Dwell Within

Project Echoshadow: Dwell Within


“What does he want?” Soundspirit asked.  “To test his mechanisms of war against the legendary warrior.  Whom he traced back to here.” Echoshadow explained. “You could hear him?” Asked the scientist in charge of watching the pair that day. “Now you’re curious as to my capabilities.” Echoshadow muttered with a sigh.   “Yes lead scientist Ochre Sky, I heard him perfectly.” Echoshadow said while bowing. The scientist looked concerned for but a moment before returning to his usual lack of care. “ if you guys want we can have you fight his metal monstrosities later but for now I’m heading to hall D for something to eat just clean up when you’re done.” He explained before leaving the two dangerous life forms unattended.  “They’re bloody fools if they think I should fight one of his monstrosities. Not only are they unworthy of my attention this also just a ploy to learn the secrets of Crowstorm labs.” Soundspirit explained. “I’ve seen some of his manned weapons do you think he has any autonomous ones?” Echoshadow asked. “No clue, still trying to figure out if you’re autonomous.” Soundspirit teased before rushing back to the start of his new obstacle course.   “Maybe I’m not, but I’m sure I’ll find out by comparing myself to his machines.” Echoshadow whispered to himself with a mischievous grin.

Echoshadow sat on the roof of Castle Grey staring at the stars as his brother merely sharpened his mysterious sword.   More than two weeks passed since Professor Dove first arrived, the pair of experiments expected the intruder to be forcibly removed or even leave of his own accord well before that point.  The scientists were in awe of his apparent brilliance and welcomed him, Echoshadow spent most of his tome reminding them not to reveal confidential information often having to actually cut them off before they spoke.  Soundspirit in an attempt to comply with keeping things secret ceased most of his training regiments save for the obstacle course which Echoshadow and to tear apart then reassemble up on the roof for him. “Whatever was killing all those guys when they first made you needs to come back and get that man.”  Soundspirit remarked dryly. “That would be quite convenient however he’s useful to the crown so we cannot do so ourselves.” Echoshadow reminded. “Wait, what was attacking them all anyway?” Soundspirit questioned. “Not too sure.” Echoshadow replied. “When you first arose you told me you already knew it wasn’t me, how did you?”  Soundspirit asked. “The attacks followed a pattern. Scientist was exceptionally stressed and near a grate or drain. No attacks in the castle or the library hidden beneath it only the secret laboratories under that, meaning it came from below the secret labs and was likely attracted to stress. Whether by magic or some kind of hormone pheromone combo I couldn’t very well say.”  Echoshadow explained.

“Let’s go down there, find out what’s beneath the hidden basement.”   Soundspirit suggested. “Getting to the bottom of things for once would be a welcome change of pace.”  Echoshadow replied. “This is why they keep you in a box.” Soundspirit remarked. “Logically speaking, we shouldn’t be doing this and normally I’d try to stop you.”  Echoshadow stayed with a large inhuman smile. “So what’s tipping the scales in my favour?” Soundspirit asked. “I fear if we don’t do something you’ll kill Professor Dove Cloud within a week.”  Echoshadow explained. “That’s probably true.” Soundspirit admitted with a grin of his own.

The pair moved with silence to the lowest levels of the secret lab finding a drainage grate large enough for Soundspirit rather quickly.   The two of them proceeded deeper into the darkness eager to explore the abyss below their home. “His obsession with proving he’s better than father Crow, that’s the issue.”  Soundspirit said as if they’d been discussing the matter previously. “I don’t think I follow,” Echoshadow replied. “Professor Cloud.” Soundspirit clarified. “Oh I guess, I don’t even know if he’s obsessed where did this data arise?” Echoshadow questioned.   “It’s pretty obvious to me, but of course I’m far superior to you in terms of determining motivations.” Soundspirit explained while mocking his brother’s typical emotionless monotone. The pits below were dark dank and dreary, a combination easily ignored by the noisemakers unlike the pungent aroma, not unlike death and decay mixed with fresh fruit.   “Odorous, I see why no one bothered checking this place for anything.” Echoshadow stated. “Just put up with it a little longer so we can find the threat.” Soundspirit spoke sternly as if attempting to mask his own disgust. The pair were created with enhanced senses and could detect this stench far more than a human would it would have been unbearable if not for sheer willpower.

