queen and the mad king only had eyes for each other. Elizabeth figured she was unaffected due to her connection to her sister. The hooded girl took a deep breathe and reminded herself this was to be the end. She adjusted her grip on the spear and charged forward. What happened next wasn’t understood very well for a long time.


Guess why this island is dragon⸮


Dragon Sea: section one

This one is a real classic

The Arrival

A thick fog rolled in unlike any the land had previously seen bringing with it a small raft with a small girl who by appearance was most likely between eight and ten. When the raft beached ashore she stretched and yawned. “Dragons be praised I made it at long last.” She said her voice still filed with the sounds of sleep. “I think I’ll call this place Westwood, that sounds like a town name.” She declared while leaping gracefully to the sands of the beach. She peered off into the distance her purple eyes fixated for but a moment. “Inhabited I see…” She complained to herself. She walked into town with little speed weather it was from her recent slumber still having hold on her or due to her simply wishing to enjoy the beauty of this new envirounment is something no one but she could say. She looked at the small collection of huts around six or seven a tiny settlement. She frowned and sighed. “Alright crew, those of you who wish not to follow speak up now. This is your only chance to leave me without a swift death.” She said sternly causing the people of the tiny unnamed settlement to peek out their doors at the demanding tiny girl. “What do you mean?” A tall man asked. The girl looked over the man and his hut. The man’s home was bigger than the others and his Clothes featured less rips, that plus his willingness to speak first was all she needed to know. The man burst into flames. “Please forgive me, but I can’t have you lot keeping your former leader if I’m ever to get anywhere.” She explained simply her tone every bit as calm yet demanding as she’d been with them the whole time. He writhed in agony as the people he lead for years flocked to serve the stranger the little witch the only thing which prevented him from passing out was rage. He wasn’t mad at her, she was certainly a monster, an unthinking beast devouring his life the way a wolf would devour livestock. He was mad at his friends for betraying him.
“I neglected to bring a proper vessel, I came here on a whim so I’m not fully prepared for the draconian path.”. The girl started. “You know what, reasons do not matter you are to obey me. Tare your homes asunder.” She ordered. Without question they obeyed and stepped over their former leader still ablaze as he was to begin dismantling their former homes expecting their new leader to have a plan, trusting her as much as they feared her. She looked over the pitiful creature which once ruled her new people and smiled wickedly asof conjuring up some new game to play. “I’ve decided you’re stronger than first it appeared I grant permission to be among y rivals. I shall call you the betrayed and you may refer to me as Lady Drakemere.” She whispered sweetly.

Thus began the adventure of the pirate queen.



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Chapter 2

The Lunar

Elizabeth moved in silence, not for fear of being noticed, she was rather certain no one on the entire island would be awake, but because the time for talking was done.  She moved in the large dark hoods of Cynthia with determination a swift shadow in the night armed with only a spear made to kill fish too stubborn to die from a net, she’d never been in combat never seen war, even with her sister killing countless people it was all done off island, save for her first five victims.  The evil queen was much more powerful than any fish or slimy eel Elizabeth dealt with, but in the mind of that brave child, Cynthia was every bit as spineless as those eels.

