Bronze Abridged

Found an AI online made to summarize text 

The following is Bronze Lilly, a book I wrote as summed up by the machines. 

Chapter 1

The tale of how all Harmony came to know the man known as Armoured Eclipse, the knight of the sun and moon. In a town by the sea lived a boy named Bronze Lilly who would grow and change over a short time. Forced from his home scared and alone an unfortunate hero was he. Until a fierce storm but perhaps we should come to that later let us begin at his rebirth and try not to dwell on what he referred to as his death.

, I now bestow upon you the last of my powers, may death smile kindly upon me for this and set me down near my brethren.” And with that a strange light appeared to leave the being’s chest and strike down the boy who as at this point simply running towards the city of Vera. The being faded away with a simple smile and the place now free of his dark presence began to glow a brighter hue of ivory, making it go from surreal to unbelievable. Bronze wandered aimlessly through the woods fearing greatly what would become of him if they caught him.

The Being chained to the walls of this hidden chamber far below the labyrinthian caverns thought to be so safe children are allowed to explore it was a forgotten one. Beings of the divine race left behind over disagreements often petty in nature. “Remove my chains that I might make the word bow before my might once more.”   Corona demanded. Bronze mused sadly while sitting by the right foot of the deity. They sat in silence for days, awaiting the end.

Chapter 2

“was down in the darkness talking to the tall man with the weird name he said I had power from someone he knew so he’d give me more.”  Bronze mused aloud before a crow landed on his shoulder.

“What an odd question, I don’t think my previous meals asked me that.”  Nelsa said trying to understand the boy’s motives.

“It’s just that you’re very very hungry, I don’t think many people come up here, and there’s a whole city of mortals right there.”  Bronze pointed at the capitol below.

“Yes those are both true, but a demon is not trapped, I just don’t want to contend with the city guards.”  Nelsa explained.

“Okay I know this is some kind of trick to get away from me uneaten, but you’re making good points.”  Nelsa said as her crows placed Bronze down.

Do you know who is the top demon lord and how they’ve been operating, the name that fills the nightmares of children around the world?”  Nelsa questioned coming down to sit by her prey.

“I’ve been on this mountain far too long just explain it to me from the beginning.”  Nelsa said sternly though this was less intimidating than her previous questioning she was becoming more and more curious about the world she’d been ignoring for far too long.

“So just about every major demonic power has a cult now or just the big three?”  Nelsa questioned.

“That’s new, is this the new capital what happened to Rainbow valley, no demon could even get there.”  Nelsa questioned.

“In your honour I take the form of your race, may we meet again noble traveler.”  Nelsa said shifting into the form of a Moon Elf which confused Bronze, he didn’t know why she thought that was his race

Chapter 3

Cohorting with demons and gods out in the wilderness passed the time and allowed Bronze not to think about his life, his past, but now he was in a bustling city free from these outlandish danger and free to worry about more traditional fears, such as where his next meal would come from or where he’d go to flee from the rain.

I’d like some lunch and I’ve decided you look new in town.”  The man said simply.

Bron is an orphan. He was born in a village by the sea of the city of the village. He had been orphaned by the city. The orphanage was large to him, but dwarfed by many things. He walked up the six steps which lead to the entrance. A frail spindly lady dressed in a dress which he suspected was crafted from old curtains stood before him. She said in her quiet yet refined voice, the kind of voice which demanded respect and clearly didn’t need to waste time with any directions beyond something so simple as speak. “I need to be here, I’m an orphan,”  Bronze stated sternly as if trying to stop himself from showing signs of weakness. � “And you’re a moon elf no?”.

Bronze questioned while looking at his hands, his skin was now pale as the moon. “Oh that’s probably not good, I think I’m sick.”   Bronze explained. The Foyer of the Orphanage featured off white walls and several doors  and stairways leading in various directions. The floor featured a checkerboard designs of puke green and powder blue. The place smelled old, not the kind of old smell attics have which comes from years of dust and neglect, but the kind that comes from centuries of good days and bad days blood sweat and tears from the generations of lost children.

, don’t most of your kind use more traditional elf names?”   She asked. “My dad believed we’d never have humans and Elves getting along if we kept acting better than everyone else, so naming me was a part of that.” Bronze explained.“If elves are as smart as they say you should be useful around here at least,” Lady Spider said shaking the young elf’s hand leading him up several flights of stairs then pulling him into a room. ‘We exist for all our children, welcome to the Spider house.’.

She said before leaving. Bronze looked around the room amazed by how clean it was. This cleanliness and the darkness convinced him no one else lived in the room though this was wrong.

Bronze and Peat met in a room with two sets of bunk beds. Peat crawled around the elf and sniffed at it like he were a dog meeting a new friend. “You’ve got funny ears, I like them.”  Peat said with a friendly grin.