Umber Update

Working on Umber Blade lately along with a special project to be revealed February.

Additionally got fired from Amazon anyone got any ideas for ways to make money legally that matches my lack of skills?

Finally I want to restate my intentions of self publishing Umber Blade by year’s end.



Most of the characters of Harmony are named at birth by looking at their hair. Bronze has brownish almost blond hair which has an almost chromatic shine, Umber is a brunette, and Scarlet is a redhead.


The Dying of The Light

The darkness was alive, it breathed it hungered and it protected. But with the dying of the light, the darkness had no food. It resisted at first, vowing too remain steadfast in the role of guardian. The darkness hungered. The city below the mountain was made empty, no life remained within said accursed place.

Whatever that means….


Astrali Sly: Loka


Loka looked over her hidden kingdom with a frown. “If these idiots discover us surely father will follow close behind.” She whispered to herself voicing the doubts she’d silently held for over a decade. The tremors subsided as they did the last time and the time before that, yet she found it more worrisome each time. “All of Patala will be overtaken by all manner of Basilisk if this continues…” she admitted. “Mistress, let me venture to the surface world. I’ll convince them to dig elsewhere.” Priestess Astrali the Nagi said with ceremonial bow in hand. “Have got been perfecting your disguise?” Loka questioned while eyeing the creature with slight suspicion. Loka’s people were the naga, half human half snake the rest of the mortal plane considered them monsters and worse still Loka’s father was king of hell and wanted her head. Everyone was an enemy she was always suspicious. “Yes I’m a full fledged Lamian now, changing between forms completely at will.” Astrali assured her eternal queen. “Take the spear with Leviathan’s fang with you.” Loka said simply. “Wait no fight? No long winded speech about knowing our place?” Astrali questioned. “Just go, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t go we all die if you go and fail we all die, all I can do is try to help you not fail. My tail is tied.” The lesser demon lamented earning her a hug from her servant. “I’ll help them see the error of their ways, I will be back within the fortnight.” The nagi said before making her way to the hidden path to the surface world never to return.

Look words, I wonder what happened next? Does the hidden city get destroyed will the king of hero find his long lost daughter? Why does snake girl never return?

I don’t know probably fish or something….


2020 vision

Greetings Friends of the echoblog thingy. I’ve been away for like months and I kind of wanted to say sorry for all that….

Anyways I posted something earlier to remind myself I have a blog and because I forgot to download a note taking app on my new phone (which I already cracked) in any event this is my year. I’m going to win at like all the things.

Better work life

Better social life

Better writing life

Better Echo life

I’m developing better habits and reading self help stuff as well as watching loads of writing advice on YouTube. This is when all my hard work begins to pay off, the method to the madness is revealed.


Cult Of Tor

Demon Lord Torbone promises power to mortals who worship him and will infuse them with the strength of a bull. His symbol is an iron bull.

Followers have the power to turn those they enslave into minotaurs loyal to act as guardian of Tor temples