A Meditation on Meditations

Pointless Overthinking


By Troy Headrick of Thinker Boy:  Blog & Art

Toward the end of 2018, I started developing some bad habits.  For example, I got sucked into spending too much time sitting in front of my TV.  Having said that, I mostly watched stuff on the political debacle happening in the United States and elsewhere.  I’m talking about the rise of what I think of as neo-fascist political culture and parties.  In America, we have Trump as the personification of these ugly developments, but unfortunately, Europe is starting to see the rise of Trump lookalikes.  Of course, all this is terribly worrying.  But I digress.

So I decided—as many people do when they make resolutions for the new year—that I would watch less and read more.  I figured this wouldn’t be onerous since there was a period in my life—not so long ago now—when I didn’t even own a “boob tube.” …

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