At the bottom of the pit were pools of ooze, toxic wastes coalesced into district puddles instead of a sea of chemicals as expected.  “This is what we’re made of.” Echoshadow said feeling truly uncomfortable for the first time. He thought feeling neglected or unwanted was bad but seeing the very building blocks of his own existence laid bare was much more than he was prepared for.   “Both of us mixed in together, bound to be useless and toxic. Took too much effort to get our ratios just right.” Soundspirit said dismissively seemingly unaffected. A bubble popped in a nearby puddle followed by another which grew an eye before leaping from the puddle.  New life arose before their very eyes like a spark in the dark, a sliver of flame bursting forth from the darkness before sputtering out. The creature landed in another puddle before dissolving. “Okay, I’m not coming down here again.” Soundspirit said simply before beginning his climb back to the laboratory.

Echoshadow stayed still shocked into silence as his brother left.  Scanning the area served only to illustrate more life popping in and out of existence forming a static feedback for his senses and masking what dwelled within the chaos the lord of this land of the discarded who watched him intently.  Echoshadow couldn’t will himself out of this stupor, luckily his brother did double back to retrieve him. “Don’t let this place win, this is where the failures go and we were successful.” Soundspirit whispered as he dragged Echoshadow out of that pseudo hell.

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I am a list maker, I write lists to organise my thoughts. I am not linear in mind, and do not materialise in a logical manner. Does it likely matter?

Don’t mind me, I’ve copied and pasted these from a document I found where I tried to make plans in alignment with my solar return.

Return of the Solar Revolutionist 2018 international

Plan for after 18 november

  1. Take everything fucking down. Clear the deck. Move everything out of there. Leave it empty.
  2. Start with one post at a time. One post a day.
  3. Maybe do journalling prompts? Or something? keep it simple, keep it sweet. keep it sustainable, keep it free.
  4. Follow a book or something. Try to achieve Zen.
  5. Do self help book reviews. Or show that I am following a guide and offering my feedback on it.
  6. Tarot read. Interpret. Collaborate. Reach out. Consultant.
  7. Teacher. Reflect on life…

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greetings friends of Echoblog stuff.  I’m just letting everyone know more words are coming soon I’ve just been busy with financial issues, editing Umber Blade, and completing other tales of Harmony.   I might even load some of those here soonish.   Additionally I’m working on a secret collaborative project with some other blog people.






Project Echoshadow: Hush



Echoshadow sat in silence, watching a few scientists attempt to improve the formula used in a burn salve.   He figured out what they thought they were Attempting and several better methods but he simply watched them.  He wanted to see if he could just watch them if his drive to serve was reactive or proactive, if they had to request his assistance.  He frowned as they agreed upon a formula he knew wouldn’t function with any increased efficiency thought he reasoned the placebo effect was likely to have them wasting over a year on said mistake.  “Please stop…” Echoshadow pleaded as the team was about to leave at the end of the meeting it was most of his day. Though he seemed more upset no one came to look for him or cared he was watching his brother via occasionally sticking his head through some shadows.  The scientist looked confused as if they didn’t even know he was there, but Echoshadow ignored this. “Just try this instead.” Echoshadow said altering the formula entirely. They all looked confused as if his formula wasn’t an abundantly more effective and elegant solution. He would have furled his brow but at that moment he didn’t have one.   “Your solution would react with the high levels of iron within blood releasing a chlorine based gas which is pretty dangerous, it would be in a small enough amount to not cause immediate adverse effects but any knight given said formula regularly over the course of a decade would begin to grow much weaker which is antithetical. My version side steps that and instead seals wounds by increasing the strength of the binding agents from the original version and then releases neuro reactive chemical which temporarily numb the patient and a little adrenaline, this combo should make it easier for them to get back to fighting.”  Echoshadow explained pointing to various parts of the chemical compounds written up on the wall for them to better follow his words.”fine we’ll test your version too.” One of the scientists said dismissively which caught the guardian off guard. He hadn’t expected them to think his thoughts so trivial when they made him to be smart, it was part of the design, why were they acting like he was of a subpar mind. “If you’ll excuse me I’d like to retire to my room now.” He said quietly before returning to his box quickly. “I’m just imagining it,” he said to himself quietly though he wasn’t even sure which thing he was supposed to have imagined.  The thought was still comforting and he lacked comfort.