Elizabeth climbed the side of the main tower silently  the past several months of dragging nets filed with fish for her fellow parodies  have her strength she previously lacked. “I know you’re there Liz.” Cynthia said dryly once her sister slipped in through the window into her room at the very top.  “I’m a little surprised you’re not out of breath but I knew you’d come.” Cynthia added after listening for the heavy panting and hearing nothing. She rose from her bed looking for her sister and seeing only darkness.  “No seriously where are you?”. The evil queen demanded. Elizabeth laid on the roof of that tower starting into the night sky sobbing silently as her mind tried desperately to reclaim her drive. This wasn’t the first time she ventured to the twisted palace spear in hand and it appeared this wouldn’t be the last.  A blue light fell from the sky landing next to Elizabeth who reflexively sunk deeper into the hood hiding her form from the mysterious astrological anomaly which seemed to harden and crystallize into a small gem which shattered releasing a drop of darkness that quickly grew into the shape of man. THe shadow of man spoke.  “Do not be alarmed Cynthia, I am from your future.” Elizabeth ignored the urge to laugh at the scary shadow monster. “I’m not Cynthia.” Elizabeth protested shyly. “I’d recognize your one of a kind hooded cloak anywhere, I mean. I was kind of hoping this would be earlier than the whole, no one must know my face thing.”  The shadow of man said simply. “What are you talking about?” Elizabeth questioned. “Yeah, I’ve got this note from future you it says.” THe creature stated before pausing, his hand patting down his form until pulling a scroll from behind his ears somehow and unraveling it a little. “If I say I’m not me, just ignore it I’m trying to hide how me I am, take me to the Luna to confront the evil queen.” THe being read before tossing the scroll aside only for it to vanish before hitting the ground.  “Odd, I don’t know why I’m meant to bring you to the moon.” THe being said staring up at the night sky just as Elizabeth did previously. “No, that’s the name the pale ones gave their island, you must be new to wayward.” The being looked Elizabeth over as if confused. “Pale ones, Wayward, you are confusing, maybe describe some of these words so I can see if they relate to any previous words?” The thing suggested. “I know they call themselves something different, what was it, started with an El sound.” Elizabeth said trying to focus.  “Identified, Pale creature that name things after the moon, do they also live in trees?” The being questioned. Elizabeth merely nodded. “Scanning for an island of primarily moon elves.” It explained before grabbing the girl and taking her into her own shadow the two of them emerging in a giant wooden room. “Sembra che il ragazzo sia fuggito dalla regina, diretto verso est.” A fully grown woman with skin pale enough to seemingly glow in the ding candlelight said to a man of similar complexion dressed in wood and leather armour. “What just happened?” Elizabeth asked reflexively causing the pair to turn and look at her.  “Worry not Cynthia, you’ll surely defeat the evil queen with your puny human fishing equipment, though to be on the safe side I’ve taken the liberty of locating a military power for you to align yourself with. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go spy on the people who are going to one day create me.” The being said sinking back into the shadows. “Hello, Cynthia, that’s an interesting entrance you had there, why are you with us tonight?” The pale lady asked stepping closer as her associate circled around to block the exit. Elizabeth froze for a moment thinking about what just happened she wasn’t really sure what happened, but she knew why.  “Call me Lady Malady, I am from Paradise, my queen seeks your land, she will descend at noon, when most of your kin slumbers.” Elizabeth said giving up on understanding merely resigning herself to her place, her part in the destruction or salvation of Wayward. “I wish to kill my queen and save your people, she will strike soon.” Elizabeth added simply. “I’m am Aabharana leader of the moon elves.” the lady said simply as if she thought this was enough to endow her guest with awe and respect. “I figured that weird living shadow would take me to you.” Elizabeth admitted sounding unimpressed. “I’m going to kill the queen you’re going to help.” Elizabeth added.  “Normally I’m not one to trust mysterious hooded figures but your queen is a force to be reckoned with, every bit the witch we suspected of she intends to slaughter us during the celebration of the sun.” Aabharana said sadly. “Her intentions are irrelevant all that matters is us stopping her.”. Elizabeth said sternly. The pale ones looked confused as if unsure how much they wished to trust this stranger ordering them around. “You’ll only tell the best of your warriors what is to occur. She must not know you’re on to her. If the queen wishes to launch a surprise attack it shall be right into your ambush.”. Elizabeth said with a wicked grin almost visible under her, no her sister’s hood.   

The trap was quickly set and the dark queen was soon to come.  Elizabeth sat in a dark corner waiting for her sister to arrive, trying her best not to get cold feet about harming her own flesh and blood, the last remaining family she had.  It was hard but when she saw her sister filled with hatred and rage she truly believed she was ready so she rushed to the lady who stood over the pale one pretending to sleep. She stabbed forth with her spear only for it to be swatted away by intense wind magics which also knocked her back into the wall.  Several guards rushed towards the dark queen as Aabharana struck with her hidden dagger blood was seen splattering as Elizabeth lost her consciousness. Elizabeth awoke in the dungeon chained to the wall her face still hidden by the heavy hood. “Why am I here?” Elizabeth questioned while trying to wiggle out of her chains.  After a moment of struggling the young girl smirked and closed her eyes absorbing magic which caused the chains to vanish. “Why do you never use real metal? You should have won.” She complained while testing her luck against the locks of the door.

Cynthia sat in her throne trying not to yawn as she looked out the main window at the soon to be prisoners below. Her various gollems were quickly collecting as many of the pale folk ad they could collect without murdering so she could absorb them at her leisure. “A whole army of fake me, I must be close by now.” She whispered to herself. Any uncertainty the dark sorceress felt was typically masked by boasts of near limitless power.   Still she was all alone and no amount of magic was about to change that. “I wish I knew if they would be proud… maybe sis is right? Maybe I really have become a monster. Those stupid pale folk didn’t do anything I mean besides not looking right, I could just send them all always… yes back wherever they came from.” Cynthia reasoned. “No I’ve already mistreated them, killed their leader and her family. If I let them go they’ll only fond help and return, even if I have regrets mercy is a weakness o.o can’t afford.   Not when I have my own people to worry about. Liz will forgive me someday.” Cynthia thought aloud as the last of her latest victims were quietly rounded up. It was midday but she hasn’t gotten much sleep the previous night worried as she’d been over her sister who hadn’t returned to their childhood home after the field assassination like every previous attempt. Cynthia tried to lift the entire twisted palace only for it to be moved against her will, she knew what it meant and sighed while mentally preparing herself for him.