Southern Wind

Drought from year to year, rainfall was a thing of the past. The desert sprang up over night but seemed unending. Many died but most lived by partaking of the demon fruit grown from the loan tree remaining in the garden of darkheart castle.

Nalgrow was a strong leader in a time of need through his blood sweat and tears the tree lived and thus many paid him tribute. While most demons fed on souls he fed on memories and hundreds gave up their pasts so that everyone could have a future. But it is said one person regretted losing their past and became something greater than a person something closer to a god. No one seemed to know who was this mysterious voice in the desert but he clearly detested the Demon King, despite not striking him down. The Southern Wind was fury, justice and a dust storm masked as a person. His form hidden by the sands he blew around leaving only a voice and a power, a power which demanded respect and a voice which often settled disputes among the local violates bringing justice on a small scale.