Project Echoshadow awoke from slumber in darkness and quickly freed his brother for the evening. “Still the silent shadow?”  Soundspirit questioned. “No.” Echoshadow replied quietly. “Good, it’s been nearly a month since they sent me on any missions and I understand you’re not allowed to have any fun ever but I was starting to have a good time now I’m not.”  Soundspirit complained. “That’s most unfortunate.” Echoshadow replied as the pair stepped out to what should have been a brighter night illuminated by the full moon but was darkened by large black clouds. “This isn’t fair.” Echoshadow ssid, his voice was calm there was no visible sign of emotion but his brother never heard such language from him before.   “Are you malfunctioning?” Soundspirit questioned. “Of course I am, that makes much more sense.” Echoshadow said laughing loudly a huge inhuman smile spreading across his face. “I just need to focus on what I was designed for. Keeping you entertained so you don’t murder them all in their sleep.” Echoshadow added once the merriment subsided. Then his hands stretched and his fingers fused forming two black blades. “They’re not letting you have fun?”  Echoshadow whispered his eyes glowing red. “I haven’t seen this side of you before but I think I like it” Soundspirit mused aloud before raising his sword to begin the fight.

The following morning when Project Soundspirit arrived at his training hall it was rearranged into some kind of obstacle course.  “What’s this?” He asked of the scientist tasked with overseeing him that day. “Designation 02 stated you needed more of challenge so we designed something which he tore apart to make this claiming what we did was subpar.”  The man said sounding bored. The longer things went on the less invested the scientists all seemed it made little difference to Soundspirit but he still thought it odd, his brother was different now it didn’t matter if he looked like it what bothered him, it did and Soundspirit knew it.  “You are delightfully discouraging.” Soundspirit told the man before trying his hand at the obstacle course which seemed to continuously change; platforms moving, makeshift turrets activated when he stepped on pressure plates rapid firing crossbow bolts at him it was perfect and at the end he smiled panting slightly.  “Absolutely brilliant.” Soundspirit complimented as his brother rose from the shadows. “It is approximately 24 months since your first breath. Happy creation day.” Echoshadow said simply. “Is that today? I never tried to figure out my start date.” The older brother admitted. “I thought you were broken or something and felt kind of guilty for just enjoying it so much.”  He added with a sigh of relief. “I’m experiencing anger, acting aggressively was an adequate way to deal with that, but this was primarily for your benefit. I am keeping the world safe from you and keeping you safe from yourself. Remember that guilt, if you ever betray the crown I’m certain you’ll experience it again.” Echoshadow whispered as if desperate not to let the scientists know his thoughts on the matter.  “You’re a wicked soul.” Soundspirit replied. “I don’t even know if we have souls.” Echoshadow replied before frowning. “What is it?” Soundspirit asked only to be met with silence. “This better be your usual curiosity and not whatever your recent problem was.” Soundspirit stressed the second half of his sentence, hoping to get through. “Energy signature identified, former member or the arcane academy high council necromancer Dove Cloud approaches.”  Echoshadow said his eyes glowing like green. “That guy in charge of the rival company? He’s not authorized to know we exist is he?” Soundspirit questioned to which the scientist watching them merely shrugged causing Echoshadow to groan with discontent. “Do your job and find out if we have to hide or something.” Soundspirit exclaimed to the scientist while Echoshadow took the form of a black cloak to disguise himself and his brother. The doors opened recognizing the presence of their creator he walked in slowly pale as the dim moon and silent absolutely silent as if he wasn’t breathing and his feet didn’t touch the ground.   The pale decrepit man marched over to the scientist and breathed out a whisper course was his voice as one would expect if they saw the scar upon his neck he turned and pointed to Soundspirit and the scientist merely nodded then he left slowly each step causing agony to the impatient Soundspirit who was certain he should wait until the man left to question it.