Why do I have all the good ideas when I’m trying to edit?
I want to focus on Umber for like a few days, go over the words make it all more, I’m not sure?  Dark and gritty? No, maybe dark but not gritty Umber is too upbeat for that she’s like a joke, dark humour, it’s morbid but amusing.   Like Batman using Batskates to capture Mr.Freeze, it’s cold it’s dark it’s bizarre it’s nothing anyone should take seriously.  I don’t even have a word for that mood but yes, I’m trying to make the story reflect the mood while still seeming to fit in thematically with the rest of Harmony.    Maybe I need references to her Mother being drained by a vampire right in front ofher as a child earlier in the tale?  That thought came out of nowhere…. No seriously it’s only at the very end and then never resolved?   It’s an explanation for her insomnia, maybe we’ll have Azule ask her about her sleeping habits before he betrays them all and turns out to have been a wooden puppet of a dragon dressed as a person all along.  Seriously what did I even write? And talk about over powered?  She can pretty much leap out of any shadow and always has more daggers and knives? That’s a bit much no wonder her enemy had to literally be some guy who just never dies…

It’s fine, that’s only a problem if we try to have her in a squeal.  She’s in MoonWell already which literally has Umber’s anticlimactic conclusion nestled within it then she’s showing up in whatever mess Ivy’s involved with investigating the order, we all know she’d hate that.  Yeah but that’s the thing, she’s great for destroying a single target without being seen, she’s an assassin through and through, but sometimes you need a brute or a warrior or a spy.  She isn’t an all powerful being just because she’s the best at her narrow field of expertise, we’ve got people like that in the real world, just go pick some doctor and drop him in the wilderness watch him struggle.  Her first enemy was tough because he was unaffected by her skill, her next enemy if we ever visit her as a protagonist again would have to be something she can’t stab too, like an idea.  Like what Ivy is dealing with?  Exactly because ideas motivate masses, and we’ve already seen Umber has a kill limit, I’d say probably around 40-50 at a time before she’d need to retreat or risk getting injured.  So let’s add more references to Vampires, remember she’s not perfect just because she’s good at her job and what else.  Place descriptions, I want people to feel like they live in her house, how abandoned and scary it looks on the outside, how pleasant it is on the inside, they need to feel it.  The Vamp thing shouldn’t be resolved, she comes in broken and emotionally stunted and she leaves broken, but with friends now.


Here I am rambling again, this helps me focus on editing and such so I decided to do that… anyways have a great day bye.


Everclear Forest intro

I don’t remember writing this, this was just a note I found on my blogs, so I’m posing it I guess?


         Susan sat on her porch watching her neighbors panic as they tried to cut down tree after tree as if any process could be made against an unrelenting mother nature. “Y’all almost finished clearing your drive through?” She teased. “Just let us work we’ll figure this out” Rainer replied clearly frustrated. “At this rate the whole city will be wooded within a day.” Two said quietly as she swung her ax even harder finally felling a tree only for two more to take its place instantly. “This isn’t natural…” Rainer complained to himself.  “Trees are pretty natural Rainny, you’re just mad you’re gonna be late for work, I however work at home.” Susan said heading back inside to get back to coding. Susan couldn’t help but laugh, then the power went out .


No but really, is this like from something?  I’ll probably add to it… I guess?



What am I doing? Why am I doing this? What’s the point? What was the plan? Was there a plan? I don’t mean some cosmic thing, I mean did I have a plan? Have I forgotten why I fight? Why I go against the currrent, what I even want out of life?



Just pretend it’s okay fake it till you make it you can take it just don’t break it. Why am I rhyming? Whatever I’m sad. I don’t know why, but it’s been a few days of this so far… I hope this isn’t my new default. I don’t know I thought writing it here would make me feel better but no one reads this even if someone did all that would happen is you’d feel bad for me and we’d both be sad.